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Healed from Cancer in Jesus Name!

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013


A ministry partner recently shared this amazing miracle with us:


“I found out that a sister of a friend of ours had Stage 4 cancer (very serious).

So our entire church/family called her on the phone.  As we were ministering to her (on speaker phone), the Holy Spirit spoke to us “unforgiveness.” As it turns out, she held massive unforgiveness towards 3 people in her life, and this was the root of the cancer.


We asked if she would forgive them…long story short, she did, and she sobbed.. like a supernatural thing happened to her as she allowed Jesus to take away the bitterness etc.  We then cast off the cancer.. her body went all warm and she felt like throwing up.


Test results just came back, doctors can’t find a TRACE of cancer.


Jesus is LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

In Canada: Muslim Miraculously Healed and Delivered!

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I am currently in very cold (14F/-10C) Ontario, Canada, conducting public meetings at New Bethel Church in the city of Scarborough. It’s been quite an interesting night. Just getting to the church was a battle as we had to fight through a snow storm that blanketed Toronto and the surrounding areas. Though it was quite frigid all of our hearts were warmed by the fire of the Holy Spirit that rested upon our first evening meeting at New Bethel Church pastored by Dr. Devon Laird who wholeheartedly supports the ministry of deliverance and inner healing. He’s been following the work of the ministry for many years and invited me to come and speak in a series of meetings that the church is hosting. 

From all over the region families and individuals have arrived seeking freedom and healing! I still marvel at this. It speaks volumes of the great needs of the people –as people traveled into the city hours away. I’m grateful for New Bethel Church that has opened their hearts to those oppressed by the devil!

On this night this small church was filled to capacity. After a brief teaching from the Scriptures I began to pray for those tormented by evil spirits. Immediately, many souls manifested demons. One Indian family was delivered from numerous Hindu spirits. Many were freed from Masonic curses and demons. As a group we renounced generational curses and many were released from demonic bondage. 

One lady who traveled into the meeting from Montreal was deeply troubled by witchcraft spells and spirits. Her entire life was filled with great sorrow, demonic torment and pain. She also revealed she was not a Christian but a Muslim but was desperate for healing hence her arrival to the meeting tonight. She had witnessed others freed from demon powers so her heart was already being softened to the love of Jesus! 

I tried to lead her in a simple prayer of confession: I need Jesus!

However she was unable too as these strong spirits rendered her mute! They were literally robbing her of her ability to speak.

It reminded me of of what transpired in Mark 9:  A man in the crowd answered, “Teacher, I brought you my son, who is possessed by a spirit that has robbed him of speech.”

For awhile she could only utter the word “I.”

That is when these robbing spirits stepped in. They literally tied her tongue so she could say the word “need Jesus.”

The Body of Christ fought aggressively the demonic spirits battling against this woman and we prevailed! 

Eventually, the demon loosed her tongue and she eventually uttered the words, “I need Jesus!”

What a powerful victory! Mind you, this was a Muslim woman who came from a deep Islamic background that was now confessing that she needed the Savior. Moreover, I had her call upon Jesus as LORD! That alone brought a powerful response from the demons and many of them surfaced. They threw to the ground violently and for a good portion of the night we battled these vile spirits.

They spat on me. They kicked me. They mocked me. They assaulted me in various ways. They screamed at me all night long: WE WILL KILL YOU! WE HATE YOU!

Even during the night as I allowed this woman to take some breaks, the demons would resurface and would cause her to get back up and briskly walk over to me, to assault me, right during the public meeting. The people attending the meeting was astonished and amazed at what was transpiring. Many of them had never seen anything like this before. 

Though these spirits wanted to kill me, Jesus sustained me and many of these Islamic and witchcraft demons were expelled in Jesus name! You could tell she was being released and such peace and joy was now being exhibited on her face!

All night long dozens were being delivered from demons! There were screams, violent manifestations, demons surfacing everywhere. These spirits were sent to the pit in Jesus name!

There were also amazing miracles of healing. Pains, various kinds of afflictions were all sent out in Jesus name. Many were testifying of being supernaturally healed! Furthermore, so many hearts were healed by the power of Jesus. It was astonishing to see so many parts of broken hearts surfacing and speaking to me –little babies, little children, and teenage parts– many of them were seeing Jesus and being healed by Him!

The best part of the entire meeting was leading souls to Jesus!

Prior to the mass deliverance prayers I invited souls to the Savior, some responded and then through the night of ministry more souls were brought to Jesus! Including a precious 43 year old man from Kuwait who at the conclusion of the service came up to me and bowed down on his knees desirous of Jesus and His salvation power! 

I finally got to bed around 4am and now up again early to prepare for the training session for later this afternoon. Appreciate all of your prayers. God is answering them. We are experiencing the blessings of Jesus!

We also have another public meeting tonight! 

For the Lamb who delivers and heals!

No More Glasses, Many See Jesus!

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

We are tasting of the powers of the age to come!

What we are witnessing is awe-inspiring. These past several days I have been experiencing the Holy Spirit quite strongly, in a very tangible manner. The results of this is quite evident. Many souls are actually testifying of seeing the risen Jesus, thousands of evil spirits are being expelled and many are encountering powerful miraculous healings. That last day at New Bethel Church in the city of Scarborough was INTENSE! The training was well attended but the evening meeting was out of this world! In all of my many meetings in Canada I must say that this service was very special in the amount of miracles that took place! 

The sanctuary was completely filled. In fact there were people coming to the meeting that were placed in an additional hall to accommodate the many souls that had arrived for ministry! I must admit –I was tired (having only slept a few hours), I felt physically weak however my spirit was quite strong! I ascended the platform and within seconds demons were manifesting throughout the sanctuary. There were loud cries, there were screams, there were convulsions, there were threats by demons, there violent shaking of bodies, demons were throwing people. In the midst of it all, Jesus prevailed mightily! In fact, at one point a demon-controlled individual started arguing with me about the Scriptures. We spiritually had to bind up the individual’s tongue so their lies wouldn’t be spoken as she yelled at me wanting to argue. We are seeing more of this of late —infiltrators who seek to disrupt our services.

As I shared from the Scriptures, God’s people rejoiced and were enthusiastic. This is something else we are seeing in our many meetings –a deep hunger for deep teaching on the subject of our authority in Jesus Christ in the context of spiritual warfare as there are so many misconceptions being taught from the pulpits across the globe that needs to be corrected. 

