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West Hollywood: Jesus Crushed Lucifer & Moloch!

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

Another beautiful evening of miracles in Los Angeles as we ministered at the Temple of Salvation last night. I taught from the Holy Scriptures and led everyone in Holy Communion. Afterwards spiritual fireworks took place as tens of thousands of evil spirits surfaced and battled me.

They surfaced within a beautiful woman, named Tuesday, pictured with me above, with the fabulous smile. She has attended a few of our seminars and services and has received incredible deliverance. Tonight was no different, she received more and it was very intense. Through the night, we encountered:

22,000 spirits named Rebellion due to her ancestors indulging in idol-worshipping thousands of years ago

Thousands of spirits named Moloch that entered the blood as a result of family members participating in abortion and child-sacrifice

1,500 demons named Lucifer

Demons named Buddhism, Jehovah Witnesses & Humanism

We encountered more then a dozen soul invaders

We encountered more then 139 ancestral heart parts

As you can see we had our hands full. However, by God’s amazing grace, we were able to rescue this precious woman from demonic bondage!

They screamed at me and demanded that I leave her alone. They pleaded with me.

“She belongs to us! Why do you want her?” the many demons inquired of me, “She belongs to us! Leave us alone!”

We called forth the holy angels of God and many legions showed up in the sanctuary. Armies of holy angels arrived to assist me in spiritual warfare. In fact, at one point during this powerful exorcism they shouted at me:

“I want HIM (referring to Jesus) to leave,” the demons begged, “Why is it that you have so many holy angels. I KNOW who you are JAY! God is using you powerfully. ALL of us demons know of you! Why is it you have so many angels around you? You must have a powerful call!”

HA! The demons were shocked to SEE so many holy angels around me. I do, in fact, have many holy angels protecting me and I thank God for this. I need it! HA!

More importantly, I LOVED the fact that Jesus was present with us and the demons admitted it. Again, the loving Savior, present with us.

I asked the holy angels to strike the demons with their holy swords and to war against these many invading demons! They wore the evil spirits down and they were groaning in defeat! I also called upon the fire of the Holy Spirit to descend to burn the demons. Moreover, I utilized my cross of deliverance with greatly weakened the demons!

We also discovered that the demons brought numerous physical afflictions too:






Eye Maladies

Bone Diseases

All of these were forced out of her in the mighty name of Jesus! Furthermore, we guided the many ancestral heart parts to Jesus for healing. We also encountered numerous soul invaders. They surfaced and spoke to me. These human interjects were SHOCKED that they were in this woman.

There were numerous cousins, her dad, her mom, her aunt and many family members who were involved in the Jehovah Witnesses cult (a sect that outright rejects Jesus is God in the flesh). Interestingly enough, her brother’s baby named Indigo was within her and surfaced. I guided little baby to Jesus!

After all of the demons were commanded out of her and all off these many soul invaders were extracted out of her, Tuesday was FREED! It was beautiful. It was a battle however Jesus crushed His enemies!

Persian Muslims Confessed Jesus is Lord in Santa Ana Mission!

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

I’m currently down the street from our international mission offices in Newport Beach. It’s a gorgeous night here in Orange County! Left hot and humid Houston for refreshing and cool Southern California! Earlier tonight, in neighboring Santa Ana, we held a public deliverance service where we taught from the Holy Scriptures and ministered to those bound by evil spirits.


Prior to ministering deliverance to the captives I inquired if anybody wanted to be born again. Two Persian Muslims raised their hands. I had the wonderful opportunity to share the good news of Jesus with them. As I shared the love of Jesus with them, I could SEE the intense interest they had. They stared at me with incredible desire to learn more. I presented the loving Savior and they responded by praying with me to receive Jesus as Lord! 


As many of you know, we are always honored to receive Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus and those from other alternative spiritual backgrounds to attend our services. They feel welcomed and I’m happy to receive them in Jesus name! We are here to rescue souls! To pour out love and grace to each and every soul!


