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More Miracles: A Minister of the Gospel FREED from an Apollyon Demon!

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

I have arrived back in Dallas after a ministry trip that landed me in Maryland, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee. In fact there was a period where I was up for more then 32 hours, without any sleep, as I was busy traveling and ministering to those in need of liberation. God supernaturally sustained me for that length of time so I could assist those in need of deliverance and healing. Though I was not able to meet everyone that needed ministry I am grateful for the opportunity to meet many of you and see the wonderful miracles of God! Thank you dear ones for interceding for me as precious souls, loved by God, were delivered, healed, and encouraged! God was faithful!

While in Georgia, I met up with a dear family that desired spiritual freedom. The husband has been called by God and we will be ordaining him into the gospel ministry very soon. Since this dear saint has been called by the Lord Jesus the enemy has been viciously attacking him. Over a year ago, this dear brother met up with Bob Larson, a dear brother in Christ of mine, for prayer, demons were expelled. Then he met with me, more evil spirits were driven out, then he met with Bob again, more demonic spirits were cast out. There was one demon that had been unusually stubborn that brother Bob and I have been battling for some time, within him, well, this time around this defeated spirit named Apollyon, was driven out in Jesus name! Allow me to share what transpired.

This dear family and I met in Augusta, Georgia and had a supernaturally charged time as I led everyone in Holy Communion. I immediately sensed that the Holy Spirit was allowing great liberty to minister so the ministry session started off quickly. We had partaken of the body of the Lord and was about to partake of the holy blood of Jesus when suddenly this unholy spirit surfaced within him and stared at me and gave away some nervous laughter. While this brother held unto the Communion cup I began to deal with this weakened spirit (he was literally being weakened just holding unto the Communion cup).

Appollyon even confessed that he no longer had any rights to him so we simply had him confess his defeat and sent him to the pit in Jesus name! Appollyon was driven out!

(A interesting note–this dear brother, a minister of the gospel, experienced this freedom after he had preached in a church earlier that day! What a wonderful way to end a day with the victory of Jesus!)

Then there was a spirit named “Fear” that manifested within him. I encouraged this dear brother’s wife to confront these spirits and she did and expelled them out of her husband in Jesus name!

California & Texas~JESUS Conquerer of Demons!

