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Amazing Wonders in Sarasota, Set Free from Ancestral Evil

Friday, November 27th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,

This past weekend I have been ministering in Ft. Myers where we conducted a series of services. Precious individuals traveled great distances to attend our meetings. One family came in from New York, another family traveled in South Carolina, yet another family arrived from Indiana. Souls were hungry to learn and taste of the powers of the age to come.

Each night, deliverance and healing took place as souls opened their lives to Jesus. Thousands of demons were cast out of a man on Saturday evening that included a group of evil spirits rooted in the ancestral worship of the sun-god Ra. We discovered Ra had brought a host of maladies. As soon as the demons were driven out, this man experienced immediate healing in some areas of his life. Jesus crushed the ancient demons. Others experienced liberation just by being present in the meeting hall.

From Ft. Myers I traveled onward to the city of Sarasota for a Sunday night service. The meeting hall was minutes from the beautiful harbor and the gorgeous beaches. Again souls traveled great distances to receive teaching and ministry including a young lady who traveled more then 4 hours to attend this evening’s service. I’ll refer to her as Susan.

After teaching from the WORD which was by the way interrupted by an individual who was determined to be argumentative and wanted to debate theology. I attempted to reason with him but failed in this endeavor. I usually ignore the agitators. After moving on, I led everyone in Holy Communion. Afterwards, I began to pray for those afflicted by demonic spirits. As I began to pray for Susan (pictured above, post deliverance) strong demons surfaced. They contorted her body and spoke out of her.

“This woman’s special. We must destroy her but we can’t because she reads the WORD!” the frustrated demons revealed to me, “We bring all forms of sicknesses into her, sadness, and brokenness.”

Turns out Susan had lived a difficult life in many regards however she didn’t remain a victim but rose to lofty spiritual heights with Jesus Christ! Horrific incidents occurred in her life that would destroy most people but Susan fought with the WORD! God blessed her life as a result; despite the demonic assaults upon her.

We encountered so many demons within her including the spirits of witchcraft. They were so furious with me. They stared at me and remarked.

“We can’t attack you! We can’t get to you,” the frustrated demons shared with me, “You have the FIRE of GOD in your eyes.”

I felt the fire. It was very tangible. It was strong within me tonight. My right hand was, at times, was consumed with it. I directed the fire upon me to the destroying demons and they groaned and moaned in agony. They were being engulfed with the flames of the Holy Spirit and begged me to stop. I didn’t stop. More fire in Jesus name!

The demons were clearly being defeated. I forced them to take off the many spiritual chains and shackles they had placed upon her body and mind. They were forced to release the little dissociative identities. They surfaced and I guided them to Jesus. They were so happy to be released. Ancestral hearts parts (Susan’s brother) were also released too and guided to Jesus.

Aggressive demons named witchcraft surfaced and revealed they been in the bloodline for thousands upon thousands of years as a result of her ancestors participation in the worship of Satan. Moreover, they participated in dedication rituals that involved the giving up of the firstborn to the devil.

In fact, at one point her ancestors, in an effort to appease some slave holders offered their firstborn to them. This kind of satanic offering was used by the enemy to gain entry into the family life. The demons (their names, incidentally, were “Cotton”) used all of these evils to invade the bloodlines of the family. Sadly, no one ever broke these curses so the ancestral evil only grew stronger and stronger.

I also found out that many of the demons: witchcraft, Jezebel, fear, torment and Cotton had brought a host of physical problems. They boasted how they tried to destroy her but have failed. They confessed their defeat before the people of God and the Lord Jesus!

In the midst of the exorcism, I had called upon the holy angels of God and they quickly arrived and assisted me. They drew out their mighty swords and struck the invading demons within Susan. The body reacted and were submission. At one point the holy angels actually spiritual arrested the demons and restricted their movements as the angels placed the demons in a handcuffed like position.

I even had the demons touch and embrace my sacred cross. They had tremendous difficulty even touching it. When they finally did –they screamed. The demons mentioned that the cross felt like holy fire and it burned them. They were totally destroyed by the powers of the cross of Jesus. It was beautiful to behold. For many in the audience it was the very first time ever witnessing such a marvelous wonder of God.

The powers of the Holy Spirit were working strong within me and commanded the many demons of Jezebel, witchcraft, fear, torment and Cotton out of her mind and body to the pit! They flew out of her and she was set FREE by Jesus! Moreover, Susan exclaimed, “Jay, I feel NO pain! I feel as if my bones are being realigned. This is amazing. It’s so hard to believe. I’m truly healed. I feel it!”

