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Train, planes, automobiles, and demons…

Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

It was a wonderful journey–train, planes, automobiles, and demons. Took a flight, was driven to the meeting, and then had a wonderfully long, nearly 7 hour, train ride (in a sleeper car) back. It was interesting to note that while driving down to the location pastor James Beason of the International Church of the Holy Cross had asked something along the lines of the son (whom I will refer to as Cory) being involved in Satanism. I told James that I didn’t think there was any occult involvement in his background, but we soon found out there was indeed! God was merciful and allowed us the opportunity to reach this precious family.

We arrived to their home and we had a wonderful holy time to participate in Holy Communion, refreshing out spirit, soul, and body!

For over 14 hours we dealt with many thousands of evil spirits, there were over a half a million evil spirits attached to a family ring alone (more on cursed objects on a upcoming radio presentation with pastor Gene Smith of Faith Family Fellowship so do please stand tuned). I instructed Cory how to drive the demons out and he did! In the course of the ministry session we discovered much:

Cory had been abducted and sodomized by a sadistic satanic sect known as the “Sons of Satan,” who had been watching him, while living in an apartment while attending Graduate School.

(Note: in our day and age we ought to be prudent and be watchful as there are enemies seeking to destroy the believer. Jesus tells us to be on “guard.” We need to be aware of our surroundings and be in constant prayer. We need to watch especially our children for their are targets.)

The leader of the Sons of Satan participated with Cory in a blood pact that allowed a number of evil spirits to invade his life.

He had participated in over 700 animal and other blood sacrifices (spiritually & physically) over a span of many years.

As a result of the severe sexual torture, abuse, spiritual attacks, participation in the various blood rituals & blood pacts and the mental torment he had experienced, his heart broke due to all of the immense pain resulting in deep dissociation. We discovered there were over 3000 identities present within him.

There were even dissociative identities present pre-Natal as a result of a family member cursing him while in the womb.

There were various forms of cult programming that we were able to break in Jesus name. This programming allowed various cult members and other individuals to have access to his life and those dissociative identities within him.

Cory endured years of spiritual attacks via astral projecting soul parts (commonly known as human interjects). I confronted these invading soul parts and spoke with them and their demons, driving them out in Jesus name.

Cory’s home was filled with various cursed objects (in fact he had a spirit named Cursed Objects within him) allowing many hundreds of thousands of evil spirits to haunt his home.

There were numerous satanic spirits within him as a result of various generational curses that needed to be broken, some going back as far as 39 generations as a result of ancestral participation in abortion, sexuality immorality (namely masturbation), blood pacts, and secret society involvement (namely the Woodsmen of the World groups).

For many hours we broke these curses, Cory broke off sin in his own life, prayed physical healing over his life and he immediately was relieved of various physical pains, we brought healing to the 3000 soul parts, we also drove out those souls from the Sons of Satan who were astral projecting with the hopes of keeping him in their grip hence they were defeated by the power of GOD, and drove out many evil spirits, all in the most holy name of Jesus Christ. Amen! Moreover, we instructed Cory in self deliverance and equipped him in the various spiritual weapons at our disposal.

(By the way, be sure to check out our many radio broadcasts that presented the various holy weapons at the believer’s disposal. Click here to go back and listen to our archive programming: )

After driving out the many demonic spirits from Cory we ministered to his mother and she was freed from demons also! Pastor James and I then proceeded to their home and dedicated their home to the Lord Jesus.

God delivered and we praise HIM!

Cult Member Freed from Mind Control

Sunday, February 21st, 2010

Yesterday, I stopped at a store and immediately I was approached by a young man who introduced himself and the organization he was with–“the Family of Love.”

“Nice to meet you, my friend, I’m interested in knowing what is the message you are promoting from the “Family of Love,” I asked him.

“Well, um, um, we represent peace to the world,” with a very cautious manner he answered.

I knew that this “Family Love” was simply another cult in our world seeking to seduce young men like this for their evil purposes. Sadly, he couldn’t even share more about this group except, “we represent peace to the world.”

