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Met the Dragon in New Jersey! Dragon Bows to Jesus!

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

From Richmond we flew onward to Newark, New Jersey where I have been holding meetings for a Sicilian family vexed by evil spirits. It’s been spiritual warfare from the time we have arrived. New Jersey has been declared, by the governor, earlier today, in a State of Emergency due to the intense winter storm we are experiencing here. To get an idea of what I been driving in all day click here. For the past two days, we have been in some very complex and intense ministry sessions with those tormented by demonic spirits. 

The family reached out because one of them had attended one of our public meetings in Newark and was so significantly moved by the miracles she reported what she witnessed and the entire family decided to reach out to me to receive deliverance and healing! In Houston, a lady (who received deliverance) attended because a Catholic priest and exorcist attended one of my public meetings in Baltimore and informed her of my meeting. In Richmond, a lady (who also received deliverance) attended because of some friends in French Quebec who were healed and delivered as a result of our meetings in Montreal. Word of mouth is a powerful means to get the word out on Jesus working miracles!

More and more families are reaching to this mission for deliverance meetings and I’m more than happy to oblige when possible. I love seeing Jesus set the captives free! I love traveling the earth looking to bring souls into salvation and into understanding their victorious position as a result of their ascension into the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus! This my heart! 

As I type this in a very cold hotel room here in Newark I marvel at the multitude of evil spirits I encounter who boast they have never been confronted by a disciple of Jesus!


This is a terrible spiritual crime. We should push back and defeat demons! Let’s break generational curses and let’s break their resolve. How are we to do this? We must look for opportunities to extend the love of Jesus in delivering souls from evil spirits. Be pro-active. God desires souls to be free so He will help you reach others! You need training? Then sign up for our Freedom Fighter International Training Center courses (note: Freedom Fighters in several days part 2 of the Advanced Level will be released). 

I’m shocked to hear the demons declare: “We have been here thousands of years and not one single believer has confronted us, to cast us out, so we continue our work.”

This would explain the complexities of modern demonization here in North America and the West. The church has not done it’s job in the area of exorcism thus millions have suffered silently, in most cases, under intense demonic affliction. This was the case with this family here in New Jersey. 

For many hours deep into the night we battled the powers of evil within the family. In particular we dealt with a man who had a doctorate from a prominent university here in America. Highly educated and yet so demonized. For starters, I discovered, this 50 something year old man who I’ll refer to as Ken had numerous ancestral dissociative identities. 


  • Roberto, age 5. Carried sexual abuse pain. He was birthed many centuries ago.
  • Francesco, age 4. Carried sexual abuse pain. Fell off a mountain in Sicily as a teenager in the 17th century. 
  • Abraham, age 75. Carried deep pain and trauma as he endured a war that involved intense sword fighting and great amount of bloodshed.
  • 3 little children who were birthed in ancient times that carried sexual abuse.
  • Sarah, age 3. Carried sexual abuse pain. Birthed in 1740. She died of cancer.
  • Little boy, age 10. Fell into a well while playing and drowned.

Many strong satanic spirits held these parts captive and tortured them intensely. These parts were released and were sent to Jesus. Amazing supernatural healing took place! They saw the face of Jesus! However to get to point where I could communicate with these parts was a journey. I had to battled hundreds of thousands of demons within Ken. All of them were expelled in Jesus name! Demons named Satan, Death, Jezebel, and many others. 

Satan spirits resisted me greatly. They boasted.

“We have thousands of layers of protection so your weapons will not work.”

It was true my weapons were being opposed and were not having an impact however gradually the cross, the Bible, the holy oil, eventually melted away the layers and then the demons felt the extreme power of the weapons (2 Corinthians 10 the apostle Paul speaks of our weapons having “divine power.”) The demons began to cry in pain. So much for their boasting. Within seconds we removed and destroyed layers of demonic protection.

“Can we please stay. We are wanting to stay longer as we like destroying him and we have a plan for his life.”

What is your master plan for his life?

“We are looking forward to the opportunity to take him to a high rise building and pushing him off to kill him.”

I was angry. I had righteous anger. How dare these spirits! I tortured them with the blood of Christ. They greatly weakened. 

“We have been here thousands of years because of blood sacrifices, because of abortions, because of murder. We have his family. Their blood is our blood. Nobody has confronted us. Why now?”

Again, another case where demons have resided in a family for many, many generations without a fight from the good side. So, they grew stronger and stronger and built a sophisticated spiritual infrastructure that has layers of complexities to it –ancestral dissociative identities, strong curses and complex demonic protective resources. There were so many demons: adultery, occult, murdering, lying, confusion, mind control, hatred, suicide, lies, deception, lust, confusion, perplexity, blood sacrifices, and some very strong spirits named Dragon.

“We have been here in this family since 300 AD. His ancestors participated in murders, child abuse, fornication, and witchcraft.”

I have encountered this Dragon all over the globe. He is defeated by the cross of Jesus and must bow to Him. He did on this night! He along with the hundreds of thousands of others were sent to the pit in Jesus name! Numerous hearts parts were released and healed supernaturally by Jesus too! More needs to be addressed however this has been a tremendous start to the work God has begun! 

We also ministered to one of his sisters. She was invaded with many Jezebel spirits. Earlier today, we expelled them in Jesus name! There are thousands of layers of demons and many layers of dissociation that will need to be sorted in the days to come however Jesus is freeing this family. Others, in the family, witnessed these powerful deliverances and are now hopeful.

We must introduce the world to the labor of love —the exorcism ministry & the inner healing ministry. There are billions needing freedom and relief from torment. We have the solution –JESUS!

As you can see, it’s been another intense North American mission. This is my third mission already this year involving many cities, states, and provinces. It’s only going to get better! I just need your prayers I have been having issues with my throat and need divine intercession in Jesus name! I feel awesome but this problem is being persistent. This is a critical issue as you can imagine. The miracles are evident to all and point to the glorification of the Lord Jesus Christ!

After today’s session I traveled back into Newark. Normally it would take about an hour however because of the snow storm it took me more than 3 hours. The driving was treacherous. While driving in these conditions a Russian lady called our toll free number and I answered. Within a few minutes of talking with her demons manifested and spoke to me and battled me. So, here I am driving in a midst of a snow storm trying to conduct a phone exorcism! Ha! Love it! What a joy to serve the King Jesus in all kind of circumstances!