As some of you know, I’m not like most who work in the healing ministry who simply makes pronouncements of healing over people lives but never demonstrating the healing wonder before them or the crowds for all to see. I dare to be different, I am called to proclaim the WORD, carry out the miracles and demonstrate that truth of the miracle for all to SEE!

Susan was besides herself after her deliverance. She was shocked and staggered to see how Jesus worked in her life so powerfully to heal her. We have seen so many miraculous physical healing take place in our many meetings during our Florida mission. Some disciples shared some of the healing wonders they had experienced in prior seminars I have held–one man, a pastor, was miraculously healed of a mysterious muscle disease that was killing him. Another lady testified of being supernaturally healed over a kidney affliction (the doctors conducted a series of tests and couldn’t detect any more kidney problems; Jesus did heal).

Jesus was present in the meeting hall and His holy angels. They crushed the enemy. The enemy is now in the pit!

Demons of Freemasonry Defeated in Ft Myers

Friday, November 27th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Thursday night while in Houston we witnessed Jesus setting the captives free and healing bodies. Many thousands of evil spirits were driven out and hearts were miraculously healed. In fact, we even witnessed Jesus healing, one lady, that had so many heart parts –dissociative identities– that it was incalculable. These were supernaturally healed by God.

The very last disciple we ministered to, in our Houston service, had many demonic spirits of witchcraft. The spirits at first resisted me greatly. I commanded them to walk up to the front of the hall. They refused to do so. So, I called forth the holy angels of God and they arrived swiftly to assist me. They picked her up off her chair and forced her to walk to the front of the hall to receive ministry.

I battled many generational spirits of voodoo, Santeria, and witchcraft within her. The groaned and moaned but were defeated by King Jesus. Many others receive deliverance and healing. In fact, it should have been noted that several of the believers present witnessed Jesus. They saw him with their very own eyes and conversed with Him. Amazing Jesus!

From Houston I traveled onward to South Florida where I just concluded another public mission in the city of Fort Myers. One of the individuals we ministered to was a woman who had been seeking deliverance for years. She was desperate for someone to come along to intervene in her life. She located our mission and arrived to the meeting determined to obtain freedom.

Many demons surfaced from within her including Jezebel, fear and torment. The strongman (the leader of the demons within her body and mind) was named Dominion.

“We torment her,” the spirit named Dominion revealed to me, “We entered her bloodline because her father’s ancestors participated in Freemasonry.”

AH! Another satanic curse of Freemasonry that had never been exposed or renounced. We see it all the time. I led her in a prayer to destroy the Masonic curses and to call upon Jesus to deliver her. She was strengthened and was able to command, with my coaching, forcefully, the demons named Dominion to depart her life. He left her and this woman revealed she didn’t feel anymore pains anymore (she previously had been under some spiritual oppression). This woman was set free from Freemasonry and was so happy afterwards!

It baffles me to see disciples of the Lord suffer for years without any spiritual intervention from those who care about the work of the gospel. While being in Southwest Florida, my mind has been flooded with pleasant memories from my time living in Naples (nearby city) and Marco Island many years ago.

I even recall, as a young teenager, while in Naples, given an opportunity to preach in one of the largest churches in the area, on the subject of spiritual warfare yet now that same church refuses to be pro-active in opening up to the deliverance and healing ministry of Jesus! Very disappointed to see this take place.

Fast forward with me, nearly thirty years later, see how things so quickly change. I was invited enthusiastically to minister in spiritual warfare all those years ago and now that same church would never allow me to return, to minister, before their congregation because they refuse to believe in the ministry of the casting out of evil spirits. I’m not bitter; just simply puzzled at the state of the church in North America. The spiritual state of the church in the West has declined rapidly. We need to rise up with boldness of the Holy Spirit and declare war against the powers of darkness.

By God’s grace, I’m marching forward in Jesus name. Will you I’m still -even in the midst of great opposition from within the church– preaching Jesus as the Deliverer! Will you? By God’s grace I will continue to preach and cast out demonic spirits. Will you? Hope you join me in this beautiful Jesus mission. Much love to all of you!