During the deliverance service we ministered to a first-generation disciple who manifested demons named “Witch.”


“We are here because she enjoys the Disney fairy tales!”


Interesting! As some of you might be aware much of Disney’s movies are filled with occult themes and witchcraft. Since she enjoyed the movies (that is the movies with the witchcraft) so much –many demons entered her. They had a broom, a pot, some potions and spells with them.


“We would like to leave these things inside of her body,” the demons informed me.


I commanded the demons to take everything they had brought into this woman and to depart. They obeyed in Jesus name! There were also many demons named “Goat,” within her. They revealed they were spirits of Satan that took upon the form of a goat!


“We are here because her ancestors participated in death. There was killing, murder and bloodshed,” the spirits revealed, “We are here to destroy her!”


All of these demons were driven out of her in the name of Jesus! this woman felt really good afterwards! Moreover, a soul invader surfaced named Dr. Jones. He spoke to me.


“I love this woman. Can I please stay within her?” he inquired.


We discovered that Dr. Jones was a friend of her’s in the past whom she was romantically connected with for a period of time. I commanded him to leave too in Jesus name. He departed.


We ministered to others and souls were FREED! Including a young man who just found out about our services recently. He came and learned. He also experienced a mighty deliverance from demons. We drove out demons named depression, fear and witchcraft in the name of Jesus! He was so happy afterwards –to finally experience FREEDOM!

Miraculous Miami: Jesus Appeared & Millions of Evil Spirits Exorcised!

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

Here in South Florida conducting powerful seminars and public meetings. Was in West Palm Beach yesterday conducting a service. Tonight I’m in the vibrant city of Miami where we held another amazing meeting! We started out with a few disciples however our meeting hall was quickly filled up over the duration of the seminar. It was really encouraging to hear from two ladies who had been impacted by our ministry over the years!


One lady, originally from Taiwan, testified before everyone that she was a Buddhist when she first attended our California meetings but after receiving freedom from strong Buddhist spirits, in one of our ministry sessions, she decided to follow Jesus. She could SEE with her very own eyes the reality of His love and power!


Another lady, originally from Europe, testified, before everyone, of being miraculously healed from serious ailments and afflictions and freed from evil spirits in some of our Texas meetings. As a result, others in her family began to seek out deliverance ministry, in our meetings, in other locations, throughout the country. Amazing!


Not many knew but tonight I was very weakened physically. Not feeling well at all. I have been aggressive in this Florida mission –traveling and preaching the gospel! Jesus has truly sustained me. After teaching from the Holy Scriptures for a few hours and leading everyone in Holy Communion, I began to minister to souls. The first lady I reached out to was this precious woman whom I’ll refer to as Lydia (see her beautiful picture above, post deliverance).


Many demons surfaced including Jezebel, control, spirits of ancient idolatry, murder and MILLIONS of spirits named Beelzebub!


“We are here because her ancestors, thousands of years ago, participated in killing and murder! They worshipped other gods!” the demonic spirits were forced to reveal to me, “We also bring sicknesses to her and pains!”


For the remainder of the meeting we ministered to this precious disciple. We encountered some hurting and very sad heart parts that surfaced. They were guided to Jesus for healing. We encountered some ancestral heart parts. They were also guided to Jesus for healing. We also encountered a soul invader, a human interject —her own mother!


“I need to control her! I will not leave!” she forcefully told me.


Obviously, Mom has demons and this dissociative identity had demons attached to it also. I commanded Mom to depart and to go to Jesus! Moreover I commanded the demons to the pit!


Also during the exorcism, I discovered a 14 year old part. This part was able to SEE JESUS! Jesus appeared and ministered comforting love. In fact, she laughed and laughed with JESUS JOY for a long time –captured by JESUS JOY!

West Palm Beach: 12-Year Old Encounters Jesus & Fire of the Holy Spirit!

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

It’s well after 4am and still up! It was a beautiful night of Jesus miracles here in beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida! I’m honored to be able to be here to serve the Body of Christ and reach souls with the good news of Jesus!


