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All for Jesus in 2012: 6 Months of Travel & 340 Meetings

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

After a few days at home from that last global mission, I got back on another flight, this time, however, with my family. We are currently in Florida resting and celebrating the Christmas Season with each other. In December alone there is family birthdays, our wedding anniversary, etc. As I look back at 2012 I am deeply honored and humbled by the miracles I have witnessed this year.

What a great honor it has been to serve our King in 2012. It’s all been for Jesus. He has saved me with His sacrificial blood, the least I could do is serve Him with everything. This has come at a cost as this year I was tested in a variety of ways –was physically assaulted, kicked, spat upon, punched, mocked, slandered, threatened (my kids and wife were threatened also) with death numerous times, and experienced horrific demonic attacks. Jesus sustained me and I prevailed with Him to see wonderful miracles:


  • Traveled throughout North America, Central America, South America, the Caribbean Islands, the Middle East, Asia, Australia and Europe –-conducting more then 340 meetings where the gospel was preached, the sick were healed, the demonized set free, and broken hearts healed. 
  • I spent 6 months of 2012 on the road away from my family, traveling to many various locations, crisscrossing multiple continents, throughout the globe, to reach SOULS for Jesus. 
  • Preached the gospel to tens of thousands of live audiences in various kinds of meetings throughout the world resulting in many souls turning to the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior! This is the greatest miracle to witness.
  • More then 2,000 souls experienced deliverance from demons and supernatural healing in our more then 300 meetings we conducted. Millions of evil spirits were driven out of bodies and souls in Jesus name!
  • Various media outlets reached out to us thus allowing us to reach potentially millions of souls for Jesus!
  • Conducted dozens of LIVE radio presentations allowing us to reach tens of thousands with the gospel.
  • Thousands read our many volumes and passed the books on to others to reach many others thus equipping thousands.
  • Trained thousands on how to minister specifically in the areas of healing and deliverance. 
  • Responded to thousands of emails, letters, and phone calls with prayer, instruction, and ministry.
  • Administered the holy sacraments to thousands.
  • Experienced extraordinary miracles such as ministering holy angels, calling fire down from heaven, and other Holy Spirit empowered acts.
  • Many thousands viewed our many exorcism videos on our YouTube channel.

I marvel and sit here in awe of the power and love of the Lord Jesus! As I recall the miraculous wonders of 2012 I remember:


  • Preaching the gospel to more then 10,000 souls in Times Square, New York City. 
  • Watching a completely insane man in Georgetown, Guyana, South America, completely delivered from spirits of madness. Afterwards, preached to many hundreds in open air meetings throughout the capital. 
  • Seeing more then 700 souls delivered from evil spirits in a large meeting in India while leading the audience in generational curse breaking. 
  • Witnessing the power of God during a late night deliverance meeting in Europe. Nobody wanted to leave even after many hours of ministry. 
  • Being terribly attacked by hordes of demons in Melbourne, Australia the very first day I was to lead a deliverance meeting. I was out of commission with some strange illness. A few days later completely restored by God and witnessed many delivered from demonic powers. Extraordinary power of the Spirit of God.
  • Seeing precious souls healed of blindness in North America and Australia.
  • Proclaiming the good news of Jesus in open air meetings in the Caribbean and souls pleading for me to pray with them to receive Jesus as Savior! LOVE IT!
  • Seeing a precious lady healed of more then 10,000 broken pieces of her heart in Sydney, Australia.
  • Driving out millions of evil spirits out of a lady, in a meeting in Miami, formerly involved in Santeria.
  • Seeing souls arrive more then 10 hours into a public meeting wanting deliverance. That really touched my heart!
  • Seeing souls crammed into small meeting areas so that they might receive deliverance from demonic spirits.
  • Seeing more and more souls attend out small public meetings to receive ministry and to get trained. There is a immense need to train the Body of Christ!

I could sit here and go on and on making Jesus famous for everything was accomplished by His power alone! Never forget that. Apart from Him I can do nothing! May I just be an example to you, my friend, that God can use as an instrument to reach souls for His Kingdom!