The sheer numbers of demons we dealt with was stunning! Many were experiencing deliverance as I commanded demons to depart in Jesus name! Moreover, many souls were testifying of actually seeing the risen Jesus, as He appeared, to so many! I would conservatively estimate that we have heard from more then a several hundred or so individuals, over the past few years, who have testified of actually seeing the Lord Jesus. This is an amazing aspect of the mission that is perhaps under-reported but nevertheless very real and occurring quite frequently. Jesus is touching so many with His awesome love and healing power. 

In the sanctuary as I ministered the Holy Spirit moved quite powerfully in our midst and one lady who attended the meeting with her husband experienced phenomenal deliverance. This dear couple had traveled to New Bethel as they couldn’t locate any ministry willing to assist them. The husband did what he could but he recognized he needed some assistance so they reached to us and met with us. Over the course of several days we battled numerous evil spirits within this woman that had been tormenting her all of her life as a result of the occult, abortion and many other evils. Not only was she liberated, healed from dissociation, but she also experienced such release that she began to preach to the crowd that had assembled. 

It was stunning to witness. Here was this woman, Linda, perhaps in her late 40’s, who had just been freed from a very powerful spirit named Moloch and now was ministering deliverance to others. This my friends is NEW TESTAMENT equipping of the saints. This isn’t your classroom kind of training but hands on training that the Body of Christ so desperately needs!

So after Linda’s deliverance I asked her if she would be willing to minister to another woman who we had brought up to the platform to minister to. The reason why this woman was brought to the front was because she had shared with everyone that when the spirit of Moloch was expelled from Linda it had flown into her into her womb. Reason? Because she too had gone through an abortion that had not been properly resolved. This is why we must deal with sin seriously. Sin is demon food and thus attracts demonic activity. Unresolved sins will allow demons to invade your life. We must ever be on guard.

One look at Linda and you could easily tell she was ready! Her freedom was so complete that she was completely confident in Jesus to minister. Her and her husband were ever so ready! She enthusiastically said YES! Within seconds of praying over this other woman, the Holy Spirit so powerfully showed up, that not only did the woman she was praying over fell down but also Linda’s husband who was assisting her. In Jesus name Linda confronted Moloch within this woman and began to cast the demons out. With vile contortions and great amount of violence the Moloch spirits were sent to the pit! Not only was Linda freed but she assisted in exorcising the same kind of spirit that had been tormenting her all those years from this other young woman! 

To better understand their story please click here to listen to their testimony.

For many hours I battled and battled numerous demonic spirits within dozens of people. Many were set free by Jesus! Many hearts were healed by the power of God! Dr. Devon Laird and his precious wife were incredible hosts and desire for us to return to conduct more meetings! I am also planning on conducting another public meeting in the French-speaking province of Quebec soon as this region is especially steeped in the powers of sorcery and spiritualism. Please pray that we can locate a meeting hall that will seat many hundreds as I’m believing for many hundreds be exorcised of demons in our next meeting in Canada!

I finally arrived back to my room around 5am. By 6am I was heading back to the airport with virtually no sleep. When I arrived into Denver, Colorado, several hours later, I was dazed, exhausted and horribly oppressed. The entire Western region of the United States is enslaved to very powerful demonic powers. No wonder I was I oppressed. You could feel it almost immediately. It was quite intense. There is absolute need for apostolic ministry in this part of the nation. Thus my traveling to California and Washington State in a few days for many more meetings.

By the time I got to my hotel room in downtown Denver I was completely exhausted. I slept, perhaps, for an hour before having to get right back up for more meetings. Though I was operating with less then a few hours of sleep I was feeling supernatural energy. For another 9 hours or so I battled more demons in Jesus name. I performed numerous public exorcisms –placing demons as public spectacles. 

In this Denver public meeting, it was jammed packed! It was standing room only thus forcing us to move into a larger meeting hall! Quickly, this meeting hall was filled up too! As in our Canadian mission many more souls were freed from powerful demonic spirits including numerous Jezebel spirits, Baal spirits, murder spirits, violence spirits and death spirits. For nearly 3 hours I taught from the Scriptures. Again not one soul left the meeting hall. Everyone was captivated by the Bible teaching. I was feeling strength where I could have taught for another 3 hours, easily! Jesus was giving me amazing power to minister. Many remarked that they were shocked to see how the Holy Spirit was empowering me despite a few hours of sleep and so much traveling.

While confronting generational curses a 46 year old woman named Julia manifested demons. These spirits revealed they were bringing all forms of sicknesses and infirmities into her body including heart disease, blindness, insomnia, cancer, hormonal imbalances and bringing great amount of stress thereby weakening her immune system. In Jesus name we commanded many demons to depart and they exited. The amazing transformation could easily be seen on her face and she quickly lightened up. It was beautiful to behold. Furthermore, we ministered to her adopted 11 year old daughter who was terribly afflicted with various kinds of vision problems where she needed glasses to see otherwise she wouldn’t see anything very clearly.

While praying over her daughter a spirit quickly surfaced named, “Vision.” He had been there a long time in fact many spirits within this pre-teen had been in the family blood line upwards to 13 generations. 

“We are here to blind her! We are here to hinder her gifts of healing. We are here to take her to hell,” the demons boasted to me. 

In Jesus name, I commanded the demons to obey God and to release the eye!

“No! We are never leaving the eyes,” the demons said to me.

“What does Jesus say about that?” I inquired.

“Jesus says, she will have perfect vision, that she is loved, very loved by Him and doesn’t need any glasses.”

What a remarkable statement as these demons were in submission to King Jesus! 

So, by faith, I told her mother to take off her glasses. She took them off.

I had great faith that she would see without any usage of the glasses! 

As I battled the demon named Vision I often asked what percentage of the eyes he still held onto….went from 95%, to 75%, to 50%, to 25%, to finally 5% until these spirits released the eyes (and then I expelled the spirits of vision that were blinding her) and when they did my 11 year old sister in Jesus resurfaced (she didn’t recall anything happening during the exorcism) and recognized she was without her glasses! She was shocked but more importantly she was shocked to realize she could SEE PERFECTLY without them! She looked around and could SEE with NO problems whatsoever! 

There were some young people in the meeting hall and I could hear them saying, “That is really amazing. I’ve never seen anything like that before.”

What a powerful witness to God’s power to deliver and heal! Here was a girl who could not see without wearing her glasses now joining me to the front and stepping on her glasses as she had no need for them as her sight was perfect. She was crying with great relief and joy. Here was a young adopted girl terribly demonized now finding total release and healing in Jesus! Watch the video clip to hear of this amazing miracle!

We are seeing a number of individuals in the past several months who are being healed of various forms of blindness and vision problems. It’s been astonishing! Jesus did it all! I simply obeyed by believing! 

