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Skeptic Delivered from Jezebel

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,

 This past weekend in Southern California we held a series of meetings that focused on breaking generational curses and the casting out of demons out of hurting people. We also taught from the Holy Scriptures, equipped the saints, encouraged, inspired, cured the afflicted, healed the broken-hearted, and led souls to Jesus! New Testament ministry in action! Some of the incredible highlights include:


  • A number of souls encountered the salvation of Jesus for the very first time
  • A number of disciples saw the risen Jesus
  • A number of disciples were instantly delivered during mass deliverance prayers
  • A number of disciples were exposed to New Testament ministry of driving out evil spirits (in Los Angeles alone I would estimate more than 80% of the audience were new to this ministry)
  • A number of disciples discovered they were dissociative and were supernaturally healed
  • A number of disciples discovered they had demons
  • Millions of demons cried out and were commanded into the pit in Jesus name!
  • Hosts of holy angels arrived and assisted me in spiritual warfare
  • STUNNING miracles of Holy Communion blood
  • STAGGERING miracles of God’s power to restrain the violence of demons
  • AMAZING miracles of the fire of God to destroy demonic spirits

I could go on and on testifying of God’s might. Suffice to say, it was wonderful to be able to reach out to the hurting. Jesus was glorified.
Several people were shocked when they discovered they had indwelling demons. One such individual was Amanda (pictured with me above in our San Diego meeting hall). She came to the services in LA and San Diego for the sake of her teenage son but had no idea to the extent of her demonization until I asked her to hold the precious blood of the Lamb in the Holy Communion cup. She couldn’t do it! She tried and tried but couldn’t do it. She was stunned.
Why couldn’t she embrace the cup? Demons. The evil spirits within her did not want to be anywhere near the blood of Christ. At one point, Amanda, even used her other arm and hand in an attempt to strengthen her other arm to embrace the cup of Holy Communion that I held in my hand. She couldn’t do it. It was supernatural. It was miraculous power in action in dramatic fashion.
I believe with all of my heart the transformative power of the Holy Communion. I can bear witness of this supernatural Jesus power thousands of times in nearly 30 years of global gospel ministry. Many assembled in Southern California were shocked as they looked upon.
“Why did you find us!” the spirits of Jezebel asked me, speaking through Amanda, “How did you do it? We were going to kill her. You stopped us. Nobody knew about us. NOBODY! You were the first one!”
I think a major contributing factor to this ability to get this secretive and ancient demon to surface was our usage of the Holy Communion in our exorcisms. It’s quite evident that I provoked the demon with the cup of blessing.
I battled the Jezebel spirits back and it SCREAMED LOUDLY! It was so angry and furious. After commanding the demons of Jezebel out of this woman she was drastically healed and delivered. I know there’s some more work to be done however she was powerfully liberated in so many ways and for two days testified of the supernatural change.
Amanda also revealed that she came to my meeting as a skeptic. She thought I had pre-planned the exorcisms and it was all of a set up. She thought all of it was a fake. She was looking around trying to figure out who were the actors in this exorcism scheme. After her extraordinary deliverance, she realized this wasn’t a scheme but a powerful move of the Holy Spirit.
For days she had a look of shock in her eyes. She couldn’t believe but couldn’t deny she had been transformed by Jesus and His love for her!

Lucifer Crushed by King Jesus in Los Angeles

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


After my last meeting in San Diego, when I traveled back home, my little boy, Ford (age 9), enthusiastically asked about this latest mission. He wanted to know how Jesus worked. Then Ford shared about a dream he had where some evil birds tried to attack him but he said Jesus was there as a protective shield around him, keeping him from the evil. He was excited to share how he saw Jesus and that He protected him. Second Thessalonians 3:3 promises, “The Lord is faithful and He is will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one.”


My friends, this last service at the Temple of Salvation was filled with the amazing miraculous wonders of Jesus. So many were touched. Including this Chinese couple who came to our meeting hoping for some healing and deliverance. God did not disappoint.


