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Driving Out Demons & Healing Hearts in the Middle East

Thursday, November 28th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I have safely arrived home, by God’s grace, from the Middle East where I traveled and ministered in Dubai and Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. One of the cases I encountered, while conducting some home church meetings, was a very complex one. Yes, while navigating through the complexities of the demonization and dissociation I discovered the grace and mercy of God  at work and witnessed King Jesus setting a precious saint free from horrific demonic bondage. I captured portions of the exorcism on video and will share with you some of the incredible footage  we were able to obtain as we ministered. However, before sharing the video clips I would like to share, in part, an email that this precious saint sent to me earlier today that I believe will bless you.

“Dear Pastor Jay, I have no words to thank you!…and I have no idea how to repay your kindness that you have showed us in Jesus’ name. One thing I promise you, that as long as Father God lends me breath I will consume it for His glory!  There are many man of God, but a few of them are true to the truth! You are one of them Pastor. I was hopeless and helpless and had given up on everything in life… mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually. It was your humility and compassion that has encouraged my soul to see life again and to serve the Lord! Yes, true man of God like you still exists, Praise the Lord and God bless you so much! Pastor, I’ve started writing my testimony and will send it to you soon, I want to glorify the Lord, I want all to know what I was going through so that those who are like me know that there is a way…..! Right now there is so much to say but  All that I can say is I can breathe freely after 40 years of my life! Yesterday night we had bread and wine and praised & worshipped the Lord. Today I am feeling good! Today Pastor I am feeling like a breeze, I’m feeling so light like a feather, no panic attacks, no mind control, no body shaking and a peaceful sleep like a baby – I know I am free!”

What a powerful testimony that glorifies Jesus the Deliverer! This is why I traveled to more than 20 nations this year alone, on 5 continents, in more than 100 cities, spending more than 6 months away from my family ministering to the captives conducting more than 250 ministry events. I do this all because I want precious people to feel FREE! To get a better glimpse of how far this woman has come in her personal journey to freedom and wholeness please view these video clips (clips she agreed for me to share with the world). 

In these video clips you will encounter a a little ancestral baby part, a ancestral male part that is 80 years of age that was suffocated, a part little girl that was both in 1850 that was sacrificed and some encounters with holy angels assisting me in ministry. As you can imagine these ministry sessions went for many hours however I was able to capture a handful of video clips I would like to share with you. Jesus set this woman free and now desires to serve as one of our contacts for the Middle East (along with some other saints there in various emirates within UAE). 

Since I shared from my recent experiences there in the Middle East there has been a great interest in the work we are conducting there. One email came in from the Pacific Northwest from a dear lady who has been inspired by our work. She writes, in part–

“Hi Pastor Jay—When we met in Seattle at your deliverance ministry last summer, I’d mentioned to you that, following my ten-year headlong swan-dive into the New Age cesspool, I took up a five-year, total immersion study of deliverance ministry.  Tracking down every book in the country I could get my hands on [thank God for the public library’s nationwide Inter-Library Loan Program!] Anyway, so many of God’s servants over the past 100 years+ did really extraordinary work in Jesus’ name, all over this planet! However, I am learning SO MANY things from your email updates that NONE of these ministries/ministers encountered—or even mentioned!  I don’t know if this is a function of Satan—”…knowing his time is short…”—hitting ministers like you today with everything he’s got, or what! But words fail me in trying to articulate what an invaluable resource your updates, book downloads—your work in general—have been for me!  I no longer feel like I’m drowning in fetid black water—blindfolded, with my hands tied behind my back!  I know longer feel like I’m going down for the third time! On some level, I am troubled that I had to get to this age/stage in life to get some sense of what’s wrong with me—and my entire family.  On every “branch” of the family tree!  But better late than never, I guess!  Just know that your work is helping SO MANY of this world’s hopeless, hapless, floundering souls.  Like me. My friend [with Nazi ancestry] and I are so looking forward to your next Pacific Northwest visit!”

This precious woman is so right in that God has been pleased to bestow upon this mission extraordinary power in the area of unusual miracles that you rarely see reported or documented. This is one reason why the secular media has been interested in our work as it is unique and extraordinary. We are in a position to reach millions of souls for Jesus! It’s one thing to have religious media reach out but to have the secular media extend communication is something I take honor in. The watching world sees our Jesus is alive and performing great miracles. What an opportunity to bring the light and hope of Jesus to the earth.

No Longer the Bride of Satan in Sharjah!

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Earlier today I was in the third largest emirate of the UAE –Sharjah which has been an independent enclave for much of it’s existence– where I ministered to those terribly afflicted by evil spirits. I conducted another two meetings today and witnessed the supernatural work of the Holy Spirit in setting the captives free. One precious saint I ministered deliverance and healing to agreed to have much of the exorcism videotaped so that the world might know that Jesus truly delivers souls. For many hours today I drove out tens of thousands of demons and witnessed so many ancestral dissociative identities healed by Jesus. The intensity of the ministry sessions were off the charts in this regard. Allow me to share some of the ancestral heart parts that surfaced during our ministry session with Mary. By the way, all of this transpired as I was dealing with Baal and forcing him to release her heart. Not only were there many dissociative identities that were supernaturally healed but there were also many generational dissociative identities including:

A pregnant young lady born in 1890 who was buried alive with her baby in her womb. She was buried because she had sex outside of marriage and became pregnant and the traditional culture demanded that the lady would be placed out of their society and killed. This young lady and little pre-natal baby surfaced during the ministry session with great terror as you can imagine. Being buried alive would cause anyone to dissociate and experience deep soul fragmentation. The screams, the deep agony, and intermost pain caused everyone, in the meeting, to cry. These heart parts were supernaturally healed by Jesus.

–A 80 year old man who lived in the 19th century who had been murdered as a result of being suffocated. Mary had often shared that she felt like she was being suffocated and had great difficulty breathing at times in her life. No wonder! Deep within her was an ancestral heart part that carried this pain of enduring a suffocation. As this part was sent to Jesus and along with the suffocation. A incredible miracle took place –Mary could actually breathe! Gone was the feeling of being suffocated. Her quality of life will now drastically improve in this most basic of areas of life –her ability to breathe better! 

–A small girl heart part who was born in the year of 1504. Because her throat was slit during a sacrificial ritual that occurred in a demon temple in a pagan land that caused her heart to experience dissociation and was captured by a Baal spirit which carried this heart part through all of these generations. I spoke to this ancient little girl and sent her to Jesus. 

–A young man born in the 1890’s in India who was tricked and led into a jungle by a group of men who offered this desperate father some work to support his young wife and 2 daughters. It was a trap. There was no intention to provide a job for this man but to use him as a sacrifice in a sadistic blood ritual. During the slitting of his throat, during a Baal blood ritual, the heart fragmented and was carried to future generation by evil spirits. This part cried out and asking that I would take care of his two young daughters. This part held all of this emotional trauma, pain and terrorizing sadness. The part begged me to find his daughters. I assured him the best I could do is lead him to the Healer of the broken hearts and he agreed to enter into the arms of Jesus. 