In this meeting hall –I encountered thousands of demonic spirits. Some going back hundreds of years through the family bloodline. I encountered some very strong demons including Baal, murder, violence, and many others. They were driven out in Jesus name. I also encountered numerous dissociative identities. Many were supernaturally healed and again some were testifying of seeing Jesus! Furthermore, many were physically healed from various kinds of afflictions. There were so many miracles!

We also ministered to some little children and they were set free from demons. In a few of the cases the demons left pretty quickly!

Even well after the meeting concluded people were approaching me for prayer. One lady, in her late 40’s, who approached me started weeping and immediately a little girl by the age of 3 surfaced. This little one was led to Jesus and for a better part of an hour sat on a nearby chair rocking in the arms of Jesus! When this woman finally came to…she was testifying that she had never experienced such peaceful rest in her entire Christian life.

My question is: Where is the church to minister in authority to these hurting souls? Where is the church to confront demons? We confronted numerous demons in the lives of so many that boasted to me: We have been here hundreds of years and not one single believer or minister confronted us!

This MUST change. 

We will continue on in Jesus name! Thank you dear brothers and sisters for praying for me. I have felt your prayers! 

The Lamb of God will not be stopped! Jesus is LORD!

Spiritual Fireworks in Nashville

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I have been receiving many emails from around the world inquiring about my last mission. Many of you knew I flew into Nashville but had not yet reported the news of the ministry that took place there. I do apologize. I know many are inquiring because you do pray for me and I’m very thankful for that.

I arrived in Nashville, Tennessee on a very cold and rainy day. To be honest I was feeling somewhat afflicted. I truly believe it was the dark forces of Satan attempting to wear me down. I pressed onward in Jesus name. 

I conducted a smaller public meeting but it was filled with spiritual fireworks! 

It all began when I was teaching on the subject of dissociation. Immediately evil spirits surfaced within a young 24 year old woman named Susan that wanted to shut down the meeting! A intense demonic interruption took place as the devil wanted to silence me.

“You are lying. Stop talking. Stop it! You are lying. Stop it!” the demonic spirits shouted at me in the midst of teaching of the Lord’s desire to heal the brokenhearted. 

One could easily see the demons operating within Susan. The verbal aggressiveness was quite different from Susan’s personality. 

I immediately approached Susan and began to pray for her. Suddenly, a spirit surfaced that went by the name of “Used,” the demon revealed he had gained access into Susan’s life because she had been “used” sexually by her uncle when she was a teenager. As I was dealing with these demons a teenager broken piece of her broken heart surfaced. This heart part was angry, sad, and was in great emotional pain. I prayed healing for this part but another demon surfaced by the name of Jezebel that wanted to hinder the exorcism. 

For many hours I battled these demons within Susan but was facing much resistance. Yes, from the demons but also from Susan as she wavered back and forth in her commitment to surrender her life to Jesus. It’s hard to cast out demons from an individual that still desires the things of the world. Sin is demon food and if sin is not dealt with in repentance then the demons will maintain their foothold in your life. This was the case with Susan. In fact, at one point when I called her to renounce the filth that Jezebel brought into her life, she wouldn’t. Moreover, she even jokingly remarked that Jezebel could stay within her as she like the power that the spirit gave to her. Sick. 

Eventually, the spiritual pressure was such that she yelled at her mother who was present at the public meeting also. I was stunned with what she said as she cursed and blasphemed. Essentially, she threatened her own precious mother with violence. 

Yes, the demons were quite active on this night. Though we were small in number there was no lacking of spiritual fireworks that took place on this night. 

For many hours, I encountered many evil spirits and expelled many from those in the small meeting hall. One young lady in the front was delivered from many generational spirits of insanity and madness. The difference was stunning! You could literally see a difference in her face –a clarity of mind, peace, and inner strength. Moreover, she hungers to serve Jesus in the ministry of deliverance. I’m so proud of this young woman for fighting in the midst of great odds stacked against her –abandoned by her parents (left for adoption), 3 abortions, and a lifelong battle with mental illnesses– through it all though Jesus prevailed. In Jesus name I commanded many demonic spirits from her mind and body and immediately she testified of healing. 

Furthermore, not only were demons driven out, I also ministered to many parts of her heart that surfaced throughout the night of ministry. Many of them saw the risen Jesus. Many of them were supernaturally healed and integrated by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

I also ministered to a woman in her mid-60’s that was brought by her husband who was seeking deliverance and healing. Ann, was troubled by spirits of lunacy. The entire night she was being vexed by devils. It was horrible to watch as she twitched and endured intense torment. While leading everyone in mass deliverance prayers I spent a few moments focusing on this dear woman. There were spirits of insanity within her that had been traveling down through the bloodline via her mother for many generations. It was remarkable to see as at first Ann resisted me as I prayed for her, however, as I led her in this curse breaking prayers something beautiful was taking place. As she broke the curses of insanity Jesus was beginning to heal her mind and she was testifying to everyone in the room that she was actually feeling pretty good and was remarking there spiritual release was occurring in her mind. 

We also took some time to break Masonic curses and a number of precious souls experienced some release including one dear lady who had been following this mission for several years now. As I led everyone to take off the noose, the blindfold, the hood –amazing miracles took place I did not know of this until I returned back to Dallas. I received the following email from one of the ladies that attended the Nashville meeting and in part wrote a very encouraging email:

“Jay, I just want to tell you that it was a joy to meet you, and I thank you for being a dedicated servant of the Lord in that you are away from your family and give of your time so unselfishly. I myself can testify that the next morning, I noticed that my allergies were so much better.  I usually battle a lot of swelling around my eyes and nasal stuffiness, but Monday morning there was no swelling around my eyes and there is not any today either.   My nose is actually able to drain since the swelling is gone.   Praise God.   I did not know that I was affected by the Masonic curse as well.    I didn’t know about the sleep disorders, the asthma, or the allergy connection.  By the way I slept 12 hours straight through last night. !!!  Praise the Lord.”

Jesus is wonderful!

Mighty Miracles in Australia

Tuesday, January 22nd, 2013

I spent several days ministering in Perth, Australia, at the invitation of the Light Pavilion, a powerful church that embraces the deliverance ministry. The meetings were well attended and in each evening service we were jammed packed as precious souls gathered to hear the gospel and see the power of God in action. The people were not disappointed.