As I approached Justin (pictured above with me) the evil spirits quickly rose up within him. The shook his body violently and screamed out of him.


“He belongs to us! We have been here a very long time, for thousands of years,” the wicked spirits revealed to me, “His ancestors were involved in ancestral worship and idol-worshipping thus our rights to his bloodline.”


I also discovered that Justin was a first generation Christian; no previous Christians were known in his family. No wonder the mass numbers of evil spirits within him –during this intense exorcism we discovered there were millions of demonic spirits within him.


As I confronted the demons the power of Jesus rose up within me and I called forth the holy angels of God and the power of the fire of the Holy Spirit! The evil spirits within Justin shrieked and groaned in agony.


“We see the light of Jesus in your eyes!” the demonic spirits confessed to me, “The light is so bright; your eyes are like lasers! They are piercing us!”


The demonic forces were in torment by simply looking at my eyes. They could see the risen Jesus within me. Makes me feel good by even typing this out; to know Jesus is fully living within me and manifesting His very presence through my eyes brings me great comfort. I must be doing something right! HA! Thank you Lord Jesus!


What was staggering was after the exorcism, Justin revealed, that he could see from afar the demons acting out within his body and speaking through him. He shared some amazing insights:

  • He could see the risen Jesus within me and around me.
  • He could see the holy angels (reaching heights of 12 feet) behind me (Jay‘s note: I have been told by many that I have a incredibly massive holy angel that is often near me).
  • He couldn’t believe that he was forced from the bench he was sitting on and taken up by some invisible force to the front of the sanctuary (Jay‘s note: I had called for the holy angels to carry him to the front of the meeting hall so I could minister to Justin as demons manifested from within him).

As I confronted the millions of demons within Justin the power of God was weakening the invading unholy spirits. They cried out.
“We had his family bloodline because they sacrificed pigs and chickens through the years,” the spirits confessed, “They participated in so much darkness and we hold captive his heart.”
Not only were there demons but also dissociative parts (read more about this below in our latest teaching). A young 6 year old boy surfaced who was so scared. I spoke to him and led him to Jesus for healing. I continued on with my battle against the powers of darkness.
As the exorcism continued on I began to ask for the holy angels to torture the demons –which they did. The demons begged for me to stop. The angels struck the demons with their swords and brought the demons to their knees. I also utilized and called down the fire of God and they SCREAMED in pain.
We also found out that many of these demons were holding his spiritual gifts in captivity. The evil spirits even remarked how they had them “locked” and were not about to release them. How many of you reading this email update have gifts, destinies and divine capabilities locked up by the enemy?
I commanded the demons to release the spiritual gifts. They obeyed. The wicked spirits of death, Leviathan, Baal, fear, and Lucifer were all defeated and sent to the pit in Jesus name! As they departed; they swiftly exited and he was thrown to the ground. Justin laid there for some time before I assisted him back up. From death to life in Jesus name!
Justin is fired up my friends. I fully expect this man to be used mightily of God in the years to come. He will be powerfully used of the Holy Spirit to reach many.
Not only was Justin delivered; but his girlfriend, Ivy (pictured above) too. She was delivered from demons of rejection and a pre-natal dissociative identity surfaced and cried out. This little part was communicated with and guided back to Jesus for healing. Ivy reported of feeling much better.
All night long, for many hours, we ministered to the captives. Many other miracles took place including a woman’s eyesight which dramatically improved after her deliverance and healing. Another example of varying degree of blindness removed by the power of Jesus. This woman needs our prayers for her faith to be strengthened, to believe in her continued healing, as she is shocked by what transpired in her life –her healing and deliverance.
We have seen so many eyes opened and cured by Jesus. We have great faith in this area and trust for many more souls to be healed in Jesus name!

