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It was 2am and…

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

It  was 2:00 am and I still wasn’t able to sleep. I tossed and turned. Prayed. Sought the Lord. Tossed and turned. Prayed some more. I began to wonder, “Ok Lord what are you wanting me to do?”
I though, perhaps, I needed to leave and go directly to their hotel and begin the ministry. I was wide awake and sought the Lord on the behalf of this precious family that were being severely tested by the evil one.
At 4:00 am I decided to leave the house after a brief nap.
The entire family was up and ready to receive their deliverance in Jesus name.
We began the session with a time of reflection on the sacrificial death of the Lord Jesus Christ and participated in Holy Communion. We were given a measure of spiritual strength which enabled us to proceed with the exorcism. For many hours evil spirits manifested within all four family members to varying degrees. The first demonic entity to surface was a spirit who was named, Amethyst. He surfaced from within the 19 year old daughter. He was quite violent in that he was contorting this young lady in some truly bizarre ways. Her back arched very high to where her head was nearly touching the sofa, while her entire back was being gruesomely bent backwards, while her two feet were set on the floor.
I declared Jesus was Lord and His blood reigned supreme.
With demonic fury the demons began spitting towards me and desired to leap from the sofa to physically harm me. I called forth holy angels and within seconds they were assisting me in restraining this young lady. In violence of speech they declared, “I hate YOU! I hate Jesus! I’m not leaving her. She’s mine. We are too many! We are holding on to birthrights”
Amethyst, you see, is the birthstone for the month of February. Many contribute special psychic powers to these birthstones. A grandmother, who was heavily involved in witchcraft, had given an amethyst stone to the family upon her grand daugther’s birth thereby allowing the demons access to the bloodline. This spirit was determined to stay.
This specific demonic entity revealed there were a host of curses, spells, and rituals that were directed to this precious family with the hopes of destroying them financially, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. The family confirmed that this was the case as they knew of family members who were involved in the occult that had aggressively attacking them with witchcraft spells. The demon revealed that a Scorpion spirit was lying upon the base of the skull of the father which caused him to have constant migraines. The husband confirmed this was the case as he often wondered why the many migraines. I immediately confronted Scorpion spirit and drove him out in Jesus name. The demon departed quickly. The spirit also revealed that they had been working on the younger sister who was only in the 8th grade, with the hopes of perverting her. The demon boasted how he had been causing her to lie to her parents and thereby allowing a lying spirit to enter her as well. These evil spirits were confronted also after she repented of her sins and they were cast out in Jesus name. She could feel them leave her body!
After a struggle with Amethyst he too was driven out in Jesus name with the aid of the father who utilized his spiritual authority over the demons!
Another spirit surfaced within the 19 year old named Aquarius. He too was aggressive and claimed the spiritual rights of idolatry. For you must see that this dear young lady, who was a pre-med student at a noted university, had recently offered “candy,” on two different occasions, to some fairies (who are in reality demons) that had been appearing to her to befriend her. With the hopes of pleasing these fairies she offered some sacrifices to them which they gladly received (for they knew that through these sacrificial offerings they would be able to enter her body). The sin of idolatry opened a door to demons. The demon named Aquarius entered her as a result. Our holy God is a jealous God and He does not desire for us to worship, to offer sacrifices, to appease demons. This is a most grave sin. Many in the western church think that somehow idolatry has been rooted out from our sophisticated society. This is not so. There are millions who are offering up to false gods (millions of aborted babies have been offered to Moloch unknowingly, though some knowingly, for example). As a result of a tolerance for false religions, our nation and other western nations have opened numerous gateways to millions of Hindu, Buddhist, Islamic spirits. I know as I have dealt with them here in America and in other western nations (a pastor friend of mine John Crable and I dealt with numerous Hindu spirits, in London, some months back, during our mission in the UK, for example).
The apostle Paul clearly lays this out for us to understand in 1 Corinthians 10, “No, but the sacrifices of pagans are offered to demons, not to God, and I do not want you to be participants with demons. You cannot drink the cup of the Lord and the cup of demons too; you cannot have a part in both the Lord’s table and the table of demons. Are we trying to arouse the Lord’s jealousy? Are we stronger than he?”
Moreover, Aquarius was holding unto a number of dissociative identities of this precious lady. He was forced to release them and we ministered to these precious parts, the healing power of Jesus. Five holy angels also appeared to these precious parts and ministered to them the love of Jesus. They glowed under the presence of God! It was wonderful to witness! They had never surfaced before as they were being held by these horrible monsters.
Aquarius was in enraged as he was being destroyed by the power of the Holy Spirit. He was losing her!
“She was mine! I wanted to use her in the Age of Aquarius to recruit others for my purposes.”
This particular demon wanted to use her to lead other young people into idolatry. This so grieves my heart.
Recently in my personal Bible studies I have been pouring over (truly absorbing) the Book of the Revelation and have been blessed by re-reading this holy book as I see the wonderful works of God but it saddens me to see so many in the world turn to false worship. I fully understand these powers can and will lead the masses astray and into demonic worship~idolatry. The spirits of Beast (the anti-Christ spirits) roam the planet as we speak and have enslaved billions to idolatry. We must be on guard and be ready to rescue souls with the love of Jesus.
With loud cries that were reminiscent of the loud cries in Acts 8 when the evangelist Philip ministered deliverance to the masses, Aquarius too, was driven out in Jesus name!
There were so many other miracles that took place during this holy exorcism. I’m very grateful for the Lord’s wonderful grace, mercy, and love. He forgives my friends. Your sins can be forgiven by the precious atoning blood of Jesus as you repent. We need Jesus. He adores you and is willing to forgive so easily so that you might enter into His rest.