My Perth ministry coordinator, Joan Smale, did an outstanding job, organizing the events and seeing that everything went smoothly. She even took some ministry notes on the meetings:

“Teaching Session – ‘Study Of Spiritual Weapons’

Ø The session was well attended.
Ø The hunger to learn about deliverance, and be delivered as well is immense in Perth, Western Australia.
Ø Numerous people remarked on the excellent teaching on this subject, affirming with great joy and appreciation that they had learned a lot.
Ø The majority of people were surprised at the subject content presented, simply because it is not taught, not even broached, in the churches. Unfortunately, time restraints did not allow for as much to be covered as desired.
Ø A remark was made likening the deliverance sessions to ‘good old fashioned deliverance’ – well, was this not the way Jesus did it?
Ø There were numerous manifestations during the teaching session – but, those demons were soon cast out.
Ø Some experienced severe headaches while teaching, but, were set free.
Ø One couple (husband & wife) experienced unexplainable attacks of fear while teaching – but, praise be to God they were set free.

Saturday Public Meeting

Ø Even more people filled the auditorium just about every seat was taken.
Ø Most were eager to receive deliverance, and were indeed set free.
Ø Several testified to coming under attack a day two prior to the meeting dates as they began planning to attend. Fortunately, they recognized it as the enemy’s tactics to discourage them attending, they came and were set free.
Ø While others experienced attack during the session while during the teaching –each time this occurred they received ministry and were set free.
Ø Numerous people were healed from aches and pains, including severe head pains they have had for years by simply being there, sitting under the anointing, and listening to the teaching got them set free.
Ø Testimonies were still coming in the next day testifying to miraculous deliverances and the joy of being free.

Ø Some testified to coming under spiritual attack during Saturday night having attended the Saturday meetings, to discourage them from attending on Sunday.
Ø Attacks included severe burning in the stomach; one lady felt a crawling sensation over her whole body; several just felt ill – nausea in their stomachs; unexplainable stomach pains; a few had severe, almost migraine-like headaches; one person had chest pains; a lady had an odd attack of pain on her teeth while brushing them in the morning as she prepared to come, she recognized it was to stop her from attending the meeting; one interstate visitor was attacked by fear as she was on her way to the airport to catch her flight to Perth.
Ø These are all tactics of the enemy to keep these precious saints from being set free, but praise the Lord they came and got set free from many other oppressions.
Ø Many were set free from past hurts inflicted by abusive relationships dating back from their childhood – either with parents, other family members or through marriage. One dear 70 year old lady not only had come through a very abusive marriage, but as a child it was made clear to her that her parents had wanted a son and had picked out two names for a boy, so when she was born they had to change the already chosen names to suit a girl, however, for the most part of her life as a child they kept telling her that her real names were ‘John Roberts’. Consider the pain, rejection and demonic oppression she suffered. Then followed a very abusive marriage. But our loving Jesus set her totally free. She has now testified to knowing a new freedom, and such peace in her heart that she had never had before, the peace that only Christ can provide. This lady is a mature Christian in the Lord, and a powerful intercessor, and moves in the prophetic as well, no wonder the enemy has tried repeatedly in her life time to destroy, he has also done his best to attack her health, but he is no match for our Jesus. Praise the Lord!
Ø As I taught on curses coming down the mother and father’s lines – there were countless manifestations – praise the Lord for setting every one of them free.

Sunday Public Meeting

As Jay taught on the Jezebel spirit – wow! the manifestations came thick and fast, and Jezebel did its best to hang on to the numerous conquests, but Jesus as always prevailed setting the captives free.
Ø Several young unmarried women acknowledged the sensation of having a ring on their ring finger where a wedding ring should be – Jezebel’s ring of seduction. As Jay had them symbolically remove Jezebel’s ring some experienced a great struggle in removing that demonic ring, Jezebel fought to maintain control – but Jesus set them free.
Ø Many of these young women admitted to being unable to have a stable relationship with a man that would lead to marriage. However, they were set free from the clutches of Jezebel to now pursue Godly relationships.
Ø One lady who is prominently involved in the church, and who has been married for a little less than two years, said she always felt the sensation of another ring under her wedding ring. Jay had her remove her wedding ring, then symbolically remove Jezebel’s ring, anointed her, then took her through a prayer re-affirming she is married to her husband, and finally her husband to put her wedding rings back onto her finger. Praise the Lord for a refreshed marriage in Jesus’ name. In one lady’s family line Jezebel went back ten generations on her father’s side – yes, Jezebel told me that herself as Jay confronted her. This precious lady’s grandmother who is a Muslim continually cursed her by saying, “as long as she lived she would never be successful”, and this was just one of many curses she endured through life, she grew up hating her grandmother. However, she chose to forgive her grandmother, and Jesus has set her free. Word curses – Many people, men and women were victims of word curses being spoken over them, especially in their childhood years. But Jesus set them free. These word curses were not only broken off, but this doorway was also shut in the lives of these precious saints.

-Spirits of Torment – one lady was set free after enduring these demonic attacks on and off for a period of six years. At one stage during my teaching, a thirteen year old girl began to be attacked by fear and was weeping, but did not understand what was happening. However, Jesus set her free. This young girl is quite a little evangelist, prays powerfully, knows her spiritual authority, reads her Bible, is eager to learn about spiritual warfare, and really loves the Lord. Beware the enemy is out to get our children given a chance.
-Spirits of Trauma, Abuse and Rape – physical and mental abuse, as well as broken and fragmented hearts. Eighteen people, including a totally blind Aboriginal man got healed and set free as Jesus restored their broken hearts.

-Spirits of Witchcraft – this spirit is rampant in the Perth area, and regretfully amongst many Christians who just do not understand how it operates in their lives. Therefore, it is also in the churches. Approximately forty people came forward to have this spirit broken off their lives – glory to God!”

Extraordinary Miracles

It is recorded in Acts 19 that God did extraordinary miracles through the apostle Paul. The same could be said in this most recent mission to Australia as I witnessed some incredible power from the Holy Spirit.

•On several occasions as I walked near the demonized, the Holy Spirit overpowered the afflicted and the demons reacted where they THREW their victims back several feet in mid-air. The presence of the Holy Spirit was very strong with me!
•On one occasion while ministering to a 70 year old lady, on the platform, I asked for the holy angels to restrain the violent spirits that were surfacing and the angels restrained the spirits. Everyone was wowed as they could see the invisible forces restrain the demon powers. 
•Many demons could be heard as they: shrieked, there were loud cries, screams, and very violent convulsions. The Holy Spirit empowered me to drive these spirits out quickly with great power!
•On many occasions we ministered to numerous dissociative identities and even a human interject in the public meetings. Many of them were healed and saw the risen the Savior!
•On one occasion one demonized lady was positioned in a very strange 45 degree posture (I was astonished she did not fall down) as I brought her up to the front to receive ministry. God held her up as we drove out numerous demons from her.
•The sheer violence of the spirits were astounding. God supernaturally protected me from getting harmed. The spirits kicked me, punched me, and threatened me but Jesus prevailed!
•One African lady experienced such a horrific manifestation that the demons threw her to the ground and pulled her on the ground as if if she was being pulled from a invisible force while on the ground. She was dramatically delivered by the power of Jesus. 
•At one point while leading everyone in curse breaking, more then 40 souls rushed to the altar to be delivered from spirits of voodoo, sorcery, and witchcraft. Many of these satanic spirits were driven out in Jesus name!