As you can see great supernatural activity occurred while in Sharjah. Perhaps the first time this kind of inner healing ministry occurred in this region of the world ever. We are speaking of 5,000 year old civilization. This mission is on the forefront of bringing an awakening in the area of inner healing and deliverance. We have the knowledge and discernment to assist and intervene in these complex cases. We were able to understand and help Mary. Immediately Mary experienced a deep healing having these ancestral parts removed from her life. No wonder she had been experiencing such great spiritual heaviness. 

Obviously, there were many demons that we battled with on this day. As I mentioned I warred against Baal and thousands of these spirits rooted in blood sacrifice was sent to the pit in Jesus name. One spirit named The Star of Destruction was rooted in her generational bloodline as a result of ancestors participating in the occult and witchcraft. These many spirits led her to make a formal pact to Satan. In fact, at one point, in Mary’s life, as the demons moved in and started to completely control her life some years back, the demons placed her in a deep trance like state and extracted a fragment of her soul that allowed some witches and occultists to initiate her in the Bride of Satan ceremony. They consummated this false satanic marriage by sleeping with her. They gradually abducted parts of her soul and introduced her to alien like kind of creatures who performed various kinds of satanic experimentation on her. It should be noted this is one of the means of the powers of the anti-Christ to be able to introduce mass scale of mind control leading to the worship of the Beast as seen in the Book of Revelation during the end of days. 

By the power of Jesus she rejected the marriage to the Beast. She renounced being a bride of Satan. She understands she belongs to Jesus and is hidden in Him! Mary is no longer a bride of Satan. She is a princess to the Lord Jesus!

She was also introduced to higher level cosmic beings that oversee demons in the higher astral planes. This only deepened her demonic torment and enslavement. As you can see she was experiencing a high level of mind programming. I was able through a series of ministry events demolish these powers through the blood of Christ. I know this is quite real as I experienced Illuminati mind control as a young man and was freed from soul slavery. I have written a small book on the subject that I highly recommend reading to grasp some basics on the topic. Click here to obtain the book for free.

The Star of Destruction fought me and yet he lost because the power of the cross of Jesus is much more powerful. He bowed and proclaimed his doom. He was sent to the pit in Jesus name. I also fought many other kinds of demons. There were more than 100 spirits of Death that boastfully told me, “I entered her because her father would take her to cemeteries as a young girl to scare her. I came into her. I bring all kinds of fears.”

Why would any father take their little girl to a graveyard is beyond me but this is the kind of world we live in –a world dominated by Satan. There were also more than 1,000 spirits of Kundalini. There were also four strong spirits of abortion and so many others like poverty, sickness, sexual perversion, blood sacrifice, murder, mental torment. All of them were sent to that pit in Jesus name. God was pleased to display His holy power –many holy angels assisted me, again my sacred cross brought healing and deliverance, and the blood of Jesus defeated and forced the spiritual enemies out of others in our meetings today. My dear sister feels so good now. She has been rescued by Jesus and gives all praise to our living King! Here is a picture of some of those who received a deliverance and healing while in Sharjah today. (Hope to share some of the fascinating videos in the coming days).

What an incredible blessing to be here in the Middle East traveling to these various emirates ministering to those in enslaved to the powers of the enemy. Jesus was glorified and liberation was brought to souls. I look forward to returning very soon as more work needs to be accomplished here and these surrounding nations. 

Blood of Christ Over Dubai, UAE!

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I declare the blood of Jesus Christ over this small Persian Gulf nation which is located on the Arabian Peninsula bordering Saudi Arabia and Oman (a nation I visited and ministered in earlier this year). As some of you might recall it’s been my hope and prayer to begin a mission here in the Middle East where we can base from to reach this region with the gospel. God has been pleased to bring forward two mature disciples who desire to lead in this effort and I’m pleased to see that plans are already being put in place by these disciples to organize a evangelistic and deliverance meeting where many Muslims will be present and offered the opportunity to receive love from the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and to encounter the ministry of deliverance. I’m believing that this mission will be able to reach into the restricted areas of this region and will offer us a unique gospel opportunity. We will seize this opportunity and believe we can make a immediate impact for the gospel here. One precious saint here testified of being able to reach many Muslims for Jesus already and have been detained by the police as a result and she refuses to back down. It’s encouraging to hear such stories.

Two meetings have already taken place here in Dubai where I ministered in a late morning session and a early evening session. It is my custom to begin many of our meetings with a teaching from Holy Scripture on the “Hidden Life in Christ,” which I believe is the most foundational teaching of our faith par excellence. It is my core conviction that an understanding of this one Biblical concept will transform your life and will empower you to live a victorious life with Jesus and will answer many of your questions on how Christians can be demonized, the reality of dissociation and a fuller understanding of one’s position in the midst of spiritual warfare. By the way, our position, by virtue of our relationship with Jesus, is one of perpetual victory and ascension. 

As I shared about this supernatural event where our spirit nature ascends into union with Christ in heavenly realms, upon conversion, brought an immediate reaction from the demonic within one lady who was present during the teaching. The demons did not want this lady (whom I’ll refer to as Mary) to hear these truths thus allowing her to walk into complete victory. So, the evil spirits manifested in a dramatic manner –shaking her body violently, speaking in demonic languages, twisting her body and thrashing her. They spoke to me and begged me to leave them alone.

“Can we discuss this?” the spirits inquired, “We have been here for so long. For thousands of years we have laid claim to her ancestors. Let’s make a deal. I will give you powers if you just leave us alone and allow us to stay. 

No deals with demons. I do not like these creatures and they must go to the pit in Jesus name! 

So the entire day was spent battling with these wicked demons. I encountered so many thousands of evil spirits –spirits of torment, fear, torture, and so many others. Many of them confessing to having hidden many parts of her broken heart in cages and dungeons. I even dealt with a human interject (a soul part of her own mother). The demonic spirits were commanded to release the parts of the heart and the human interject was removed from Mary’s soul. 

“Our master plan was almost accomplished. We were planning on using her to get to her ex-husband, to have sex with him, then using her to kill him, to drink his blood,” the spirits boasted as they laughed.

What a sick and demented plan. What do you expect from insane beings. 

“We are here to destroy her and her future children. We are here to torment, to torture, to destroy. We bring the skin diseases, we bring it all,” the spirits revealed as a matter-of-fact.

Many of these destructive beings entered the ancestral bloodline via her ancestors practicing idol worship, blood sacrifices and human sacrifices. So many demons were tied into the blood covenants that were agreed upon by her ancestors. Some of the ancestors took the extraordinary efforts to formalize the rituals and ceremonies with written promises to the demons such as the promise to offer future generations to the spirits for in return of various powers.

There were spirits of Kali, Parvati, Ganesha, Shiva and so many others. Then obviously, Jezebel taking upon the manifestation of Kali, fought me. However, these defeated beings were no match to King Jesus. The power of the blood of Jesus was very evident. At one point, Kali, directed his attention to many birds that flew to our direction as we were on a high floor apartment building. They landed on the window sill, looking at the spirits manifesting. I knew whom these birds were. They were watchers. They were carriers of supernatural powers to assist in the battle they had with me. They sought to transfer some demonic powers to this Kali spirit that was being held captive and screaming that I would release her. 