Encountering Healing Miracles in Houston

Friday, November 27th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,

It’s been a very long day. Flew into Dallas, Texas, from Florida, then drove several hours down to Houston, Texas where we conducted another public mission. Souls assembled desiring to experience the freedom in Jesus. One precious lady came to our meeting and testified of attending one of our meetings in San Francisco six months ago and shared that in that meeting she became a born again Christian. It was encouraging to hear.


This small Jesus mission has seen so many souls won to Jesus Christ over the years. We have been able to reach millions with the gospel with our websites, videos, media appearances, missions and other extensions that have reached into more then 150+ nations of the world. So many souls are responding to the salvation call of God. An honor to serve the church of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Earlier tonight, many souls received deliverance and healing by simply being present in the meeting hall. Demons came out of many bodies and minds. One lady we ministered to, whom I’ll refer to as Kathy, was miraculously healed of more then 12 long years of physical pains. Kathy was so filled with joy and laughter after her deliverance from demons. What a beautiful encounter she had with Jesus. Allow me to share.


After leading everyone in Holy Communion, the Holy Spirit prompted me to minister to Kathy. Numerous demons surfaced as I began to pray for her; numerous spirits of death.


“We have been here for thousands of years,” the spirits of death revealed to me, “We bring diabetes, rejection, fear, thyroid problems, infirmities of all sorts.”


Later on I discovered so much more. Kathy had been, in her words, “excruciating pain,” for twelve long years! That’s a very long time to be in that kind of torment and pain. I just knew Jesus would heal her on this night.


As I battled the demons, we also found out that there were many little dissociative identities. They were guided to Jesus and Jesus spoke to them. He (Jesus) even remarked that I was a friend of His. That’s always comforting to know Jesus thought of me as a friend. I want to be a friend of Jesus.


By the power of the Lord Jesus Christ I commanded all of the demonic spirits out of Kathy and all of her infirmities. They departed and she was immediately healed –she could NO LONGER feel any more physical pain. All praise to Jesus our GREAT healer!


After her deliverance Kathy was SO HAPPY and was filled with God’s peace and joy. What a beautiful life Jesus has given her. So many bodies, minds and hearts healed on this night by Jesus!

Jesus is Miraculously Healing Hearts in Florida!

Friday, November 27th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,

While in beautiful St. Petersburgh (a vibrant city that holds the distinction of having the most consecutive days of sunshine –768!) this past weekend we ministered not only deliverance but also deep emotional healing whereby souls were cured of various spiritual ailments. So many hearts –broken hearts being healed by God. It was joy to see Jesus demonstrate His power and love to those who attended.

The very last individual I ministered to, that night, was a disciple named Mike (pictured above, post deliverance and healing with his family gathering together). Mike and his family had been attending our services and on this night Jesus set the man free! Allow me to share the extraordinary healing that took place.

Mike had been tormented for a long time. He was hearing satanic voices and was desperate for help; to rid himself of the voices. I was determined to see him free. As Mike and his wife were sitting together and holding hands, I could sense something was stirring up from within her from her husband (remember married couples are one as the Scriptures teach). Demons rose up, surfaced and spoke to me.

“We come from the husband, we accessed her because they are one,” the demons shared with me, “We have been in his ancestral bloodline for thousands of years because of ancient blood sacrifices. We bring the torment and the voices.”

AH! That explained why he was so tormented –evil spirits from the generations had access to him because his ancestors participated in pagan blood rituals thereby allowing opportunity to afflict all of these generations. There were many other demons within her that came from her husband. I spoke to them also and was able to administer healing and deliverance to this family effectively.

Not only were the demons were commanded out of this family but I also ministered to a broken soul part of Mike that had transferred into his wife. This little one surfaced from within his wife and spoke to me. He was in deep pain. He was only 10 years of age. He was so sad and lonely. He wanted to be healed and whole. I asked for the holy angels to carry the little one back into Mike’s heart and his soul was restored. With tears streaming down his face, Mike was being miraculously healed of a dissociative identity that has transferred to his wife. It was now returning back to Mike’s heart.

Not only was Mike and his wife set free and supernaturally healed but also their teenage daughter who had been invaded by many thousands of evil spirits. There were spirits of Leviathan, a spirit husband and a number of spirits named Lucifer. All of these demons were crushed by King Jesus and sent to the pit too! She was so happy afterwards and rejoiced in the mercy and goodness of God.

Powerful Exorcism Results in Salvations in St. Petersburgh

Friday, November 27th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


These past several days I have driven across the state of Florida; more then 15+ hours of driving, conducting meetings and watching Jesus demonstrating His power! God has been gracious to me and I praise Him.