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

Dear Friends of Jesus,
Our loving God is faithful!
I’m back in Dallas after a mission to Tijuana, Mexico, San Diego, California, and Houston, Texas where we held evangelistic and deliverance meetings. In Tijuana which is considered “one of the five most violent areas of the country by the US State Department,” God remained faithful to protect us. Even the beautiful people of Tijuana were concerned about our safety. Many of them spoke of decapitations, dismemberments, and mutilated corpses left in bags on the streets of the city. In fact, nearby one of the preaching points we ministered at (we ministered at 8 open air preaching points), on Nino Heroess, we were told that the police found some corpses stuffed in a bag laying on the street just a couple days earlier. James and I both felt tremendous peace, though, in the midst of these drug infested areas of Tijuana and God greatly blessed our efforts for the gospel!
In the Revolution area, a gentleman in his mid 50’s, approached James and I in a store warning us that we could suffer a decapitation or find ourselves drugged up and assaulted. What a bizarre thing to warn an strangers whom you just met.
We find strength in this promise in Psalms 21:11-13
 “Though they plot evil against you
   and devise wicked schemes, they cannot succeed.
You will make them turn their backs
   when you aim at them with drawn bow.
Be exalted in your strength, LORD;
   we will sing and praise your might.”
Jesus Conquered Demons Who Desired to Kill Me!
In San Diego, we held a public deliverance service at a local hotel and God was pleased to display His power! For over 6 hours we ministered to the small gathering of souls whom were hungry for deliverance from evil spirits. After partaking of the Holy Communion we proceeded to minister to the small group assembled in our very small meeting area. Vu, a Vietnamese man in his mid 30’s, with a Buddhist and strong Catholic background, had never heard of the necessity of having a personal relationship of Jesus Christ so we shared God’s love with him and he was extremely open to the message we shared with him. He opened his life to Jesus and he exclaimed, “I really feel alot of peace now.” His face shone with the light of Jesus!
Now, Vu, had the power of Christ to overcome the evil spirits that bound him for so many years! Many of his demonic afflictions left him almost immediately, including one demonic pain that he was experiencing in his lower back, however, there were sin issues that kept him from experiencing a complete deliverance but we are believing Vu will repent and will obtain liberation.
While in the midst of deliverance session Vu manifested demonic sprits that voiced their desire to murder me!
“We want to kill you Jay,” the demons informed me!
I reminded the demons that Jesus conquered them at the cross and resurrection! Vu, then told us that the spirits were telling him to kill me. They just kept on speaking to him in this regard–kill Jay, kill Jay….(this is what happens no doubt with those who murder, demons compel the killer with very stern commands and often times the act is accomplished)
It was interesting, during the exorcism, there were demons surfacing as a result of his involvement in theft, dabbling with the Ouija Board, joking about throwing some into a bonfire, drug abuse, among other things. It should cause each of us to reflect upon the seriousness of sin, even the trivial sins (at least upon the surface it seems trivial) such as joking about hurting someone, in Vu’s case it was him joking about throwing a friend of his in a bonfire that they had started while they partied through the night. This cruel joke opened a door for Vu to receive evil spirits that tormented him day and night! Praise be to God, though Vu still needed some deliverance, he now has the solid foundation by which to build upon his life–JESUS!
FREED from Torment
Stan had been consistently tormented by unseen sexual assaults and the hearing of various demonic noises that kept him from getting sound sleep for any period of time. He desperately wanted liberation from these afflictions and he attended our deliverance service to receive prayer for these demonic afflictions. God answered him with freedom! After a short period of prayer and commanding the tormenting spirits to leave his body–they did in fact leave! I remember seeing him him utterly astonished and amazed by this freeing miracle.
In our San Diego meeting James and I were astounded that there individuals present whom wanted deliverance but did not want to let go of their strongholds. One Chinese believer who had been so terribly terrorized by demons that manifest themselves as a ghost, did not want to let go of his hate and anger. We warned our friend of the dangers of harboring hate and anger. There was also a lady present who had been heavily involved in yoga and who testified of being energized by the Hindu Kundalini spirit at the base of her spine. She did not know of the spiritual dangers inherently involved in yoga so we had the opportunity to warn her and she listened! Pray for these dear people that God would soften their hearts!
Muslim Won to Christ