Historically, over the years, we have had some tremendous support from our seminars and meetings here. For a few hours I taught from the Holy Scriptures on the authority we have in Jesus Christ to conquer demons, disease and death! Those assembled were greatly encouraged.


We transitioned from teaching to a time to partake in Holy Communion. I immediately felt the presence of the Holy Spirit and shared the gospel to those who gathered. A few people indicated their desire to surrender to Jesus as Lord including a twelve year old young man (pictured with me above). He shared of his desire to open up his life to Jesus. I held his hand and prayed for him to receive Jesus Messiah. He was saved and he was feeling the power of God jolt though his body! Everyone could feel the spiritual power being manifested.


After his salvation I quickly called forth the fire of the Holy Spirit to descend upon him. BAAM! It was on him. His head went backyards and he was being powerfully filled with the fire of the Spirit of God. He could feel it and testified of it. He was so happy afterwards –a heart at peace!


I just LOVE seeing souls saved! This mission exists to see lives transformed by God’s power and love. Nearly, every night, we are seeing precious souls won to Christ! We are not ashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ for it is the power of God unto salvation!


I couldn’t but notice that this power encounter occurred while the Holy Communion was being administered –there is inherent holy power present in the cup of salvation (the precious blood of Jesus) and the bread (the very body of the Lord). The partaking of Holy Communion released spiritual power in the atmosphere.


After Communion I began to pray for those afflicted MANY received swift deliverance –many demons were commanded into the pit in Jesus name! Furthermore, many hearts were supernaturally healed. In fact, one lady who received significant deliverance also received some physical healing as she testified of her eyes becoming clearer (we took off her glasses during her deliverance and she noticed she could see clearer).


One young lady who attended our service was set free from some powerful witchcraft spirits that were rooted generationally. In fact, they threw her onto the ground and the demons surfaced as if they were warrior spirits. Turns out they were sex spirits –spirit husbands.


They held claim to her womb. We battled back in Jesus name and forced the demons to release her womb and body. They came out of her and entered the pit. Others were healed too. I give Jesus the praise and the thanks

Southern California: Nuns Dancing During Black Mass?

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

We have been enjoying favor as we continue our ministry here in Southern California. For the past few nights in the city of Pasadena we have been conducting evening seminars with the hopes of equipping the church on spiritual warfare and reaching bound souls with the power of freedom found in Jesus Christ! Both nights were well attended and many were delivered from demonic oppression and miraculously healed.

Moreover, each night souls were won to the Lord Jesus Christ including a Muslim man who confessed Jesus is Lord! Even last night, a practitioner of witchcraft surrendered to God and publicly renounced witchcraft! Amazing miracles taking place in our meetings!

One lady we ministered to was Marsha, pictured with me above. She’s in her 60’s and has attended a previous seminar where she encountered some powerful deliverance from demons. She came back last night for more deliverance and healing. What we witnessed was astounding –in the midst of the exorcism Jesus appeared and many holy angels ( Tom, pictured with me & Marsha above, who is a doctor SAW Jesus! He shared a video testimony I will share soon). It’s always an honor to have the tangible presence of Jesus in our midst!

As I began to pray for those in the audience that were afflicted with evil spirits, Marsha started to convulse. I immediately anointed her head and many demonic spirits surfaced including many demons rooted during the Inquisition. In the 12th and 13th centuries the Catholic Church carried out brutal punishments for those whom they considered to be heretics. Some of the punishments involve humiliation, imprisonment, and even torture. Marsha’s ancestors, many hundreds years ago, were involved in carrying out torture to those not aligned with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

(note: there are many Charismatic Catholics, who are friends of our mission, that would renounce this kind of evil behavior and are appalled with these historical incidents)

I spoke to many of the demons within Marsha who were rooted in the Inquisition. They were named Black!

“The Catholic nuns wore all black and danced for us,” the spirits of the Inquisition revealed to me, “They were involved in the black mass and danced during the mass. They persecuted Christians and there was TORTURE!”

