Healed from abuse, addiction & shame

This was sent in by Jennifer, a precious sister who’s been through deliverance:

First, I was so excited when I saw the note “Share your testimony” it says in the Word of God, that they overcome Him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony. Amen. When I was a little girl I went to church. I went and remember loving it. I had a tough home life. Dad struggled with Alcoholism and mom was co-dependant and didn’t know how to deal with this. Both my parents went to church. But due to the addictions and disfunction in the home, life was aweful. Their was physical abuse and mental abuse. I eventually lost and interest in church and stopped going. I was looking for escape and thought it might be in acohol. I might mention that I was a fatter little girl and had a horrible last name it just gave kids a reason to alienate me and call me names.(enemy!) In no time I was to lost at the age of 17 in an addiction to alcohol. Lost my virginity to a 26 year pushy boy, at the age of 17. Which escalated my drinking and spiral down hill. I did graduate from school, and got a job right after at the local mill with my dad. I used to come to work just wasted. After a few years of that I was 22 and tried cocain for the first time. Then Methamphetamines. I had obviously opened myself up to many things. I was physically sick and emotionally very sick. After over 20 years of torment, I went back to church. At 30 years old I went to an encounters and it was life changing. After deep repentance of my sins, I was one of the first girls up to recieve what-ever it was that God wanted me to have. I was convienced by then that it had to be awesome, and better than anything I’d ever recieved. I was radically delivered! The first thing I felt was love, deep deep love and that I was loved! Forgiveness, and then I heard a woman shout “Spirit of shame, come out in the name of Jesus!” and I felt like a feather and fell. I can remember then seeing many woman praying over me. I remember my body kind of jerking around like their was a fight inside of me, and then finally just complete peace. I sat on a chair in the room for what seemed to be hours, with a smile from ear to ear and couldn’t move. My body felt like it was still plugged in. I just couldn’t move and didn’t. It’s been 3 years, last month. I recieved healing emotionally towards my parents, and love them more than I ever have. I love myself too. But most of all my Jesus, my saviour, and my Deliverer! Hallelujah!~

Priase God for liberating His children!! There is HEALING and DELIVERANCE available through Christ!

Robert L.

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