From Orlando to Pensacola to Jacksonville to St. Petersburgh back to Central Florida. It’s a lot of driving in a few days but worth it as souls have been won to Jesus, hearts have been healed and individuals set free from demon powers. We even formally ordained into the gospel ministry a disciple named Richard. He traveled in from Georgia to be present and to minister. I’m expecting great wonders to come from his hands in the days to come! It’s been a incredibly blessed mission.


Earlier this evening I was in the city of St. Petersburgh where I conducted a evening mission. Precious souls traveled in to receive healing and deliverance. One of the first individuals I ministered to was a young lady whom I’ll refer to as Karen. I was transitioning from teaching the WORD to leading everyone in Holy Communion when suddenly I noticed Karen manifesting demonic spirits. They were choking her and trying to kill her.


We intervened and began to rebuke the demons in Jesus name! They growled and opened their mouths and attempted to bite me. These were flesh eating spirits. They spoke out in a deep guttural sound.


“We have been sent to her to destroy her,” the spirits of witchcraft revealed to me, “Someone sent her a destruction spell; we attached ourselves to the curse and invaded her.”


We broke off the witchcraft curses in Jesus name and commanded the demons to release her throat so she could breathe. I spoke life over her and she was immediately loosed from the chains of death. Jesus set her free and she was extremely grateful for her deliverance from witchcraft and death.


As I battled these demons in this public exorcism others watch and observed; including some non-believers. They were shocked and amazed at the power of God being displayed before their eyes. No doubt, this power encounter whereby Jesus overcame the powers of witchcraft and released this woman brought an openness to their hearts. I was deeply touched by their willingness to be born again and to repent of their sins.


I led these two individuals, pictured above with me, to salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ. It was beautiful to behold. The miracles that we demonstrated in public opened up people to salvation. It is my hope more churches and missions would carry out this kind of evangelistic work –allowing the miracles, the supernatural acts of the Holy Spirit –such as an exorcism to be the tool to open up hearts to the Savior! Souls who SEE the miracles, in many cases, will be opened to receive from God.


After receiving the Lord Jesus into their lives they both testified of being very happy and feeling tremendous peace in their lives. Beautiful Jesus, thank you for saving us!

Smiles in Jacksonville: Tormenting Demons Defeated!

Friday, November 27th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m currently in Jacksonville, Florida conducting yet another mission where we witnessed Jesus loving on souls and bringing freedom to the captives. What an honor to serve King Jesus! Though we were small in number God brought troubled souls needing spiritual relief and healing.

After teaching from the WORD and leading everyone in Holy Communion I began to minister to the captives. Immediately a few of the ladies, pictured above, began to sense demons manifesting from within. I prayed for Michelle (left) first and spirits named Torment surfaced.

“Many of us have already left because she has been fighting us,” the demons named Torment revealed, “But we, who remain, get empowered when she visits her family who is involved in witchcraft. We bring her pain and torment.”

We discovered that Michelle has family members who are dabbling in the occult and utilizing devices that are rooted in divination. So it didn’t surprise me that the demons within them would attach themselves or empower Michelle whenever she would visit her family. They were in the house.

However, I know for a fact Jesus is strengthening Michelle. I am so proud of her. She attended one of our seminars in West Palm Beach, 10 months ago, and got saved by Jesus! Her salvation was only the beginning as now the Holy Spirit was moving on her heart and revealing areas of her life that needed healing and deliverance. God has been providing everything she has needed. Yes, we commanded the tormenting spirits out of her but we also released a broken heart part that the demon was holding onto to.

“Thank you for helping me, releasing me,” the young teenager part told me, “I have been held for so long. Thank you!”

This dissociative identity was genuinely happy. I was happy to help. This part was supernaturally healed by Jesus and encountered the love of God.

Not only was the heart healed but the physical pains she had been experiencing in her body vanished too! The Lord Jesus supernaturally healed her body too! Michelle was so happy afterwards –her SMILE said it all.

We also prayed for her friend, Evie (right) too. More tormenting spirits surfaced from within her too. They spoke to me. They also enslaved a 10 year old part of her broken heart. I commanded the spirits to release her and her heart. They obeyed and her heart was healed. Moreover, the demons were sent out and she was so happy to experience the freedom of God. She was so happy too!