There were some negatives in 2012. God knows. I have resolved to move onward by God’s grace and power for greater works to take place in 2013!

Thank YOU for helping me. There are some very special friends of the mission (they know who they are) –dear brothers and sisters– who make this all a reality. Your contributions allowed for the gospel to go forth in all of the world! The fruit in the here and now is astounding and for all of eternity we will enjoy the fruit of the gospel labor!

My friends, continue to assist us as though we are a small operation we are needing to move forwards not backwards for the sake of the gospel. Appreciate your love, prayers and support in 2013.

I send our love and Christmas greetings!

Jay Bartlett

PS–our ministry schedule is getting finalized for January 2013. Make sure you check back often. Hope to see everyone soon!

Miracles on the Hawaiian Islands

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

Dear brothers and sisters in King Jesus ~

I’m currently on an small island off the coast of Perth, Australia, visiting with a South African family. The past several days, here in the Perth area, I have been conducting various private and public meetings and have seen the hand of God upon this mission in some truly extraordinary ways. There have been miracles of salvation, healing and deliverance. Moreover, a major Australian television network arrived to the meetings to film the public exorcisms I conducted and to interview me. Much more on that very soon. Suffice to say we are in position to reach millions in this great nation for the gospel. Furthermore, I have been formally invited to be a keynote speaker at the University of Western Australia’s “Festival of Light,” event in 2013. Much more on that very soon too. I have also been invited to minister in New Zealand and in various cities throughout Australia in 2013 so I am planning these missions and believing God for powerful miracles in our midst in each and every meeting.

I have had very little time to correspond with you and as I have some time now I would like to briefly share with you the events, or I should say the amazing events that transpired on the Hawaiian Islands prior to arriving here in Australia.   

 Those few days in Honolulu, Hawaii were powerful as I witnessed some mighty works of healing and deliverance in our midst. Mind you, I have never conducted a public meeting on these islands before so I wasn’t expecting a large crowd. To be honest I was thinking perhaps a very small group would arrive. I was proven wrong. The meeting we conducted was completely filled to capacity. Here I was thinking perhaps 10 or so believers would attend. Not so! The  meeting hall was completely filled as the hotel staff was require to bring extra chairs to accommodate the needs of the people. The word spread quickly and this event was quickly becoming a major spiritual event. There was a hunger for the deeper things of God and some truly fired up disciples seeking to be trained under this mission to preach the gospel, to drive out evil spirits and to heal the sick.

On this most recent mission I have seen amazing participation in New York City, Newark, Vancouver, Honolulu and Perth. Every public meeting has been jammed packed and filled to capacity. God’s hand is upon this mission. 

 For many hours deep into the night I taught from the Holy Scriptures, led everyone in Holy Communion, and ministered to those enslaved to the powers of hell. So many were delivered from various demonic torments and afflictions. Many generational curses were destroyed by the power of Christ. Many evil spirits were driven out in Jesus name, hearts were healed, and bodies spiritually repaired. As I led everyone to some conduct some generational curse breaking a young lady in the crowd manifested powerful demonic spirits. As I brought her up to the front of the ballroom the evil spirits manifested violently and battled us.

“I’m rape and she was raped, that is why we are here,” the demonic spirits revealed to me, speaking from this dear woman.

In Jesus name I had the Body of Christ stand it’s ground against these spirits and they were forced out of this woman’s body. I also encountered a little dissociative identity that was very young. I led this broken heart piece to Jesus and some remarkable inner healing took place. This little part even got to see Jesus!

As I continued on with the curse breaking many others were manifesting evil spirits. By forceful commands many demonic spirits were expelled from those in the meeting hall including some church leaders. Moreover, many broken heart pieces were surfacing as they felt same to surface to release their hurt. I was taken back by the sheer numbers of people who were suffering from dissociation. Many little parts were surfacing and being healed by the supernatural healing power of Jesus. Many of them testified of seeing angels and seeing the Lord Jesus.

