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Fireworks in Pasadena: Signs, Wonders & Jesus Miracles All Night Long!

Monday, October 22nd, 2018

It was a phenomenal night of ministry, last night, here in Pasadena, California, at our Jesus Church evening service, where numerous explosive signs and wonders took place. Our meeting hall was completely jammed-packed. In fact, in the back of the hall, numerous individuals were standing, watching as many miracles and spiritual fireworks took place. We might need to move into a bigger hall. I’m simply stunned at the amount of miraculous wonders we are witnessing in our meetings. Individuals from British Columbia and even Southeast Asia traveled in for our series of meetings this weekend here in Southern California.

Where do I begin? All night long, souls were healed, cured and delivered from demonic powers. One of the individuals I ministered to was this young lady, pictured with me above. As I prayed with her, numerous demons surfaced, including some stubborn, strong and aggressive Santeria (witchcraft) spirits. With loud cries and screams they surfaced. Not only many demons surfaced but also a soul invader –a Santeria witch. She had been cursing her with spells of destruction and control.

“I’m stronger then everyone here in this room,” the witch declared before a crowded hall, “I’m not afraid. I’m here to control and destroy her!”

Boastful, yet very scared of the presence of God. This inner witch surfaced with anger and yet fell to the ground withering in defeat. She contorted her body as the attentive crowd looked on as Jesus Christ was overcoming the powers of evil within this lady. At one point I brought out my cross of deliverance and the witch was petrified. Her eyes widened with fear. The cross was too much for her to bear. We forced this Santeria witch out in the name of Jesus and she departed.

The evil spirits surfaced –Lucifer, Jezebel, death and witchcraft. All of them battled me. I called forth the holy angels of God and they swiftly arrived and brought out their swords and spears. One holy angel even had some holy fire. The swords, the spears and the holy fire were utilized and defeated the powers of evil.

The massive volume of angelic activity and miracles we are seeing is astounding. I often run out of adjectives to describe the amazing and incredible angelic wonders that take place in our meetings and services. There’s that many. Last night, the audience was in AWE! In awe of the superior powers of Jesus. 

This precious disciple was set free from thousands of years of witchcraft curses and bondage as the demons entered the abyss. Moreover, she was beautifully physically healed and cured of various ailments and torments. We also, discovered, in the midst of the ministry with her, that there were many broken heart parts that needed the love, comfort and healing of Jesus. They were quickly guided to the Savior in the Third Heaven.

She was immediately caught up into the heavenly realms and encountered some of the most amazing wonders one could possibly experience in God’s eternal home. It was beautiful to behold. The highlight was, perhaps, when she was tickled by Jesus and His holy angels. I feel bad I didn’t video tape what transpired. She was tickled so much. It brought such healing and comfort to her shattered soul. In fact, God healed her soul.