Now, I’m currently stuck in Newark! Jesus help!

Jesus defeats dragons! 

Infiltrator from Jezebel Attended Meeting in Richmond

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

 From Houston, after several hours of rest I jumped on another flight and I traveled into Richmond, Virginia, where we held a meeting last praying for those tormented by evil spirits in Jesus name. This is stunning! We are only into the middle part of January and yet we have traveled to more than 12 different states here in America and have ministered in 3 different Canadian provinces resulting in many souls being reached with the gospel! To think we are just starting is staggering! Jesus, help me with strength! We are blessed! This mission is empowered with the Holy Spirit and amazing miracles are taking place daily!

 Souls were supernaturally healed and set free in Richmond. It was difficult at the beginning of the meeting as the enemy sent a infiltrator into our meeting. This has been many times before in many meetings around the world. I recall being in South America not that long ago and being verbally challenged and attacked because I dared to preach Jesus as the only way to salvation. I have conducted more than a 1,000 private and public meetings in the past several years and have seen the enemy rise up to contend with me. I recall being in Las Vegas, last summer, in a deliverance service I was conducting and was interrupted by a Buddhist who challenged me while I was teaching from the WORD! She screamed at me and demons manifested wildly. Our meetings are an absolute threat to the dark forces. So, in response, they strike out at me. They try to hinder, to divide, to poison the meeting. This is what occurred in Richmond. Allow me to explain.

 I was tired from being up in the middle of the night and taking a quick flight to the east coast. The enemy sought to use this opening to his advantage. So, while in Richmond a middle aged woman to the right of me tried to disrupt spiritually. The entire time I taught from the Scriptures she glared at me with anger and hatred. The demons used this woman to try to curse me. Again, it wasn’t even her. It was the demons that had invaded her. She had come by herself and wasn’t attending to receive deliverance but to cause spiritual problems. They sat there watching me very intently. It was a eerie watching. I knew and so did other disciples in the meeting hall. Interestingly, at one point, she asked a intriguing question.

 “Jay, you say that you defeat Jezebel with the cross. Where in the Bible does it say we can use objects to defeat her?”

 When she asked the question I could feel the negative spiritual energy. It was quite strong actually. As I shared with her from the Scriptures, in Acts 19:11, where the apostle Paul used objects to heal and deliver, she was getting considerably angrier with me. Actually it was Jezebel who was furious with me. As Jezebel was angry for me even bringing up the fact that I used the cross against her to defeat her. As I tried to share this woman gathered her things in disgust and walked out with fury in her heart! Actually, it was a relief as I didn’t want Jezebel in the hall causing problems. So, I welcomed her exit!

 So early on Jezebel sought to stop the meeting. She failed. I continued on and then felt a intense buzzing in my left ear and others did also. Witchcraft curses were being sent to the meeting. I led everyone in prayer and broke the curses in Jesus name!

 After teaching from the Scriptures and leading everyone in Holy Communion I began to minister. Some of getting relief and release as I rebuke the demons in Jesus name! In fact, a 72 year old woman who attended our meeting was delivered from many demons including the spirits of Freemasonry. As we renounced the Masonic ceremonies, breaking off spiritual nooses, this dear lady, experienced a deep healing, as the noose was removed. She testified of being able to breathe much better. Moreover, she was healed from double vision, as the spirits were afflicting her eyes terribly, during our public meeting. She was sharing with everyone that she could see two of me during the meeting and she didn’t normally experience this. So, I came against this in Jesus name! It was near instant healing! Furthermore, while ministering to our dear sister, a little 13 year old part surfaced from within her that held the pain of having endured a rape nearly 50 years ago. The little one held the pain. The demons of rape were also present who held the little heart part captive. For nearly 50 years these powerful demons held this hart part. To think that none came along in all of these years to help her find freedom and healing is quite bothersome. Where is the church to intervene. In Houston, the demons informed me me that their victims and their ancestors were never reached with the deliverance power of Jesus. This can be seen throughout the world. I am determined to intervene. Will you join me? Let’s rise up army of Jesus and battle these powers of Satan. We will at the end of day so don’t be discouraged! We win! In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I sen these spirits of the devil to the pit! Immediately relief and release could be seen on her face. It was beautiful to witness!

 The following morning I met up with this woman and her husband and she testified of feeling very good! I think her husband was shocked too! I love seeing the fruit of deliverance! This mission sees it all the time! Amen! Jesus be glorified!

 Others experienced deep inner healing and deliverance from evil spirits as we went down a list of doorways that lead to demons! Some experienced the fire of the Holy Spirit as I laid my hands up them. It was encouraging to see!

 I was also encouraged to see precious souls whom we have ministered to in the past and walking strong with Jesus. In fact, one pastor who attended the meeting mentioned he has been equipped to effectively deal with demons by watching our many YouTube videos. Even after the meeting had concluded many more were arriving including a pastor who leads a deliverance church who wants to learn more! This is encouraging to see other men and women rising up doing the works of Jesus!

9 Hours of Mighty Demonstration of God’s Power in Houston

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

What a POWERFUL way to start off 2014 in our monthly Church of the Cross services! This was incredibly intense and powerful meeting where many received instantly healing and deliverance! This meeting ranks right up there as one of our more powerful Church of the Cross meetings we have held in Houston.

For the past several days I have been traveling, throughout the United States, conducting meetings. Our first stop, however, on this mission was Houston at our monthly Church of the Cross service. It was jammed packed with precious souls who were needing deliverance and healing. Even deep into the meeting souls were still arriving in for deliverance. In fact some traveled more than 16 hours to be present to receive a miracle. Think about that for a moment! 16 hours! God did not disappoint as many souls were set free powerfully from evil spirits, many were instantly healed and many broken hearts were repaired. I would like to chronicle some of the miracles in this report as what we witnessed was stunning on multiple levels. 

Demons of death, Freemasonry, sorcery, anger, Jezebel, and so many others were defeated in Houston. However, we had a battle on our hands as the enemy fought us fiercely. The power of the blood of Jesus truly prevailed and souls experienced incredible miracles.