Submitted by Jay

Nearly 12 Hours of Victory!

Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Dear Friends of Jesus,
For nearly 12 hours over this weekend we battled thousands of evil spirits and the Lord Jesus was pleased to reveal His power over the evil one. We held a public deliverance service in the Dallas area and our little meeting room was again packed with people who were hungry for Jesus and to serve Him in the ministry of healing and deliverance. I am joyful that the Body of Christ did not back down from the forces of evil that manifested itself on this night, rather the living church was proactive and confident in their authority by virtue of their relationship with the risen holy Savior.
During the service I read from the Old Testament and immediately evil spirits manifested. One dear 45 year old lady was immediately afflicted with demonic deafness as I began to share from God’s Holy Word. She could not hear one word I said from Scripture. Another attendee, a young man, was attacked by devils with various physical pains upon hearing Sacred Scripture. Another man in his 50’s was also being afflicted with various pains. The forces of Satan were feeling pretty uncomfortable being in the environment of God’s Word and they were showing themselves.
After partaking of the blood and body of Jesus in Holy Communion we (pastor James Beason of the International Church of the Holy Cross assisted me) began to minister to the assembled group. Immediately a man in his 40’s manifested evil spirits. With growls, loud cries, and spiritual violence the demons shouted at me, “You can’t have him, he’s mine!”
We began to battle the spiritual forces within this saint as the demons placed him in a trance.
“We entered him as a result of a generational curse placed upon his as a result of his grandfather’s blood lust during Word War II in Germany and France. He was a platoon leader. He killed 47 men,” the demons speaking out him revealed. “He also shot 3 POWS.”
“We are here to kill him, we have been trying so hard, but he knows too much of God’s Word.”
God’s Word protects, provides strength, and repels demonic spirits. Our precious Lord utilized the Old Testament in His battle against the devil.
Also attending our meeting was a dear lady and her daughter, who had traveled a few hours, to be present during the service to learn more about the ministry of deliverance. I invited them both to confront the evil spirits that were surfacing within this man. What better way to train saints then hands on training? When saints approach me about learning more about how to evangelize, for example, I encourage them to join me in the open air for street evangelism, on the front lines of the spiritual war.
Luke 9:1-2 When Jesus had called the Twelve together, he gave them power and authority to drive out all demons and to cure diseases, and he sent them out to preach the kingdom of God and to heal the sick.
Notice Jesus called them together, gave them the tools (the power and authority) and then sent them “out.” This is what we desire to accomplish. We desire to share with the church the power and authority we have in Christ and then send them out.
These two ladies were mightily used of the Holy Spirit to drive out the demons within the man.
The demons shouted in full force as I commanded the demons to look into the eyes of the saints.
“I can’t stand looking into their eyes as I see the FIRE of the Spirit of the Living God in them.”
This daughter and mother then proceeded to cast out the demons, in the Name of Jesus, after the man renounced the generational blood lust curse that allowed the spirits access into the bloodline.
The one lady exclaimed, “I’ve never done anythign like this before.”
We were surprised as it seemed to us she was working under great spiritual authority. This is what the Lord can do to those who are willing!
Later on we dealt with a young 30 year old lady who surfaced a violent, spirit named, “Isis.” A few other men assisted me in restraining her as the demons surfaced in fury. A ancient Egyptian demonic goddess that the ancients believed upon, is a powerful spirit, that holds captive many dear people throughout the world.
Why did you enter her?
“We entered because her ancestors worshipped snakes and offered sacrifices to the snakes,” the Isis spirit revealed.
These spirits were driven out in Jesus name as this dear lady renounced Isis and proclaimed her allegiance to the Lord Jesus Christ alone.
A young African woman with her two children then requested prayer. This dear lady from New Orleans had been afflicted with voodoo spells, curses, and spirits for years. Even the precious children were being spiritually terrorized by the voodoo demonic beings. The boy described his head as feeling like spaghetti. The girl was also attacked physically. The mother was the target of numerous voodoo spells and as a result suffered horribly. She was being raped at night by voodoo spirits, afflicted with various pains and maladies. In fact, a spirit named “maladies,” surfaced.