Demonstration of the Power of God in Southern California

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


We are grateful to see Jesus work so powerfully in our public meetings in Los Angeles and San Diego these past few days. On Saturday, at the Temple of Salvation located in the heart of Hollywood we witnessed the power of the Lord Jesus Christ in setting many captives free. I encountered incredible spiritual liberty to teach and minister and we witnessed the fruit of it as many souls were delivered.


After teaching from the WORD and leading everyone in Holy Communion I began to sense the Holy Spirit move in the midst of the congregation. Just prior to leading everyone in mass deliverance prayers; many in the crowd began to cough at once. Many were testifying of experiencing immediate freedom from demonic torment and bondage. It was very encouraging to see however I knew many were needing deeper deliverance.


One of the first ladies I began to pray for was Ivet (pictured with me above; post deliverance). As I laid my hands upon her many evil spirits surfaced including legions of witchcraft demons. They groaned and moaned and contorted her body in a grotesque manner. They twisted her limbs and cried out in spiritual agony. I applied incredible spiritual pressure upon the demons.


I utilized Holy Communion (all night long the demons reacted violently to the blood of Christ), sacred oil, my cross of deliverance and the mighty holy angels. The angels quickly descended from the heavens and battled the invading demons within Ivet. I asked them to take out their swords and to attack the demons; which they did thereby greatly weakening them.


“We have been here for so long. We have been in her bloodline for many generations because they participated in idolatry and witchcraft,” the spirits of witchcraft revealed to me, “We will not leave. We have rights to this woman.”


Not for long however! Ivet renounced the curse of witchcraft and the curse of Jezebel. The demons were furious as a result.


They violently threw her body onto the floor of the sanctuary and thrashed her body about. The demons were horribly afflicting this woman. I called forth the holy angels and they quickly assisted me in picking Ivet off the ground (I never physically assisted her off the ground as the angels picked her up). The holy angels blessed our meeting with their presence and their work. Many who had assembled were stunned to see what transpired.


Not only were there demons within Ivet there were many broken heart parts present too. I spoke to them and guided them to Jesus. There was also a human interject within this woman –a witch. I sent the witchdoctor to Jesus. Moreover, many ancestral heart parts were present and they too were guided to Jesus. Amazing inner healing and restoration took place.


Eventually the demons cried out that they were giving up as the power of God was too strong. We demonstrated, once again, the superior power of Jesus, to those whom had assembled. We commanded the the many evil spirits to the pit and Ivet was liberated. She jumped for joy and yelled, “I’M FREE, JAY!” It was beautiful to behold!


Not only were demons cast out, hearts healed and bodies cured of various afflictions –SOULS WERE SAVED BY JESUS! It was very encouraging to witness several hurting individuals surrender to the salvation found only in the Lord Jesus Christ! In each Southern Californian meeting souls have been saved and for this we rejoice as the holy angels are rejoicing!

Freedom Fighter in the Middle East Driving Out Demons & Healing Dissociation!

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


As some of you know I have conducted multiple missions in the Middle East over the years. For a number of years I was visiting this troubled region several times a year. However, in the past few years, I have curtailed these missions due to the lack of support. Which is sad. I should be making multiple trips into this region for the sake of furthering the Kingdom of God. (If you are interested in investing in our Middle Eat outreach please click here.)


These missions as you can imagine involve investing substantial funds in order to carry out these ministry trips. We have seen many souls impacted with the gospel, over the years, in this region of the world —many Muslims have surrendered to the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior as a result of our evangelistic efforts. We have conducted some very intense exorcisms in this part of the world and look forward to returning as God provides.


These mission efforts could be the reason why I received some death threats recently. In my last email update, to our friends, I reported of a murderous threat my family received that include the referencing to “Jihadi John,” (that was an aspect of the email I didn’t share previously) the infamous Islamic extremist, who was behind some of the recent barbaric beheadings that occurred in Syria.


