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Christian Skeptic Exorcised from Evil Spirits in Southern California!

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Recall my sharing in my last update of a young woman who was rendered mute by a demon power in our last service in Pasadena? It was an extraordinary encounter with the supernatural –the demonic and the superior powers of God!

She came to the service at the invitation of a friend who attended one of my recent seminars in Orange County, California. This friend, a minister of the gospel, came to learn about the deliverance ministry not knowing she had demons herself and SOUL INVADERS! She was astonished to discover she had been invaded by demonic spirits and foreign soul parts.

She was set free by the power of God and experienced a mighty outpouring of the Holy Spirit within her life. She was shocked by what took place in our meeting and decided to invite others to our services, including this young woman, pictured with me above (and her boyfriend).

She sat with her boyfriend, to my right, towards the back of the hall. She looked at me during the service very skeptical of what I was teaching and sharing. Moreover, her boyfriend, I could tell, had a difficult time believing too. After the service, they both confirmed what I initially observed –both were skeptical of me and the idea of them having demons. Furthermore, the boyfriend, considered me a “fraud.” However, both of their views about me, personally, radically changed, after an exorcism took place that involved the girlfriend.

I have seen many hundreds of people who have attended our seminars and missions, over the years, who came to our  services skeptical. Many outright believed I was a fraud, a fake, a showman, a false prophet and a scam-artist, only to leave believing that what they experienced was a true move of God because they themselves were liberated from demons and soul invaders, which they previously believed they did not have within their lives.

Well, this past Sunday, that’s exactly what happened. This couple came skeptical but left the service totally believing in the work we are conducting for Jesus. During the middle of the Sunday service, the young lady began to have difficulty speaking and praying. Not only was it challenging for her to speak but gradually her condition progressed to the point where she was rendered MUTE!

I inquired what was wrong and she couldn’t mutter a single word. I have seen this countless times over the years. Demons are known to make their victims mute. Incidentally, I was teaching from the WORD earlier on the young boy, in Mark 9, who was rendered mute by a evil spirit. Everyone was amazed that a professing Christian woman could not speak. The demons within her life, caused her to become MUTE! What transpired was astounding.

Powerful generational spirits of Jezebel manifested and surfaced. They were determined to keep her. They were willing to battle me. So, we battled back in the name of Jesus. The Body of Christ utilized their swords and commanded the demons to release this young woman. The spirits resisted and I called for the holy angels of God and they greatly assisted me too in striking the inner demons with their holy swords.

At first the demons were effective in warding off our weapons due to the heavy spiritual armor they were wearing. We commanded the armor to be dissolved and removed. Jezebel was exposed and was vulnerable. We went on the offensive and warred against these spirits.

“We have been here for thousands of years, as her ancestors participated in blood sacrifices that involved babies!” the spirits confessed, “As long as humans have been around, we have been here within this family. All the women had us and no one has confronted us directly before. We bring all kinds of physical pains into her body too!”

Mind you again, this was the young lady, who was skeptical of me and the possibility of her having demons within her body, now manifesting some evil spirits and who had rendered her earlier in the service mute!

Fortunately, by God’s grace and mercy, we were able to intervene and and rescue this woman from a very long line of demonic bondage –from the curse of Jezebel. The evil spirits were expelled from her body and mind in the name of Jesus. She was wonderfully free and healed.

“This is amazing. I feel so light and FREE!,” she testified before everyone, “I had no idea that demons were within my life as I’m committed to Jesus and the gospel!”

These spirits were not present because of some personal sin issue but rather an unresolved ancestral curse issue. Many of you, same situation, you love God but you have demons within your life as a result of unresolved generational curse issue.