In Matthew 4:23-25 there is a dramatic record of numerous miracles taking place in Galilee. In verse 23 it states, “…Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all kinds of sickness and all kinds of disease among the people. Then His fame went throughout all Syria; and they brought to Him all sick people who were afflicted with various diseases and torments, and those who were demon-possessed, epileptics, and paralytics; and He healed them. Great multitudes followed Him…”

We desire to see this come to pass in our private and public meetings —preaching and healing resulting in great multitudes following Jesus! As I went about the room introducing myself, before teaching, I was surprised to hear so many wonderful testimonies of disciples being encouraged and equipped by our work for the gospel. In fact, one family who had traveled some distance to be present in our service was so deeply impacted by our previous public meeting they decided to bring a larger group from their church so that they might be equipped to minister deliverance and healing to the captives. In our service we were able to demonstrate, to those gathered in this meeting hall, the power of the Lord Jesus Christ, thus training many. 

The precious lady who had traveled more than 16 hours to be present in our meeting has been following our mission for a long time and had been persistent in meeting me. Not only did she receive some significant deliverance but also a nephew who was dramatically delivered from a Masonic spirit that had been chocking him during the service. It was discovered that there was a strong Freemason noose around his neck (due to some family’s participation in Masonic cults) that disrupted normal breathing. It was removed and immediately the demon was expelled. Moreover, several strong spirits of anger, hatred, rage, rejection and violence surfaced. Each of these were removed and cast out in Jesus name! 

As I ministered a number of little heart parts surfaced, some were present as a result of being traumatized by his parents divorce. This brought deep pain and hurt resulting in his heart breaking. I spoke to the little ones and they were more than ready to be healed. They immediately went to Jesus. 

What was special is this young man is only but 15 years of age and yet he desires to serve Jesus and to be free! Several disciples prophesied over him and spoke words of a mighty calling upon his life in service of the gospel. He was truly excited and grateful. He was also very relieved to be free from these ancient curses and strongholds that held him captive.

Even while leading everyone in a mass deliverance prayer souls throughout the meeting hall were being set free by Jesus! Some were vomiting, some were coughing, some were burping, some were yawning, some were deeply sobbing –as many demons were exiting their victims as the commands were given in Jesus name to release the captives! It was an enthusiastic gathering of souls deeply interested in teaching and divine instruction. It should be noted that even prior to the mass deliverance segment of the service I taught for more than 3 hours straight from the Scriptures. Imagine visiting most churches where most people would be complaining after 30 minutes of preaching. Not the case here in Houston. For 3 hours I preached the WORD and I do not think anyone left! Why? Because, these people knew that I would be demonstrating the power of God for all to see after the teaching. People desire to see God at work! We should be displaying the power of Jesus for all to see! Amen! 

After partaking of Holy Communion –which was rich in the presence of the Holy Spirit –I began to minister. So many souls were being delivered from various pains, afflictions and unholy spirits. One young man in the back of the room manifested very violent demons. He had mentioned that he desired to “throw some chairs around.” Others were being terribly attacked. One lady I ministered to –perhaps in her early 50’s– traveled a great distance too. There were very powerful Jezebel spirits residing within her. They growled at me and fought me. I called forth legions of holy angels and they arrived and struck the demons resulting in the demons significantly getting weak. Jezebel cursed me and was menacing. At one point I utilized my sacred cross and the demons cowered in great defeat! They even tried to escape however God’s holy angels ensured they would be restrained. The angels even assisted me in getting the woman off the ground (without any human aid) when the demons violently threw her to the ground. 

“We are here because her grandmother killed a baby in a witchcraft ceremony. That is why we are here! The grandmother liked the blood. We like the blood. There are blood covenants which cannot be broken. There’s Masonic curses and so much more,” Jezebel informed me, “Nobody has dealt with us before! NEVER!”

All of these spirits were defeated and cast out of her! Many other spirits surfaced including hatred, mental illness, lack, poverty, mind control, sickness, depression, fear, and torment (who brought great pain in her head and shoulders). These were also driven out in Jesus name. As soon as this woman was set free she began to pray in new tongues and glorified Jesus for her deliverance and healing. Not only was she was set free from numerous pains, torments, and afflictions, she also experienced a deep healing as more than 5,000 dissociative identities were supernaturally healed by Jesus. Many of them testified of seeing the risen Savior! 

Another lady that experienced an amazing exorcism was a woman from the back of the meeting hall. As soon as I prayed, another powerful demon of Jezebel surfaced. There multitudes of them within this lady! They viciously surfaced and battled me. I inquired if she had a crowd. She was utterly surprised to hear me inquire of this. 

“Yes, I do. You cannot remove it. It gives me power. Nobody has ever confronted us. Nobody. All of these thousands of years in the bloodline we have been here tormenting and torturing. We must not leave. We have more work to do to destroy,” the spirits of wicked Jezebel informed. 

I took up my holy cross and began to approach her with it and it went berserk. It backed up for fearing of the cross. I motioned the cross over the head of the lady and Jezebel shrieked with great spiritual pain. She was being weakened greatly by the demonstration of God’s power! Jezebel was forced to submit. She did. Furthermore, we extracted all of her many rings (she had placed some on all ten fingers) and Jezebel grew considerably weaker. Though Jezebel had been in the ancestral bloodline for many generations and had brought great suffering through the generations. In a matter of a hour or so, she was utterly defeated and destroyed! 

As I ministered great power of the Holy Spirit fell upon my right hand. I placed some sacred oil on my fingers and immediately intense heat fell upon my hand. I placed the fire of God upon the head and the demons groaned in great agony! They had been defeated! All of them were sent to the pit in Jesus name with many other spirits such as witchcraft! This lady also felt renewed and strengthened and spoke in new tongues! 

Not only did she experience an thrilling liberation she also experienced God’s healing powers. I spoke to a number of broken heart parts and many of them surfaced and spoke to me. One little one was so sad.

“Daddy, spanked me hard. I hurt.” 