The demons were gleeful. They were so happy to declare their torturous acts. Sheer evil. Even those who claimed Christ (such as these “nuns”) were involved in satanic practices.

“We have been here for more then 20 generations and we bring rejection, hatred, fear, death, breathing problems and terror!” the demonic spirits revealed to me, “Her ancestors killed, tortured and terrorized!”

At one point I even dealt with Marsha’s mother (an ancestral heart part) who was wicked. She kept on telling me how ugly her daughter was! “She’s ugly, ugly, ugly! I hated her from her birth! I was wanting to kill her! By the way, I’m not leaving!”

Horrible. I sent this ancestral heart part to Jesus swiftly and the demons attached to this part to the abyss! Moreover, I encountered a spirit named Lucifer. He was the one orchestrating all of the attacks upon her life. Lucifer battled me and battled back.

I called forth the holy angels of God and they quickly descended and assisted me. They drew out their swords and struck the invading demons in the name of Jesus! The demons groaned and moaned in utter defeat! Furthermore, I brought out my holy cross and the demons could barely glance upon it and couldn’t hold the cross.

“It’s HOT! It will burn us!” the spirits of Lucifer revealed to me, “We have been defeated. It’s time to go home.”

Where’s your home?

“The abyss!”

I commanded all of the demons into the pit and this woman was miraculously healed. Moreover, little dissociative identities (broken heart parts), some rooted in the survival of the Inquisition, from many centuries ago, surfaced including one little girl who begged me to take a little baby.

She was cradling little baby and pleaded with me to comfort baby. I took little baby and quickly placed tiny baby into the loving arms of Jesus Messiah. The little girl was relieved to know baby was going to be protected. Many little ones were supernaturally healed on this night.

Marsha was so happy afterwards! She was healed and felt all of her pains leave. She testified of feeling lighter and loved by Jesus! God truly set this woman FREE!

My friends, what we are witnessing in our meetings and seminars is STUNNING! Signs, wonders and miracles of the Holy Spirit in each and every seminar. Many are testifying of seeing Jesus, holy angels and other heavenly realities. Many are testifying of feeling genuine love and comfort in our public meetings. Beautiful and astounding.

Murderous Threat, Violence & Attacks During Passover Service in Houston!

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

It’s well after 3am and finally able to get back to the hotel to rest before leaving in a few hours back to Southern California to conduct more public services in Pasadena! For nearly 10 hours today I preached, drove out demons, prayed for the sick, and witnessed Jesus heal hearts!

We also ordained into the ministry two new pastors –Pastor Juan Ruiz from Los Angeles and Pastor John Ruth from Dallas! These warriors have been students of our Freedom Fighter International Training Center and were still casting out demons well after I left after the meeting hall. As I mentioned in my previous email —God is raising up a massive spiritual army!

My first meeting was a private ministry session with a lady from East Africa who had been terribly demonized. My prayer team ministered to this woman in the power of the Holy Spirit for hours. We encountered numerous ancient idol-worshipping spirits that her tribe honored and worshipped for thousands of years:

Lubaale –Chief ancestral spirit

Gulu –god of the sky

Kiwanuka –god of lighting and fire

Mukasa –god of the lakes

Dungu –god of hunting and forests

Walumbe –god of death and sickness

Ekitambo –the strongest of the gods

These were strong demons and they were aggressive. Many of them were rooted in human and animal sacrifices. They shook her body, vibrated her and convulsed her. They spoke out and were determined to battle me. I battled back in Jesus name! I brought forth my cross and holy oil and these items burned the demons thus greatly weakening them!

“We have been here for thousands of years because her ancestors honored us, offered sacrifices and participated in witchcraft,” the demon-god named Ekitambo revealed to me, “Some of the ancestors offered human sacrifices and indulged in eating humans.”

Sick. Nefarious. Hideous. No wonder the demons were so strong within this woman. Not only were there demons, there were also numerous soul invaders with this woman. We spoke to them and drove them out –many of them were involved in witchcraft and had sent her curses in an attempt to destroy her! Wicked.