One disciple in the meeting was a lady who was married to a direct descendant of the famous evangelist Smith Wigglesworth (it was documented that he raised more then 20 people from the dead in his ministry). She manifested powerful spirits of sorcery. It was revealed that she had been a victim of some strong witchcraft curses and spells. There is no doubt in my mind that these powerful occult spirits were sent by the enemy to destroy the godly generational line of Smith Wigglesworth. It was stopped by the power of the blood of Jesus and these spirits were commanded out with much vomiting. The freedom, the healing, the release was beautiful to witness.

Unbeknownst to many is that though the Hawaiian Islands are quite stunningly beautiful it has deep pagan roots that have affected millions of families on the islands. So, as we broke these generational curses many miraculous wonders took place in the lives of so many native Hawaiians in the meeting room. Many testified of experiencing healing, deliverance and spiritual release. I was also very impressed with the some of the younger disciples of the Lord Jesus who were present that were fired up as a result of seeing the fullness of the gospel in operation. This is an important aspect of this mission as I desire to be a example to future generations of the power of God over evil.

Miraculous Healing in British Columbia

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

Dear Friends in Jesus ~

Last night, here in downtown Vancouver, British Columbia, was remarkable! At 5pm the small conference room we were holding the public meeting was jammed packed! We tried to fit more chairs in the meeting hall but ran out of room so the hotel staff recommended we move to a much larger ballroom. It was in this ballroom we ministered to the sick, the tormented and those broken in heart. 

I am really humbled by this move of the Holy Spirit in our midst. In fact, hours before the public service people started arriving to the hotel where we held the meeting. When I arrived I was greeted by a a dear brother who attended my last meeting here in Vancouver. This dear brother, who was deeply involved in the occult at one point in his life, shared how he was still serving Jesus after his powerful deliverance from demons in that last meeting and that his wife was still maintaining her miraculous healing that she received that night also. Just thinking about this brings joy to my heart!

While greeting everyone I realized with the exception of a few people all of those in attendance were newcomers who have been following the work of this mission for some months now. Several came as a result of being faithful listeners to our radio broadcast, “Deliverance with Jay Bartlett.” Many were excited about learning more about the deliverance and inner healing ministry and obviously many were desperate for a deliverance from the powers of darkness that have been tormenting them. 

At the beginning of the meeting demons were surfacing among those in the room. I just knew God wanted to love on these dear souls. After nearly 4 hours of teaching on the subject of spiritual weapons and dissociation I began to minister to those in attendance. However, I should note that nearly everybody wanted me to continue to teach. I truly believe a vast majority of the people in the meeting would have stayed ALL NIGHT just for the teaching alone. What a great need to bring light into these subjects. Disciples are hungering for this. We ought to meet the the spiritual needs of the Body.

The first few people I ministered to were INSTANTLY freed from evil spirits. I was astonished myself to see the people obtaining liberation so quickly. They were testifying of the healing power of Jesus. Several were instantly healed of various pains and torments. 

One dear saint in her 50’s, originally from Queensland, Australia, surfaced several dissociative identities –very young little ones. I spoke with them and invited them to experience Jesus which they did. They even revealed they were actually seeing Jesus and that He invited them to sit on His lap. Isn’t that amazing! We are seeing so many who testify of seeing the risen Jesus in our meetings. A number of fear and terror spirits had been holding these little ones them captive. They were forced in the name of Jesus to release the little ones. Moreover I battled them and drove them out in the name of Jesus!

This dear lady testified of how GREAT she was feeling and that she had been waiting for a deliverance and healing for more then 40 years! God healed her broken heart and set her free from those terrorizing spirits.

Another woman originally from Ghana came to the meeting seeking a physical healing. What was special about this dear lady was that she actually traveled recently, a very long distance to Dallas, with the hopes of meeting up with me. Unfortunately, I was traveling at that time and was unable to meet her but because of her persistence I finally met up with her in the meeting last night. I was able to command various intense pains from her back resulting in the pain leaving her body in Jesus name. 