He shared how he traveled around the country in white vans with other young people and how he had just arrived from Chicago to Dallas desiring to share “peace” and promote the “Family of Love.”

(I’m sure this is just another branch of the sex cult that David Berg started years ago that targeted young people called the Children of God)

“We do believe in Jesus,” he interjected while I was asking him questions about the group.

“Do you believe Jesus is God in the flesh?” I inquired.

“Um, um, what do you mean.”

“Do you believe that Jesus is God?”

“Um, we believe in Jesus as someone from God but, um, not one in the flesh.”

As you can see he couldn’t answer with a clear answer. The mind control was deep and broad in his mind. This young man’s brainwashing was complete. The Family Love group had him in their total control. This is sad and was very alarming!

Having studied the cults, alternative sects, false religions and having ministered to the those enslaved by cults for twenty plus years, I can easily, for the most part, detect the various degrees of mind control a person may be under at any given moment. I recognized this 22 year old man, originally from Japan, as having a complete blindness to the fundamental truth of Christianity–Jesus is God in the flesh!

I proceeded to share John 1:1, 14 with this dear man.

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

“The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.”

The Word of God I was quoting to him was clearly removing the mind control mechanisms in place within His mind

(It’s interesting to note that mind controlling sects often go to great lengths to place within their devotees various forms of mind control mechanisms and yet here I was in front of a store sharing a few Scriptural truths with him and IMMEDIATELY the mind numbing mechanisms were being demolished by the mighty WORD)

I briefly shared the gospel message with him and he stood there in front of me totally shocked but very attentive (he was never argumentative during out entire conversation as he was being captured by the Spirit of God which was melting his soft heart)

I began to pray, “Lord Jesus, help him.”

He then prayed with me, “Lord Jesus, I come against the mind control place within me by your precious holy blood, I renounce it in Jesus name…”

Again immediately, the controlling mechanisms were being removed and he was soon able to confess an all important truth!

“…I confess on this day that Jesus is God in the flesh…”

He was born again by the Spirit of the living God! He repented and was captured by the Lord Jesus Christ.

What was beautiful was he did this in public as I had him confess verbally, out loud, for all to hear, that Jesus is Lord!

He confessed and was saved!

The light of Jesus was shining from his young face and you could tell he was liberated from the forces of hell that bound him.

He was so thankful and rejoicing in what Jesus had done!

In some ways, he reminded me of myself when I was converted by the Lord Jesus, when I was immediately delivered from all forms of torment and mind controlling bondage!

Submitted by Jay Bartlett

Hungry Souls Seeking Deliverance from Demon Powers

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Last night we conducted a night service at one of the largest Salvation Army chapels in the world. On the lower floor it was jammed packed with hungry souls looking for spiritual truth and liberation from evil spirits. In fact, it was a standing room crowd that assembled as people were standing in the very back listening to the proclamation of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ that I brought forth from the pulpit. Over the past few years hundreds have surrendred their lives to Jesus in our chapel services and on this night many more placed their faith in Christ for the very first time, they had made their peace with God.

 After leading those assembled in Holy Communion we began to pray for the sick, the diseased (including a 11 year old boy with a very rare disease called TS), and the demon afflicted. For several hours we drove out many demons and people were released from demons. The first lady, in her mid-30’s, requested prayer to be healed of the demonic torment she had been experiencing for a long time. Immediately the Lord Jesus took her torment away and set her free. One African lady, who grew up in a Freemason cult, was immediately delivered when we prayed, she could feel the satanic spirits exit her body. She was so joyful in the Holy Spirit. A few others testified of experiencing the same kind of spiritual release from our loving God.

 A Persian family came to the meeting from out of town and requested pray for their 11 year old boy. In agreement with the mother we told the torment and the rare TS disease to leave the boy in Jesus name. After I prayed, the precious little boy exclaimed, “I feel better!” He was so happy too! So was his mother as she was shedding tears of joy. Later in the evening the boy said he was experiencing dizziness. I commanded the dizziness to go and it left immediately!