After the powerful ministry in Perth I traveled to Falcon Island to spend a few days equipping a precious South African disciple who will serve as my Southern Africa mission coordinator –a extensive mission is scheduled for June 2013 in South Africa. We will be visiting numerous cities and areas to preach the gospel, cast out demons, and to heal the sick. Moreover, a mission is scheduled for New Zealand for 2013 with my ministry partner from China. We are believing for many miracles and stunning displays of God’s power!

This has been a grueling mission in many aspects and I thank you for praying for me.

Dangers of Tarot Cards

Saturday, January 19th, 2013

This testimony was recently sent to us via email:

Like many non-Christian families, visiting Spiritualists and Fortune Tellers was our form of Spirituality.  We simply didn’t know any better and nobody taught us otherwise.  From being a teenager my mother and I visited Mediums, Psychics, Crystal Ball and Tarot Card readers. We went to people’s houses for ‘sittings’ to contact the dead and receive messages. We began to attend audiences where one of our favourite Mediums would be performing. Mum wasn’t as enthralled as I was, and on hearing several Mediums saying to me – ‘You can do what I am doing’ – it encourages you to develop your ‘gift’.  Unlike my mum, I became more deeply involved in these practices.

What I was most attracted to was the Tarot Cards. I was more than eager to go out and buy a pack, along with some instruction books. Then I began to seek out classes where I could learn properly. I was taught to ‘feel’ the deck which I was attracted to, and meditate upon them. I bought different decks of cards to work with. I loved them.

I quickly learnt how to read them, and started reading for family and friends, they all thought I was good at it, and came back for more. I even began to keep a record of their readings on my computer, so that I could print it out for them for them to look back on when predicted events happened in their lives. People loved it.  To me, this was just a hobby, nothing I took too seriously, something which me, my friends and family could enjoy.

So I began to go to development circles. Concentrate on ‘tuning into oneself’ and picking up any visions we might receive. This was then shared with the group and discussed. We were given exercises to do to develop our abilities, and the leading Medium would then make contact and deliver messages to individuals.

I became enthralled, and went out and bought heaps of different books on self development, meditations, chakra reading, channeling, etc. I studied them earnestly, eager to develop.

We began to have ‘sittings’ at our house, where we would invite several friends or family members to participate in the group. And we would tape record our sittings in order to look back on them as predicted events unfolded. We were hooked!  I also began visiting local Spiritualist meetings where Clairaudience is carried out, receiving messages from the dead, or having private sittings.

I was particularly attracted to the Tarot Cards, and very much took to developing this ‘gift’ and wanted to know all there was to know about them. So this was the line of the Occult which I most focused upon.

Although there were some happenings which were quite bizarre, I thought it was fine as no harm came to me whatsoever.  Even though I’d read warnings in Occult books about receiving a bad spirit, I still didn’t think it was dangerous, as the advice was just to simply ask for it to leave, and for a better one to take it’s place.  Everyone who took part in such activities seemed to come to no harm at all, so we continued . . . .


In 2006 I was invited on an Alpha course to learn about Christianity.  I reluctantly attended, thinking I’m only going for the free cake and coffee!  I even sat near the door so that I could ‘escape’, no way were these ‘religious nuts’ getting me going to church!!  After all, what could these people know about anything spiritual? – They’d never been to a Séance! . . . .

But very soon, the Bible quotes spoke to me.  The first one which really stood out was ‘I am the way, the truth and the life’ – Something struck a chord, and I just felt that there was truth in this saying.  I think I even commented to my friend that this is true!  I started to look forward to our weekly sessions, and couldn’t wait to hear more Bible quotes and learn about Jesus.  I began to realize that these people were ‘normal’, and very loving.  They still welcomed me even though I’d not felt very friendly towards them when I first arrived.  These Christians seemed full of love and seemed to have happiness about them, which I wanted.

I didn’t want to the course to finish, so I attended another one and went through it all again!  It was even better the second time around!  I then began to attend a Methodist church.


Two years later, in the Spring of 2008 I became a member of my Methodist church.  However, I still had my Tarot Cards, still thinking there was no harm in them whatsoever.  It was my friend who advised me to get rid of them, telling me if I call myself a Christian, I shouldn’t be dabbling with those things.

I eventually agreed, and decided to get rid of my Tarot Cards, and decided to give 100% to the God who had already shown me that he IS a pure love. I hadn’t read the Tarot Cards for other people for a few years, but was aware I still had them at the back of a cupboard.  As far as I was concerned I had stopped dabbling in the Occult as I had stopped going to classes, circles, visiting Mediums, etc. I only occasionally got the cards out just to read for myself, maybe once a year or so. I also still had all the Occult books I’d bought . . .

I didn’t realize how VITAL it was that I get rid of everything which tied me to the Occult . . .

It was after getting rid of them that there were several strange happenings, I began to feel the presence of a spirit, which kept visiting me between May and August. I realized the cards had actually connected me with ‘something’, as I started to feel a presence which kept coming to me, very often, almost weekly. It came at any time, out shopping, at work, sitting on a bus, when I was fully awake. I guess it was because I had finally broken the connection, and it was trying to keep it. I got used to it being around, I wasn’t frightened at all. I couldn’t determine who it was, just a definite energy, in physical terms I guess I could describe it as being aware of a small area of ‘fog’. Although it is impossible to physically describe the non physical.

There was even a time when it came whilst I was reading my bible at home, at this point I still didn’t realize it was evil, and I actually welcomed it, wondering who it was, as it wasn’t giving me any identity. My welcome made it become more vibrant. I could feel an increase in its vibration.

It sometimes came to me whilst I was at work. I told the cook about it, and she was convinced I must have a guardian angel watching over me because it wasn’t anything frightening.  One time I was in a client’s room (I worked in a care home) and while she was chatting to me I felt it’s presence to be in the direction of the corridor. I didn’t tell the old dear as I didn’t want to frighten her.

At first its presence made me feel calm and I became familiar with its vibration. As the weeks went by, it became stronger, and in its presence I could feel it’s energy blending more with mine, my body felt quite heavy, I begun to feel incredibly nauseous when it was around and my mind felt ‘spaced out’.