Obviously, these young ladies will need some more ministry and more counsel however God has started some amazing work in their lives. I’m grateful for the work that has begun in their lives.

In Florida: Jesus Cured Diseases & Defeated Demons!

Friday, November 27th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,

This past weekend in Orlando and Tampa have been encouraging as we have witnessed Jesus healing so many lives from many different kinds of afflictions and infirmities. Psalm 103 declares that our great God heals ALL diseases. I believe it and will believe it for you too!

We have dealt with many souls who had numerous sicknesses and maladies: bladder issues, sexually transmitted diseases, pancreatic issues, digestive problems, kidney afflictions, variety of cancers, severe body pains, bone diseases, thyroid maladies, vision problems, infections, and other kinds of physical and mental torments.

Jesus HEALED them all of these terrible pains and maladies. I ministered to various individuals in our weekend services that had many of these physical problems and I witnessed Jesus healing bodies. No more pain, no more diseases and no more afflictions. I was encouraged to see so many miraculously healed.

Moreover, we witnessed Jesus delivering souls from many millions of demons. Many souls I was praying for this weekend had many thousands of demons and one individual that had multiple millions as a result of the curse of incest and baby sacrifices. Jesus set the captives free and I am honored to serve the Body of Christ. Jesus LOVES His Church and it is an honor to serve the Body!

Which leads me to this: Yes, we must evangelize! That is a command but are we not to minister to the the VERY Body of Christ! Think about the implications of carrying out this all-important mission. When the Body is healed, the Body will be able to function more effectively thus more effective evangelism.

I digress…So, this weekend, I ministered to the Body and brought those outside the Body of Christ into the Kingdom of God. In each service, thus far during our Florida mission, we witnessed souls saved by Jesus! This is the work of the FULL gospel!

A young family (pictured above on the right) arrived to our Tampa meeting with hearts ready to receive from the Holy Spirit. As I began to pray for them, numerous demons surfaced: Baal, Jezebel, spirits named Satan, and a spirit named Boogeyman.

The spirits surfaced with anger and intense hatred for me.

“We HATE YOU!, We really hate you!” the demons told me forcefully, “We have been here for a very long time, we are not going to leave her! We have been here for thousands of years.”

Turns out the spirits were able to access the bloodline because her ancestors participated in horrific blood sacrifices. They held her gifts, dreams, and destiny in captivity. I commanded the demons to release them. They obeyed.

Moreover, they were forced to release her broken heart. A little girl surfaced who had a spirit attached to it named Boogeyman that brought fear. I commanded Boogeyman to depart and to release the little one. I discovered from the little one that the Boogeyman was someone whom her grandfather spoke of as a little girl. Thus our need to be cautious when speaking to little ones –we need to be careful not to scare our children as demons can attach to the words we speak and invade little minds that are fearful.

This precious woman was significantly touched by the Holy Spirit as we ministered deliverance and healing to her. The demons battled me as a result. Numerous evil spirits fought me. I battled back. I told them they would not be able to keep her. I called forth the holy angels of God and they swiftly arrived and struck the demons with their swords. The demons moaned and groaned in defeat.

The many demons within her revealed they had placed various kinds of fiery darts within her that brought the pain. I commanded the demons to take out the darts. They obeyed and the result was miraculous.

The presence of God was very strong and set this woman free. Her heart was healed (she also had a human interject whom I spoke to that I removed in Jesus name) and her body was set free from all pains. Her husband (pictured with her above) shared that she had been battling physical pains for more than a year. NOW SHE WAS PAIN FREE! Jesus is able my friends.

Extremely Violent Exorcism in Tampa: War with Leviathan!

Friday, November 27th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,

It’s well after 6am and still awake. A part of my mouth is swollen and have discovered that my gums are cut. Why? Because of a very violent exorcism I was involved in last night. Our service, in Tampa, was filled with spiritual fireworks from beginning to end. Another spiritual thriller where Jesus overpowered many legions of demons.

To give you a glimpse of the extreme pain that surfaced in our meeting then consider this:

One man attended the service was desiring healing. At age 8 he witnessed his mother’s murder!

A 89 year old man attended the meeting with the hopes of finding healing of deep emotional pain. As a young man his very own brother stuck a pistol at his head.

A young lady arrived into our meeting with the hopes of being delivered from Satanism. She participated in two dozen animal sacrifices. She drank human and animal blood in satanic ceremonies. She practiced witchcraft.