We also ministered to an Indian family that was heavily involved in sorcery and all forms of occultism for many generations. We led this dear family in a prayer to break the spritual bonds of occultism over her life and the Lord honored her prayers!

Then we began to minister to a family who had traveled a long distance for healing and deliverance. For a few hours we battled 10 different generational sex spirits that were battled us.

 “We want to kill the family,” the demons boasted, speaking to me from within the man.

“This man loves Jesus and you must go,” I quickly told the spirits in control of the husband.

We commanded the demonic spirits to leave the body and to go to the pit! They quickly departed and the man was released from the demonic bondage.

Many others testified feeling spiritually relieved upon taking Holy Communion~the body and blood of our Lord Jesus.

Praise be to God for great things He hath done!

Submitted by Jay

Deliverance from Blood Oath Demons!

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

A dear saint recently sent this personal testimony of being delivered from evil spirits:

“I  have been a believer for over 16 years.  Previously, I was involved in the occult, D&D, heavy metal, drugs, drinking, pornography, and smoking.  God miraculously delivered me in 1993 and continued the sanctification process over a four year period. But in the late 1990s, I backslid and got back into some of these sins.  Recently, God began calling me back to Him.  I began searching him out, I finally quit the smoking and out away a video game addiction of four years.  My relationship with Him through Jesus Christ has been strengthened in recent adversity.  I went to a deliverance ministry and was delivered from three separate groups of blood oath demons including one group that had held on to the family ancestry back to the third century BC.  These three blood oath groups were all brought before the God in the Court of Heaven and personally driven in to the abyss by Jesus Christ.  I do not understand everything that has happened, but I give God glory for my deliverance!

Submitted by Jay

Liberated from Mormon Baptism

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Not too long we were involved in a late night exorcism involving a young man who had been involved in the Mormon Church that opened his life to numerous evil spirits. He revealed that at one point, early on in his life, he had been persuaded to be water baptized, in the Church of the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS), commonly known as the Mormons. The Mormon Church denies basic essential Christian doctrine thus allowing satanic spirits to enter the religious organization and enslaving millions to the cult. Though, this man had been involved in the Mormon Church, he had come to know the biblical Jesus and was seeking freedom from the controlling cult.

After partaking of the Holy Communion, we conducted an exorcism and it was then when we discovered there were over 160,000 demonic entities within this man and they had entered him when he passed through the unholy waters of Mormon baptism. When the spirits surfaced, we commanded the demons to leave him in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is God in the flesh. Over one hundred sixty thousand demonic spirits battled us but soon departed via his mouth. It was a true spiritual war as the demons caused him to vomit blood but this young man was liberated from the demons of Mormon Baptism. Soon thereafter, the young man was water baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Submitted by Jay

Praising the Lord for My Freedom!

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

A dear saint recently shared this victory report:

“Well it seems the Lord is really Good !!!!

In the past week I have finally been successful in attaining deliverance (though not me but obviously – the Lord). He has answered my (and others’) prayers.

Last Wednesday afternoon the christian couple who has been laboring with me all these months, and I, sat down sure that the Lord wanted to deliver me – that I was ready to relieve myself of some demonic bondage woot !

What happened when we started praying was amazing (when previously nothing had happened). We were led by the Holy Spirit to start praying against the power of Jezebel. Spirits started manifesting and coming out. Dozens of lesser sexual type spirits came out over the course of a few hours (which I will list later in the post).

Before we could get far with getting these spirits out the Spirit led us to cast out and sever a binding with a spirit of ‘escape from reality’ which had my heart seriously bound up. It had gotten in because of my history of escaping reality into computer games. We couldn’t get anything else out until this binding was dealt with as I suppose I couldn’t 100% repent until this binding was renounced and severed.