She also had ancestral heart parts and her many heart parts that belonged to her. They were guided to Jesus for healing! It was beautiful to behold. She shared how she could see the LAMB of God and see vivid colors of HEAVEN! Amen! Afterwards this beautiful lady emailed me this report:

“Praise God! When I was driving home I noticed that I could love people that were difficult to love, I had the love of God in me, it was easy. I felt the presence of God that I have not felt for a while. Then later on I felt something going on in my emotions, I had mixed feelings, I could not tell what am feeling but it felt like feelings were being rearranged with in me. I felt something going on in my physical heart, in my head and stomach. I feel lighter. Thanks very much.”

Jesus has been rearranging some things in her physical and spiritual life! He’s performing some inner surgery and the result will be more healing and restoration.

I rested for a few moments then drove onward to our special public deliverance service at another location where our meeting hall was jammed packed with souls from all over the area desirous of deliverance and healing. I taught from the Holy Scriptures and before leading everyone in Holy Communion I was honored to lead more souls to salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ!

Then while leading everyone in the Passover Meal (Holy Communion) —demons violently erupted during our service. The demons were within a young man that had been participating in demon-worship and the occult. The demons threatened to KILL ME!

“We will KILL YOU!” the demons shouted out loud and spew out many profanities. This was only the beginning as many demons surfaced throughout the night and battled me. Some were extremely violent and during some of the exorcisms I was kicked (the demonic force with that kick was something but God swiftly healed me) and attacked.

In one exorcism several large men had great difficulty restraining one demonized woman that had very violent demons. Many demons were cast out. While the service went on, we had to fight some external wars.

The lights in the meeting hall went out a number of times. Then, next door to our meeting hall was a late night party where all night long we could hear the music thumping and vibrating the walls. It was extremely difficult to teach and minister in such circumstances. Horrible actually but I continued on in Jesus name! Many testified of feeling instant deliverance as we prayed and commanded demons to depart.

Even well after the meeting was over I was ministering to hurting souls. One lady I ministered to encountered deliverance and after her deliverance she could feel the love of Jesus very tangibly and felt God’s peace and comfort. She cried with joy. She’s pictured with me above. She was so happy afterwards.

So many miracles despite the many spiritual obstacles. Thank you my Houston friends for being patient in these spiritual battles. Please pray for our next meeting in Houston that God would grant us peace and favor –that the hindrances would be be destroyed in Jesus name!

Jezebel Savagely Struck My Head! Then Jesus Responded!

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

What a beautiful night filled with snowfall here in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I’m enjoying seeing the snow however I’m feeling very sore. My body is aching. My head is throbbing and neck very tense. I was viciously assaulted by demons. I sustained multiple violent and brutal strikes to my head. It’s one thing to get hit in your leg but sustaining barbaric blows to the head is something entirely different.


After getting hit in the head I suffered some dizziness and couldn’t clearly think. I was dazed. I continued on with the ministry but clearly I was feeling the after effects of the brutality of the demonic warfare that transpired. Allow me to explain what  occurred during our evening service tonight.


From the very beginning our seminar was disrupted by demonic activity. There were SCREAMS –bloodcurdling screams, violent outbursts, demons yelling out profanity and blasphemy, demons crying out accusations and slander against the ministers of God. I continued with the teaching from the WORD and led everyone in Holy Communion. Then the violence erupted.


I might have prayed for a few people –demons were being expelled in the name of Jesus when suddenly the Holy Spirit led me to minister to Lisa, pictured above, post deliverance! As soon as I approached her –numerous demons surfaced including the barbaric Jezebel! Her body convulsed violently. Her eyes turned into murder and cursed me. Blasphemed. Mocked. Then the demon resorted to brutality.


Make no mistake about it –Jezebel is a wicked witch. She is bloodthirsty and has no respect for God’s servants. Did she not hunt down God’s prophets in an attempt to destroy them in the Old Testament era? She is a destroyer and will kill. These kinds of spirits are murderous. I witnessed this reality tonight.