My heart pained to hear this. As a Dad to three little ones I know the importance of being gently with little ones. They can handle only so much. Their little souls are so sensitive and could be easily fractured by cruelty. I led little one to Jesus and immediately all the pain disappeared. Fathers, be careful in your discipline. Be loving not cruel. Remember these littles one are ultimately the Lord’s not yours. They are His little lambs. They should change ones perspective, hopefully.

I spoke to others and they were so little. All of them with horrible pain and secrets. They were able to escape the monsters but now needed the healing touch of the Savior! Each of them were miraculously healed and were unified! Beautiful Jesus!

Today I received her testimony via email and it was deeply touching:

“Jay–I just want to say thank you!!! For helping my family and I to deliverance. I will be forever grateful for your obedience unto the Lord …and for the calling God has placed on your life!!!! I love the Lord and want nothing more that to serve him and be obedient to his will. Thank you Thank you ! I plan on learning more about this and become knowledgeable. I want to learn the right way… and your right the enemy attacks because we are unaware of his tactics. The word says “my people perish because of lack of knowledge” Well now I know and will learn more and more …Failure is not and opinion with me ! My name means truth! I will raise my voice for the Lord and speak the Truth! Thank you I am determined to move froward with God.”

This mission is truly blessed! I am blessed! There are those who try to attack this mission however they fail. Our mission continues on in great power of the Holy Spirit! The Lord laughs at those who try to attack me. 

This precious lady’s sister also received incredible healing too! As I began to pray for her little heart parts surfaced and spoke to me and informed me that Jesus wanted to share something with me. 

“There are witchcraft curses planted against this woman’s father. You must have him break it and he will be healed of his dementia.”

So, I obeyed the Lord! I had the father come up front (he was sitting in the back of the meeting hall) and pray for him. He renounced the witchcraft curses that had been planted by somebody in his family. As the witchcraft was broken I immediately drove out the spirits of Baal from him and death. Immediately his face shone with great spiritual light! It was beautiful to see! He even gave me a big hug in appreciation! Jesus healed!

This entire family received significant inner healing, physical healing and deliverance from demonic spirits and curses! Jesus!

Even well after midnight (we started at 5pm) most everyone remained in the meeting hall wanting more teaching, instruction and deliverance! I continued on in Jesus name. Many were delivered from witchcraft spirits and curses! One family attending the meeting were Assembly of God missionaries who served in Thailand, China, and Ethiopia. Many of them suffered from great sickness and infirmities. Strange and unusual sickness. There was one sickness I located that stemmed from ancient ancestral curses that were attached to a ancestral dissociative identity that suffered from the sickness. This would explain why they have this strange sickness. Have you thought of this my friend? Are you suffering from a strange torment or affliction? Have you spiritually investigated to see whether a ancestral dissociative (and the spirit attached to it) has the sickness or torment? 

As I tried to reach this ancient one in the spiritual world–we located a castle and secret chambers. The little ancient ancestral part has been placed in a castle in this inner world. Since it was close to 2am I was getting tired and had to conclude the room but hope to continue on with the ministry in the near future. Even after concluding the public gatherings others approached me for deliverance. I was exhausted after nearly 9 hours of ministering and teaching. 

Finally making it to bed I was due up in several hours for another flight to yet another public meeting where I was met with a satanic infiltrator! More on this in my next report….stay tuned!

Jesus Ascended and He is Lord!

Victimized by Sorcerers, Healed by Jesus!

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Last night we ministered deep into the night –driving out evil spirits in Jesus name! This was our second meeting with Linda. Because she had been terribly victimized by sorcerers many hundreds of thousands of demonic spirits have invaded her body and soul. For many hours we battled various kinds of strange afflictions and infirmities she has been enduring through. For years Linda has suffered great intense physical pain. She has been racked with horrible pains, torments, and infirmities. During the exorcism we ministered healing and within seconds Linda experienced instantly healing from all of her pain. 

As she walked around the room she exclaimed (her face just shone with joy): “Jay–I feel zero pain. Zero! I have not felt like this in years!”

This is what Jesus is able to do in your life too! 

During the exorcism, the demons boasted and shared how they have been systematically destroying her life. Year after year of torture from her tormentors.

Some of her spiritual tormentors were deeply embedded within her soul. There tens of thousands of mind controlling spirits. At one point we discovered there were 7 layers of spiritual walls that protected 17 programmed dissociative identities that the sorcerers had purposely created to control her for their evil intentions. For hours, with great difficulty, I navigated this spiritual maze. As I intervened I was able to release the broken heart parts, destroy the trigger words implanted on each part, and drive out the demons that enslaved each part. Each part contained a trigger word that was implanted in each broken heart part. Some of the words employed were very unusual. 

As each part surfaced, as they were released from their captivity, great relief could be seen on their faces. They were quickly sent to Jesus to be healed. I would estimate over the course of these past few days we encountered thousands, perhaps many more than that, of broken heart parts. All of them were willing and ready to experience the Savior! 

It was well after midnight before we finished. Hundreds of thousands of demonic spirits had been driven out, thousands of parts healed, dozens of strange afflictions healed by Jesus! Linda has been given hope and new life. 

This entire mission has been intensive in travel and ministry. Thank you for your prayers and intercession. We see the intensity of the spiritual warfare in our own lives. We need the mercy of God. The blood of the Lamb covers us.

Dismantling Ascended Masters, Destroying Legions

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

From chilly Alberta, Canada we have traveled over to Atlanta, Georgia then drove many hours to the sunny Gulf Coast, here in Alabama, conducting ministry sessions for those tormented by evil spirits. In Atlanta, we encountered some strange spirits that disguised themselves as ascended masters who proudly declared themselves as enlightened spiritual beings who in the past were ordinary people who have evolved. The lady we ministered to was attempting to find significance to a number she would often come across in daily life. She sought out the teachings on numerology to discover the deeper meaning of the number that she often encountered. Through this process of research she stumbled upon (no doubt demons were directing her) a teaching on these ascended masters. This opened a even more dangerous door to evil supernaturalism. She came across an ascended master named Leto. I have seen her pictures. She’s wicked. She lures the unsuspecting in to this idea of being able to cloak oneself with invisibility. Leto has mystical cloaks. This lady we ministered to, named Sheila, actually allowed Leto to place the cloak over her as she wanted to be invisible to the external world. Leto was more then willing to oblige. Not only was a cloak placed upon her but underneath that cloak was many spiritual chains and ropes that bound her to various addictions and compulsions. 