Another disciple of the Lord, a man in his 30’s, testified that as a result of me ministering healing to others he was experiencing great healing himself. What a wonderful God we serve. This occurs often in our meeting where people will get delivered or healed by simply being in this environment of faith and authority. 

A special time of ministry was conducted for a former Mason who came to the meeting for a deliverance. He had never taken off the noose, the blindfold, the apron, the hood and other Masonic paraphernalia that so easily binds up those who were formally involved in the Masonic lodge. Though this dear man is now a follower of Christ he had never taken off, spiritually, these cursed Masonic items. As I led him to take off the noose he had great difficulty as there was some demonic resistance as those Masonic spirits did not want him taking those off. I assisted him cutting off the noose by the use of my sword (the Scriptures) and my crucifix. These are powerful weapons to rip off these nooses. Immediately, he testified of being able to breathe better and as soon as we took off the blindfold he testified of being able to see more clearer. Many Masonic spirits were commanded off of him in Jesus name!

Though there were great victories there were also many demons that resisted me. I truly had to battle many evil spirits and many of these fought me back. However, this does not change the fact that these resistant spirits still bow at the name of Jesus! So many were refreshed, equipped, and supernaturally healed by the power of God. We are seeing this ministry received enthusiastically here in British Columbia and hope to return soon for even a larger public meeting. 

15 Hours of Ministering to those Bound by Satan

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

I just arrived moments ago from Newark, New Jersey to beautiful British Columbia where I will be conducting another public meeting tonight at 5pm. Those of you in the Vancouver area bring your friends and family members so we can believe for Jesus to liberate those enslaved to the powers of the devil. Though it was a long flight across the continent I feel pretty good. God’s wonderful grace provided a nice flight.

As many of you are aware I’m in the midst of a long global mission journey taking me through various cities across the world, teaching, casting out evil spirits, praying for the sick, and equipping the the Body of Christ. I am grateful for your holy prayers.

Yesterday was spiritually spectacular. We conducted a training seminar at 10am in Newark and only a few people showed up. However, by noon, the conference room was completely full. In fact, we had to bring in extra chairs to accommodate all those who arrived to learn how to cast out demons and to receive deliverance. It was amazing to see precious souls gradually walk in as the day went by. Even 10 hours into our meeting people were still coming in from all over the nation to receive help. Re-read that last sentence. TEN HOURS into our meeting souls were still arriving into Newark for ministry. Families and individuals came in from South Carolina, Maryland, Massachusetts, Georgia and many other places. 

I was stunned to see the anticipation and enthusiasm even after teaching from the Holy Scriptures for more then FIVE HOURS! Re-read that sentence. For more then 5 hours I taught the saints about the ministry of deliverance and I don’t even think anyone got up the entire time to even utilize the restroom. There was a great interest to be equipped in the ministry as there were a number of pastors and ministers that attended the seminar. I’m seeing this more and more –as people are hungering for deeper spiritual truths then what they are getting fed elsewhere. Even after five hours into the seminar the people wanted me to continue to teach. 

After partaking Holy Communion we began to minister to those enslaved by demonic spirits. For another 5 hours or more I dealt with countless demons that were manifesting within those in the meeting hall. I started off dealing with generational curses and sins and almost intermediately powerful voodoo spirits surfaced within a few people. As the demonic manifestations were occurring I stood up at the front of the room commanding the demons to release the people of God –some shook violently, others vomited, some demons laughed and mocked me as I conducted the deliverance in Jesus name. Irregardless, the spirits were cast out and precious souls were free including one 60 year old lady who traveled more then 17 hours to be present at the meeting. She was delivered from numerous ancestral sorcery spirits. There was also a dear man in his mid-40’s originally from Uruguay who manifested powerful spirits of death. These were commanded out of his body in Jesus name. He also experienced a powerful healing of his broken heart. Many were delivered and healed from various demonic pains and afflictions. 