As Jezebel surfaced so did many broken heart parts of Lisa. I was able to comfort them and send them to Jesus for healing. I also encountered Lisa’s Dad. He was cruel man. He was a soul invader. I expelled him and guided him to Jesus!


Jezebel was furious with me, especially after rescuing a little heart part that was only 4 years of age. Jezebel had enslaved that part for many years, now it was rescued. Jezebel was extremely violent at this point and looked at me with murder!


The Jezebel demon tried to overpower me with extreme violence. It started striking at my head. The severe blows to my head caused me go dizzy and affected my cognitive skills. I wasn’t thinking clearly. Even now, I’m somewhat, not totally cleared up yet. Please pray for me.


The violent strikes to my head was powerful in that I could feel the demonic force behind the hits to the skull. After a series of strikes to the head, I thought to myself I would be in some serious physical trouble if it kept on hitting me with this kind of force into my head. God protected me for anymore strikes.


I was able to cast out with the help of two ministry  patterns –Pastors Pedro and Ron– these Jezebel demons. They SCREAMED out and they entered the pit. Lisa was immediately FREED and was so happy she jumped up and down!


“Jay, I’m FREE! I’m so happy! I feel so light!” Lisa testified!


Then she laid on the ground and soaked up the joys of Jesus FREEDOM! It was beautiful to see!

Violent Encounters with Evil Spirits in Toronto, Canada –Jesus Triumphant!

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

I’m currently in Canada’s largest city –Toronto conducting public deliverance services. I have been amazed that our Canadian meetings and seminars have been very well attended. Few weeks ago in Vancouver, British Columbia we were jammed packed and here in Toronto, Ontario, our meeting hall was filled with hungry souls needing intervention. We have tremendous support 

throughout Canada and it’s honor to serve my Canadian friends in the name of Jesus!

Last night, before the service commenced, a terribly demonized woman entered the meeting hall and within minutes violently lunged towards my Canadian mission coordinator, Pastor Ron Heres, hoping to attack. The evil spirits were hell bent in disrupting the meeting. In fact, the demons surfaced and threatened Ron with strangulation. Again, this is before the meeting even started. Before I even came downstairs to start the service. This has become a commonplace. Demons are becoming more and more agitated with our presence in a city. I have noticed that these kinds of incidents are increasing. 

Moreover, while I was teaching, evil spirits were surfacing from within many souls in the meeting hall and were about to explode. Another lady, erupted violently and SCREAMED! All night long, demons were crying out of their victims. The presence of the Holy Spirit in the meeting hall was too great for them to bear. Jesus is truly triumphant over all powers of evil!

I was also astonished with the amount of witchcraft that was operating within the meeting hall –it was incredible the spiritual intensity. Many people were testifying of either being involved in spiritism or having been victimized by witchcraft. I called for everyone to repent and many repented for the first time of their spiritual rebellion. In fact, a handful of souls were saved by the Lord Jesus Christ and became His disciples. 

In the midst of the meeting many were testifying of evil spirits leaving their bodies and feeling much lighter –including these beautiful sisters of mine (a mother and daughter, pictured with me above). Others were sharing how they felt spiritual release and freedom. One dramatic exorcism involved a young man and his sister who sat in the back of the meeting hall. As I rebuked witchcraft, this young man, was suddenly pushed, by an invisible force, up against the wall. He was crumpled up and could barely move. I asked the holy angels to carry him up to the front –they did so I could minister to him effectively. 

This young man, pictured with me below, whom I’ll refer to as Darren, was SHOCKED that he could not touch a Holy Communion cup that I asked him to grasp. 

“I can not believe this! I can’t raise my right arm to take the cup from you! What’s going on?!” Darren inquired.