We experienced great difficulty dismantling this so-called ascended master as it hid under this cloak that served as a spiritual shield however as I removed the cloak I was able to do conduct some extensive dismantling of the devices of the devil. In Jesus name, pains, afflictions and torments were removed that allowed a measure of freedom to take place in Sheila’s life. We were honored to be able to drive out many demons from her, remove many chains and ropes from her, in the power of Jesus.

Here in Alabama, we have been seeing the power of the Holy Spirit intervene in the life of Linda. Some of you might recall me sharing her story with you as a few months ago we traveled to her home to conduct an exorcism. In her home we were able to remove a piece of an raccoon from her body. Along with the raccoon we also extracted from her body many other kinds of animals. Very unusual case. Obviously, even after many hours of ministering to her in that initial meeting we knew there was more work needing to take place in her life so we arranged for another meeting. 

In last night’s meeting we encountered hundreds of thousands of evil spirits. Mind you this precious disciple was satanically ceremonially traumatized during a hysterectomy, by a physician, who was devotee of voodoo, Santeria, and black magic. In fact, for many generations, it was discovered, both sides of his family was deeply entrenched into the occult. During the hysterectomy he supernaturally inserted tiny part of various animals within her (including a part of a raccoon that she vomited during the exorcism). Obviously, many demons were also inserted within her. Linda has suffered greatly as a result of this satanic ritual. 

At that time, she was happily married, was a wonderful mom to a little boy, had a successful career in the medical field making well over 70K a year. Her husband was making well over 100K a year. They lived in a beautiful home. Had bought a boat and were living prosperous lives. However, the sadistic ritual took place and much more transpired. Her life began to spiral out of control. Demons began to invade and destroy.

Because she was prosperous she was a target of those who were jealous. Those at work who despised her success and blessings. Some of them hated the fact she was happily married and living for God. So, what did these individuals do? They began to conspire and send spells and curses to her to destroy her. Because she had been victimized by a Satanist doors had been opened to her life thereby allowing these curses and spells to carry out their destruction. In a matter of years she lost literally everything –her marriage, her job, her health, and her son. 

My friends, if you are experiencing blessings and prosperity, be on guard, there are those who WILL send spells and curses to destroy your marriage, your children, your financial resources and your health. We need to be pro-active and protect ourselves spiritually against the devices of the devil. This is why this year I’m teaching, in our public meetings, the spiritual keys to be being victorious in spiritual warfare. One of the keys is understanding, being aware, being cognizant, of witches who possess powers. If there is no awareness then there will be no action being taken on your part to protect your life and family against it. Since, Linda, grew up in traditional church that never taught on spiritual warfare she was left unaware of these realities and thus taken advantage of. The Scripture teaches that people are destroyed from lack of knowledge. These witches (and others in the dark arts of Satan) are sending terrible curses and we must be ever prudent in Jesus name. We have victory in Christ however we must always be on guard.

Until nearly 3am we battled these spells, curses, and demons that enslaved her. For years, Linda has suffered horrific attacks –beatings from demons, sexual assaults, unspeakable mental torment, hellish spiritual attacks, and so much more. We intervened and warred the legions of evil spirits operating in her life. Many hundreds of thousands of spirits were encountered. I called forth the mighty holy angels of God. They assisted me warring against the demons. The power of my sacred cross destroyed the evil within her. There were layer upon layer of demonic torment to confront. 

Because the witches sought her destruction they actually sought to invade her soul and they did! These human interjects, with the aid of the demons, were able to cause great havoc in her life obviously. We encountered several of them last night and spoke to them. One, a 69 year old woman, who was a former supervisor of hers, said the reason why she sought to invade Linda was for the sole purpose of fraud, for identity theft. Obviously, a foreign soul part within you can locate and obtain all of your financial information. Satan is ever working on creating new ways to violate humans. Do not be naive. 

Another human interject, a young man, mentioned that Linda never formally met him however, at her employment, he watched her and lusted after her. Since he was aware of the spiritual art of soul travel and soul invasion he sought to enter into her and did. He wanted to seduce her so that he might have unlimited sexual relations with her. 

As you can see Linda was a target, as the prior trauma made her susceptible to satanic attacks. The followers of darkness sensed it and took advantage of her vulnerabilities. Through it all, Linda continued to call upon Jesus. Through all of the pain and suffering Jesus sustained her. Though she didn’t know how to fight these demons in a more effective manner she did what she could. 

Because of her heart, God displayed His mighty power in her life. During our late night exorcism, Jesus even appeared to her, at one point, spoke to her words of love and brought deep healing into her life. Numerous dissociative identities were communicated and were sent to Jesus for supernatural healing. Moreover, they re-entered her heart and she experienced deep inner healing. The human invaders to commanded out with their demons. She also experienced amazing physical healing –pains dissolved, torments were removed and attacked ceased. Many demons were specifically attached to the various neurological regions of her body nature. I felt like a neurologist in a sense as I had to systematically remove demons from the cerebellum, the occipital lobe, the temporal lobe and other areas. Demons were extracted and healing took place as the torment was destroyed.

Some of the demons remarked that previous deliverance ministers were unable to be as effective because they do not understand the necessity of naming the specific areas of the neurological and brain structures they had been attached to. So they remained. However on this night Jesus prevailed and brought great liberty into Linda’s life as hundreds of thousands of evil spirits were cast out and sent to the pit. 

Public Deliverance in French Montreal, Demons Angry About Teaching!

Monday, January 6th, 2014

Dear brothers and sisters in King Jesus,

Still here in Montreal, Quebec. One of my mission partners had his flight delayed and cancelled a number of times. He ended up back at the hotel. The winter storm has caused some disruptions. Hopefully he’ll be able to get home tomorrow. I hope and pray I can too! My heart grieves that I wasn’t able to continue on to Vancouver (I perhaps postpone a handful of meetings out of hundreds I conduct every year). I do offer my apologies. Same with the South Texas meetings. I’m needing to rest with my family. This has been an extensive mission throughout North America involving many meetings, cities, and flights! I will reschedule the meetings for a future date.