A few ladies arrived to our meeting with the hopes of obtaining spiritual intervention due to YEARS of rape, molestation and abuse.

I could go on and on. This meeting was filled with some serious cases of demonization. One exorcism I conducted last night involved a 35 year old man who is a ordained minister. On Sunday morning, he preached at his local church and he shared how many were miraculously healed and delivered. Then on Sunday night, he came to our service and was delivered from armies of demons.

In fact, this spiritual intervention was very intense and violent. I was slightly injured in the process. It took 3 of us large men to gain control the violence. My friends, I’m used to violent encounters with the demonic. I don’t like these incidents but they are a reality in this kind of work.

Over the nearly three decades of service to Jesus Christ I have had many battles with extremely violent evil spirits. Some of these encounters include the shedding of my blood for the work of the gospel. These are serious events that I proceed with the utmost seriousness and discernment. This exorcism with this pastor was the most violent exorcism I have encountered since my mission to Vancouver, British Columbia, earlier this year.

This pastor was very concerned for my safety as he could feel the demons rise up and telling him to assault me. They forcefully commanded him to hit me. He tried to fight the voices but they kept at it. Eventually, this pastor stood up and went to the back of the meeting hall to avoid a violent confrontation with me.

I could see this dear pastor convulsing. A pastor friend of mine and I went back to the hall to pray for him. Suddenly, very aggressive demonic spirits surfaced from within him with clenched fists and hatred towards me. No doubt the demons wanted to kill me.

The demons rose up –it was the spirit of Leviathan. There were many. They raged and forced themselves upon me. It quickly became a wresting match in a sense. In this process of confronting the forces of evil I somehow had my mouth hit; receiving a cut on my gums.

Two other ministers tried to assist me. The supernatural strength of the demons were incredible. Three of us grown men had difficulty controlling the demons. Within minutes I hit the ground as did the others and were on the floor trying to prevent any more violence.

Eventually, after persistent commands in the name of Jesus and through His holy blood we were able to drive out the demons of Leviathan. We had discovered that these powerful demons were within him because his Native American Indian ancestors particiapted in fire rituals.

This pastor was set free from many demons and was extremely thankful for his newfound freedom from the might of Leviathan. He is determined to serve King Jesus and to cast out demons from others in Jesus name. I just know this pastor will go far in the deliverance and healing ministry of Jesus. I’m very proud of him for fighting.

Many other incredible miracles took place including seeing a young lady (pictured above with her aunt) pray with me to surrender to Jesus Christ. She was amazed at the power of God being demonstrated and was willing to open her heart to Jesus. She was suffering greatly but I loved on her and she received a touch from God. I even handed her my Bible as a gift. She was so happy afterwards. Jesus has brought her hope in the midst of her deep hurt and pain.

We are seeing so many salvation, healing and deliverance miracles in these Florida meetings. Hope you will make plans on joining me in one of these soon. Jesus will set you free too!

Salvation, Deliverance & Healing Victories in Orlando!

Friday, November 27th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Another great night of Jesus ministry here in Orlando, Florida as we conducted another public mission. We even had a larger crowd fill up our meeting hall to receive teaching from the WORD and the ministry of miracles.

After teaching from God’s Word I inquired how many people were needing to be born again –many hands were raised and I was honored to lead them to salvation in Jesus Christ! These past few nights were a blessing to me –to see souls won to the Lord Jesus Christ. All night, we were blessed to experience the salvation, healing and deliverance wonders of Jesus.

One family that touched my heart was a mother and her two daughters (pictured above is the Mom & the oldest daughter) who arrived desperate for a healing touch from King Jesus. One of the daughter’s teachers, at a local school, shared with their mother about this evening’s meeting. I am glad they followed up and actually attended.

The oldest daughter whom I’ll refer to as Amber manifested some violent demons. They threw her onto the ground and caused her to roll around. These wicked spirits were tormenting this young lady. Amber had no idea she had been invaded by demon powers. They spoke out of her and at first resisted my efforts. Jezebel surfaced along with the demons of fear and torment. I commanded them out of her in Jesus name and they flew out of her screaming loudly. She was so happy afterwards though.

Moreover, Amber’s 12-year old sister was also delivered from numerous demons too. Both had dissociative parts and they were guided to Jesus for healing. Beautiful deep healing took place in their lives.