One lady that arrived several hours into our meeting was a dear Haitian woman seeking deliverance from her ancestral idol worship and voodooism. God was pleased to set her free. As I began to place some holy oil upon her forehead a vicious voodoo spirit surfaced and caused her to contort and shake like into a eerie tribal dance. She nearly fell down upon the floor as these vicious spirits surfaced but God prevailed and liberated her.

A few minutes later she exclaimed in the midst of the meeting: “Jay, I really feel good, much lighter, and peaceful!”

Many others experienced healing, deliverance and touch from the Savior. As we came to the conclusion of the meeting more people were arriving including a family that on took a emergency flight from Georgia so that I might pray for their precious little 4 year old daughter who has been victimized by a satanic cult. In meeting with this family after this public service I discovered there was a very little 1 year old dissociative identity named “Little Self,” who spoke to me. I have rarely ministered to this young of a child and to their dissociative identities. But obviously, the parents pleaded with me to pray and to minister. Though the night before I slept very little and spent more an entire day ministering and teaching I had to intervene by God’s grace. I met with this precious family and ministered to the children deep into the night. We also discovered that this 1 year old little heart part has been programmed by the satanic cult and I started the process of deprogramming the identity. There is much work to be done however the process has begun and we are already scheduling a time to meet again for more ministry. 

This mission plays a unique role within the Body of Christ as we have the knowledge and understanding to minister in this specialized area –ministering to children with satanic programming and dissociation. That is why a family spent an entire day catching flights and taxis to get to this meeting as they realized so few would be able to intervene. We intervened and this little girl connected with me almost instantly in that she now wants to come home with me to visit my kids. Her parents even videotaped the ministry session as they wanted to try to understand the mechanics and dynamics of deprogramming and child dissociation themselves so they could continue the ministry with their precious little one. 

Even after this ministry session –well after midnight– I continued to meet with those who traveled in for ministry. Sadly, I have human limitations and was unable to minister to many others who were waiting deep into the night for help. I rejoice precious souls were liberated by the power of Jesus Christ. 

Blindness, Santeria, Masonic Spirits Defeated in New Jersey

Sunday, December 16th, 2012

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

 I’m currently in chilly New Jersey conducting private and public meetings. I arrived earlier this evening after a few days in the NYC area ministering to those bound by the powers of the devil. Not too long ago I just completed an exorcism with a family that have been attacked by demon powers. What really touched me was their 16 year old daughter, Maria, who has been persistent about scheduling a meeting for her family. She has been sending me numerous emails inquiring when I would be back in the New York City as she desperately wanted to see her parents set free. It touches my heart just thinking about it. Here is a teenager with great faith and persistence and God delivered His power in response to her deep faith.

 Maria’s mother is from Dominican Republic with a witchcraft background –many years ago I held some large evangelistic meetings near the border of this country and know of the voodoo and Santeria that dominates this region– and her father’s ancestors were Nazi’s and members of the Masonic Lodge. That’s a dangerous spiritual combination if you ask me –witchcraft and Nazism. After spending a few hours teaching and leading the family in Holy Communion we began to minister in the name of Jesus. Almost immediately, many Santeria spirits surfaced and caused her to slide down onto the ground from the chair she was sitting on. For many minutes the Santeria spirits spoke in some very strange demonic tongues and battled me. As I fought these spirits 16 year old Maria came under attack. She began to choke. I continued on warring against these witchcraft demons and driving them out and immediately there was release.

 I then focused on assisting Maria and led her to remove the Masonic noose and hood. Almost immediately she felt tremendous release and liberation. It was awesome to witness to see the power of God deliver this precious sweet soul. At first there was resistance as the noose didn’t come off but after the 2nd time the noose was loosened and came off resulting in a healing. Moreover, the Masonic noose came off and spirits of claustrophobia which she had been struggling with for a long time.

 Along with battling these spirits I was discovered through the process that many of these demons were holding captive many parts of her broken heart. All of her heart pieces were released and were supernaturally healed. It was really beautiful to behold. Furthermore, the heart parts were integrated and deep healing took place within her heart. This continues to be a integral part of our mission –the healing of the broken heart. There are very few people in the world that work with as many people who suffer dissociation as we do. There are perhaps very few that work on all 6 continents in this field as we have the privilege of doing. We count it as a unique honor to minister in this largely untouched area of ministry. There are billions that need the healing of the heart.