Our public meeting last night was powerful in the Holy Spirit as fellow disciples who recently were delivered themselves are now assisting me in driving out demons in our meetings! I love it! More on this in a moment however I want to share something quite fascinating with everyone…..

I just received a email report from a dear brother in Christ, who is enrolled in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center, who has been ministering to those with dissociation, ancestral dissociation and demonization. In fact this disciple is winning people to Jesus and healing the sick also. He has reported to me that the demons are referring to me as they are furious that this disciple is putting the information we have been providing into practice. He writes:

“Jay–I just got finished praying for my friend again and there was a 38 year old part, 14, 16, 28, 45 again and maybe a 15 year old. I lost track. I dealt with a snake spirit, that was generational and caused infirmity. Moreover, a Jezebel spirit with 18 in her court, a spirit of disappointment, and others. I thought I would let you know that at one point one of the demons said how do you know these things?  Then stated I was brave and that I was a Nazi, (I have German descent) I rebuked it and said I was a son of Jesus. Then a spirit said that Jay taught me well! So obviously they know you are training the church! I put the blood of Jesus Christ over you and your family and your school right now in the name of Jesus Christ!”

Is that amazing or what? I’m telling you my friends the Kingdom of Satan is furious with me for developing the Freedom Fighter International Training Center, as this international training center is equipping many souls on nearly every continent of the world. Disciples are putting what they learn into action and supernatural acts of the Holy Spirit are taking place! It’s rather exciting. 

What I hear often is the teachings are practical, authentic, and disseminated by someone (myself) who actually lives out the gospel year after year! What I share in the training is what I have learned in many years on the mission field world-wide. The spiritual secrets I have discovered are powerful to setting the captives free. For example, one lady recently wrote me and stated:

I want to thank you for the teaching about human interjectsYou have confirmed what I have seen previously but no one teaches about this. You have no idea how much that helps me in a situation I have been seeking an answer to. My 81 year old mother and I just sat and had a conversation about your email because we both know that happens. It’s nice to hear from a deliverance ministry perspective. My ex is under demonic control, which I sought help on, but also has a man controlling him stemming from several centuries back. This one is evil, however. I enjoy your material.”

God has gifted us with knowledge and understanding that allows us to minister to the complex cases. All of us should be in a position to minister to those in need. Be sure to sign up TODAY for the Freedom Fighter International Training Center with it’s 100+ courses. Click here to locate more information:

We are receiving so many other testimonies concerning our training ~

“We know that your ministry is anointed by God and will bare supernatural fruit in 2014. Thank you for your incredible work in the Freedom Fighters training we are truly learning so much in order to equip us to fulfill the great commission.”

The training I have received from the Freedom Fighters School has given me a deep unexplainable soothing as it has given me answers to so many questions. I know it’s the peace and joy of the Holy Spirit and the comfort of the Living God teaching me to observe all that He has commanded. To Love God and my neighbour as myself, the greatest Love to love one another. Thank you Jay for loving me and for loving the lost, broken hearted and afflicted! I too love them, my hope and desire is to set the captives free in Jesus name.”

Join the school today and threaten the powers of darkness!

It was a supernaturally charged meeting last night as I taught from the Scriptures and prayed for those whom are demonized. Demons cried out and convulsed. They shook their victims violently however at the end of the meeting souls were freed from evil spirits. One Canadian Indian lady was freed from Jezebel spirits. Her mother also experienced a measure of deliverance too. Another lady from Africa was freed from Santeria demons and spirits of Lucifer. 

What was truly refreshing to see was those whom were recently ministered deliverance to are now FIRED up to serve King Jesus! Several of these disciples assisted me in driving out demonic spirits in Jesus name and praying for those broken in heart. Evil spirits were cast out and many heart parts were healed on this night! Moreover, after the meeting, I performed a marriage, on two individuals whom I ministered deliverance to. This dear couple now desires to serve Jesus!

Defeating the Illuminati in Quebec

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

This is day 11 on this most recent North American mission where we have traveled to multiple cities in the United States and Canada ministering to those enslaved to evil spirits and those broken in heart. We are currently in very cold Quebec where we have witnessed powerful miracles.

It truly has been an extraordinary mission here in the French-speaking city of Montreal, just steps away from the Nortre Dame Cathedral. Our first meeting was filled with intensity as we met with a missionary from China who took a flight from the UK to be present in one of our meetings. One might wonder why one would travel so far? It’s because this missionary has had a difficult time locating someone who understand the complexities of his case. He reached out to us and we have intervened thus offering hope.

Raised in a few orphanages in Scotland and left for the Catholic charities Dave was literally left to rot. This abandonment and deep rejection left him vulnerable to the attacks of Satan. Left at a nunnery convent at the age of 2.5 years of age, Dave, as you can imagine was left for anyone to come along to take advantage and they did. Allow me to explain.

Because of the dysfunctional family situation he was in the courts ordered for him to be left at the Catholic convent where unspeakable horrors and sadistic acts were performed on him. Truth to be told, he was actually taken to a Luciferian convent where on a nearly daily basis we was subjected to sadistic beatings and sexual assault at the hands of the priests and nuns who were responsible for his care. I need to stop and preface by sharing that just as there are cases of abuse in Catholic charities they are equally a number of cases of abuse in Protestant charities. I do not want anyone to think that we are desirous of speaking against the Catholic Church. This isn’t the case at all. We are simply reporting the events that occurred earlier today as we ministered deliverance to the captives. Though it should be noted that many cases of child abuse are being discovered within the Catholic Church in recent years which raises many concerns.

As we began to pray for Dave, evil spirits surfaced. The first set was named, Amakada, meaning “Sacrificed One,” and he spoke to me angrily. 

“We are here because his great-grandfather was a pervert. His ancestors committed sodomy, murder, rape, hatred, goat sacrifices, Druid sacrifice, idol worship, sodomy with animal,” the devils revealed, “There was abortion, fetal sacrifice and the shedding of blood. Their ancestors burned babies.”

