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I Saw Jesus

Wednesday, June 30th, 2021

Speaking of the power of Jesus, I recently, received a beautiful email from a Ukrainian disciple in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, who enrolled in our “Extraordinary Jesus Program,” and was afforded a personal ministry session. What transpired in the session was astounding –she was set free from demons and was caught up into the Third Heaven and experienced the wonders of God’s glorious realms.

She writes, in part (emphasis mine):
Dear Pastor Jay, greetings in the name of Jesus! It has been almost a week since the personal ministry session (Extraordinary Jesus program) I had with you last Saturday. You have asked me to reconnect with you in 1-2 days…I have tried to write to you right away, but needed some un-rushed time to process everything..then tried to write to you several times but was falling asleep in the process ( a busy week of overtime work and commuting..). But even though much delayed, please, receive my gratitude to you for the time you have given me and gently walking me through the deliverance! And I praise the Holy Spirit for it all!

“Never thought I still had so much darkness remaining. Relieved immensely from the darkness that was cast out!! And in quiet awe and enjoyment from being able to sit by Jesus, next to Abba in heaven!!! I saw Jesus in a yellow, golden color and Abba in all white soft color. Most importantly, I felt my Daddy’s love for me, and His kindness. I felt important to Him, I felt loved …the word that was on my mind: “I am accepted” and “I belong.” I am home having tea with my Daddy, I can tell Him everything. He understands everything. He loves me, enjoys me. I am safe. I am home.”.. Don’t want to forget anything from this experience!”

My friends, this is what this mission is all about –introducing souls to the Lord Jesus. Can it get any better? This is it –intimacy with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen!