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A demon came flying out of the mouth…

Saturday, October 25th, 2008

Another praise report from pastor Gene:

“I ministered with another person today, five broken parts holding anger, happiness, pain, independance, and sorrow were all belended into the core. Some parts were demonized, some weren’t. Two didn’t have light, but I prayed and they received it. God’s power is moving MIGHTILY!

When I asked the Father to send a warrioring angel the person told me they felt something push right up through their stomache. A demon came flying out of the mouth, it wouldn’t even stop to talk. Others wouldn’t talk either, they just vomitted out. They were running for their lives!!!”


Submitted by Jay Bartlett

Exorcism at a Methodist Church

Friday, March 14th, 2008

A young lady from London, England traveled last year to meet my wife and I for prayer — to find liberation from the evil spirits that have tormented her for years. My heart broke over the life she had lived — drug abuse, self mutilation, severe abuse, mental torment, Satanism, occult activity, communion with demons, and other evils. Though the evil was immense the grace of God was extended, in a loving manner, to this young lady.

For seven straight days the body of Christ battled the forces of darkness in the power of the Holy Spirit. We held nightly prayer / exorcism sessions for this young lady at the beautiful Mt. Olive Free Methodist Church in Dallas. For seven straight days, some of the sessions lasting late into the night, we battled the forces of darkness, each night evil spirits were cast out — many very powerful spirits that resisted (but not for long as God’s power overcame their strength).

The demonic powers would place this young lady in a trance like state and demons spoke out of her, often times in a strange voice unlike hers (some even growled and acted like an animal). Most of the time her eyes had rolled in the back of her head, we saw only the white — the demon looking at us.

Each night, it seemed as though we were dealing with stronger spirits then the night before but God was merciful and allowed us to minister to this young lady in love as we asked her to repent of the sins that allowed the various evil spirits access to her life. She did and God forgave her.

The evil powers named themselves and gave us the spiritual right they held unto in the lady’s life. This allowed us to systematically demolish the various strongholds that the demonic beings that built over the years. Glory to Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

The body of Christ at Mt. Olive Free Methodist Church stood in their Christ given authority and earnestly prayed for this woman’s deliverance. For 30 hours, over seven days, we battled and battled. We persevered. But we were not alone — God’s Holy angels arrived to the church and assisted us in battled. Allow me to explain…

Often times the demons would completely knock the young lady to the ground (even cause her to crawl around like an animal at times). In each instance, we commanded the angels to pick her up off the ground and in each instance the angels listened and obeyed our commands. The angels literally, without the aid of any human assistance, picked the body of the lady up off the ground and placing her in a position where we could minister to her. What an awesome display of God’s goodness and power! Many angels showed up and one angel actually appeared to the lady in the sanctuary.

The angels assisted in also restraining the demons, binding them, and holding them (as there were a number of times the demons attempted to force the young lady outside of the church). In several instances the demons did cause her to leave the church only for the angels to bring her back in by our commands in the name of Jesus.

What a good God we serve as He allows us to minister alongside His angels for His glory.

Then the finale was a few nights ago. For hours we battled and battled the evil forces that remained. Anointing oil, the Word of God (the sword of the Spirit), holy water, the sacred symbols of the cross, the blood of Christ, and consecrated materials were utilized to drive out the demons.

I also equipped the saints that were present. I wanted them to be a part of the work of the Holy Spirit, so I invited many of them to cast out the demons in the name of Jesus. I gently instructed the saints on how to minister to the young lady and they exercised their faith and their were RESULTS — evil spirits were cast out of the body in the name of Christ, our eternal God.

One of the saints present was a 10 year old boy who loves Jesus. He commanded two of the demons out. Other saints also participated and more evil spirits were cast out. This isn’t about Jay Bartlett — it’s about the body of Christ working together for the glory of God alone. The church was so encouraged and now desires to assist others whom are demonized.

Toward the end of our session the senior pastor and I dealt with the last evil spirit who threatened to kill me. It was an intense war — but the last evil spirit was driven out. Fifty-seven evil spirits were expelled, sins were renounced, emotional healing took place, and the young lady was instantly healed of various physical aliments.

Note: though many evil spirits were driven out, some more exist within her dissociative identities. But, these too, will be expelled in the name of Jesus.

Jay Bartlett

God’s Holy angels to the rescue!

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

I posted this one a while back, but I believe it will be a blessing to share here as well…

This was supposed to be a casual phone conversation, and it seems God had other things in mind! Hot off the press… I just found out that my mother was praying with somebody over the phone earlier today, and when she began to bind the spirits they manifested… she heard this groaning and then dead silence… she finally hung up and tried to call back several times with a busy signal… finally about 10 or 15 minutes later she was able to get back on the phone with the person, and the person had NO idea of what happened… the demon took over in the person and blocked out their conscienceness so they were unaware of what was going on for several minutes… the woman didn’t remember a thing!