I immediately took some water I blessed as the blood of Christ and sprayed the window with it and immediately the birds scattered. Moments later more birds came to our direction.

Kali spoke out: “Those are my birds, they are part of my army.”

I then took out my consecrated cross and again immediately the birds swiftly flew away. On this afternoon the power of the cross was too much for them as supernatural powers of the blood of the Messiah emanated from my cross thus causing demon powers to dissolve, mind controlling mechanisms to break down and healing to take place. They hated touching the cross. It bright forth great spiritual heat to the point where they had to drop the cross. They could not handle it. They were shocked by it’s powers. The cross of Jesus defeated them.

Mary confessed her sins, renounced the generational curses and bondages. Jesus forgave her and freed her from many thousands of years of ancestral curses and spirits. All of these ancestral spirits went to the pit in Jesus name. Moreover, many heart parts surfaced. For there were millions of parts of her shattered heart that existed. They were all healed by Jesus. I spoke to many of them as the hours went by. So much pain, grief, and hurt as a result of horrific abuse, trauma and torture. One 12 year old part was so sad. The tears ran down her face and much agony poured out from her.

“Nobody has hugged me. Nobody told me they loved me. Nobody cared.”

Well, this small group intervened and loved on this 12 year old part and incredible immediate healing took place. Within a day, millions of heart pieces were dramatically healed by the power of Jesus. It was amazing to see our loving God supernaturally repair the soul of Mary. I also prayed for others in this small meeting and demons departed quickly including from a young boy. God has sent me to the Middle East to introduce the Body of Christ to the deeper mysteries of the deliverance ministry such as healing hearts and removing human interjects. 

Mary has such a heart for Jesus and is willing to serve in the Kingdom of God. Please pray for her. We continue more meetings tomorrow. I’m trusting for more miracles to occur. After the meeting they noticed my recent cuts on my arm from the demonic attacks I experienced in some recent meetings. It made me think that through it all, all the testings, I am still honored, to serve King Jesus despite what I might have to go through. Jesus is Lord and I speak the blood of Christ over UAE!

Perpetually ascended and hidden in Christ!

Defeating Devil Worship in Montreal!

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

It’s been an amazing North American Deliverance Tour! Words truly escape me, in trying to describe to you, what the Holy Spirit is doing on this trip and with me personally. In my walk with Jesus I do not know of any time where I have been consistently seeing these kinds of extraordinary miracles as I am in these days. There was a disciple who approached me in one of my public meetings in Australia, recently, who said that they recently had a vision of me (or perhaps it was a dream, don’t recall) of me walking then gradually walking briskly then jogging then finally in an outright sprint. As I was going through this process, I was getting stronger and faster, and things were gradually sliding off me thus allowing me to maximize my efforts. I see this transpiring in my life. As I continue to serve King Jesus, as I continue to run the race before me, I’m seeing Jesus remove things from my life thus allowing me to move even faster in the Spirit. Even as I type this, I’m sensing the supernatural presence of God moving powerfully in my spirit nature which would explain the abundance of miracles we are seeing EVERY day in this mission. Not only are seeing many dedicating themselves to Jesus, we are also seeing many incredible signs and wonders. Then on top of that we are witnessingextraordinary miracles. This NEVER gets old!

I’m receiving some powerful testimonies from this mission. Allow me to share one that touched my heart! This was came from a young lady that heard about our meetings in Toronto and made plans on being present. As a Baptist, she knew the teachings of Christ but since the Baptist church, she attended, never taught on the subject of spiritual warfare and curse breaking she was in the dark on how to proceed with the demonic attacks she endured under. Thus her attendance to our meeting at New Bethel Church in Ontario. She attended our service and extremely strong spirits surfaced and battled me. There we’re resistant and opposed me. She possessed animal soul parts, animal spirits, human interjects and dissociative identities. Yet, the Baptist church never discovered these spiritual realities within her. This is a spiritual crime. I’m thankful we were there to help her. Many demons were expelled from her and her heart experienced a deep healing. More than anything else she experienced the love of Jesus. This IS the mark of our mission –proclaiming the love of Jesus! People testifying all the time of feeling the love of Jesus in our meetings. This my highest priority –I want the world to experience the love of God through His Son Jesus! 

“Thank you coming to Toronto on Saturday November 16th, 2013. I praise God for the love that was ministered. I truly felt God’s presence through His love, and acceptance that was at the deliverance meeting by His Holy Ghost. His love and acceptance has never been so tangible to me. Even when my natural mind would say to me, you ought to feel ashamed, it was undeniable that Jesus Christ was in that room, in lovingkindness and gentleness to deliver and cleanse me, not to judge me or condemn me. I praise God for what He accomplished in the meeting through you. I felt His love through you, and the leadership at New Bethel.”

WOW! This is why I travel. I want hurting souls to experience the love of Jesus! Out of the past 41 days I have been traveling 31 of those days conducting dozens of private and public meetings in Denver, Los Angeles, Sherman Oaks, Arcadia, San Diego, Mobile, Charlotte, Baltimore, Grand Rapids, McAllen, Houston, Salt Lake City, Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis, Newark, Toronto, Montreal and other cities across North America. Much of these missions involve very little sleep and many hours of grueling traveling and conducting intense exorcisms (this is why I’m late in responding to many of your emails, I’m sorry). Moreover, many of the exorcisms we are now conducting are becoming very physical thus requiring a great amount of physical and spiritual energy. Even in the midst of this, the Holy Spirit has fired me up to do His work such as the Kingdom work that needs to be accomplished in the French Canadian province of Quebec where I have been ministering to those bound by evil spirits.

Some of you might be aware that Montreal is a stronghold for the powers of voodoo and witchcraft. This is why I travel to Quebec (will return in March 2014) is because I desire to see lands and cities set free from demonic powers in Jesus name! Every time I visit I encounter strong demons and resistance. Last year in Montreal we came across some complex cases of demonization and dissociation involving high level demonic beings. Despite this Jesus was victorious. On this mission, our meeting was filled with souls hungry for freedom and healing. Though we were small in number, unlike the standing room only crowd we had the previous night in Toronto, God still displayed His power in defeating the spirits of Jezebel, Mind Control, Devil Worship, Death, Murder, Hate, and so many others.

There was also a cruel evil demon named Baphomet that aggressively surfaced within a 43 year old man, named Tony, originally from Angola, while I was teaching from the Holy Scriptures. He was in a fit of rage. 

“We will never leave him. He’s ours. He’s weak. We will destroy him. We will fight you. We will not be defeated. We are too strong. He will never remove us. We cannot go anywhere. We are here to stay,” the demons boasted to me, “He allowed us in because he created a baphomet and called upon us.”

The baphomet is a universally recognized satanic symbol for those in metaphysical satanic sects and occult groups. Many Luciferians throughout history have utilized this spiritually dark symbol to conjure, to empower, to manipulate. Within this African man was this devil worshipping spirit named Baphomet due to his participation in Satanism. Moreover, we also discovered there was ancestral participation in animal and human sacrifice going back multiple generations.