 Moreover, while ministering to Maria something very bizarre was occurring –blindness was setting upon her eyes to where she could not see me clearly. She freaked out and exclaimed: I can’t see you Jay!

 She revealed to me that as long as she can recall she couldn’t read any small print. Remember she’s only 16 years of age and shouldn’t have this problem. In the name of Jesus we placed holy water on her eyes and commanded the blindness to depart. I then asked her to read the small print in my Bible. She did with hardly any problem. God healed her of this form of blindness! I feel tremendous faith in this area. I have been seeing a number of people recently in our meetings throughout North American being healing of varying degrees of blindness. Jesus is so wonderful!

 Her father also had dissociation and a little boy part surfaced within his wife (remember married couples are one in God’s eyes) and I spoke to the boy.

 What’s your name?

 “My name is pervert.”

 It was revealed that when he was a little boy family members often referred to him as a pervert. This word curse resulted in his heart being broken. Parents, please listen to me: Hurtful WORDS can break a heart of a child. Be careful what you say to your precious little ones. Cursing your child can open up the child to demons and cause a fragmentation of the soul nature.

 Guess who held this little boy part? That’s right….an evil spirit named pervert. I changed the name of the identity and expelled the spirit of perversion. The father testified of feeling better, released from this dark satanic power that held a part of his heart for so long. His heart part was healed and integrated.

 So many Santeria, Freemasonry, witchcraft and a host of other demons were expelled in Jesus name. Many heart parts were healed and other unique miracles took place. I believe their marriage which was heading downward is now rising upwards to victory largely because of one 16 year old daughter that has been persistent to see her family delivered. Persistence pays off. Recall the parable of the persistent widow Jesus taught about? She achieved victory because she wouldn’t take a no. Well, God honored Maria’s faith. I really sense a powerful call upon this young lady. Pray for her. She has the spiritual maturity of someone who has been in faith 20 years.


Back from Asia, Miracle Power in Australia

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I am currently in Los Angeles, California where I just arrived from a grueling travel schedule that included stops on 3 continents and many cities –New York City, Newark, New Jersey, Vancouver, Honolulu, Sydney, Perth, Singapore, and Tokyo. I have been on the road since late November consisting of more then numerous taxi rides, 9 flights, and many hours traveling by car to various destinations throughout the globe –even spent some time boating off the coast of Western Australia. I have been on the road so long that the past several days I have experienced a phenomena known to globetrotters –where you wake up in the middle of the night and have no clue what country or city or for that matter what continent you are currently on. I woke up in a near cold sweat, around midnight, wondering if I just missed a speaking engagement. It’s time to take a break.

 I must say I have been sustained by God’s grace and have experienced His sustaining power as I conducted more then 30 private and public meetings. This mission will result in many millions being reached for the gospel as a major television network, in Australia, arrived to the meetings to film the public exorcisms and to personally interview me. The network discovered the ministry by watching some of my intense exorcism videos on YouTube.

 It’s been amazing to see the doors open for the mission in Australia. I’m schedule to minister at the beautiful Octagon Arena on the campus of the University of Western Australia in September 2013 and in February 2013 I’m going to be back in the Perth area conducting more public meetings. I have found this great nation receptive and friendly to me. I really enjoy my time in this country. The weather was near perfect.

 I spent several days ministering in Perth at the invitation of the Light Pavilion, a powerful church that embraces the deliverance ministry. The meetings were well attended and in each evening service we were jammed packed as precious souls gathered to hear the gospel and see the power of God in action. The people were not disappointed.