A few hours after our deliverance meeting, James and I headed to the airport and we had the wonderful opportunity to talk with our taxi driver. Ahmed, a mid 50’s Ethiopian Muslim, was receptive as we shared the love of God with him! While standing in front of the airport terminal he prayed with me confessing before many, “I believe Jesus Christ is the one and true God, take over my life as I choose to serve you alone…” Amazing conversion as Muslims are instructed NEVER to confess Jesus as the only one and true God! Ahmed did and he was saved! Praise be to God! Before leaving him I inquired if he possessed a Bible and he said he did not so we gave him a New Testament and he was truly grateful!
Lady Sees Jesus
We held two more deliverance meetings in Houston, Texas. God’s love poured out on us we ministered in the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ. For several hours we dealt with many evil spirits within a dear lady that were causing a host of physical afflictions and problems, including cancer. This dear lady whom I’ll refer to as Sandy had survived a bout with cancer but within her body, unknowingly to her, was a demon named, cancer.
“We love inflicting her with pain, we love watching her getting sick,” the demons boasted to me.
We also dealt with demons of terror, abandonment, fear, pain, and other spirits that ensured she would be tormented with various demonic torments. We were honored to serve this dear believer and her husband who also attended with her. In the name of Jesus Christ we commanded these demons to leave and they left her! Not only did Sandy receive a measure of freedom and healing but she also experienced the love of Jesus in a very deep manner as a few pieces of her broken heart were able to SEE our risen Savior! Her broken heart received some tremendous healing, rest, and peace! (by the way, this isn’t an uncommon supernatural experience as many people in our deliverance meetings have testified of seeing Jesus–which comforts me– as we must be doing something right if Jesus honors us with His visible appearance to those, hurting souls, whom we minister to, bringing His love, joy, peace, and healing).
When I arrived back from Houston Sandy wrote me a beautiful email:
“Thank you so much for meeting with us on Sunday afternoon.   I must give you my report……First of all, we stopped on the way home and picked up some dinner.   I was able to eat it without ANY difficulty and was able to keep it down and today there has been no residual effect.   Praise the Lord !!!!!!   Also, I slept for almost twelve hours with a short interval of being awake.  During the awake time, I had a vision of a Hummingbird fluttering around the tree in my front yard.   Immediately, the “Creative Part” (note: Sandy as a result of a severe broken heart dissociated) began to decorate the area.   It was absolutely awesome.   At the end of the vision, I was quietly crying.  Calvin said that I had a very peaceful expression on my face.  SUCH FREEDOM !!!!!!!”
Isn’t this beautiful! All praise to Jesus our loving Lord who provides what we so desperately need~His very LIFE!
African Ladies Delivered from Illuminati Spirits
In our very last public meeting two sisters originally from Nigeria, West Africa, were present that had sought out numerous pastors, ministers, prayer ministries seeking spiritual assistance. Sadly, none of these ministers helped these horribly demonized ladies. In desperation they contacted me with the hopes of meeting with us for prayers of deliverance. I explained to them we would be more then willing to offer some assistance in Jesus name!
Elo and Uglo had been stalked by various anti-Christ groups with the hopes of recruiting them into the Illuminati. Strange messages were left with them by various people (whom they did not know) from throughout the country essentially threatening them. Both of these ladies even relayed to me and pastor James a very haunting dream that they had — where Uglo had been decapitated and placed on a platter by those involved in these secret societies. What was very, very strange was that those in the dream were actual people located throughout Amercia (celebrities, governmental leaders, and business leaders) whom had out of the blue contacted these sisters and even revealed information about them they would not be privy too. Mind you these ladies did not these individuals!
It got to the point where these ladies were now dreaming of these individuals constantly (they were astral traveling to these ladies with the aid of demonic powers with the hopes of luring them into the occult). Moreover, they were not only dreaming of these individuals but were now seeing them while awake!
As you can imagine they were horrified and fearful as they are relatively new to this country, attending a university, minding their own business and yet coming under such great spiritual attacks.
But we have an spiritual enemy who seeks to devour and he will use those aligned with his purposes to hunt down those who can be a threat to the kingdom of darkness–which is you and I my friends–those whom serve the Lord Jesus!
For several hours, we battled the satanic forces that had been harassing them for many years! Within about 30 minutes these ladies were completely delivered as they could no longer see these individuals anymore or hear them. They felt the demons leave their bodies! These dear sisters were extremely joyful in finding this new found freedom in Jesus!