Speaking of human and animal sacrifice I am stunned to come across so many cases where there is demonic attachment as a result of generational human and animal sacrifice. I have dealt with dozens of such cases in the past week or so. 

“Many pastors have tried and failed. You will fail too,” the spirits warned me. 

Not on this night, in this meeting. I had Tony confess his sins and broke, symbolically, the baphomet, by stomping on it with his feet. 

“Nobody does that to me,” the spirit Baphomet growled, as he immediately surfaced, as he was furious with what just transpired, “Did you hear me you $%^@#$%#$.” This defeated spirit was angry. 

Baphomet screamed like you can’t even imagine. There were times they were exhibiting very strong urges to fight me physically. At one point I had the holy angels assist me and they arrived and literally froze him so he could not move. It was amazing to watch the holy angels chain him up and restrain him.

These past several days the bloodcurdling screams, the loud cries were off the charts. Demons are insanely furious. Especially after being exposed after having been undetected for many generations. Also, these past few days, we have seen dozens of angelic miracles whereby the holy angels are doing extraordinary acts to assist us in ministering to those whom are enslaved to the powers of evil. Holy angels assisted me in picking people off the ground, restraining violence, holding those whom were demonized so I could properly minister and so much more. I’m very thankful and appreciate God’s angels. In fact, the one holy angel that travels with me was very helpful in striking some demons that sought to injure me. As God’s Word tells us, ‘Are not all angels ministering spirits sent to serve alongside those who will inherit salvation?’ 

“How did you find me! How did you do this?” the demons inquired.

I didn’t do anything particularly special except I intervened. If every church intervened by having meetings where curse breaking and deliverance is practiced and offered, I believe, the amount of demonic activity among believers would drastically decrease, however, because the church, by and large, chooses to ignore these subjects, demonization among disciples is incredibly common. In fact, there have been many demons, in recent days, mocking pastors and ministers for failing to have the power to drive them out or simply ignoring them. 

This mission WILL NOT ignore them. We will seek to drive them out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ as we did with Baphomet from Tony as Jesus strengthened us and empowered us to force him out in Jesus name. By the way, you can watch portions of this exorcism on my YouTube Channel. It was a battle however Jesus conquered!

We also spent some time healing Tony’s broken heart. There were so many traumatized soul parts as a result of having to leave their nation –Angola– due to the civil unrest the country was experiencing when he was a little boy. The pain, the grief, and the raw emotion was so troubling to hear. The hurting parts were sent to Jesus. We have seen dozens and dozens surface broken heart parts these past few days as I ministered in these public meetings. 

Again where is the church? Why is there this amount of people suffering? The church should be about intervention. I am determined to intervene and one way we intervene is we have developed a world-class training center that is dedicated to equipping an spiritual army to preach the gospel, to heal the sick, to heal the broken hearted, and to drive out demons in Jesus name. God is calling you my friend. Join us today!

Not only did Tony experience a most powerful deliverance (he also experienced a healing as he was able to see out of his right eye clearly where previously it was blurred, here another healing from a varying degree of blindness) but so did his cousin, Debbie. For years Debbie had been experimenting with the occult and even attended New Age metaphysical retreats in the Montreal area, a remote area in the mountains, hopping to unlock the secrets of the supernatural. Interestingly, Debbie revealed that in these retreats many hundreds would be present indulging in the occult arts including the practice of entering into altered states of consciousness thereby opening her life up to strong mind controlling spirits. I encountered these on this night and battled them in the name of Jesus!

The spat on me, they threw my Bible and threatened me however they along with many Jezebel spirits and spirits of the witchcraft were sent to the pit in Jesus name. Moreover, Debbie, experienced a deep inner healing whereby many dissociative identities were healed by Jesus. She consented to giving her testimony and you can view it here

As I come to a close writing this email update to all of you, it’s nearly 3:45am, I recall Matthew 4 where it is recorded Jesus, “…went throughout Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom, and healing every disease and sickness among the people. News about him spread all over Syria, and people brought to him all who were ill with various diseases, those suffering severe pain, the demon-possessed, those having seizures, and the paralyzed; and he healed them.” 

In Canada Tasting o the Powers of the Age to Come!

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Tonight, another stunning display of God’s holy power. STUNNING! Where can I start? 

Over the years I have held numerous public and private meetings in the various provinces of Canada and yet I do not believe I have held one more powerful than the one we held tonight at New Bethel Church here in Ontario. It was intensely miraculous. I felt the tangible presence of the fire of the Holy Spirit and the empowerment of God. The church was jammed packed with hungry souls desperate for freedom! 

It would take hours to chronicle the miracles. There were that many! It was beautiful to witness. It was also exciting to see that the secular media was present as the History Channel recently contacted me and inquired about doing a documentary on the work we conduct throughout the globe in the field of exorcism and I have proceeded. The producer, the director and their team were present and witnessed the amazing power of God! In January 2014, they will be joining me in some public and private meetings on the border of Mexico to film some exorcisms we will be conducting. I look forward to seeing the power of Jesus touch millions around the globe. 

God has so blessed this mission with incredible miracle working power. These past few days in Newark and now in Ontario, Canada have been thrilling in so many ways. Dozens and dozens have been supernaturally cured of demonic possession, dissociation, infirmities and other afflictions. 

 There were so many miracles these past few nights. Hebrews 6:5 speaks of the tasting of “…the goodness of the Word of God and of the powers of the age to come.” It is our hope and prayer to invite souls to our public meetings to encounter truth and the power of Jesus. We always desire to balance our public meetings with the Word and the demonstration of the powers of God. I publicly demonstrated for all to see the power of God, so no one could leave the place wondering if our God is silent. He is not silent. He has spoken in truth and power. The supernatural was in full view as demons were screaming out, contorting their victims violently, shaking bodies and so much more. Some of the powers of the age to come that were revealed include:


  • Numerous pains, afflictions, and infirmities were taken out of bodies and souls in Jesus name.
  • Numerous animal spirits surfaced barking and squawking.
  • Numerous animal soul parts surfaced and were removed from bodies.
  • Tens of thousands of demonic spirits were cast into the pit in Jesus name.
  • Numerous human interjects surfaced and were sent out of souls in Jesus name.
  • Numerous ancestral dissociative parts were sent out of souls in Jesus name.
  • Numerous dissociative identities were supernaturally healed by the power of Jesus.
  • Numerous broken heart parts see the risen Jesus and experience His amazing love for the first time.
  • Holy angels were called upon and assisted me in battling demons.
  • The power of my holy cross emanated, once again, the supernatural heat of the fire of the Holy Spirit.
  • The power of the fire of the Holy Spirit rested upon my hands and I was able to utilize it to greatly weaken demons.
  • Empowerment to proclaim Jesus clearly and boldly resulting in souls committing their lives to King Jesus for the first time.
  • Supernatural strength to teach for many hours, to cast out demons for many hours, and to heal broken hearts for many hours.