 My Perth ministry coordinator, Joan Smale, did an outstanding job, organizing the events and seeing that everything went smoothly. She even took some ministry notes on the meetings:

 “Teaching Session – ‘Study Of Spiritual Weapons’


Ø The session was well attended.
Ø The hunger to learn about deliverance, and be delivered as well is immense in Perth, Western Australia.
Ø Numerous people remarked on the excellent teaching on this subject, affirming with great joy and appreciation that they had learned a lot.
Ø The majority of people were surprised at the subject content presented, simply because it is not taught, not even broached, in the churches. Unfortunately, time restraints did not allow for as much to be covered as desired.
Ø A remark was made likening the deliverance sessions to ‘good old fashioned deliverance’ – well, was this not the way Jesus did it?
Ø There were numerous manifestations during the teaching session – but, those demons were soon cast out.
Ø Some experienced severe headaches while teaching, but, were set free.
Ø One couple (husband & wife) experienced unexplainable attacks of fear while teaching – but, praise be to God they were set free.

 Saturday Public Meeting

Ø Even more people filled the auditorium just about every seat was taken.
Ø Most were eager to receive deliverance, and were indeed set free.
Ø Several testified to coming under attack a day two prior to the meeting dates as they began planning to attend. Fortunately, they recognized it as the enemy’s tactics to discourage them attending, they came and were set free.
Ø While others experienced attack during the session while during the teaching –each time this occurred they received ministry and were set free.
Ø Numerous people were healed from aches and pains, including severe head pains they have had for years by simply being there, sitting under the anointing, and listening to the teaching got them set free.
Ø Testimonies were still coming in the next day testifying to miraculous deliverances and the joy of being free.

Ø Some testified to coming under spiritual attack during Saturday night having attended the Saturday meetings, to discourage them from attending on Sunday.
Ø Attacks included severe burning in the stomach; one lady felt a crawling sensation over her whole body; several just felt ill – nausea in their stomachs; unexplainable stomach pains; a few had severe, almost migraine-like headaches; one person had chest pains; a lady had an odd attack of pain on her teeth while brushing them in the morning as she prepared to come, she recognized it was to stop her from attending the meeting; one interstate visitor was attacked by fear as she was on her way to the airport to catch her flight to Perth.
Ø These are all tactics of the enemy to keep these precious saints from being set free,but praise the Lord they came and got set free from many other oppressions.
Ø Many were set free from past hurts inflicted by abusive relationships dating back from their childhood – either with parents, other family members or through marriage. One dear 70 year old lady not only had come through a very abusive marriage, but as a child it was made clear to her that her parents had wanted a son and had picked out two names for a boy, so when she was born they had to change the already chosen names to suit a girl, however, for the most part of her life as a child they kept telling her that her real names were ‘John Roberts’. Consider the pain, rejection and demonic oppression she suffered. Then followed a very abusive marriage. But our loving Jesus set her totally free. She has now testified to knowing a new freedom, and such peace in her heart that she had never had before, the peace that only Christ can provide. This lady is a mature Christian in the Lord, and a powerful intercessor, and moves in the prophetic as well, no wonder the enemy has tried repeatedly in her life time to destroy, he has also done his best to attack her health, but he is no match for our Jesus. Praise the Lord!
Ø As I taught on curses coming down the mother and father’s lines – there were countless manifestations – praise the Lord for setting every one of them free.

 Sunday Public Meeting

 As Jay taught on the Jezebel spirit – wow! the manifestations came thick and fast, and Jezebel did its best to hang on to the numerous conquests, but Jesus as always prevailed setting the captives free.