Demon Claiming to be a Slayer Bowing to King Jesus!

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

This past weekend we held another public service in Dallas for those needing prayer to be released from Satan’s power. It was a small meeting but our little meeting area was packed with individuals coming in from out of town and as far as Southern California with the hope to find liberation from demonic torment.

We began the meeting with an opportunity to partake of the Holy Communion ~ the body and blood of our Lord. We then proceeded to provide a brief teaching on the Doorways to Demons. The very first doorway mentioned was, “Visiting Demonically Controlled Areas,” which include Hindu temples, Buddhist temples, drug houses, homosexual communities, etc…as I shared with the small group and invited everyone to pray with me, demons began to manifest in very subtle ways. A fellow minister noticed this right way and began to pray for a lady that was sitting right in front of me.

Within moments, a demon manifested by the name of, “Shamig,” he had brought a tormenting fear inot this dear believer and was also holding unto the spirit rights of visiting a demonically controlled area. For you must see that this dear saint traveled recently to the Orient and visited many pagan temples which allowed this Oriental demon spirit to enter her body. As soon as the rights were broken the demons were driven out in Jesus name!

The next doorway I covered was generational curses, oaths, and vows and immediately another demons manifested within a 40-something year old man to the left of me, who was sitting with his wife. The demons contorted and twisted his face and growled like a beast.

“I’m Danaka, I report to Chermos, who oversees large geographical areas, we are slayer of millions, we torment.”

He then began to boast how he could quote me God’s Word from it’s original languages and began to do so (I have studied the ancient languages in theological school so I picked up on it), I told him to stop and he did!

“It doesn’t matter what you know, Jesus is Lord.”

“Yes, Jesus is Lord, we have been defeated by Him.”

This slayer of millions bowed before the King Jesus and was commanded to leave in Jesus most holy name! He left with a loud cry and a beastly moan.

I also dealt with demons named, Death Masters (there were 48 of them), that had entered the body of this dear saint as a result of a generational curse of murder from his grandfather who had killed some POWS in World War II. These death spirits were also removed in Jesus name.

For 6 hours (we had ministered 5 hours prior to this public meeting in some private sessions with a severe case of demonization), we drove out many evil spirits from those attending the meeting and spoke to different dissociative identities that surfaced and they experienced healing.

Demons manifesting in Alien form and spirits of shamanism, witchcraft, satanism, masonry, Taosim, Buddhism, levitation, rape, abuse, trauma, Native American spirits, etc were all driven out during these private and public meetings in Jesus name!

Moreover, some were released from various forms of demonic affliction as they repeated prayers renouncing various sins, curses, and demons! At first, we didn’t think we would be able to complete the 15 or so common doorways to demons but we were given grace and were able to get through the list and people were FREE!

Jesus is wonderful!
Submitted by Jay

Hungry Souls Seeking Deliverance from Demon Powers

Saturday, October 17th, 2009

Last night we conducted a night service at one of the largest Salvation Army chapels in the world. On the lower floor it was jammed packed with hungry souls looking for spiritual truth and liberation from evil spirits. In fact, it was a standing room crowd that assembled as people were standing in the very back listening to the proclamation of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ that I brought forth from the pulpit. Over the past few years hundreds have surrendred their lives to Jesus in our chapel services and on this night many more placed their faith in Christ for the very first time, they had made their peace with God.

 After leading those assembled in Holy Communion we began to pray for the sick, the diseased (including a 11 year old boy with a very rare disease called TS), and the demon afflicted. For several hours we drove out many demons and people were released from demons. The first lady, in her mid-30’s, requested prayer to be healed of the demonic torment she had been experiencing for a long time. Immediately the Lord Jesus took her torment away and set her free. One African lady, who grew up in a Freemason cult, was immediately delivered when we prayed, she could feel the satanic spirits exit her body. She was so joyful in the Holy Spirit. A few others testified of experiencing the same kind of spiritual release from our loving God.

 A Persian family came to the meeting from out of town and requested pray for their 11 year old boy. In agreement with the mother we told the torment and the rare TS disease to leave the boy in Jesus name. After I prayed, the precious little boy exclaimed, “I feel better!” He was so happy too! So was his mother as she was shedding tears of joy. Later in the evening the boy said he was experiencing dizziness. I commanded the dizziness to go and it left immediately!

We also ministered to an Indian family that was heavily involved in sorcery and all forms of occultism for many generations. We led this dear family in a prayer to break the spritual bonds of occultism over her life and the Lord honored her prayers!

Then we began to minister to a family who had traveled a long distance for healing and deliverance. For a few hours we battled 10 different generational sex spirits that were battled us.

 “We want to kill the family,” the demons boasted, speaking to me from within the man.

“This man loves Jesus and you must go,” I quickly told the spirits in control of the husband.

We commanded the demonic spirits to leave the body and to go to the pit! They quickly departed and the man was released from the demonic bondage.

Many others testified feeling spiritually relieved upon taking Holy Communion~the body and blood of our Lord Jesus.

Praise be to God for great things He hath done!

Submitted by Jay

Demons of Torment and Pain Defeated by Jesus!