Our Middle Eastern outreach includes training and equipping the Body of Christ to carry on the works of Jesus in this region of the world. One of our most recent graduates of the Freedom Fighter International Training Center is located in one of the largest Islamic nations in the region and has been ministering to those enslaved to demons. His report will inspire you:


“Taught and ministered to the brother and battled evil spirits for eight and a half hours. We were in the tenth floor of the hotel building as I placed my hand with Holy Oil on his forehead two things happened, firstly many doves began to make themselves known at the windows (they were nowhere to be seen until that very moment) and secondly a fierce, violent demon surfaced contorted his face, his body began to shake uncontrollably, his chin was shuddering, he could not stand it when I placed the sword of the spirit on him. 


This demon gave this brother a false sense of power and control over me, it spoke in a different deeper voice and said that “it will control and destroy me”. Further on, the demon said “do you think your faith is enough to cast me out?” The Holy Angels were battling these evil spirits alongside me. For the first two hours it seemed that we were not weakening them, so I cut off all sources of power that gave these evil spirits strength, destroyed and stripped the evil spirits of all armor, jewelry, crowns, weapons, devices, portals, silver cords, cut-off all communication amongst them etc. this made them significantly weaker. 


We then discovered curses of ancestral masonry, divination, occult rituals and astral projection. We dealt with each individually. Then a four year old dissociative identity surfaced for a few seconds and disappeared, we had to break down castle walls and open dungeons to release the little boy, he then said “a black ghost like figure jumped on him and entered him, and kept him in fear all this time”, he was guided to Jesus and the brother testified of an incredibly warm healing that came over his heart. 


I attempted again to gain access to the name and legal right of the strongman that surfaced and spoke in the beginning, but it literally locked up the tongue and jaw of the brother, he could not speak for some time and the Holy Angels assisted greatly in warring against this. I must be absolutely honest it was really frustrating and taxing as this evil spirit boasted of its power but would not release information to me, we had to be persistent and not give up! 


Around the seventh hour we discovered a secret legal right from soul ties, again the brother repented and renounced it. We were constantly using all the sacred Holy weapons to weaken the evil spirits, it seemed that there were many as we delved deeper into the inner world. Needless to say the strong man was not cooperating until the eighth hour when the brother said suddenly out of his own will “I do not want the false power from this evil spirit anymore!” This literally broke the back of the strongman, and the legal right was exposed. 

The brother was in fact using and relying on the false power that the strongman was giving him in his life, and only late into the exorcism was this relationship between the strongman and the brother made clear. That is what the strongman’s legal right was and what he did not want exposed. The brother then began burping out the evil spirits. And like the sun breaks through the morning horizon so to the love and comfort was restored to this man, a new day was given to him, his liberation was seen in the physical, his face, eyes, body language, voice, and smile was beaming with light.

I am absolutely grateful and honored that Jesus gave us the strength to endure and prevailed over the evil spirits in this brother. What was even more astonishing is post deliverance how excited this brother was to serve Jesus! It was just out of this world how pumped up he was to have an intimate relationship with Christ our King, and how he was going to teach his children about deliverance – absolute glory to Jesus.”

Note what I underscored –this man’s deliverance will impact his family. This is about transforming family trees –one by one! This is what we are about –reaching one soul, one family, at a time. This is significant. 

Ominous Threat: “ISIS will come for you next and execution will be your destiny!!”

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


That grim title I’m sure got your attention. Trust me; it got my attention too. I’m going to share more on this very serious forebodding murderous threat in a moment. I think this threat connects with what recently transpired in British Columbia on our most recent mission there. I do not believe in random occurrences…..


For the past several years, in my travels throughout Canada, I have noticed a trend that has concerned me. While entering into the Canadian customs area I have experienced consistent troubles. Generally, when one visits another country you will be briefly interviewed by custom agents and promptly waved on. This has, generally, been my experience too, as I travel to every continent of the world. Not so in Canada. Of all places –Canada!


My last few travels into Canada has been a hassle; especially this last mission into British Columbia. I rented a vehicle in Seattle and drove onward to the Canadian border (which I have done multiple times). My ministry partner and I were interviewed by the border police and questioned. Numerous questions (more so then usual) were asked and when it was discovered that we had 10 Bibles that prompted an investigation.