Ø Several young unmarried women acknowledged the sensation of having a ring on their ring finger where a wedding ring should be – Jezebel’s ring of seduction. As Jay had them symbolically remove Jezebel’s ring some experienced a great struggle in removing that demonic ring, Jezebel fought to maintain control – but Jesus set them free.
Ø Many of these young women admitted to being unable to have a stable relationship with a man that would lead to marriage. However, they were set free from the clutches of Jezebel to now pursue Godly relationships.
Ø One lady who is prominently involved in the church, and who has been married for a little less than two years, said she always felt the sensation of another ring under her wedding ring. Jay had her remove her wedding ring, then symbolically remove Jezebel’s ring, anointed her, then took her through a prayer re-affirming she is married to her husband, and finally her husband to put her wedding rings back onto her finger. Praise the Lord for a refreshed marriage in Jesus’ name. In one lady’s family line Jezebel went back ten generations on her father’s side – yes, Jezebel told me that herself as Jay confronted her. This precious lady’s grandmother who is a Muslim continually cursed her by saying, “as long as she lived she would never be successful”, and this was just one of many curses she endured through life, she grew up hating her grandmother. However, she chose to forgive her grandmother, and Jesus has set her free. Word curses – Many people, men and women were victims of word curses being spoken over them, especially in their childhood years. But Jesus set them free. These word curses were not only broken off, but this doorway was also shut in the lives of these precious saints.

-Spirits of Torment – one lady was set free after enduring these demonic attacks on and off for a period of six years. At one stage during my teaching, a thirteen year old girl began to be attacked by fear and was weeping, but did not understand what was happening. However, Jesus set her free. This young girl is quite a little evangelist, prays powerfully, knows her spiritual authority, reads her Bible, is eager to learn about spiritual warfare, and really loves the Lord. Beware the enemy is out to get our children given a chance.
-Spirits of Trauma, Abuse and Rape – physical and mental abuse, as well as broken and fragmented hearts. Eighteen people, including a totally blind Aboriginal man got healed and set free as Jesus restored their broken hearts.

-Spirits of Witchcraft – this spirit is rampant in the Perth area, and regretfully amongst many Christians who just do not understand how it operates in their lives. Therefore, it is also in the churches. Approximately forty people came forward to have this spirit broken off their lives – glory to God!”

 Extraordinary Miracles

 It is recorded in Acts 19 that God did extraordinary miracles through the apostle Paul. The same could be said in this most recent mission to Australia as I witnessed some incredible power from the Holy Spirit.


  • On several occasions as I walked near the demonized, the Holy Spirit overpowered the afflicted and the demons reacted where they THREW their victims back several feet in mid-air. The presence of the Holy Spirit was very strong with me!
  • On one occasion while ministering to a 70 year old lady, on the platform, I asked for the holy angels to restrain the violent spirits that were surfacing and the angels restrained the spirits. Everyone was wowed as they could see the invisible forces restrain the demon powers.
  • Many demons could be heard as they: shrieked, there were loud cries, screams, and very violent convulsions. The Holy Spirit empowered me to drive these spirits out quickly with great power!
  • On many occasions we ministered to numerous dissociative identities and even a human interject in the public meetings. Many of them were healed and saw the risen the Savior!
  • On one occasion one demonized lady was positioned in a very strange 45 degree posture (I was astonished she did not fall down) as I brought her up to the front to receive ministry. God held her up as we drove out numerous demons from her.
  • The sheer violence of the spirits were astounding. God supernaturally protected me from getting harmed. The spirits kicked me, punched me, and threatened me but Jesus prevailed!
  • One African lady experienced such a horrific manifestation that the demons threw her to the ground and pulled her on the ground as if if she was being pulled from a invisible force while on the ground. She was dramatically delivered by the power of Jesus.
  • At one point while leading everyone in curse breaking, more then 40 souls rushed to the altar to be delivered from spirits of voodoo, sorcery, and witchcraft. Many of these satanic spirits were driven out in Jesus name!

After the powerful ministry in Perth I traveled to Falcon Island to spend a few days equipping a precious South African disciple who will serve as my Southern Africa mission coordinator —a extensive mission is scheduled for June 2013 in South Africa. We will be visiting numerous cities and areas to preach the gospel, cast out demons, and to heal the sick. Moreover, a mission is scheduled for New Zealand for 2013 with my ministry partner from China. We are believing for many miracles and stunning displays of God’s power!

This has been a grueling mission in many aspects and I thank you for praying for me. Continue to support this global work for the gospel. Have you considered supporting us?

 I would like to send our many thanks for your love, support, and prayers. I have felt them very strongly. I want to send our Merry Christmas blessings and joyful New Year to YOU ALL!