Delivered from occult spirits

This was shared by Thomas, a brother in the Lord who has went through deliverance:

I was in a gospel group For God’s Glory, I was introduced to my Pastor through this group. We were discussing the subject of Deliverance. I went the church talked withe Pastor about attending his deliverance service, because of ties with the occult through dealings in Witchcraft, quaja Boards,etc. The power of the Lord manifest itself through the prayers of the assembly in this church. I was delivered of 18 spirits (pawns) plus the Strongman.

I told my wife about what happened and suggested that she attend the service to become delivered from her ties. She of Hispanic background and there was a lot of demonic ties in her past with the linage of her family using cudoranderas for healing purposes.

She didn’t belive until the spirits start to come out of her and what really close the picture to this was the Strongman manifest himself and she yelled out in the church. “Pastor the Demon is trying to get back in, but he just went out of the church through the wall, “PRAISE GOD”. I’ve been there working ever since. Conducting Spiritual Warfare. The television industry has created a block to the individual mind of the believer and non-believer that the deliverance ministry is a fake or a facade. And if the demons come out there going to jump from one person to the next and everyone is going to be possessed. “NOT”. Once that demonic spirit is bound in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth the control is in your hands, because of the power and authority Jesus has given us. I thank the Lord our father in Heaven for the gift of deliverance and the authority to lay hands and cast out the works of the devil. God Bless you and this Website.

God is so good to us!! HE is in control!!

Robert L.

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