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Jesus Cures in Orlando: 50+ Years of Pain Vanished!

Thursday, October 10th, 2019

Been enjoying my time here in Orlando, Florida as we conduct a series of meetings to free souls from demonic bondage. We are also witnessing, during our meetings, souls being miraculously healed of various kinds of pains and torments. Last night, during our seminar, this mother (pictured above with her son), received ministry, including some incredible physical healing — she was beautifully healed of more then 50+ YEARS of pains, torments and afflictions.

Despite these incredible miracles we have been witnessing here in Orlando, I have received a number of reports of individuals, who attended our first meeting, who were fearful. Some couldn’t handle it and couldn’t come back. Some left and didn’t return. 

Our first night was indeed explosive as we conducted three exorcisms simultaneously. A family being affected by the ancient spiritual demonic beast named Behemoth. The demonic brutality was off the charts –physical, violent and in your face. However, at the end, Jesus prevailed and brought tremendous healing and restoration. Yes, the demonic warfare was dramatic and intense but God protected everyone and cured. On the second night, more works of the Kingdom.

A highlight of last night was seeing this mother, come with her son and receiving a powerful deliverance and healing ( I’m very proud of her son who is enrolling in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center to receive training on how to carry on the works of the Kingdom). The mother had been suffering for more then 50+ YEARS! Decades of emotional, mental and physical pain. The demons boasted:

“No one has ever encountered us before,” the demons confessed to me, “We have been here for thousands of years and no one could find us!”

This was the spirit of Lucifer boasting to me. He wasn’t alone. A witch was within her –placing death and destruction spells upon her life. The witchcraft was broken in Jesus name and witch was expelled! The demons named Lucifer were commanded into the abyss in Jesus name! As the demons departed, so did all of the physical pain! She was very happy afterwards as ALL of her pains disappeared, Jesus healed her.

Along with the physical healing, she was experienced some deep emotional healing as some heart parts surfaced. One was only 5 years of age. I gently guided this little one to Jesus for healing and she entered into the presence of God. Jesus told her He loved her and embraced her. This woman was wonderfully cured and liberated. I’m so proud of this family for fighting in Jesus name! She was so happy afterwards.