Toward the end one of the couple leading me in deliverance got the word ‘ghoulish’ and the other got a word at the same time ‘macarbe’. I myself got the picture of, and word, ‘zombie’. This was really odd to me as I had no clue you could have a ‘zombie spirit’. But we named it and it manifested with a terrible feeling of agony and oppression in my soul which made me groan and cry out to Jesus (who quickly showed up in power). It was shown me by the Spirit that this zombie spirit had come into me through playing a play-station game called “Resident Evil”. I was shown the exact moment it came in !

When it manifested the Holy Spirit was so powerful upon me I couldn’t feel my hands, I could only feel the searing flames of the Holy Spirit where my hands should be. The Spirit was like electricity on my lips. The zombie spirit however didn’t want to come out and it manifested and left me in a sort of stupor (like a mindless zombie). The Holy Spirit was actually purging and cleansing my hands from all the evil that had come into me through the use of a keyboard and game pads associated with computer games and console games – go figure !

Dozens of evil spirits came out through my hands and at one point my hands went rigid into a claw like position similar to that of hands using a keyboard !!!!! Anyway it became clear to us that the Spirit showed us the zombie/macarbe spirits for our future reference as to what he wanted to do in the next session so we wouldn’t get sidetracked from our next goal.

So the next session (which we had last night) we were led by the Spirit to go for ‘Death & Hell’. After doing repentance/renunciation work we started casting out. The Death & Hell power wasn’t keen to loose his grip so we bound him up and began casting out dozens of lesser demons. There were a couple of strongmen in there under the Death & Hell power including one the Spirit named ‘warlord’. Another particularly rebellious spirit who shouted in spite of being ordered not to speak was called ‘hunter’ (a very nasty one he was). I have no clue who these spirits were or where they came from but once they were out Death & Hell finally got his own butt whooped. The Holy Spirit came on me with amazing power and drove Death & Hell out. He came out with a lot of somewhat suppressed roaring of frustration (we did a good job of making sure they got ‘none of the glory’ by screaming or shouting haha – in fact only one spirit actually got to say a word).

Following Death & Hells departure some lesser spirits of death came out. As far as I recall the zombie/ghoulish spirits came out too along with that whole family. It was revealed during the deliverance that there was a strong satanic binding over my heart – which was broken. As I recall (my memory is hazy) it was this ‘warlord’ that was behind the satanic binding over my heart. All manner of spirits came out including but not limited to:

‘Death & Hell’ power; the strongman ‘warlord’ (with the satanic heart binding);
Hunter (whoever he was was a key player), rebellious spirits, zombie spirits, vampiric spirits of death and supernatural seduction, Ghoulish/macarbe spirits, spirits of the pits of hell, horror, terror, fear, mercilessness, hate, rage, anger, demonic lust, murder, torture, torment, cruelty, sick and twisted spirits, witchcraft spirits, spirits of blasphemy (many) against God, and God mocking spirits which kept manifesting throughout the deliverance and laughing, some lesser spirits of death and suicide, and many more ! (I think the other spirits of death and suicide still have bindings to rejection so should come out next session).

Earlier on in the week …
Jezebel power (I don’t think she actually came out herself until last night as she had to be named again after Death & Hell came out as they were bound together strongly) apparently prostitution spirits came out too which must have been generational and had Death & Hell and Jezebel linked powerfully (as the prostitutes house is a house of death it says in the O.T); spirits of masturbation, fornication, adultery, lust, filthy language, lust of the eyes, porn spirits, spirits of perversion (I will spare naming the worst ones), spirits of witchcraft and false prophecy, and more.

Needless to say I feel a lot lighter today !

As far as I know possibly up to or maybe over 100 spirits have come out though I couldn’t say with certainty until I read the recordings that were taken.

Next session we are going for a stronghold of rejection which I think is the root of a lot of my troubles. Rejection actually tried to sidetrack us from taking out Death & Hell early on in the deliverance but praise the Lord that the Spirit witnessed to the others that it was a ploy. I am hoping to shed the spirits of addiction and some spirits of infirmity too while we are at it though we will see how the next session goes.

There’s are a number of others to go for yet but these victories have been amazing and I am praising the Lord for my freedom!”