Sunday, June 21st, 2009

A few nights ago I addressed an enthusiastic crowd at a chapel service at the Salvation Army where the people had gathered to receive the good news and healing. After preaching the gospel I called for people to repent and many did so and the holy angels rejoiced. Many of the assembled were also demonized and suffering from various kinds of pains. After the conclusion of the Holy Communion I invited those with pains and demons to receive healing! One African lady by the name of Sandy with her two children watching on came to the front of the altar and requested prayer as she revealed that upon taking Holy Communion she could feel the demons attacking her body and bringing various kinds of severe pains in her body, specifically on the top of the head and feet. With the Body of Christ in agreement we commanded the demons of pain to leave and they left!

Yes the pain left her head but it just moved towards her knees. Again we commanded the demons to depart her knees in Jesus name and immediately they left her and she began to jump up and down thanking the Lord God for her healing and deliverance! I asked her in front of the chapel crowd if she could feel the pain and she said NO! I am healed!

We also commanded the evil spirits to leave a young man who testified of being tormented day and night by these vicious beings. This occurred on daily basis he revealed and one could easily tell by looking upon his face that he was being truly terrorized by these satanic spirits. With the power of the Lord Jesus Christ we told the tormenting spirits to leave and they left immediately, he was so relieved to be FREE!

Submitted by Jay

Monster All Gone

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

A few days ago, I was out and my wife was home when my 3 year old boy came to our bedroom and said, “mommy, monster!”He wasn’t fearful or sad. He was simply stating a matter of factly.“Show me where the monster is,” my wife told our little son, while my boy took my wife’s hand and led her to his bedroom.

Upon entering his room my son walked over to the window and pulled up a few of the blinds and said, “monster over there” (he was pointing to a tree across the street).

My wife, knowing full well these monsters are demons attempting to terrorize our son, she led him in a commanding prayer for all monsters to leave in Jesus name (our little boy told the monster to go in Jesus name). This was the great part, after my wife led our little boy in prayer, my little boy looked over to mommy and said:

Monster all gone” and he went back to bed peacefully!

Jesus overcomes monsters! The precious faith of little ones in Jesus is powerful!

 Submitted by Jay

Praising the Lord for My Freedom!

Saturday, December 20th, 2008

A dear saint recently shared this victory report:

“Well it seems the Lord is really Good !!!!

In the past week I have finally been successful in attaining deliverance (though not me but obviously – the Lord). He has answered my (and others’) prayers.

Last Wednesday afternoon the christian couple who has been laboring with me all these months, and I, sat down sure that the Lord wanted to deliver me – that I was ready to relieve myself of some demonic bondage woot !

What happened when we started praying was amazing (when previously nothing had happened). We were led by the Holy Spirit to start praying against the power of Jezebel. Spirits started manifesting and coming out. Dozens of lesser sexual type spirits came out over the course of a few hours (which I will list later in the post).

Before we could get far with getting these spirits out the Spirit led us to cast out and sever a binding with a spirit of ‘escape from reality’ which had my heart seriously bound up. It had gotten in because of my history of escaping reality into computer games. We couldn’t get anything else out until this binding was dealt with as I suppose I couldn’t 100% repent until this binding was renounced and severed.

Toward the end one of the couple leading me in deliverance got the word ‘ghoulish’ and the other got a word at the same time ‘macarbe’. I myself got the picture of, and word, ‘zombie’. This was really odd to me as I had no clue you could have a ‘zombie spirit’. But we named it and it manifested with a terrible feeling of agony and oppression in my soul which made me groan and cry out to Jesus (who quickly showed up in power). It was shown me by the Spirit that this zombie spirit had come into me through playing a play-station game called “Resident Evil”. I was shown the exact moment it came in !

When it manifested the Holy Spirit was so powerful upon me I couldn’t feel my hands, I could only feel the searing flames of the Holy Spirit where my hands should be. The Spirit was like electricity on my lips. The zombie spirit however didn’t want to come out and it manifested and left me in a sort of stupor (like a mindless zombie). The Holy Spirit was actually purging and cleansing my hands from all the evil that had come into me through the use of a keyboard and game pads associated with computer games and console games – go figure !