However, this it only gets deeper as we continued on. While praying we discovered Dave was also inhabited by an 18 year old ancestral dissociative identity that was born in the 13th century in the year 1212. It was revealed that this heart part was birthed in Romania and was buried alive. Horrific! This would explain the reason of the fragmentation –the terrible hurt from being placed underground to die. Not only buried alive but also sodomized just prior to being buried. 

We were able to reach this 18 year old and drove out the demons that were holding her (her name was Mary) captive all of these many hundreds of years. She was set free to go to Jesus for healing. 

Another ancestral dissociative identity surfaced by the name of Henry who was Dave’s great-great uncle. He surfaced and revealed he had passed away because of being stabbed by a pitchfork. Henry was sent to Jesus also. 

There were another group of demons named Amakada however these spirits were rooted in the abuse and trauma from the orphanage. 

“We are here because Father Peter! It was his semen that we were attached to. He abused Dave so we entered his body. He was so young. He was only only a few years old. Father Peter was a Satanist and he sodomized him. We are here to because they terrorized the child,” the spirits named Amakada revealed.

Father Peter was a clandestine Satanist. He was not alone. There were many others that controlled this European orphanage. The priests, the nuns and the staff were conspiring to birth Illuminati controlled human-robots. More on this in a minute. Should we be surprised? The Satanists forcefully took control of the orphanage and turned it into a secretive facility to implement Monarch Illuminati programming through sadistic acts. So many hundreds of children were targeted. Dave estimated, perhaps, 300+ young people were in this orphanage back in the late 1950’s through the mid 1960’s. The children were enslaved and were subjected to horrific beatings, night terrors, and sexual abuse. Some of the children were even sacrificed to Satan. What I heard in this deliverance session was devilish. Words do not do justice to describe the depths of evil. 

Father Peter as directed by his presiding Bishop ensured that little Dave was initiated into the Illuminati through a disgusting ceremony called, “Sacrifice of Puberty,” which involved sodomy. This kind of evil brought upon deep and complex trauma that created many little dissociative identities. Moreover, we discovered that even prior to his birth, while in his mother’s womb, Dave endured such trauma that brought about numerous little baby parts. We had to battle monsters (demons) that held the little pre-natal parts in captivity. They were freed from their dungeons and experienced the love and healing of Jesus!

As you can imagine all of this involved intense warfare. As we battled on the behalf of Dave it was also revealed there were 6 levels of Monarch programming:


  1. Alpha–which involved complex programming that consisted of being attached to the neurological system. I spent considerable time, systematically, extracting the spirits from the neurological system. 
  2. Quantas–which involved trigger words that were implanted within the soul nature to bring about a specific emotional and spiritual response that allowed the priests and nuns to exert control. Quantas was specifically located within the spine. 
  3. Meredith–this level of programming was located within the ear gate that allowed the Satanists control over his hearing.
  4. Sefra–this complex programming was to bring about silence. This allows the satanic acts continue without anyone ever knowing.
  5. Supra
  6. Herzon

Allow me to stop here and explain something. Dave, during the exorcism, inquired why nobody was able to speak out and expose this evil. We are speaking of several hundred young people never revealing, to even each other, the depths of the evil being perpetrated. Even years after escaping the orphanage he was never able to reveal the secrets. It’s because the Illuminati employs sophisticated mind controlling techniques and mechanisms to ensure silence is enforced. 

While dismantling the programming a human interject surfaced, by the name of Manuel, who was able to invade Dave’s soul as a result of his living with him after Dave’s escape from the orphanage. Manuel was a cruel man intent on controlling Dave. He was able to control because of his supernatural ability to interject within Dave’s soul nature. We removed Manuel in Jesus name and the demon attached to him, named menacing. 

As we entered the deeper levels of the programming we discovered that Herzon held onto multiple programmed mechanisms, some of which were rooted in Rosicrucianism. I have spent many hours deprogramming, over the years, those enslaved to Rosicrucianism and know it involves intense warfare and persistence. The programmed mechanisms include rica, penton, uzin, parma, filon, pontac, narac, and raco. These were demolished in the name of Jesus along with the many evil spirits attached to them. 

We also encountered many more evil spirits, broken heart parts, ancestral parts and mind controlling programming. The demons were expelled. The hearts were healed and many physical pains healed by Jesus! As you can imagine, this ministry took much spiritual effort and was needing rest however less than an hour later I was scheduled to conduct a public meeting. What was beautiful about this public meeting was Dave was involved and ministered, after just receiving deliverance himself, to those broken in heart and witnessed mighty miracles. 

This is the master plan of Jesus work –set the captives free and allow them to minister unto to others! Developing ministers so that more workers can be raised to battle the forces of evil. After the meeting, Dave approached me and now desires to be ordained (he’s been on the mission field in China, for the past decade, working a full time secular job and ministering). I look forward to sharing with everyone the amazing miracles that took place in Montreal during our public meeting! 

We were scheduled to be in Vancouver, British Columbia and had great difficulty obtaining a flight thus forcing us to cancel. Many delays, cancellations and disruptions because of this massive winter cold front that is brining the temperatures below zero. Moreover, we have postponed our South Texas meetings until a future date. Thank you for praying in the name of Jesus. God has been faithful to perform great works in our midst!

Jesus is Lord!

3am Deliverance Meeting in Memphis, Now Pittsburgh

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m currently in snowy and cold Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where I have been conducting more ministry meetings. We arrived a few days from Memphis, Tennessee where we held a few meetings for those needing deliverance and healing in Memphis, Tennessee and Mound Bayou, Mississippi. Thus far we have seen some amazing works of the Holy Spirit in the lives of many souls. In our group meeting in Mound Bayou, which was held in a public school hall, we experienced some supernaturally thrilling acts of power of the Holy Spirit including:

~Souls being delivered from demonic spirits

~Souls physically healed

~Holy angels assisted us in ministering to those bound by demons

~Many broken heart parts supernaturally healed by Jesus

~Holy Spirit descended in great power to drive out evil

After teaching from the Scriptures for several hours I began to pray for those who assembled in this school hall. Within seconds evil spirits manifested from within a young girl –perhaps 10 years of age– and immediately we drove the demons out of her in Jesus name. She testified of feeling released and relief. We also noticed another young lady manifesting demons. There were some vicious spirits within her named Destroyer who had entered through the ancestral bloodline some 160 years earlier because of the sins of murder, bloodshed, and destruction. These curses were renounced. Furthermore, we discovered many other evil spirits named Infirmity, Mind Control, Defiance, and Witchcraft. All of these were commanded out of her body in Jesus name. She also testified of feeling released and comforted by the Holy Spirit. I should also add that this dear woman also experienced deep inner healing as a few parts of her broken heart surfaced –a 7 year old and a 12 year old and they were both were honored to see the risen Jesus and were healed.