We were directed from the main customs checkpoint to the border police facility. The agent was angry. He immediately inquired about our exorcism work (I didn’t even mention anything about exorcism; or anything remotely to it). It was obvious they had done their research. However, up to this point, I do not believe, conducting exorcisms is illegal in Canada. So, they had no legal grounds. But, they wanted to make this experience an uncomfortable one for me, so they directed me to sit down and wait as they continued their investigation. 


Obviously, we were not involved in any illegal or immoral activities so our wait wasn’t long. We were eventually released to go over the border. However, this experience is speaking volumes to me.

  • It’s quite clear I’m on some kind of Canadian border “watch list.”
  • It’s clear the Canadian border police has investigated me.
  • It’s clear the Canadian custom agents are dismayed we are involved in Christian activities.
  • It’s clear I’m a target on multiple levels….

Yes, I’m a target! All of these experiences are interconnected. Glance at that title of this update again. The enemies of the cross –physical & spiritual– are looking to destroy me. This email was sent to me earlier today:

“We are going to kill you and your family and all of the Christians in this land you disorganise our religion we will disorganise your lives! Fear and terror is dominant now. ISIS will come for you next and execution will be your destiny!!”

My friends, this is a very serious death threat. The demonic forces behind ISIS have indeed risen to bring fear and terror onto the lands of the world. I will refuse to back down! I will rise up, in the power of the Holy Spirit, and speak the TRUTH that Jesus is LORD who overcomes fear and terror. I’m concerned that most disciples of the Lord are asleep as ISIS and their demons are advancing throughout the world with very little spiritual resistance. One means to resist their advances? 

Conducting exorcisms! Expelling demons in the name of Jesus. Yes, I might be on the watch list of governments of the world but more importantly I’m on the watch list of hell. The kingdom of darkness are desiring to kill me and my family. 

Even in the midst of these persecutions I will continue onward for the gospel as I did this weekend while ministering in Surrey, British Columbia. Our public meeting consisted of teaching (“Defeating Witchcraft”), partaking of Holy Communion and driving out demons. 

While leading everyone in Holy Communion, a man, perhaps in his 60’s, was immediately set free from tormenting spirits. They swiftly departed and he was so happy to experience deliverance. I was joyful too. His face shone of the light of Jesus. 

“Brother Jay, while partaking of the blood of Jesus, I felt the demons exit my body. I’m free! Thank you Jesus!”

There is power in the blood of Christ. I also had the opportunity to assist in the deliverance of a Russian woman (pictured above with her son-in-law) who had attended many of my meetings over the years but yet never receiving deliverance. This time was different. As I began to minister to her; her body shook. I commanded the demons of death, witchcraft and Jezebel to release her in Jesus name. They quickly departed and she testified of feeling 100% peace. 

I knew this woman’s deliverance would be quick. She came from a Godly heritage. Her Russian father was a pastor who was placed in prison for preaching the gospel. Her mother was very committed to the gospel inasmuch to move next door to the very prison her husband was placed in. 

Her son-in-law (pictured above with me) testified of experiencing extraordinary blessings as a result of his powerful deliverance in our last mission to Vancouver just several weeks ago. He’s walking in the fullness of the Holy Spirit and encountering tremendous spiritual and material blessings. Actually, it was staggering to hear. He’s even lost 16 pounds and was given a lucrative job that includes usage of a company car. More importantly, he’s close to Jesus and experiencing His life! 

My friends, though we were small in number and I was extremely tired due to all of the traveling —from the tip of South America to the Western coast of British Columbia– God was gracious to give us grace. He is my DELIVERER! 

In Latin America: Lucifer to the Pit!

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


The last few days I was able to spend some downtime in South Florida. I have been more and more cognizant of the need to be refreshed and rest. As many of you know I suffered a serious injury to my vocal cords last year, while in Montreal, Quebec, which forced me to make some serious changes to the ministry work I’m involved in.