Those are some of the signs and wonders we witnessed these past few nights. It’s well after 4am and I’m still rejoicing in the goodness of our God. He rescued so many. 

In Newark, after teaching and leading everyone in Holy Communion we began to pray for those assembled and immediately demons surfaced from within those attending our meeting. We encountered many demons that held, on this night, various specific body parts from the lungs, to the heart, to the pancreas, to the mind and so many other places. We also encountered many strong spirits such as Baal, Jezebel, and Leviathan. We also encountered an Islamic spirit (that was attached to a human interject–her own sister-in-law who had been sending many curses and spells to her. It was broken in Jesus name) within a woman from Iraq who attended the meeting with her husband. We dealt with many little baby parts and other little one ranging from ages to 1 to 20. Many of them had been held captive by the enemy and needed to hear that God loves them! In fact, one little part cried and cried and wanted to play so I led the little one to Jesus and you know Jesus did with the little girl? He picked her up on a swing and began to gently swing her on a swing set. Isn’t that beautiful? Jesus spoke reassuring words of love and acceptance to the little one. What healing took place. 

Some of the demonic spirits we encountered, these past few evenings, went back thousands of years ago, multiple generations, harming countless family members in the process. Many demons had invaded because of human and animal sacrifices that were practiced thousands of years ago in Asia and Africa. One ancestral spirit released a 20 year old that was born before the “days of Jesus,” (the parts own words). They had been ritualistically killed in a idolatrous ceremony involving this person that went by the name of Alexandra (the lady’s name was Stacy). Alexandra, as a result, of experiencing that horrific trauma of being killed had terribly fragmented and traveled through the bloodline. I led Alexandra, this ancestral dissociative identity, to Jesus for healing and she departed. Moreover, we commanded the demonic spirits out of the body and they swiftly departed.

Here in Ontario, we prayed for a former Hindu that had been demonized a long time. While ministering to her a powerful Kali spirit surfaced screaming and throwing her to the ground. He boasted how he laid claim to her eyes and brought a form of blindness into her (be mindful this woman was wearing glasses and testified of not being able to read anything that was distant). I commanded the demons to release the eyes and immediately she was able to see CLEARLY without the glasses. In fact, I tested her eyes as I had to read statements that were on some of the walls and she did with zero problems. She was not only powerfully liberated from demons but she was also healed of a form of blindness. As I have shared with all of you, we are witnessing now, on a near-regular basis, those whom have varying degrees of blindness being healed by the power of Jesus. She was so shocked to be able to see without her glasses. God’s healing and delivering powers were on full display!

The sheer number of miracles these past few nights will be difficult to chronicle. 

It’s well after 4am and I need to get some rest as I will need to leave to take a taxi to head to one of the Toronto Islands and board a ferry. The ferry will take me to the airport and will board a flight to the French-speaking city of Montreal, Quebec, which, incidentally, is the largest French speaking city in the world outside of Paris, France. I’m believing for another power-packed public meeting. Hope to see all of you soon!

Violently Clawed by Demons in New Jersey, Jesus Still Lord!

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Dear brothers and sisters in King Jesus,

Though we have been small in number God has been displaying His supremacy over all created beings in our public and private meetings here in Newark, New Jersey, where we are teaching, casting out demons and praying for those broken in heart. It was very encouraging to hear of all the testimonies of those who attended our previous meetings who are still maintaining their deliverance and healing. It is my hope and prayer that the spiritual principles I share in our meetings from God’s Word will be applied thereby bringing deliverance and healing to many. 

Earlier today during one of our “Removing Demons, Healing Hearts Seminars,” I taught for over 4 hours on inner healing, spiritual warfare, and deliverance. Those who attended were edified and encouraged. We also had some demonic disruptions while I taught from God’s Word. A young lady was present who in desperation, traveled in from Seattle, Washington, for deliverance from evil spirits, manifested very vicious and violent spirits. I’m still bearing some of the pain, as I write this email to you and claw marks of the demonic attacks I endured through as I ministered to this woman. With involvement in the occult, sexual perversion and spiritual rebellion, demons were able to access her life and has brought incredible destruction in her life. I’m so glad she came to the meeting as we were able to intervene in her life.

Some of the evil spirits that surfaced were hell bent on murder. It blasphemed the Lord. It cursed. It violently clawed me, drawing blood. It threw her Bible. It threw other things. It is was an insane being that was determined to war against the ambassador of Jesus. In fact, the night before, during our public meeting, the demons went berserk. It smashed the Holy Communion cup and threw the holy elements against the wall (the meeting hall wall still stained with the blood of Christ). Very aggressive and murderous spirits. Even in the midst of the violence I was able to get this precious young lady to call upon Jesus (though it was very difficult for her to do so) for help. She so desires to serve Jesus in this ministry. Unfortunately, we were not able to continue the ministry with her as she had to go back home to Seattle however I hope to continue the work with her in the near future. 

Speaking of last night, many testified of feeling freedom and renewal by simply praying with me as led everyone in mass deliverance prayers. One lady testified of feeling something flying out of her head. Others testified of feeling lighter and strengthened as a result of exorcising the demons in this public setting. Moreover, one lady in the back of the hall, came to the meeting, as a result of our YouTube videos (this is another reason why we videotape some of the exorcisms as this is another extension of reaching souls for Jesus). As I was praying for everyone, spirits were manifesting from within her and surfacing. I brought this 46 year old woman, whom I’ll refer to as Michelle, up to the front of the hall to confront the demons that were attacking her. As I prayed a spirit surfaced and spoke to me.

“I’m Ra! I feel so at home in this body,” the demonic entity revealed to me, “I have been here for more than 800 years in her bloodline and no one has ever confronted me!”

Think about the implications of this. Hundreds of family members in one manner or another has been afflicted with this ancient spirit being and no one has come along to intervene. This is terrible. In fact, the spirit laughed and mocked.

“I have been here for so long and I like being here. Can I stay a little longer?” the spirits inquired, “Please don’t send us away, please don’t send us to the pit.”

Eight hundred years of demonic torment and not one single Christian has intervened to drive out these ancient spirits named Ra. By the way, Ra is a ancient Egyptian demon god

Interestingly enough, as Christianity rose with power in the early centuries, during the Roman Empire, the outward worship of this evil being waned. Yet the spirits of Ra continued their work in those that previously opened the doors through the sin of idol worship. Because the church has not done enough work in the areas of curse breaking and deliverance ministry, spirits like Ra have simply jumped from one generation to the next, gaining more and more strength. We the Body of Christ need to rise up and send these pagan demon gods out of the lands in Jesus name!

“We have been here because her ancestors participated in blood sacrifices and idol worship. We bring cancer to her and insanity.”

The Ra demons growled and groaned like an animal (remember Ra has animalistic qualities in her outward identification, see a picture of it). I called upon the holy angels and they quickly came and assisted me in warfare. I had one leading angel strike Ra and chain him up. Immediately the spirits were restrained as being held by chains. Furthermore, I had Ra hold on my sacred cross and it screamed in agony! The cross of Jesus defeated Ra! 

