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Battling Luciferian Spirits in our Seal Beach & San Francisco Miracle Meetings

Monday, April 30th, 2012

My brothers and sisters in Jesus ~

~Miracles of the Holy Spirit: Souls Fell Down Experiencing the Love of Jesus!

~Supernatural Strength: Teaching for Hours in Meetings then Casting Out Demons!

~517 Luciferian Demons within a Syrian Believer Cast Out in Jesus Name!

~Many Little Dissociative Identities Healed by the Savior

~Blood Pacts, Astral Projecting Portals, Illuminati Mind Controlling Mechanisms Demolished by God

~Several Reported Seeing Jesus in Public Meeting

~Powers of Witchcraft Defeated by the Blood of Jesus

~Husband of Diplomat FREED from Spirits of Infirmity!

~Many Spirits of Anti-Christ, Lucifer, Squid, Blasphemy, Satan, Mind Control, Beelzebub and Pain Driven Out

~Saints Instantaneously Healed by Jesus

~San Francisco Public Meeting: 100% of Attendees Delivered by God

~Jesus HEALS: Kidney Pain, Back Pain, Migraine Headaches, and All Sorts of Demonic Affliction Vanished Quickly

~Generational Jezebel: Stubborn Jezebel Spirits that had been in Family for Thousands of Years Sent to the PIT

~Attendees Included those from Spain, Syria, Africa Seeking an Exorcism

We are currently in eclectic San Francisco, California, preaching the gospel, healing the sick and driving out demons. James and I have noticed that we have been operating with a greater amount of effectiveness to deliver souls in Jesus name. Thus far we have held multiple public and private meetings throughout California and in each meeting God has blessed our efforts with His holy power to set those captive free! Moreover, God has truly given me supernatural strength as in each meeting I teach on our authority in Christ for 2-3 hours then minister to those afflicted with demons for several more hours! For example last night I taught on the “Hidden Life in Christ,” and then spent several more hours driving out demons in Jesus name!

Though we have traveled a great distance –by car– from Southern California to Northern California, God has granted His peace and presence to us! A few days ago before arriving here to San Francisco we were in the small beach town of Seal Beach where he ministered to those enslaved to the powers of Satan.

In Seal Beach a precious brother in the Lord was set free from powerful Luciferian spirits that had been tormenting him for years. As these demonic spirits surfaced they would violently twist his body and cry out! Many of them were generational spirits and others were a result of a unholy soul tie that he had created in years past. There were many other evil spirits operating in his life: Poseidon, Jezebel, Satan spirits, Karen, Beelzebub, Jessica, Rob, Herod and a spirit named Squid that had been afflicting his legs with great pain. In the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ all of these demonic powers were cast out and sent to the pit!

Last night in San Francisco (incidentally, the birth place of the Church of Satan and many other occult secret societies) we held a public deliverance meeting in a small hotel conference room. I was amazed that one of the attendees had traveled from all the way from North Carolina to California just for this meeting (traveling by car it would have taken her several days). However, this isn’t unusual as in many of our public gatherings precious families and individuals travel great distances to receive ministry. Every single person that attended our meeting was demonized and in need of great deliverance!

James and I witnessed powerful manifestations of the Holy Spirit countering the works of Satan! Several people were so touched by the presence of the Holy Spirit that fell down under the power of God –embracing the love of Jesus! Several souls reported seeing Jesus! Many hearts were dramatically healed! Many hundreds of demons were expelled! Many miracles to the glory of God.

One 50 year old lady who attended the meeting –from Spain– had been tormented for years by the devil. She had been a successful model and businesswoman but lost nearly everything as a result of these terrible demonic attacks upon her life. In fact at age of 7 a devil like figure appeared to her and has stalked her all of these years. During our public meeting this demon surfaced and told me he’s been around her “a very long time,” even watching her while she was a baby in the crib because her parents did not utilize their authority in Christ to protect their little daughter. This is an ongoing lesson I seek to impart in every meeting: Parents persistently utilize your authority in Jesus Christ over your children. Yes, these demons will battle but we win!

There were many generational demonic spirits operating within this precious lady including Jezebel spirits that had been within her family bloodline for thousands of years!

“We have kept her from any meaningful relationships, because we married her,” Jezebel boasted.

Jezebel had literally placed a ring on her life that spiritually kept many Godly men from connecting with her.

In the name of Jesus I tore off this devilish ring from her finger and immediately she felt better! This was just the beginning!

Though Jezebel battled, us as she sought to stay within her body, she was finally expelled in the name of Jesus!

Another saint was instantly delivered from many physical infirmities –even she was astonished! Two brothers from the San Francisco area were were so overwhelmed by the tangible presence of God in the room that they fell out of their chairs unto the floor deeply experiencing the LOVE of JESUS! Another brother from Ivory Coast, West Africa, was instantly healed of many infirmities and many demonic spirits!