Another lady I ministered to was a woman who had seen her health increasingly deteriorate. The demons were attempting to kill her. In the name of Jesus I fought back. Numerous spirits of Jezebel, murder, rage, hatred, rejection, abandonment, witchcraft and torment surfaced from within her. In the name of Jesus, I commanded these demons out of her too. They flew out of her and she was set free. She was so happy afterwards. For many months she had been looking some deliverance. Jesus rescued her!

Other’s encountered the power of God in deliverance and healing. Many pains vanished. Many curses were broken. Many sicknesses sent out. Many broken hearts healed by God. Many demonic spirits defeated by King Jesus. Everyone was appreciative of the mission and were happy to see Jesus work so powerfully.

Resurrection Power Crushed Death! Non-Believers Saved After Seeing Miracles!

Friday, November 27th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Here it is well after 4am and still up. I need to get to bed! However, I’m very excited about the incredibly beautiful ministry that took place earlier tonight here in Orlando, Florida. Some amazing miracles took place this evening as souls encountered the love and power of Jesus!

I was very encouraged by some of the stunning testimonies that were shared at the beginning of the service. This global mission is impacting lives in ways, that even I, do not clearly see. The true scope will only be known in eternity.

One local pastor who has been attending our Orlando services revealed that the ministry literally saved his life. He shared with everyone, in the hall, that had assembled, that he attended one of our meetings terribly sick. He had some mysterious strange disease that was literally killing him. However after his deliverance, that night, he was miraculously healed and has been pain-free since! His marriage was saved, his ministry was restored and his life renewed. All praise to God for what He hath done!

After teaching from the WORD, from Mark 9, on how the deliverance ministry is truly a ministry of resurrection, many demons surfaced. They didn’t want to hear about the truth of the resurrection power of Jesus.

My friends, after delivering people from evil spirits, we see Jesus swiftly removing death and replacing it with new life and resurrection life. Empowered life. Freed from death to walk in the resurrection power of Christ.

After a brief teaching from the Scriptures, demons immediately began to surface in various people in the hall after focusing on the resurrection power of Jesus.

After reading the narrative from Mark 9 where we see Jesus healing a demonized young boy. I noticed some demons were being agitated. So I continued to teach and when I read this portion of the WORD: 26 Then the spirit cried out, convulsed him greatly, and came out of him. And he became as one dead, so that many said, “He is dead.” 27 But Jesus took him by the hand and lifted him up, and he arose.”

That passage swiftly warranted a demonic response as a few ladies in the room began to convulse. The demons were responding to the overpowering presence of the God in the reading of His mighty WORD. Hearing how Jesus rescued a boy from demons; angered the demons within these ladies. Hearing how Jesus intervened and “took him by the hand and lifted him up, and he arose,” made the demons mad. They know of the power of Jesus to raise people up who have been delivered from demons back to new life!

One of the ladies I ministered to was this young beautiful lady pictured with me above. She had never attended a deliverance meeting but was willing to attend and listen as some friends of her invited her to come. She had no idea demonic spirits had invaded her life. She knew she was under attack but not to this extent. She was utterly stunned however Jesus was there for her and rescued her.

Numerous generational demons of death, Jezebel, Moloch, Baal and fear had invaded her life and surfaced. Her body shook terribly and convulsed. The demons grunted and moaned in defeat as I utilized the power of Jesus against these invading dark forces. The demons eventually weakened and Jesus worked a powerful miracle in her life. She was delivered from many demons as I commanded the many demons within her to release her. They flew out of her and entered the pit.

As she was being set free Jesus was also healing her eyes. During the exorcism, I took off her glasses and after her deliverance this young woman testified of being able to see clearer without the aid of glasses. God was beginning to heal her eyes. Her broken heart was supernatural healed too and the Holy Spirit came upon her. She testified before all of the mighty deliverance she had received on this night. She so happy and relieved.

Two young men to the left of her witnessed this intense exorcism and demonstration of the power of God. They admitted they had never been born again so I had the tremendous honor to lead these men to salvation in Jesus! Their hearts were touched and opened as a result of seeing a power encounter or what I aptly term as a Jesus encounter.

I’m a big believer in welcoming the believer and non-believer alike to witness the power of Jesus. To have a Jesus encounter. These two young men were, no doubt, receptive to the gospel because they literally watched with their own eyes the power of God and the wondrous miracles of God. These miracles of deliverance softened their hearts and both of these young men surrendered to Jesus and were delivered too. They were set freed from fear and torment! Beautiful Jesus!