I then proceeded to drive out Ra and those associated with this Egyptian demon god and commanded it to go to the pit. It came out and immediately my sister testified of feeling so much better, lighter, peaceful and joyful! It was an amazing transformation that occurred and I give glory to Jesus! We also dealt with a number of broken heart parts that had been held captive for more than 33 years. The monsters had been removed and I was able to extend love and compassion and great inner healing took place within this woman. She literally felt a hug by Jesus. Incredible miracle of deliverance and healing!

We have another public meeting tonight. Please pray that the Holy Spirit would free many more from demonic bondage. Jesus is Lord and will reveal Himself as such tonight!

In Utah Expelling Mormon & Masonry Demons!

Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

It’s been a difficult day ministering here in Salt Lake City, Utah, as we have been encountering some very strong evil spirits (they are especially difficult to deal with since we are in a region of the nation dominated by these Mormon and Mason powers, in fact Salt Lake City was founded by Joseph Smith) that are rooted in Mormonism and Masonry. As some of you might be aware Masonry and Mormonism are intertwined as Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, was a Mason and was deeply involved in the dark arts of Freemasonry. It’s quite clear that Smith borrowed some of the spiritual concepts of Freemasonry and implemented them within the Mormon Church. Both spiritual movements are dangerous and deny essential historic Christian doctrine (i.e. justification is by faith alone in the Lord Jesus Christ) and both movements are filed with strong demonic powers that hold millions in captivity. 

As many of you know, I was in a family that was involved in Freemasonry, at some of the highest levels. I was present, as a teenager, during the ceremony, when my father became “Most Worshipful Master,” within the Blue Lodge. As you can imagine our family’s involvement at this kind level opened numerous doors to demonic spirits that brought great oppression. It was horrible. However, through the reading of a Dr. Billy Graham gospel booklet I was rescued by Jesus. Not only was I saved but also experience a powerful deliverance at that moment of salvation. I am still free in Jesus and continue to serve with all of my heart! 

Through the years of gospel ministry God has been pleased to bring along my path many Mormons (and those affected by Mormonism), interestingly enough, and many touched by the curse of Freemasonry. I have had the privilege to lead many, enslaved to these spiritual groups, to salvation found in Jesus. I have even driven out many millions of spirits of Mormonism and Masonry. Not too long ago, I dealt with a young man, in a intense exorcism, that opened the door to more than half million evil spirits as a result of being water baptized in the Mormon Church. They were driven out in Jesus name. I have seen the power of the cross defeated the powers of Mormonism and Masonry. The Western Church, especially, needs to offer opportunities for those affected by Mormonism and Masonry an opportunity to be set free from demons as so many in Western societies have been affected to some extent by these alternative spiritual movements. 

Millions of Mormons and Masons need Jesus! Millions need to be deprogrammed and delivered from powerful Illuminati spirits such as Kathy’s family here in Salt Lake City, Utah. Kathy has spent a lifetime of enduring demonic torment and activity. She reached out to us and we have made a few trips to Utah to intervene. In our first meeting, millions of mind controlling spirits were expelled. Moreover, we encountered the infamous Mormon angel named Moroni. He is a demon spirit hell bent on receiving adoration. He needs to be exposed. He is a demon, an evil spirit that needs to be driven out of our lands in the name of Jesus. Though millions of unholy spirits were confronted and forced out, many more remained including some powerful Masonry demons that have passed down through the generational bloodline unhindered. These dark powers kept one generation to the next in deep bondage and mind control. By only God’s grace and mercy, He opened Kathy’s eyes to the truth of Jesus and received him as Savior. This obviously resulted in her eyes being opened to the dark spiritual realities of Mormonism thus desiring to reach out for help and intervention.

Sadly, no one was there for Kathy! No one! Her family has basically disowned her. It’s a very sad story. The church here in Utah was ill equipped to conduct deliverance and inner healing thus she suffered needlessly. The church should be equipped to cast out demons from those involved in metaphysical cults and alternative spiritual groups, but they are not. Trust me they are not. By and large the modern church is lacking knowledge and power thus rendering them incapable of delivering souls coming out of these false belief systems. 

Kathy finally found us and reached out. We have intervened and have seen amazing miracles take place in her life thus far. Including broken heart parts being reached and experiencing Jesus. My heart was mightily troubled earlier today as I reached deep within her soul and located a little broken heart park that was terrorized, horrified, and despaired. We previously located many heart parts that had been programmed by Mormon leaders during violent satanic ceremonies that took place within the Mormon Temple. This part had the same look as the others –brutally traumatized and in utter shock. The eyes said it all. She spoke of seeing horrific violent things no human should have to endure. 

In the process of reaching out to this broken heart part. We encountered many demonic spirits that sought to keep this part from fully surfacing. For hours we battled. Many holy angels assisted and warred against these wicked demons in control of this hurting part. One group of Masonry spirits had been there for generations as a result of Kathy’s ancestors involvement in the Masonic Lodge. That was renounced. There were many Mormon demons that had invaded as a result of previous generations participation in blood covenants that were carried out in secret by those involved in Mormonism. Make no mistake about it –Mormonism is satanic at it’s core. They are quite deceptive but know their true identification is aligned with the devil and the doctrines of demons that hold millions in mind controlling bondage. 

These Masonic blood covenants were renounced and Kathy experienced some immediate relief and deliverance. Much more work needs to be done with the various dissociative identities that have been programmed by Mormon leaders. However, I’m pleased Kathy has started the journey and we are with her in this. Please pray for her and her family.

Large evil spirit groups of Mormonism, Masonry and the Divination were encountered and confronted. We utilized sacred objects that greatly weakened the demon powers and my sacred cross which defeated the power of evil. Many of these wicked spirits fought us aggressively shaking her body violently at times. However they were no match to the love and power of Jesus. Jesus allowed us to intervene to drive them out but more importantly souls are experiencing the true love of Jesus that has brought healing to so many on this most recent mission of North America. 

Ex-Gang Member FREED from Demons!

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

The miracles were diverse. There were souls saved, healed, liberated, restored. Moreover, holy angels visited us last night, souls witnessed the appearance of Jesus, my sacred cross emanated holy fire of the Holy Spirit, and we witnessed, once again the power of the Holy Communion. Jesus was glorified in this most recent mission and it excites me to report what He accomplished.

Last night in chilly Chicago we conducted a thrilling public meeting where nearly every seat was taken by those desiring to experience the freedom in Jesus! Our small meeting was filled with precious souls desperate for deliverance and healing. Some even traveled more than 6 hours to the meeting as they were desiring to be trained in this area of ministry and to experience deliverance. This still marvels me that precious souls would drive for that many hours to locate someone who will offer deliverance from demons. 

Unlike the previous night in Minneapolis there was expectancy for miracles and God was pleased to demonstrate His power to save, heal and deliver! While teaching from the Scriptures souls were experiencing renewal and were deeply encouraged. For many in the meeting, the teaching on the “Hidden Life in Christ,” was the first time they have ever been exposed to this transformational teaching which why many were inspired on this night. In fact, one 35 year old lady approached me, after the service and said that she could feel that she was being delivered while I was teaching from God’s Word. Moreover, she could feel the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit while I taught leading her to tears. I hear this often and it encourages my heart. This is why I focus on teaching the Sacred Scriptures, for Psalms 107:20 declares, “He sent out His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions.”