I was given the opportunity to visit with a world-reknown otolaryngologist who, after an examination, soberly explained to me that my vocal cords had been severely damaged and I, perhaps, would not be able to reverse the damages. It was stated that I might be relegated to speaking in a whisper like voice because of the terrible abuse placed upon my vocals.


Obviously, I was jolted. I sought the Lord Jesus and He miraculously healed my vocals. However, God required me to be prudent so I made some immediate changes in my life such as seeking more periods of rest. It has helped to maintain my healing. My vocals have strengthened and I’m grateful to God. So, before heading onward to this most recent international journey, I spent a day or so on the beach resting.


In fact, it was very enjoyable. I even had the opportunity to swim with some incredibly large Monterey stingrays, three of them, while in the Atlantic Ocean. From South Florida I traveled onward, on a midnight flight, to Central America where I’m currently in Panama City, Panama. 

As some of you know, we have made more then a dozen trips in Central and South America in recent years involving planting churches and evangelizing in multiple nations. To chronicle the incredible miracles we witnessed I wrote a small book journaling all of the supernatural acts of the Holy Spirit we encountered. But, haven’t been back to this part of the world, in some time, so it has been wonderful to be able to travel back to this region and conduct a mission. 

In our meeting earlier tonight, in the city, I had the wonderful opportunity to lead a mother in a powerful deliverance. As we prayed for her, demons surfaced. Many evil spirits surfaced including spirits of Jezebel, mind control, and Lucifer. 

“We have been here a very long time,” the demonic spirits informed me boastfully, “Her ancestors, hundreds of years ago, participated in eating other humans and other pagan practices. So, we entered her family.”

We also discovered that there were a number of witchcraft demons within this woman too. They were afflicting her with intense physical pain. 

“We cause the pain,” the spirits of witchcraft confessed to me, “Her ancestors practiced witchcraft and so did she thus our ability to enter her body. We have deceived her and are the ones behind the deception we placed her in.”

Though the demons battled us; they quickly lost. The power of the risen Jesus was too great for them. All of these demons were commanded into the pit, including the many Lucifer spirits that were coordinating all of these attacks upon this mother. After her deliverance, she was so happy, joyful and peaceful. She had been waiting for this –for many, many years! The physical pains disappeared and her broken heart (there were many dissociative identities within her) experienced deep healing as they were guided to Jesus.

Teenager Released from the Curse of Satanism

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Yesterday, I received a encouraging email from a disciple who purchased one of our books and the entire family is being impacted as a result. This reveals, once again, how our many publications are reaching generations of believers thus equipping the church. She writes:


“I just read your book Exploring the Supernatural, the Strange and the Supernatural…. I loved it! Very informative! My mom just finished reading it and now my hubby is about to start reading it too. I pray for you often! God bless!”

Our global mission is much more then simply deliverance ministry, open air preaching, or speaking in churches. We are equipping the church to carry on the works of Jesus. We train the church through our Freedom Fighter International Training Center and through our many publications. We teach, instruct, and expose believers to elements of the faith that are simply dismissed or ignored by mainstream Christianity. We dare to be different and as a result tens of thousands of disciples of Jesus have been impacted.


It’s interesting that our first book is still being read by so many. That volume exposes, from a basic standpoint, the realities of the forces of Satanism and the occult that Christians need to be aware of. We are called to defeat, in the power of Jesus, these evil powers. But you must be aware of them thus our volumes. For there are millions upon millions around the world suffering from the powerful forces of darkness in the realms of witchcraft, sorcery and Satanism.


We came face to face with these powers of Satanism in our last meeting. For the past several days we have trekked across 8 different states here in the United States and have driven many miles to rescue souls for Jesus. In our last mission in Georgia we ministered to a young 16 year old teenager by the name of Sheila. She was needing freedom from evil spirits. Her family contacted us and we responded. Within minutes of praying over her; demons surfaced and spoke to us.