To describe this spirit as an area of fog, you would think of it as something separate from yourself. But because it came on an energetic level, it affects your own energy, and therefore affects how you feel.

The final time was the strongest, in August. It was Holy Communion at the Church. I was in the kitchen filling up the thimbles for the Communion. I felt its presence very strongly, even though the place was busy, people talking to me, distractions, I knew ‘something’ was there and nobody else seemed aware of it. It seemed to strongly touch my mind, the very point at which I think was strongly emphasised.  As I walked to the front of the church to place the Communion thimbles at the table, there was the familiar feeling of it blending with me. I sat down, and this was more than being calm – I could hardly move out of the chair – my body was so very heavy. My mind was extremely ‘spacey’. Someone came to ask me to serve cups of tea after the service, I immediately answered “I’d love to”. (Normally I would have hesitated as I am quite a shy person). But when I answered it felt like it wasn’t quite me controlling my voice, the words just came, although I was aware that it still s!
 ounded like me.

As the service began and everyone started to sing, I felt the presence beginning to fade.  I was also then able to stand and sing, and the presence quickly faded away.  I realized afterwards this was the beginnings of something wanting to take possession of my faculties.  This was the beginnings of something evil forcing me into trance against my will.


Over the next few weeks, I became frightened and very upset, not knowing when it was going to come back, obviously wondering how I could get rid of it. I rang my church Minister and made an appointment to see him, needing help and not knowing what to do.

But days later I cancelled the appointment as I realized that it had decided to leave me alone, and it has never been back – thank goodness! I can only assume it was because I was in the presence of Jesus in that Holy Communion Service and it fled. What more proof do we need of Jesus saving us!! Jesus said, “For where two or three come together in my name, there I am with them” – (Mathew 18:20). There was a whole congregation there singing to him! There was definitely something in the church that day which got rid of this spirit. That is absolutely AMAZING! Spirits flee in his presence! IT HAS HAPPENED.  AMAZING!


I remember walking to work in the mornings and taking my Occult books with me to throw them away in a waste bin at the top of the street, I eventually got rid of them all.  I repeated the Lord’s Prayer under my breath all the way to work, for many days afterwards.

The Church of England employs at least one Exorcist in every Diocese in the country.  I renounced my involvement with the Occult with the Exorcist in my area. Knelt before the cross, I was anointed with Holy oil blessed by the Archbishop. People laid hands on me and prayed as I read aloud my renouncement.  To say sorry to Jesus was very special, and I’m so glad I did this.

I now realize what was beginning to happen to me, and how much worse it could have been, if this spirit had been around any longer, I dare say our house would have become haunted, and heaven knows what it would have made me do.

People who are into any form of Occult practices and think it is safe are nice, well-meaning people, but don’t know they are deceived victims of Satan. You think you are fine, that there’s nothing to worry about . . . . until you try to turn away from it. Then Satan’s demons will show their true colours, start to harass you and want to keep a hold on your soul. These spirits are demonic, and want to destroy your life.

It is not just the truth for me, I am not just one person who has had bad experiences, it is the truth for everyone.  I have since read other people’s testimonies who were previously involved in Occult practices, they all say the same thing, they discovered the spirits they were connected to were evil, not our dead relatives at all, and were saved by Jesus Christ.


 ‘And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light. It is not surprising, then, if his servants masquerade as servants of righteousness. Their end will be what their actions deserve’. . . . . 2 Corinthians 11:14 – 15


Anyone who becomes involved in Occult practices WILL connect themselves to evil entities. You called them up! You’ve called Satan! He will come. I learned how spirit entities have the ability to reveal or conceal themselves, to whoever they choose, wherever they choose, whatever you’re doing, whoever you’re with, at whatever time they choose. It is dangerous!

I knew Christianity was what I’d been looking for all my life. Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth and the life”, this struck a chord with me instantly, how fantastic!  Knowing Jesus is far more fulfilling than the false spirituality of the Occult.  Satan can only provide a limited satisfaction, he does not love you, and is only out to destroy.  Jesus brings love.  He loves us and wants to transform our lives, he improves our relationships, he gives us strength to deal with our struggles in life, he changes the way we see things, he wants a relationship with us and you begin to see his blessings as you become aware of him working in your life.

I am now a member of a Methodist Church. I have absolutely no doubt whatsoever of the existence of God and totally accept our Lord Jesus Christ as our only hope and deliverer from demonic spirits.

God has proved to me he exists, that he is more powerful than evil and that evil spirits flee from him. I have felt the pure, perfect love of God – even before I became a Christian. God is an absolutely pure, powerful, beautiful love with a deep, deep sympathy which totally wipes out all worries, fears and anxieties. I want nothing but God in every part of my life, to devote my life to God, I live every second of every day for him, and always will.

God is the protector of our souls.

Praising him here glorifies him in the heavenly realms.
Tina x 

Dozens Delivered and Healed in Atlanta

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m currently in Atlanta, Georgia where we held yet another public meeting in the downtown area. To my amazement, though we obtained a larger conference room, we soon discovered that it wasn’t large enough. God’s hand is upon this mission, my dear friends, this I know. I’m seeing that more and more people are attending our meetings throughout North America and it brings me great joy to see Jesus deliver and heal those in attendance.

I do not think we could have seated anymore people as the meeting hall was jammed packed with precious souls hungering for deliverance and healing in Jesus name. There was such a great anticipation and participation in the hall that really empowered the meeting as for nearly 7 hours, deep into the night, I taught from the Scriptures, drove out demons, and prayed for the afflicted.

I was astonished to see that after nearly 7 hours of ministry not even one soul left the meeting! Think about that for a moment. We are seeing mighty New Testament power encounters following the message of the Word thus captivating souls. No wonder no one wants to leave as people are seeing the supernatural like they have rarely seen before.

Many evil spirits surfaced within the meeting hall. Again countless evil spirits were expelled. There were some very dramatic exorcisms that took place. Including one lady in her late 40’s who came under such great attack that she could not even see me. Some believers had to assist her in getting up to the front of the hall for me to minister to her.

At first the power of God was so strong that she fell back into her seat. She could barely even leave her seat. The demons were extremely threatened as they knew what was going to transpire. Eventually she was able to to reach me though while she was walking towards me she cried out, “I’m fine. I really feel good now.” You and I know that these were demons were surfacing just hoping I would believe them and thus not expelling them.

As I began to pray with her and when I did she was thrown to the floor where they twisted her body, she violently shook, and the demons looked at me with utter hatred.

“We are destroying her. We are not leaving her. She belongs to us,” the demons speaking through her informed me.

As her eyes glossed over and as the demons spoke I commanded the demons to submit to the power of Jesus!