After teaching from the Word and the partaking of the Holy Communion I had the honor and wonderful honor to formally ordain into the gospel ministry several ministry partners of mine from Michigan –Jeff, Lala, and their daughter Adana Lane into the gospel ministry. They lead a powerful deliverance and healing mission in  their area and have assisted me as my contacts for a few years and I was rejoicing with them in acknowledging their call to global evangelistic work. Even during the holy ordination several souls were deeply impacted and cried as they saw the love of God in this precious family. I have been honored to ordain precious souls in Africa, Australia and throughout North America thus far this year. I want to empower and formally acknowledge those whom the Holy Spirit has set apart for the ministry!

After the ordination we began to pray for those sick, afflicted and tormented with demons. As I led everyone in mass deliverance prayers, souls were being delivered from demons. A handful of people testified of this reality. However, there was one young man in the back that looked like he was very angry. I brought him to the front and it was revealed that this 28 year old man, named Oscar, had been involved in a violent Latino street gang. I asked him how he was initiated.

“To get into the gang I had to shoot people,” he calmly told me.

Oscar had to murder! This guy was in spiritual trouble and he needed deliverance from demons! 

What touched everyone was that Oscar was brought to the meeting by his mother and grandmother (a mother to 17 kids and more than 30 grandchildren). Oscar’s grandmother had been praying for more than 12 years trusting God to deliver her grandson who was in deep bondage to Satan. God did not disappoint as He delivered on this night. Allow me to explain what transpired.

I began to pray for Oscar and immediately a very angry spirit surfaced named Beshell. 

“I’m too strong for you,” he forcefully declared, “I will not be defeated as I’m too strong.”

Since he boasted I had him drink the blood of Christ and obviously it greatly weakened him. He bowed before Jesus. 

“I came in because of his father and his grandfather. They sacrificed animals to become rich and strong. I also cause blindness in his eye.”

Since the demon continued to resist I had a powerful holy angel stand in front of him and I had the angel strike the demon and he bowed over in great pain and agony. He was no longer boasting how strong he was. He had been defeated by the blood of Jesus. 

Along with this formerly strong spirit, was many death, anger, rage, and murder spirits. They were forced to hold my sacred cross and they cried out and said it was too hot for them. They could barely hold unto as it burned them with holy fire. This cross I have is amazing. My dear brother, Bob Larson, who has been conducting exorcisms for 40+ years personally consecrated this cross for me, last year, and God has demonstrated his power over and over again with the usage of this holy object. I used the cross against these spirits and they bowed before the cross knowing they have been defeated.

While dealing with these devils Oscar’s grandmother prayed. The demons were scared of this woman (the demons revealed: she has crosses and Bible, we stay away from her.) However the demons looked at the mother and mocked, “She doesn’t believe!” and “She doesn’t have power.” So, I inquired if the mother was born again and it turned out she wasn’t which would explain why the demons were not threatened by her. I got to lead her in the middle of the service, during this exorcism with her son, to salvation found in Jesus. She cried and was forgiven by God. Now, she was effective and the demons instantly became afraid.

We also discovered that she demons too. She was instantly delivered. 

“We are staying. We confuse Oscar’s doctors, they can’t figure out what’s his problems are. Because we do it ALL!” the demons gleefully announced to me. 

The entire meeting hall joined me to driving out the demons and making the demons proclaim their defeat and their judgement to the pit. With violent vomiting many thousands of demons departed Oscar’s body and quickly entered into the pit! When Oscar came back from his demonic trance. He was crying. 

“I feel so light. I feel so peaceful. More than anything I know I’m forgiven.”

I know I’m forgiven. That made my year! I can stop holding any meetings now! This deeply touched my heart. Here’s a young man filled with so much guilt, pain, violence, gang activity, and demons and yet God reached out in His amazing love and rescued Oscar! 

Then on top of that, the blindness he had in his right eye (he couldn’t see clearly out of his eye) vanished. Moreover, God healed him of a skin disease too. God healed him and restored his vision as he testified before all: I see clearly now! 

I have seen so many people healed of varying degrees of blindness this year from children to teens to adults. It’s been a spiritual ride! Jesus is so wonderful to heal and to restore lives such as Oscar’s. This former gang member has experienced the love of God (the love also healed his broken heart too) and there’s no turning back now. He’s committed to serving King Jesus now.

That was just the beginning of the miracles we experienced that night. More souls were set free from evil spirits including a young lady with thousands of Jezebel spirits. Not only was there Jezebel there was also more than 3,500 Baal spirits within her. They were all set to the pit in Jesus name! She experienced a dramatic deliverance and healing too. 

We also witnessed Jesus healing many broken heart parts including a many hearts parts of a pastor that attended this meeting. This pastor and his wife traveled many hours to be present and God was faithful to heal. There was a 7 year old heart part present that had been abused by a babysitter. There was also a 8 year old that was there due to some racist verbal abuse he had to endure. There were others. They were supernaturally healed by Jesus. Furthermore, we also dealt with a human interject –no one other than this pastor’s father. He was sent to Jesus. Not only were their parts but many evil spirits afflicting this pastor with sexual compulsions and addictions. 

“We’re here to torment him by causing groin pain and afflicting him with testicle pain,” the demons boasted to me.

There are many in our modern day and age being afflicted in like manner. The demons know they can really hold people captive in this area as rarely will anyone confess for prayer for pains in these personal areas of one’s body. The Body of Christ commanded the pains to go in Jesus name and they left. Furthermore, many demons exited out of his body and he was instantly relieved (should be noted we also prayed for his wife to be delivered from demons that were causing physical problems too). He was so happy! Just think this church that he oversees will now have a NEW pastor. One that is FREED! 

I could recount story after story. God’s miracle working power was on display in Chicago.

On another front, I’m getting amazing victory reports. For example, a disciple from Taiwan, who was recently ministering to a Polish woman and confronting the demons within her. As the demons were surfacing this disciple made a passing mention of my name and the demons were berserk. They were furious and didn’t want to hear my name. Now, mind you, I don’t know this Polish woman but apparently, those demons within her, know of me and hate me. So be it. They are defeated in Jesus name. It remind me of when the demons in the New Testament were recorded as saying they knew who Jesus was and knew who the apostle Paul was. It humbles me that God has used me to make a powerful statement to the kingdom of darkness –I declare to them Jesus is Lord.

Miracles in Minneapolis

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

What an honor to serve King Jesus. It’s an absolute joy. It’s authentic life. I’m presently in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where I just completed another public meeting. I think we are are close to having conducted 230 meetings in 2013. It’s staggering to ponder the intensity of the mission travel thus far this year to ensure we conduct these public and private meetings. Visiting more than 100 cities, in more than half a year on the road, on five continents, crisscrossing, on many of my missions, multiple continents, ministering personally to many thousands, is stunning. I wonder how could someone be sustained though this kind of extreme travel. It’s more thing to travel extensively but it’s another entire animal to combine the travel with the intense ministry we conduct. This is an fascinating dynamic and all I can say is that Jesus has sustained me and I can personally attest that His power has been very real to me as He has provided maximum spiritual immunity that has strengthened me. Recently, while in Istanbul, God spoke to me and has give me much to write about on this topic of Maximum Spiritual Immunity. I will be releasing a new small book on this very subject soon that I believe will strengthen disciples of King Jesus globally with the spiritual weapons needed to fight the good fight!