Dozens of evil spirits came out through my hands and at one point my hands went rigid into a claw like position similar to that of hands using a keyboard !!!!! Anyway it became clear to us that the Spirit showed us the zombie/macarbe spirits for our future reference as to what he wanted to do in the next session so we wouldn’t get sidetracked from our next goal.

So the next session (which we had last night) we were led by the Spirit to go for ‘Death & Hell’. After doing repentance/renunciation work we started casting out. The Death & Hell power wasn’t keen to loose his grip so we bound him up and began casting out dozens of lesser demons. There were a couple of strongmen in there under the Death & Hell power including one the Spirit named ‘warlord’. Another particularly rebellious spirit who shouted in spite of being ordered not to speak was called ‘hunter’ (a very nasty one he was). I have no clue who these spirits were or where they came from but once they were out Death & Hell finally got his own butt whooped. The Holy Spirit came on me with amazing power and drove Death & Hell out. He came out with a lot of somewhat suppressed roaring of frustration (we did a good job of making sure they got ‘none of the glory’ by screaming or shouting haha – in fact only one spirit actually got to say a word).

Following Death & Hells departure some lesser spirits of death came out. As far as I recall the zombie/ghoulish spirits came out too along with that whole family. It was revealed during the deliverance that there was a strong satanic binding over my heart – which was broken. As I recall (my memory is hazy) it was this ‘warlord’ that was behind the satanic binding over my heart. All manner of spirits came out including but not limited to:

‘Death & Hell’ power; the strongman ‘warlord’ (with the satanic heart binding);
Hunter (whoever he was was a key player), rebellious spirits, zombie spirits, vampiric spirits of death and supernatural seduction, Ghoulish/macarbe spirits, spirits of the pits of hell, horror, terror, fear, mercilessness, hate, rage, anger, demonic lust, murder, torture, torment, cruelty, sick and twisted spirits, witchcraft spirits, spirits of blasphemy (many) against God, and God mocking spirits which kept manifesting throughout the deliverance and laughing, some lesser spirits of death and suicide, and many more ! (I think the other spirits of death and suicide still have bindings to rejection so should come out next session).

Earlier on in the week …
Jezebel power (I don’t think she actually came out herself until last night as she had to be named again after Death & Hell came out as they were bound together strongly) apparently prostitution spirits came out too which must have been generational and had Death & Hell and Jezebel linked powerfully (as the prostitutes house is a house of death it says in the O.T); spirits of masturbation, fornication, adultery, lust, filthy language, lust of the eyes, porn spirits, spirits of perversion (I will spare naming the worst ones), spirits of witchcraft and false prophecy, and more.

Needless to say I feel a lot lighter today !

As far as I know possibly up to or maybe over 100 spirits have come out though I couldn’t say with certainty until I read the recordings that were taken.

Next session we are going for a stronghold of rejection which I think is the root of a lot of my troubles. Rejection actually tried to sidetrack us from taking out Death & Hell early on in the deliverance but praise the Lord that the Spirit witnessed to the others that it was a ploy. I am hoping to shed the spirits of addiction and some spirits of infirmity too while we are at it though we will see how the next session goes.

There’s are a number of others to go for yet but these victories have been amazing and I am praising the Lord for my freedom!”

Submitted by Jay Bartlett

Nightmares Ceased!

Sunday, December 7th, 2008

Recently many more have turned to Jesus when I preached the gospel at the Salvation Army evening chapel service, afterwards I was really encouraged as a Nigerian woman approached me and testified that when I was last there she was delivered of a demonic spirit (that had caused her horrible nightmares & attacked her sexually) that she felt leave her body while I prayed. She testified that the nightmares had ceased! God is doing a mighty work.

Submitted by Jay Bartlett

Spirit of Fear Defeated by the Cross of Jesus

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

After partaking of the Holy Communion, at a recent deliverance meeting, a lady manifested a demonic spirit.

I commanded to know it’s name.

“I’m Fear!” shouted the demon.

“When did you enter this dear lady?” I inquired.

“Ten years ago.”