“I’m name is Ugly. I tell her she’s ugly and fat and she believes me thus I’m staying,” the demons boasted to me.

Demons are destructive beings and they like to discourage, demean, and destroy people, especially their emotional well being. Sadly, this lady –Julie– believed the lies– that she was indeed fat and ugly. She’s wasn’t fat nor ugly. She was a beautiful woman that loved Jesus but was taken advantage of by these demonic powers. 

As this spirit of ugly manifested, he would throw her to the ground violently and I would ask the Body of Christ to join me in battling the demons. At one point I asked the holy angels of God to assist me in picking her up off the ground and getting her to stand. It was a struggle but the angels were able to pick her up so I might be able to minister to her. I was able to chain up the spirits and as Julie renounced the lies I then proceeded to drive out the demons in Jesus name.

Afterwards was amazing– as Julie testified before the crowd of feeling so much better, lighter and peaceful. In fact, she was astonished as she did not even recall even coming up to the front and asked everyone, “I hope I didn’t do anything embarrassing” as during the entire time of ministry she was in a demonic trance and experienced unconsciousness. The crowd erupted in praise to the King Jesus seeing the very NOTICEABLE change in Julie’s facial disposition.

As we conducted mass deliverance prayers –many souls were liberated. Many came out through coughing, the shedding of tears, yawning. They were loud cries, contortions of the body, violent twisting of the limbs, and other demonic manifestations. Dozens and dozens experienced deliverance from demonic powers and curses. Many broken pieces of the heart were supernaturally healed. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to go through too many doors that lead to demons –perhaps I covered 3 doorways that lead to evil spirits. But in dealing with those 3 so many precious souls were liberated by the power of God. I’m deeply humbled as God’s hand is upon this mission. 

Afterwards a young woman approached our ministry team requesting ministry. She had been following this mission for many years. She had read most of my nearly 40 books and even listened faithfully to my radio broadcasts. She desires to serve Jesus in the ministry of deliverance and yet there was some areas of bondage that needed to be dealt with. As I began to pray over her a demon surfaced by the name of Pain. Because this dear lady had already prepared her heart for ministry through the reading of the volumes and listening to the radio show she was ready to receive from Jesus her freedom. 

The spirits of pain were furious, murderous, and filled with rage towards me. They had caused so many problems in her life. However in Jesus name, I made the demons fall to the ground, to bow before the cross of Jesus that I held in my hand. As they bowed before Jesus I commanded them out and they departed to the pit! She also testified of feeling so much better and freer.

I’m in awe of the goodness of God. These books –nearly 40 in number– God has guided me to write have reached so many thousands around the globe. I’m not a trained writer nor do I feel I’m necessarily gifted but I write out of a need to reach people and God has blessed the little I have to reach many throughout the globe. There was a dear brother in Christ present in the meeting –a pastor of a church– that shared with everyone that he read more then 12 of my volumes and testified of being empowered as a result to serve Jesus!

Isn’t that what life is about? To empower God’s people for great works within the Kingdom. For years we have been training and equipping the saints. MANY YEARS! There are thousands of disciples of the Lord carrying out the work of the gospel as a result of the work we have been able to accomplish by God’s grace. 

I’m leaving in a few hours to catch yet another flight, this time to Nashville, Tennessee to conduct yet another public meeting. I have not held any ministry events in Tennessee for more then 10 years so not sure what to expect but going to do what I can to help souls in Jesus name!

Jezebel Warns: I so want to kill you!

Sunday, January 13th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m currently in Mobile, Alabama, at the airport, waiting for my flight to Atlanta, Georgia where I’m scheduled to conduct another public meeting tonight. Since the ministry went deep into the night I was only able to get a few hours a sleep and request your holy prayers for God’s supernatural power to rest upon me to carry out His work this evening.

I’m here in the city of Mobile conducting some smaller meetings for those enslaved to demon powers. In each meeting evil spirits were confronted and expelled in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Demons are disgusting beings and they often come out in some very bizarre and disgusting manner –vomiting, deep belching  hideous screams, unearthly groans, defecating– among other ways. On this night of ministry we saw countless demonic spirits exit through these means. In one meeting I was ministering to a mother and daughter at the same time as they were vomiting countless demonic spirits.

The entire family drove many hours for ministry. Their 12 year old daughter was terribly vexed by evil spirits. One group of spirits that surfaced was named, “King Tut,” —an Egyptian Pharaoh of the 18th Dynasty— who reportedly restored the devotion to the demon god Amun to prominence in his day. The spirits of King Tut entered this young lady as a result of her studying raw Egyptian paganism that was mandated for her class. This is why many Christians are pulling their children out of the public school system due to the anti-Christ powers that now rule in most of the schools (My wife and I have chosen to home-school our three children because of the satanic infiltration of the school system in the West). Most schools do not embrace the concept of Christian exceptionalism and thus every pagan religion in our day is being held up as being equaled to the Christian Faith. Jesus is superior to all other gods. He is the Lord. He is the King. Our values, our faith is superior because of who is Jesus is. Do not allow anyone to tell you otherwise. Our holy Savior is the only true God. All others are counterfeits.

Now only did we have to battle the spirit of King Tut within this young lady but we also had to spend close to an hour forcing the demons to take off their Egyptian-like head-dress that was firmly implanted within her skull. Layer after layer was removed in the name of Jesus. It had been causing her great discomfort and at outright pain. There was the Egyptian head-dress but there was much more that King Tut had placed upon her body. More of the Egyptian pagan garb. In Jesus name, we removed all of it to the demon’s displeasure. It wasn’t easy as this young lady revealed that she started to like to study and research, at her school, the ancient Egyptian pagan beliefs and even Greek Mythology. The Holy Spirit touched this girl’s heart and prayed with me –surrendering her will to the Lord Jesus and repenting of her desire to learn about raw paganism.

As I encountered the evil spirits within this young lady, her mother also started manifesting spirits. There was much vomiting out of spirits and for a long time I commanded the spirits from both ladies to depart in Jesus name! God did an amazing work in both of their lives and much healing took place.

I only hope I had more time to share with you the miracles that took place. Prayerfully, when I arrive into Atlanta, perhaps, I can share more as more meetings took place including an intense encounter I had with a group of Jezebel spirits determined to battle me within another young woman. This young woman had traveled to one of the meetings with her fiance with the hopes of receiving healing and liberation. God did not disappoint her as she experienced powerful deliverance. In my battle with Jezebel she threatened me: “I so want to stay within her as I so want to kill you.”

 Jezebel desired this but failed. Jesus prevailed and there’s much to share.