Anyway, while here in Minnesota, we had to battle intensely, as so many in the meeting hall tonight hindered the ministry due to their unbelief, lack of faith and doubt –the three killers of the supernatural. I almost stopped the meeting and asked several of the attendees of the meeting to leave because their doubt was causing such a problem. I was battling and battling and not getting anywhere. It’s was tiring me out. I pressed onward and Jesus conquered the powers of evil! We finally broke through resulting in some and powerful acts of the Holy Spirit occurring. I taught for nearly two hours from the Scriptures and tried to encourage the saints. I have always wanted to balance the ministry with sound doctrine and teaching. I know thousands world-wide have benefited from this. Allow me to share a testimony from one African disciple who testified of this very reality. She writes, in part–

“Jay, I am so thankful for the work the Lord is doing through you . Something of these miracles are unbelievable. I am surprised of the fact that you have been here in Seattle. What a great opportunity I would have had to attend your meeting and particularly your teachings. What you taught us last time were very powerful revelations. They have helped me having gone through evil attacks for so many years till now! I will look out for your next visit. May the Lord bless and protect you as you minister to other needy cases.”

This is why I like teaching! I want to equip the Body of Christ so that they may understand how to fight off the evil attacks that will come your way. What an honor to assist the Body of Christ in this. This what I sought to do in Minneapolis this evening. I spoke on the mystery of being hidden in Christ. The focus was on JESUS! This obviously brought about immediate demonic reaction within a handful of those in the hall. As I led everyone in mass deliverance prayers, demons quickly departed in Jesus name. A handful testified of this reality. One lady to my right, who had been a victim of horrific abuse was freed from demonic spirits and supernaturally healed of dissociation. Many heart parts surfaced –from little girl parts to much older heart parts– from within her that so desperately needed love, compassion, and healing. All of them were taken to Jesus and immediately they saw the ascended Jesus. She really experienced a deep inner healing.

I also ministered to another young lady in the back of the hall that started convulsing and feeling very strange sensations that felt like animals crawling under her skin. I called forth the holy angels of God and they assisted me in striking the spiritual invaders in this woman’s life. More than fifty spirits named Torture was present within her that was ensuring she was tormented by brining about strange physical afflictions with the hopes of distorting, discouragement and so much more. They even admitted to bringing diseases with her body. As these demons were commanded out in Jesus name we also reached out to many broken heart parts that they held captive and they quickly entered to the arms of the Savior for deep healing. Then we had them rejoin the heart thus brining about a whole heart that this lady had been trying to experience for years! Others also experienced a healing deep within their hearts. It was amazing and beautiful to behold. 

We also broke off all witchcraft curses and demons as many in the meeting hall had opened doors to the occult and satanic practices including a few who had actually called upon Satan. I am seeing more and more of this where souls are making covenants with the devil thus potentially affecting generations to come with demonic problems lest the curses are broken in Jesus name! All of these demons were defeated on this night and they were sent to the pit also! Others even experienced some form of physical healing also. God is very alive and active! He loves us! 

Threats of Physical Violence in Seattle

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Dear Friends of Jesus,

For the past few days I have been here ministering in Seattle, Washington to those tormented by evil spirits. One family we have been ministering to have been terribly attacked by evil spirits. The 43 year old mother of one, named Alice, has been experiencing horrific spiritual attacks from those involved in Shamanism. This ancient satanic practice of communing with evil spirits as a result of purposely entering into various kinds of altered states of consciousness is becoming more and more common in many Western societies. Especially here in the west coast of the United States and Canada these kinds of occult practices are embedded within the culture and many are seeking these alternative spiritual movements hoping to solve their deepest problems. The problems aren’t solved however doorways are opened and demonic spirits are taking advantage of those entering into these trace like states resulting in occult enslavement. 

Alice has been dabbling with Shamanism and various forms of the occult for years thus becoming demonized through the process. In fact, as a result of submitting to some rituals she opened the doors of her life not only to demons but also to human interjects (soul part transference). As a result of one ritual she participated in the Shaman took the opportunity to invade her body and soul with the aid of evil spirits. I actually spoke to the Shaman within Alice and commanded him and his demons out of her body. We also encountered numerous ancestral dissociative identities including one that experienced a deadly car accident many years earlier. All of these ancestral parts were sent out of the body and to Jesus. All of them cooperated. However, one soul part, a human interject, a old boyfriend, was present (the soul tie that had been created between the two had never been renounced) and he fought me when it came to being forced out. He wanted to stay however Alice’s husband made it very clear to the old boyfriend that he wasn’t welcomed and he eventually conceded thus departing.

We also encountered and reached out to with compassion a number of her broken parts of her heart ranging from 7 years of age to 42 years of age. All of them were sent to the Lord Jesus and incredible inner healing took place in the life of Alice. What was really amazing was for a very long time Alice had been turning to sleeping medications to be able to sleep. Last night, she didn’t turn to the meds as God healed her in this area and slept soundly for the very first time in years! Many of the parts, we discovered, had been programmed and were being held captive by internal demonic forces. These powers were commanded to release the parts and they did. We also began the process of deprogramming the parts in order to help Alice. 

For more than 12 hours I encountered human interjects, dissociative identities, ancestral dissociative identities and mind controlling mechanism. Gradually all of the evil was being extracted resulting in satisfying inner healing, peace, and hope for once. Surprisingly, Alice never surrendered to Jesus as King and I had the wonderful opportunity to lead her in this most important decision. She even spoke, passionately, about her decision to follow Jesus with those who witnessed the mission tonight. All of this led to the demons wanting to attack. 

The unholy spirits within Alice were furious that her husband had planned this intervention and now Alice was wanting to serve Jesus. God truly met our needs and Alice experienced inner healing like she had never experienced before. Many heart parts were miraculously healed. Thus leading the chief of the demons within her to surface. With murderous rage he surfaced. He cursed me. I commanded him to tell me his name.

“I’m AM the [expletive] Christ. I will beat the [expletive] out of you. Do you understand me? I so want to hit you right now. I hate. I hate you. I hate you,” the spirits yelled at me. 

They continued with more threats of physical violence. They so desired to to harm me. In Jesus name I was not injured. I know the holy angels surround me where ever I go. Moreover, the precious blood of Christ covers me also. 

These anti-Christ, mocking, blasphemous spirits were commanded to hold my holy cross and immediately the cross drained them of their energy and almost instantaneously the spirits came out of her. More work needs to be done and issues addressed however we are impressed with Alice’s inner fight to walk in freedom. I love it! I only desire for others to have the deep desire. It’s not easy at times however the walk into freedom is so worth it!