“Are you holding unto any broken parts?”

“Yes,” the demon responded with anger.

“How many broken parts,” I inquired.

“Ten and I have them bound,” the demon responded.

“You must release them in the name of Jesus Christ,” I commanded the spirit.

He obeyed and released the 10 broken parts. I then commanded the Fear demon out of her in Jesus name. He left. I then proceeded to speak with the strongest part.

“What’s your name?” I asked the strong part.


“Nice to meet you Beverly. Are you there to help the others?” I asked.

“Yes, and we are ready to become one with her.”

So, in the power of the Holy Spirit I reunited the 10 broken parts and this dear lady was no longer broken but whole in the power of the love of Jesus!

Submitted by Jay Bartlett

Jesus Came and Delivered!

Monday, October 6th, 2008

What a powerful testimony of God’s goodness from a couple who visited us in Ohio at our Deliverance Meetings:

“Sorry that this testimony is so long in coming. It has been quite busy on our side of the planet since the deliverance. But I want the Lord to has His glory!For the two weeks between the discovery of the demons and actual deliverance, Ashley and I planted our faces in the carpet. We prayed, listened to worship music, sprinkled holy water around the apartment, and took communion once a day. Two other friends and I began to fast for Ashley, and for the victory of the Lord. And glory be to His name! He delivered!

We had two sessions with Jay, the first lasting about two hours, and the second around 6 – 8 hours, extending until 5 AM the next morning. The demons never manifested, but spoke to Ashley internally. In reflecting on this, both Ashley and I think that they were too week to manifest in any physical way, after being warred against with prayer and fasting.

In our first session, we discovered that Ashley had a total of 56 demons. We, by the grace of God, expelled 14 in the first night. Ashley and I truly felt as though the Lord had delivered them into our hands. We called up the strongman, who’s name was Anger, and he had 11 underlings in his command. Upon challenging him, we found that he actually wanted to leave – he told us! He was ready to get out of there! How amazing is our God! He had completely weakened and surrounded the enemy out of His great love!

Anger put up a little bit of a struggle, mainly because he wanted to leave on his own terms. Jay quickly sent him and his minions to the pit. Next was Fear, and one demon under him. We found out that fear caused the nose bleed the other night. We cast him out without any manifestations or trouble. Any time we met resistance, Ashley drank some Holy Water and the demons screamed in agony.

In our second session, we cast out unclean spirits such as Suicide, Retribution, Woeful, Pain, Puny, Insecurity, and Resentment, as well as many others. We found that many of the spirits were generational, but some were let in through doors. Nevertheless, their curses and holds were broken and they were cast out in Jesus’ victorious name!

During the deliverance, Ashley could see vivid pictures in her mind of the demons. She saw demons fighting each other, being cut in half by the sword of the Spirit, Angels coming to assist – she even saw Jesus! While casting out the spirit of Suicide, Jay had me (her husband) put anointing oil on her wrists and legs where Ashley had cut herself. She said that while I did that, Jesus appeared (in her mind’s eye) on His knees, bandaging up her wounds. He said, “See, it’s all better now.” Ashley cried from being touched by the compassion of our Lord.

Among the most vidid images, Jay called for the Arch-angel of the area to come and assist in the deliverance. As soon as he asked, Ashley saw the angel bust in through the doors of the church with anger. He was taller than the other angels, surrounded in flames with a big sword. He ran many demons through with his sword, and greatly assisted in the deliverance.

Near the end of the ordeal, Ashley said that Jesus came, wearing a white robe with a purple sash and a crown. As soon as He appeared, the angels all bowed with their sword points in the ground. She commented on how the sight was very cool, because Jesus was meek and humble, but all of the angels still knew that He was King. Before it was over, Jesus lifted her chin so that He looked her in the eye as if to say, “See, I told you I would be here at the end of it all.”

In all things let Jesus have the praise! He is King! Victorious and risen! Splendor and majesty and glory be to Him forever and ever! He given freedom to my wife!

We will be forever thankful!

Praise the Lord!”

Submitted by Jay Bartlett