Spectacular Miracles: Crippling Afflictions & Incurable Diseases Cured

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Dear Friends of King Jesus,

Tonight was a special evening, at the Heart of Worship Christian Centre, here in Birmingham, UK, as the Holy Spirit fire filled us to perform powerful miraculous wonders, in our last service of this mission. In each meeting newcomers arrived and witnessed the miraculous like they have never seen before. God is so faithful. I am fired up to see the United Kingdom transformed by the power of God via a strong proclamation of the gospel with signs and wonders accompanying the message.

In our evening service I brought a brief message from the Book of Lamentations and then began to minister to those present in the sanctuary. One family we ministered to was being horribly afflicted by demon powers. The mother shared with everyone of her frustration with the various diseases and afflictions she was enduring. Doctors had told her she had Crohn’s disease which the medical community refers to being as incurable. What despair this woman carried with her. Hearing this from the doctors– that she had a incurable disease that brought great discomfort and pain. Moreover, she could barely walk without intense pain in both of her legs. One look on her face revealed much –great pain, suffering, and torment. I was deeply moved by compassion to minister to her and her precious family –her husband and her precious daughters.

As we began to pray an evil spirit surfaced that cried out: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

“We are not leaving!” the demon spirits informed me, “My name is Crohn’s disease, I’m the one afflicting her. We are here with Death and Pain.”

This precious lady didn’t have this disease. It was the demon that carried this affliction. I was determined to see this mother of two young children supernaturally healed.

The demons cried out violently, “NOOOOOO!!!!! We are NOT going anywhere.”

Aren’t you angry to see precious people suffer like this suffer at the hands of these vile beings? I know I am! Demons love tormenting humans with diseases, pains, and afflictions.

“There’s too many of us. we hold her heart and we are not releasing it. Never!!!” the demons informed me.

I commanded the demons to release the heart…which they did and commanded the spirits to take the Crohn’s disease and the various crippling pains they had afflicted her with. They battled me. They contorted her body and made her hands turn into claw like form. It was disgusting to see the demons alter her body in such a fashion. I was exerting much spiritual power of the Lord Jesus to see her free and healed!

I demanded that the demons of death, pain, and Crohn’s disease take everything and to be release the woman in the name of Jesus. They were commanded into the pit and they flew out of her mouth with loud cries and screams while her husband rebuked the demons.

Immediately I asked her to walk around and to the test her healing. You should have seen her face! It was one of utter shock and surprise!

As she turned to her husband she exclaimed: “I feel no pain.” The smile, the inner joy, the peaceful look on her face said it all!

It was difficult to believe at first because for years she could barely walk without experiencing intense pain. I had her walk around and she experienced ZERO pain!

The people of God erupted in applause and awe! The husband turned to me and revealed, “Jay, she has not been able to walk pain free in a very long time.”

You could easily tell he was deeply moved also. He was a fairly recent convert to the Lord Jesus from Islam and this miracle really deepened his faith.

I began to minister to the husband and he was quickly delivered from Islamic spirits and spirits of anger and rage.

I then turned my focus on their 14 year old daughter who was a self mutilator and deeply despaired of life. She too was delivered from demons of death and was finally able to confess that she was a beautiful creation of God (at first she was incapable of even uttering those few words). This precious daughter’s broken heart was supernaturally healed also.

There was another lady present, a dear 69 year old woman, who has deep ancestral roots in Freemasonry who came into the meeting with crutches. After commanding spirits of death from her I removed her crutches and she was able to walk around with me, around the sanctuary, without the aid of the crutches. I could feel her body being straightened and strengthened.

One Nigerian believer who was present was quickly healed of various crippling pains in his legs. The pains vanished in the name of Jesus.

Again many demons were cast out on this night and many were healed by the Lord Jesus as we commanded healing to take place throughout the sanctuary.

I was able to capture a few of the testimonies on video and was extremely blessed by the host pastor’s testimony as he has been revived because of these meetings that were conducted in his church. New life and strength has been given to him. He is going to continue this ministry in this church. I’m believing this church will see even greater miracles in the days to come!

 After conducting more then 8 meetings on this trip I stand in awe of the goodness of God during this European mission. Appreciate all your prayers.

In the UK: Demonstrating the Power of God

Tuesday, January 8th, 2013

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus,

What a amazing and powerful service we had this morning at the Heart of Worship Christian Centre here in Birmingham, UK. Theentire church and the leadership have been very supportive of this mission and am grateful for their love for the gospel. Their enthusiasm is encouraging and I believe as a result of this mission many within this small Pentecostal congregation will go forth and will be impacting many of their friends and family with the power of the gospel which was demonstrated again this morning during the worship service.

My morning started very early –as the Holy Spirit awakened me at 4am to pray. To be honest, I wasn’t feeling very well physically however I was feeling many of your holy prayers and gradually my strength was being renewed. This is one reason I send out these email updates to encourage my friends to intercede as I need the prayers of the Body of Christ as this mission takes me into some very intense spiritual battlefields and absolutely need to the prayers of God’s people to be sustained. Please hear me —God hears your prayers and I am sustained. I can’t begin to tell you of all the times I have been rescued from certain danger because of your intercession on my behalf. I’m very grateful. I think of my dear sister in Hawaii who emailed me to inform she was praying for me. I think of my dear sister in Houston, Texas, who likewise was interceding and many others throughout the world. I am deeply humbled by your love and support.

God did not disappoint this morning as we conducted another meeting where many demons were expelled in Jesus name. I preached on Acts 16 and invited souls to come to Jesus as Savior. Moreover, we took the opportunity to minister to those bound by the dark powers of Satan. So many demons, so many torments, so many broken hearts. There were screams, loud cries, convulsions, vomiting, those falling out under satanic attack and other strange attacks. Many demonic manifestations but in each instance Jesus prevailed and offered His healing touch to those who were wounded.

 The miracles were amazing to behold:


  • Several were delivered from the powers of witchcraft, sorcery and Freemasonry. Nooses, blindfolds, Masonic curses were broken in Jesus name resulting in souls being physically healed from a variety of infirmities and afflictions.
  • Spirits of Jezebel were confronted and driven out in Jesus name.
  • Many various generational curses were renounced resulting in many ancestral demons being cast out.
  • Many broken hearts were healed by the power of the love of Jesus.
  • Numerous souls have surrendered to the call of God to minister deliverance to the captives.

I believe this is a continuation of the miraculous work that was accomplished in our last mission to the UK. I hope to return to the UK soon to not only hold more meetings here but also in London believing God is desiring to raise up a spiritual army to impact Europe with the fullness of the gospel. We are conducting another meeting this evening and again request your prayers.