“She’s MINE! Don’t you understand she’s mine!,” the evil spirits angrily stated, “We have been hiding for a very long time. Many pastors and ministers couldn’t find us. We have been operating in secret.”

We discovered that these wicked spirits had been in her generational bloodline for nearly a thousand years! Why? Because her ancestors participated in devil worship –Satanism! They delved into human sacrifice and communed with demons. Those grievous practices opened the door for the curse of Satanism to be placed upon the family. This curse was never broken thus it traveled from one generation to the next without any hinderance. Which would explain why this young lady participated in great evil herself such as self mutilation and drugs.


There were spirits of Jezebel, fear, death and Satanism within this young woman that surfaced. Many of them were holding onto her broken heart. I spoke to the various parts of her heart.

  • 4 year old part. She had been placed in a darkened closet as a little girl by some older kids thus traumatizing her soul.
  • 6 year old part. She had been inappropriately touched by a man in a store.
  • 10 year old part. She fell off a swing and was made fun of by her peers.
  • 15 year old part. She was emotionally sick. Disappointed with life.

As you can see it doesn’t take much to bring about soul fragmentation. I deal with this –dissociation (broken hearts)– on a daily basis in some manner; with broken people from around the world. This mission, perhaps, encounters more dissociative souls, in our public and private meetings, then any other mission on earth. This is a high calling and honor we take very serious. Broken hearts trust us and thus surface to be guided to Jesus for healing.
Sheila was sad and broken however there is hope in Jesus! We battled the demons in Jesus name. At one point, I called forth the holy angels and they swiftly utilized their mighty swords thus damaging the invading demons. Many hundreds of demons were defeated.
“Yes, we will leave; we hate you!,” the demons responded, “We will slit your friend’s throat though.”
My friend, a young man I have been mentoring and who traveled with me on this most recent mission, shared his testimony of experiencing incredible healing from dissociation and demonization. The devils were furious with him for sharing his testimony thus they aggressively responded with a death threat. It greatly encouraged my friend and he simply SMILED knowing that he must have been doing something right for the demons to react in such a manner.
The disciples we are mentoring and equipping are receiving death threats. This encourages my heart, in the sense, that the enemy must find these believers a threat to go to the great lengths of wanting to murder them. This mission is performing a unique service in the world. I’m humbled before our great God whom deserves all praise.
This 16 year old teenager was set free as all of these demons were commanded into the pit in Jesus name. They flew out of her. The heart parts were supernaturally healed and she was joyful knowing Jesus rescued her from the curse and demons of Satanism that had her enslaved.

Nestled in the Mountains of North Carolina: Demons Threaten to Kill Me!

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


This small town, nestled among the gorgeous mountains of North Carolina, has only 1,700 souls residing here. Yet, in this community there are plenty of demons to drive out. After traveling more then 14+ hours, we arrived into this town determined to see Jesus set the captives free. Mary (pictured with me above) has been living a nightmare.


For starters, she had been kidnapped TWICE as a teen. Then endured horrific abuse. Moreover, she lived in a FUNERAL home and a haunted home. I could go on and on. She had been terribly assaulted by evil spirits. They have been unrelenting. Non-stop torment for YEARS driving her to be a recluse.


Jay, I have rarely ventured outside of my house in the past five years,” Mary revealed to me with fear and terror in her eyes, “I have been a recluse because of these devils.”


I also discovered that, with an exception of one pastor who spent about 15 minutes with her, no other disciple of Jesus had intervened in her life to offer ministry. Mary was a church-goer, a very nice lady, with a soft heart but within minutes of talking with her I also uncovered that she had never been born again. I took a few minutes out and shared the good news of Jesus with her. Immediately the love of God captured her heart and she READILY prayed with me to receive salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ! For 51 years of her life, nobody came along to introduce her to a relationship with Jesus. So sad.