After the demon manifested, and she was off the phone, and could not call this person back, she notified me about what was going on and we asked God to send down ministering angels to minister to this woman… I believe this is what made the difference during that time when she was unreachable!

My mother noticed quite a change in this person before/after praying with her on the phone, binding up the spirits and commanding them to leave! She said that the first time she talked with her on the phone, she felt something was wrong… but the 2nd time she got her on the phone (after the demon manifested), she was very chipper in personality! The difference in this woman was very evident!

I have seen God’s angels at work different times… they are awesome ministering spirits as the Bible says!

Hebrews 1:14, “Are they not all ministering spirits, sent forth to minister for them who shall be heirs of salvation?”

Robert L.

Legion’s Battle with a Holy Angel

Wednesday, March 12th, 2008

Larry was tormented by demons and arrived to a church service for some spiritual help. The church prayed for Larry as the evil spirits manifested and shouted, “You can’t him, he’s mine.”

The demon loudly proclaimed, “I’m Legion and we are many.”

Legion drove Larry’s body out of the church and towards the street until I shouted to the Lord’s holy angels and asked them to intervene in this battle. The members of the church continued to pray and witness the spiritual war. Within seconds, the angels literally threw Larry off the ground and onto the exterior wall of the church in a crucified position. The angels of mighty God were literally holding Larry against the wall of the church, against the demon’s will, so the evil demons couldn’t take him away. For a few minutes the angels held him in this holding position. All of us were in awe as we witnessed a modern miracle of angelic intervention, right before our eyes. Nobody had laid a hand upon him; nobody threw him against the wall except these invisible beings, which are here to minister, on behalf of the Holy Trinity.

After seeing the angels restrain the demons, I commanded the angels to bring Larry back into the church sanctuary so we could more effectively minister to his needs. The angels obeyed the command and drove him back into the church, where the church proceeded to drive out Legion from Larry in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

This battle went on for some time as the body of believers commanded Legion and the two thousand or so spirits comprised of him to leave. The evil departed and Larry was delivered by the power of the Holy Spirit. You could see the freedom and the love of Jesus bestowed upon his life. After leading Larry in a prayer renouncing Legion and embracing Jesus as Lord, he shared how during the time he lost consciousness (when Legion manifested) he felt like he was “thrown.” The pastor of the church and I shared with Larry how God intervened and sent His holy angels to the church to battle against Legion that held him captive. Larry was so happy and was rejoicing in his new found liberation from demonic bondage!

Jay Bartlett

Deliverance from stubborn demons

Tuesday, March 11th, 2008

I want to share a testimony about a short deliverance that took place recently. A young woman was feeling panic and an unhealthy fear of what God is doing in these end days. We begin to confront the demons, and they manifested, but weren’t going anywhere. At once point, this demon (I presume it was a spirit of fear) rose up and I felt this hovering evil presence about the person’s body… it was very evident had you of been there! I kept going after these demons, but they just wouldn’t budge… I must have commanded them to come out 30 times or so, with no avail! I demanded the spirit to tell me it’s legal right, and it shook it’s head (as in no). The person said they heard a voice that said, “NO.”Finally, I said, “Panic, I take all the pain, torment, and evil done to this person and to every generation up, and I multiply it 7 times greater and submit unto you the judgment of Almighty God!” then I slammed the Bible against the person’s shoulder and said, “Receive the wrath of God!”… WOWZA, did that throw the demon in serious torment… you could see it all over the face!

I kept pressing forward trying to drive it out, but again, with no avail… I kept going and going, and it refused to leave! I would have thought by now, it would have moved out, but I was wrong.

Then I said to the spirit, “Panic, do you want me to tell the angels of God to torment you?” and it shook it’s head… “Then you’d better come out right now,” I said. I continued my attempt to drive it out but still it would not leave.

Alright, by now I have had it, so I stepped back and said, “Angels of God who are present in this room, I want you to begin tormenting this foul spirit!” WOWZA! Again, horror ripped across the face and emotions begin to really surface by that time as the Holy Angels were tormenting this demon.

Then I begin to command the spirits to come out, and this time, they left without a fight. They were worn down by all the torment and judgment that I called upon them.

Finally after the last spirit left, there was a major breakthrough and release that the person experienced! Her face was glowing like you would not believe… totally the opposite of what I was seeing just minutes earlier! The entire deliverance lasted for roughly 20 minutes.

GLORY to the LIVING God!!!

Robert L.