“I hate you Jay!” the demon of maladies shouted to me!
We abhor demons and we told them as such (did not the apostle Paul command the believers to abhor that which is evil?).
Many of the spirits were of a generational nature. This dear lady had legions of demons.
They were driven out in Jesus name and then she danced unto the Lord as she felt so much better as she was experiencing freedom for the very first time, in a very long time! Moreover, we ministered to her precious children. Her son who had been a target of numerous satanic assaults causing his head to feel like “spaghetti” (his words) was in dire need of relief. We commanded his head to no longer feel like spaghetti. God answered. The young boy reported that the feel was GONE! We also prayed for his legs as he had been experiencing strange like sensations in his legs and they were instantly healed as his legs became stronger!
We also ministered to others including:
a Catholic believer who had been experiencing pain in his legs. After prayer, he was healed and he reported that he could feel the demons exit via his legs.
another Catholic believer who had been in severe bondage to drugs.
a believer suffering from smoking. He was delivered from a demon that surfaced named, “nicotine.” This evil spirit was cast out in Jesus name.
a dear lady with a demon Yakim who had implanted voodoo pins in her body. The evil demon took the pins upon himself and was expelled in Jesus name.
a dear lady who had suffered through an abortion. We prayed for the healing of her womb. A demon surfaced that had been in the reproductive organs of this woman and her womb. This spirit was driven out in Jesus name.
Towards the end of the evening we ministered to a lady had been literally beaten by demons with bricks, hammers, and other hard solid objects in an attempt to kill her. Her precious body was evidence of such beatings. She was darken, bruised and swollen. In various parts of her body she had been mutilated by these vile beings. A very destructive spirit surfaced while praying with her.
Do you hold any parts of her?
“Yes,” the demon replied, “Her name is fear.”
The demon had taken the opportunity to name a dissociative identity fear in an attempt to keep this precious little part in further bondage. I commanded the demons to release the part named fear. The little part surfaced. She was so fearful and terrified. She was only 5 years of age.
My name is Sunshine and I love Jesus. I have been beaten and hurt by the monsters.
Hi Sunshine. God calls us to this, “Do not fear.”
We prayed healing for this precious part of this woman. She had been so terribly heart broken as a result of all the abuse she had to endure over the years.
Holy Angels appeared to little Sunshine and presented her with a shield and a sword. She then proceeded to use her gifts from the Lord against the destructive spirit who had been tormenting her all of these years. Everyone in the room shouted with joy and praise seeing how the Lord was bringing about healing and liberation to this little part named Sunshine. The demon was now in utter humiliation as a little part was handing him a spiritual beating. It was wonderful to see!
Then 252 other little parts came running to Sunshine as they saw the light of Jesus surrounding her and the holy angels, numbering 5, surrounded them and protected them as they all agreed it was time to unify with the core. The light had become so attractive to the parts that they ran to Jesus who is the Light of the World. We prayed for the supernatural infusion of the parts with the core and the Lord was pleased to heal the broken heart! Did not our Lord say he came to heal those that are bruised and broken in heart? So many focus on the physical aspect which is important but often times forgetting humans are in need of deep emotional, mental and spiritual healing too.
Then we focused our attention on the destructive spirits that claimed to have killed some of her babies through miscarriage. They had been weakened by the holy angels and the Holy Trinity. I had the holy angels pick the woman out of the chair and stand before me as I began to expel these vile spirits out in Jesus name. We also prayed for this dear woman’s healing. As we did she testified of experiencing something with her body being created within her as if the Holy Spirit was repairing and restoring that which the enemy had damaged.
Many other miracles took place. We are simply humbled by the fact that God would use us to minister to the infirm, the tormented, and the enslaved. We are simply His servants. Thank you for praying for the meeting God was pleased to honor us with His presence. We praise Him for all of this was His work.

Submitted by Jay