While ministering to that young lady, her younger sister, surfaced demon spirits. Within seconds of praying for her, the demons violently threw her to the floor. She rolled from my end of the hall to the other in a frenzy. With great strength the spirits surfaced to the point where they turned over a table in the hall and chairs scattered. While she rolled I asked for the fire of the Holy Spirit to descend and to fall upon the ground. When the fire consumed the ground the demons immediately got up as they didn’t want to be consumed by the holy fire. It was also beautiful to see the holy angels come into the hall and assist me in restraining the violence of the powers of Satan. I even, at one point, asked for the angels, to place her back in the chair which she was sitting on prior to be thrown to the ground, they obeyed and lifted her back into her chair without human aid. 

This precious lady also had a spirit named Destroyer. Along with this violent demon were spirits of Jezebel that held onto her eyes. In Jesus name I commanded the demons to depart from the eyes and she immediately testified of being able to see in her eyes where previously she was not able to without the aid of glasses. This year we have see so many healed of varying degrees of blindness and I am astonished to see the powerful work of the Holy Spirit move in this area of healing. All of these vile spirits were told to leave and they entered the pit in Jesus name!

Another woman present was liberated from the powers of mental illness, insanity, trauma, Jezebel and torment. Others experienced freedom from various kinds of torments, afflictions and curses by the power of the blood of Jesus.

There were some very unique encounters with the supernatural on this night –at one point an mighty angel pulled out a spear and struck a stubborn demon which resulted in the demon being greatly weakened. Another time, the Holy Spirit powerful fire fell upon my right hand and I placed my right hand upon the demonized and immediately demons weakened and departed! Awesome God we serve and worship! 

Then we drove back into Memphis for a 3am deliverance meeting that involved in ministering to a young man enslaved to powerful mind controlling spirits as a result of participating in Eastern Mysticism and the occult. He renounced the sins and God was faithful. The demons were were quickly commanded to leave in Jesus name and they departed fro the pit! immediately the man exclaimed: Jay, I haven’t felt this good in years! 

He was happy in Jesus. I am equally happy in Jesus.

5 Year Old Boy Survived Satanic Ceremony, Delivered & Healed in Ohio

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m back on the road for the work of the gospel! My family and I took a flight from Florida back into Dallas. We arrived around midnight. In 12 hours time, I was back at the airport to conduct another long North American mission.

I’m currently in Cleveland, Ohio conducting private meetings for those needing liberation from demons. Earlier today, for many hours, we battled thousands of evil spirits hell bent on staying within a 5 year old boy we ministered to. I’ll refer to him as Max. His parents are medical doctors and have literally done everything possible to seek freedom for their precious boy. Max for the past 5 years has been tormented and have experienced strange spiritual attacks. Nothing has worked to stop these attacks. Nothing. All the specialists and doctors couldn’t locate any medical problems. You and I know why. It’s because of demons. These spiritual enemies cannot be located by science. They are only discovered by the power of Jesus. 

Today, was a day of victory for this precious family, as we discovered numerous evil spirits. They spoke to me and revealed much. 

There was a spirit named “Unhappiness.” He spoke to me. 

“I’m here because his own grandmother cursed him as a baby. She used incantations. She was the babysitter for years and we used her to curse this boy. She sent curses of poverty and muteness to the boy.”

The spirit of unhappiness brought forth numerous problems into the family –discord, chaos, stress, dissatisfaction, and so much more. These spirits were literally trying to destroy the boy and the family. The entire family was affected. My heart ached to hear of their pain. I knew the solution to their pain –JESUS! Just typing that name brings comfort and peace. JESUS! Oh, I love that name of JESUS!

In Jesus name we broke the incantations and the spirits was cast out. It was defeated by King Jesus. However there were many more spirits.

One strong spirit was named Torment. It spoke out of the little boy. 

“We are not leaving. This is our house and we are staying,” the spirit informed me, “We hold on to three pieces of his broken heart: a crawling baby, a 1 year old and a 2 year old.”

The demons were forced to release the heart parts and was able to communicate to the heart parts and they were unified in Jesus name! 

The demons of torment also revealed, “We entered because of the grandmother! She performed a satanic ceremony, with the boy, involving the conjuration of spirits, dancing, trauma and fear!”

The grandmother purposefully traumatized the little boy with fear to gain control over him. The little boy, Max, was stressed. Who wouldn’t be with all of these demons within his little boy however we offered intervention and God rescued this little boy as we were able to drive out these tormenting spirits and break the satanic curses. Torment was also sent to the pit in Jesus name!

Max had also been invaded by thousands of spirits named, “The Irritant” and a spirit named, “Repression,” who boasted he was there to suppress his speech, bring forth autism like symptoms, OCD, to bring stress and to attack various aspects of his body such as his intestines. The spirit of repression begged me to allow him to stay within his intestines. Then he begged me not to destroy the chains that he had around the tongue to tie up his tongue thus causing him the inability to speak.

Obviously, we destroyed this vile spirit by the power of Jesus! He was though forced to take the muteness, the spiritual chains, the pains, the OCD and all of the other afflictions. He was driven out in Jesus name and immediately little Max was able to speak and repeat words that his parents said he never spoke before, like, the word, Bible! God healed this little boy of a varying degree of muteness!

Not only was little Max was set free but also his precious mother from spirits of Jezebel who had entered the generational bloodline via ancestral worship from the 1930’s. There were 20 of these Jezebel demons within her who spoke to me and begged me not to send them out. We also in the past few days here in these private meetings battled armies of demons named fear and evil. These demonic armies were defeated by the blood of Jesus and were sent to the pit! So many victories. God’s angels assisted us and we witnessed again the power of the blood of Jesus in Holy Communion. So much to write about.