The demons, obviously, didn’t want him to embrace the blood of Christ in the cup of communion thus their spiritual hindrance. I rebuked the demons and asked the holy angels to pick his arm up –they did. He then was able to drink of the holy sacrificial blood of Christ. Immediately, after partaking of the Holy Communion, numerous demons exited his body and mind and he was HEALED! Not only was Darren set free from demon powers but also freed from a soul invader. He was so happy afterwards!


Daren’s sister was also present and watched the power encounters and the exorcisms that took place. She was being touched by the power of Jesus and she too manifested demons –many spirits of witchcraft from a friend of her’s that is involved in Wicca! Not only did this sister have witchcraft spirits but also a soul invader too –her Wiccan friend! I spoke to her.

“I am in her because I want to blind her to the truth!” the lady as-a-matter-of fact told me.

Obviously, this friend didn’t want her to be a strong Christian because she participated in Wicca (a form of witchcraft) so she actually invaded her friend’s consciousness. I spoke to her and ripped off the blindfolds that were over her eyes. When I did, immediately, her eyesight, miraculously, within seconds, improved (I took off her glasses during the exorcism). We actually tested her healing and she was able to read without any blurriness. She was utterly shocked and couldn’t believe what just took place. It was astounding! So many signs and wonders in Toronto over the years. What an honor to serve King Jesus! 

I removed the witch, the blindness, the demons and the pains. Jesus healed this woman! She was so happy afterwards and testified she no longer could feel anymore pain! She had been in physical pain since a terrible car accident some time ago –Jesus miraculously healed her! 

Soul Saved After Watching Jesus Miracles in New Jersey!

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

It’s well after 2am and exhausted. We left frigid (it was snowing) Buffalo, New York and traveled to Newark, New Jersey, where we conducted a public meeting for more then 5 hours. To think, just a few days we were on the border of Mexico and now we are on the border of Canada, is amazing. It’s been non-stop. 

I often tell people that the ministry of evangelism, healing and exorcism is laborious. It’s a joy but it’s hard work. Fighting demons takes energy, vitality, and courage. Then on top of that the grueling travel schedule. It’s stunning, actually, that in the past 5 years I have conducted more then 1,500+ ministry events, on 6 continents, involving more then 1,000+ days of traveling

Yes, you read that correctly. Jesus has truly sustained me. In the midst of that extensive ministry schedule I have endured horrible physical attacks, shed blood numerous times, terribly spiritually assaulted and other intense troubles. 

However, during this phenomenal time I have witnessed the glorious power of the Holy Spirit –Jesus has saved so many souls, cured bodies, healed hearts and driven out so many demons! We have seen God perform incredible miracles. Moreover, we have seen God raise up a supernatural army throughout the world who are carrying on the work of the Kingdom! Everywhere we go, we see Jesus equipping and empowering His disciples for greater works! 

Jesus desires for greater works, to take place here on earth! It’s been an honor to serve Him and see these stunning displays of His might! Here in Newark, New Jersey, we witnessed mighty wonders.


Nearly everyone I ministered to, tonight, here in Newark, New Jersey, had a soul invader. Again, I’m shocked! I’m coming across so many cases in recent months. Numerous soul invaders were removed, hearts were supernaturally healed and numerous evil spirits were commanded into the pit in the name of Jesus. Moreover, a lady with eyesight afflictions was miraculously healed by Jesus –everything became much brighter and clearer– without the aid of her glasses!


Towards the end of the service, the Holy Spirit told me quite clearly to minister to Drew, pictured with me above! For HOURS, Drew sat in the meeting hall and witnessed MIRACLES of healing and deliverance. People were obtaining freedom from evil spirits, hearts were being restored and bodies repaired. All of these miraculous wonders were touching Drew’s soft heart.


After casting demons out of a woman, I began to pray over Drew. Demons surfaced and convulsed him. They spoke to me along with some soul invaders that had invaded his body unbeknownst to him.


A boss was present and a friend of his. His boss had been sending him witchcraft in an attempt to destroy him. His friend was also present within him. I inquired why he was present.


