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God Performed Creative (watch) Miracles in Santa Cruz, CA!

Friday, October 22nd, 2021

I’m currently in San Jose, CA and I’m stunned. Actually, I am in a state of awe. We witnessed phenomenal signs and wonders during our seminar in the seaside town of Santa Cruz, CA last night, as we taught from the WORD and ministered to those who traveled in for their miracle. God did not disappoint.

For example, all three ladies, pictured above, were not only set free but also encountered the Lord Jesus in the Third Heaven. The young lady, second from the right, testified that she attended one of my seminars, some 5 years ago, in downtown San Francisco, CA and experienced some extremely powerful deliverance and healing. She mentioned her life was transformed as a result. She wanted to attend another seminar and learn more. She learned and she experienced.

This young lady, brought her friend (pictured far right), who had never attended a deliverance ministry meeting before. Demons manifested from within her and the demons boastfully revealed they had been contacting spirits with her friend. I demanded to know the demon.

“Idolatry,” the demonic spirits confessed to me, “Is inside of her.”

Idolatry surfaced and was expelled in the name of Jesus. I then proceeded to drive out the demons from her friend. Both encountered deep deliverance and were caught up into the Third Heaven and met our loving God. Furthermore, a mother of three boys, pictured far left, also manifested demons and they were driven out in the name of Jesus.

Along with the demons were some soul invaders (inner witches). They were also expelled too in the name of Jesus. Not only does this woman, experience a mighty deliverance from satanic bondages, she also experienced a series of creative miracles (watch her video testimony to learn more). Some other thrilling miracles took place before our eyes:

  • Her ringing of the ears stopped
  • Pains in her eyes stopped
  • Other strange afflictions and maladies vanished
  • She met the Jehovah God, the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit fire
  • She encountered holy angels
  • She was given a gift, by one of the holy angels, which resulted in a miraculous healing in her body
  • She entered the Throne Room of Abba and sat on His Throne and received His unfathomable love

I could go on and on. There were that many miracles. Please watch for yourself and see. Click here to watch now.

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