Submitted by Jay Bartlett

Delivered from occult spirits

Friday, March 14th, 2008

This was shared by Thomas, a brother in the Lord who has went through deliverance:

I was in a gospel group For God’s Glory, I was introduced to my Pastor through this group. We were discussing the subject of Deliverance. I went the church talked withe Pastor about attending his deliverance service, because of ties with the occult through dealings in Witchcraft, quaja Boards,etc. The power of the Lord manifest itself through the prayers of the assembly in this church. I was delivered of 18 spirits (pawns) plus the Strongman.

I told my wife about what happened and suggested that she attend the service to become delivered from her ties. She of Hispanic background and there was a lot of demonic ties in her past with the linage of her family using cudoranderas for healing purposes.

She didn’t belive until the spirits start to come out of her and what really close the picture to this was the Strongman manifest himself and she yelled out in the church. “Pastor the Demon is trying to get back in, but he just went out of the church through the wall, “PRAISE GOD”. I’ve been there working ever since. Conducting Spiritual Warfare. The television industry has created a block to the individual mind of the believer and non-believer that the deliverance ministry is a fake or a facade. And if the demons come out there going to jump from one person to the next and everyone is going to be possessed. “NOT”. Once that demonic spirit is bound in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth the control is in your hands, because of the power and authority Jesus has given us. I thank the Lord our father in Heaven for the gift of deliverance and the authority to lay hands and cast out the works of the devil. God Bless you and this Website.

God is so good to us!! HE is in control!!

Robert L.

Depression, occult & freemasonry

Friday, March 14th, 2008

This testimony was shared by Sherri, who went through a beautiful deliverance:

I grew up in the church – was a very ‘good’ little christian girl who did all the right things and followed God to the best of my ability.

The church I grew up in was very traditional in many ways and although they occasionally ran in to demons (as christians occasionally will) they didn’t have a lot of knowledge of them and dealt with them in the normal, traditional christian manner. (ie just rebuked them)

When I became a member of a charismatic church one of my first experiences of it was a very kind lady who saw a spirit of death on me and invited me to go and see a pastors wife who did deliverence ministry. When they prayed for me I ended up on the floor unable to stand, coughing uncontrollably with something trying to choke me. The whole thing went on for a couple of hours and when I walked out I was free from so much of the depression, hopelessness, despair and inner grief that I had suffered all of my life. They didn’t preach to me, they just rebuked stuff and it left.

I went from a church that knew very little about the demonic to contact with christains that not only acknowledged it but were very good at dealing with it.

I can also speak of several close friends who had similar church backgrounds to me who also received great freedom from deliverence ministry.

Jesus went about healing the sick and casting out demons. Not only that but he was doing it in a land of people who followed God. In otherwords he wasn’t doing it to people who were witchs or idol worshipers or in whom you would assume there would be any demons. They were just everyday jews who prayed in the synagogues.

I have since had several bouts of deliverence ministry as I had occultic stuff and high level freemasonry in my generational background and every time I got free from more spiritual garbage and received more emotional healing, peace and freedom as a result.

Praise God!! Notice how sometimes, it takes multiple deliverance sessions before a person is completely free, but each time this sister went in, she came out with more freedom! Praise Jesus!!!

Robert L.

Overcoming the the Curse of the Occult

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

I recently led an 85-year-old man to Christ who had been reading some occult texts authored by Edgar Cayce, commonly known as the Sleeping Prophet. This 85 year old was extremely fascinated by Cayce’s work as a psychic. This fascination, however, allowed some demonic spirits to enter this gentleman’s home and they began to haunt him and his family. Eventually the man rid himself of the occult texts as the haunting intensified. We also discovered that others in the family were followers of Edgar Cayce, in fact, we discovered that this interest in Cayce in this family went back over 100 years. This generational psychic curse upon the family allowed the evil spirits to enter the home and haunt this family. Possessing the Cayce literature allowed demons to enter the family line. Thankfully, the curse was broken through the blood of Jesus Christ and the hauntings ceased.

Jay Bartlett