Vancouver: Crowded Hall Witness Extreme Jesus Miracles!

What we are encountering in our seminars and meetings here in British Columbia is simply staggering! Our meetings have been well attended and people are enthusatic about the work of the gospel. Last night, in downtown Vancouver, we witnessed awe-inspiring miracles:

Numerous souls were set free from evil spirits

Numerous soul invaders were driven out of people

Numerous ancestral heart parts healed and guided to Jesus

Numerous broken hearts miraculously healed by God

Numerous people experienced physical healing

Numerous New Testament power encounters took place

Hours of angelic intervention

Hours of stunning extraordinary miracles such as the fire of God descending upon us and filling us

Souls SAW Jesus!

There were so many miracles, signs and wonders taking place. It’s been frustrating to keep track of the miraculous wonders of God. There’s been so many to document. During some breaks believers approached me and said they had never experienced such EXTREME power encounters. Many were completely in AWE of God’s holy power. That’s good. I was too! Jesus displayed mighty works in our midst — so many were supernaturally healed and freed from demonic bondage.

Before a very excited crowd I proclaimed the superior power of Jesus over all demonic powers. In the crowd, we had those from other religious backgrounds and spiritual movements. Some were practicing witches. They witnessed the power of God! So many people showed up that we ran out of chairs and requested the hotel to provide more chairs. Our spacious conference hall was completely packed with hungry souls!

One lady that came to our seminar was beautifully touched by Jesus! She is pictured with me above. She came with a heart full of deep hurt and sadness. She had been hurt by many Christians and by those involved in ministry. It was heart-breaking to hear her story. I saw a beautiful creature with a even more beautiful heart. It has been shattered and I was determined to see her healed!

As I approached her, numerous demons surfaced and were furious with me. I had the holy angels carry this young demonized woman from the back of the meeting hall to the front. The demons tried to hinder however God’s power prevailed.

Demons named Jezebel, murder, rage, death all surfaced and battled me. I battled back and called upon the holy angels of God. They swiftly showed up and assisted me in battling the demons. They struck the demons with their swords and the demons loudly cried out in agony. Moreover, I called upon the fire of God and the fire burned the invading demons.

The power of the Holy Spirit was operating extremely strong within me. The demons SCREAMED in defeat!

“We have been here for hundreds of years!” a group of ancestral demonic spirits revealed to me, “We entered her bloodline because her ancestors participated in witchcraft and voodoo rituals.”

So many of the demons were confronted and driven out in the name of Jesus! Along with the demons I commanded the diseases and maladies —Lupus, migraines, pains, blindness– to go too!

During the exorcism, this young lady’s father surfaced from within her, a soul invader! He confessed to having been involved in witchcraft and utilizing witchcraft against the family. I commanded this soul invader to depart. He left! Furthermore, many little hearts parts were healed and restored by the Savior!

There was also spirit of blindness present within her eyes! When he was commanded out, my young sister, came back to consciousness and was STUNNED! She could SEE without her glasses (during the exorcism I took off her glasses). On top of it, she could READ the Bible without the aid of glasses which she couldn’t do! She actually read the Bible in front of the crowd to display the superior healing power of Jesus! I had tears in my eyes as I witnessed the loving healing power of Jesus at work.

Because of that intense miracle, many other marvelous miracles took place, as souls opened up their hearts to receive, including another woman’s eyesight was restored. Also, the amount of soul invaders I encountered, within others, was stunning and extraordinary! I do not think I have encountered so many in one public meeting before!

So many demons were cast out! So many miracles of physical healing. So many wonders of inner-healing! Thank you for loving us and helping us.

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