“I’m trying to persuade him to become a Hindu!” his friend told me, “I am a Hindu and worship Vishnu.”


Vishnu is a significant spiritual entity within Hinduism honored by hundreds of millions of Hindus throughout the world. This demon, portraying as a god, has seduced millions upon millions. This Hindu, along with this demon tried to seduce Drew into idol-worship. I commanded the Hindu out of his body and confronted the demons attached to the soul invader –the spirits of Vishnu. During the exorcism, Vishnu confessed that Jesus was indeed Lord over all. So, this demon along with all of the others were commanded out and into the pit in Jesus name! They departed!


As Drew shared how good he felt I inquired of his salvation and he shared that he had never been born again before. In fact, Drew spontaneously began to cry. He sobbed and sobbed in repentance. He was truly sorry for his sins. God forgave him and saved him. Drew was led to salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ! God truly rescued this young man and gave him the gift of eternal life!


As you can see this Jesus mission is about evangelizing the world. We see souls won to Jesus Messiah all the time! Our meetings are great places for unbelievers to come and watch the miracles, as in many cases these people will SEE the miracles and feel God’s love and will thus be rescued by the Savior!


Point in case –Drew. He came, watched, and was rescued. In fact, Drew shared that he felt so much comfort, peace and LOVE in the meeting hall. Jesus and His peace was very evident. God’s love rescued Drew and he was so HAPPY afterwards!

In New York: Pastor Set Free from a Soul Invader Infused with Witchcraft

Sunday, July 3rd, 2016

It’s great to be back in New York! It’s cold here but my heart has been warmed up by the power of the Holy Spirit! Though we were small in number, Jesus performed amazing miracles tonight! We had individuals and families traveling great distances to be part of these meetings. A father and son, pictured with me above, traveled many hours to be present. Both received healing and freedom from demons.


After teaching from the WORD and leading everyone in Holy Communion, I began to pray for those tormented with evil spirits. Steve (the father, pictured above) in a concerned voice said, “Jay, I feel chills and feel something taking over me.”


As I approached him, he began to go into convulsions and he slipped off his chair onto the ground. The demons groaned and moaned in reaction to our mighty commands in Jesus name! Many demonic spirits surfaced from within him including generational spirits of death, murder, rage, hate, and witchcraft. Moreover, a soul invader surfaced — a WITCH!


“I have been doing witchcraft against him because he’s a pastor,” this witch shared with me, “I wanted to destroy his ministry and his family!”


Turns out this woman was once involved in the church that he pastored. Steve, is a pastor of a Society of Friends church (a Christian denomination that is located throughout the globe) who also ministers deliverance and healing to the afflicted. A person whom he counseled had demonized dissociative identities that were programmed to attack the church. It goes deeper –these parts were able to enter this pastor (at some point during a weakened moment he was targeted by witchcraft and the door was opened for invasion).


So, here’s a demonized pastor with a human interject! The soul invader –the witch– was removed in Jesus name. Many demons named witchcraft and Jezebel that was attached to this soul invader surfaced with fury.


“We can’t get up off this ground. Release us! We are pinned to this ground,” the demons informed me with frustration, “We need to get off this ground.”


The holy angels has literally pinned this man down to the ground to restrict the demonic movements. The holy angels greatly assisted us and ministered alongside us in power. The powers of the fire of the Holy Spirit greatly burned these demons and the demons reacted in utter defeat!


The demons were removed in the name of Jesus and commanded into the pit and some heart parts were located and healed by Jesus! Then, obviously, the witch was removed!


During the deliverance, his son also received incredible deliverance and healing. This young man is transformed! He’s so different. Light was shining off his face and he was genuinely happy! I’m so proud of them both! I really see them ministering the gospel in great power in the years to come.


Steve, was powerfully testifying of his healing and deliverance! He was excited to be set FREE by Jesus! By the way, this pastor is a student in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center and he is almost ready to graduate from the Premier Levels. Two ministry partners who assisted me in this deliverance were two Canadian pastors whom I ordained.