This global mission is centered in evangelism. We are always looking for avenues to proclaim the gospel. It has been my high honor, over the many years of ministry, to personally lead tens of thousands of souls to salvation in King Jesus. Here again, on this night, in a small community nestled in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina, I was given another opportunity to lead a hurting soul to Jesus. This never gets old.


After leading her to Jesus I began to minister deliverance to her. For hours, we encountered many differing kinds of demons –thousands upon thousands of them. There was Legion, chocking spirits, witchcraft, and American Indian spirits named Cherokee (an actual Indian tribe here in the United States). Interestingly enough, we conducted this meeting in Cherokee County. These were territorial demons that were linked to this specific land. They did not want to go to the pit! But, they did in Jesus name.


One group of spirits that surfaced were named “Murder.” He was furious with me for daring to confront him. At one point, he was so angry that he looked at me and said he would not only kill Mary but he would also kill me. I placed my holy cross of deliverance upon him and it greatly weakened him.


“Get that thing off of me,” he said several times in disgust, “We know where you live and we have been following you Jay Bartlett.”


This is very strange. I get this often where demons will remark that they know of me. That they follow me. I can recall hearing this all over the world in the midst of an exorcism. Murder was also driven out in the name of Jesus. Many other demons were confronted and commanded into the pit including spirits of death.


After hours of deliverance, Mary grew understandably weak and needed to rest. So we stopped. Obviously, there was much more work that needs to be accompolished but I’m grateful to the Lord for the opportunity to give this woman some hope. Moreover, giving her the opportunity to surrender to Jesus Christ!

Chronicling the Battles in British Columbia Part III

Thursday, July 16th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


This last mission was extraordinary. Yes, we taught from the Holy Scriptures but we also demonstrated the power of the WORD. As the apostle Paul declared to the Corinthians, thousands of years ago, the Kingdom of God in not merely of talk but of power (see 1 Corinthians 4:20). We desire to clearly demonstrate to the unbeliever and believer alike that our God is a living God who is able. Throughout the series of meetings and seminars we conducted in British Columbia we witnessed powerful manifestations of God’s holy power.


For hours, demons were restrained by the holy angels that swiftly arrived. The holy angels froze those who were demonized; to ensure the demon possessed wouldn’t be thrown about violently. The mighty angels, dozens of times, would straighten out twisted limbs to ensure bodies were in proper order. God’s angels fought in great power those demons that battled me. There were times the angels struck the demons with swords and spears that weakened the unclean spirits. The demons begged me to stop calling the holy angels. HA!


For hours, I utilized holy anointing oil that could be felt by the invading demonic spirits. They would scream, groan, moan, as they could feel the fire of the Holy Spirit descend upon them. The fire of God burned up the demons, diseases and death. Many in the services were cured of various addictions and afflictions.


For hours, I utilized my holy cross of deliverance, which caused the demons to scream in great torment and pain. The cross was “heavy” at times to the spirits. Other times, the cross “burned” the evil spirits. The cross of Christ was used to defeat the powers of darkness. There is power in the cross of Jesus!


For hours, in the name and the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, I utilized His power, by virtue of who I am in Him, over very strong and aggressive demons. This included very strong demons; high level spirits such as Moloch, Baal, Jezebel, Mammon, spirits of Lucifer and many others. One group of demons we encountered, within a middle-aged woman, were millions of Hindu spirits such as Kali and Shiva. These spirits, alone, hold in spiritual slavery –close to a BILLION SOULS IN THE WORLD! This is astonishing if you ponder this reality.


These demons were within a lady who sat to the left of me during our evening service in downtown Vancouver where I conducted a deliverance meeting. There were millions of these demons, within this woman, that boasted how they had been in the bloodline for many generations and were rooted in ancestral blood sacrifices –such as human and animal sacrifices. Though these powers were strong; they must bow (and did bow) to the Lordship of Jesus! All of these numerous Hindu spirits flew out of this woman and she was set free from generational Hinduism.