I’m truly honored to serve the King! I’m here to serve YOU!

Last Minute Deliveranc​e in San Francisco

Monday, April 30th, 2012

My brothers and sisters in Jesus,

I have safely arrived back to Dallas and am rejoicing in the many souls that were rescued by God on this last mission to California. James and I traveled from San Diego to San Francisco with virtually no travel disruptions and I believe this was a direct result of your many prayers for us as we ministered and traveled. This has been an extraordinary month –from open preaching to tens of thousands in our New York City meetings to our Holy Spirit empowered meetings in Asia to our mighty deliverance services in California– we have truly seen God’s hand upon this ministry.

I look back amazed. For example, on Friday, in Seal Beach, California, James and I got up early in the morning, after a late night deliverance session and traveled more then 7 hours to the South San Francisco meeting location where I taught for 3 hours and then ministered for another 3 hours. That’s more then 7 hours of traveling and more then 6 hours of ministering! That’s all in just 1 day! God’s grace was evident upon us!

Yesterday as James and I prepared to head to the San Francisco International Airport I receive a urgent call from a lady desperately needing deliverance. Obviously, we were tired from the previous night’s intense exorcism however God spoke to our hearts and we met this precious demonized lady who so happened to live in the Bay area. While leading her in Holy Communion a voice within her head told her to throw the Holy Communion cup against the wall. What would make a person desire to hurl a cup of the Lord? Answer: a demonic spirit being affected by the very blood and body of Jesus! There is inherent power in the cup and body of the Lord in the sacrament of Holy Communion!

“%$#@ you,” the demon shouted at me, through the lips of the lady, as it stood before the Holy Communion.

Evil spirits do not like being in the presence of the sacraments.

“We are here from three generations ago because her ancestors committed all kinds of sexual immorality,” the demons informed me.

We dealt with numerous demons and they were greatly weakened as the lady confessed her sins and made peace with God.

Over the past few days we have encountered many Luciferian spirits (these tend to be higher level spirits in the demonic hierarchy) and Jezebel spirits. As we discovered during the exorcism with this precious saint she was also inhabited by a Jezebel spirit.

Upon the confession of her sins and renouncing the generational curses all of the demons were driven out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Immediately she felt release and comfort! James and I quickly journeyed on to the airport and I am now in Dallas resting with my family.

Souls Saved and Defeating Satanism in San Francisco

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

For many hours yesterday pastor James and I were involved in numerous spiritual battles, in several meetings, for the sake of precious souls. This has been an extraordinary ministry trip for us as we have seen some intensely powerful moves of the Holy Spirit in our midst. As some of you know San Francisco is well regarded as one of the most spiritually oppressive areas in North America. As I mentioned in my last email a number of satanic organizations base their operations out of the Bay area. I’ll be honest I do not think I have dealt with so many people, with Luciferian spirits, in consecutive days, as I have done here in the city and in our meetings in Seal Beach and Los Angeles.

We were determined to invade the enemy’s land and claim precious souls for the Lord Jesus Christ. We are determined to see San Fransisco exposed to the gospel. The church in San Fransisco is not doing enough to fight back the forces of evil here. We are here to assist the church in empowering the saints to cast out demons, heal the sick and preach the gospel! We have met a number of believers and churches here who are interested in more meetings so I have decided to come back in a month and organize more meetings by the grace of God.

James and I have felt so much peace here with the Lord. It is comforting to know when you are exactly in the place you need to be! God has blessed our efforts and have seen tremendous miracles. Some of the highlights include ~

After our San Francisco public meeting I was honored to lead 25 year old Mormon to the Lord Jesus Christ! God had spoken to my heart and said very clearly he was already ready to receive and confess that Jesus is indeed Lord and God in the flesh. As I shared the good news to Dave his heart softened and he joined with me in verbally confessing that Jesus is very God in the flesh (Mormons deny the Deity of the Lord Jesus and every other essential of the Historic Christian Faith). For 25 years God has placed numerous Mormons in my life and I have seen many come to Christ through personal witness!
A precious young lady, Cynthia –came to one of our meetings last night with her parents– and experienced deep liberation from many demonic spirits. Many came through the bloodline on the mother’s side and again there were numerous Luciferian spirits within this young lady. Not only were there were demonic spirits enslaving her there were also many dissociative parts that need to be healed and we honored to minister to her heart and see her healed by God! During the meeting she too saw the Lord Jesus and His holy angels (in our past several meetings many are reporting of seeing Jesus).

A 45 year old former gang member came to our meeting and I had the wonderful opportunity to lead him to the Lord Jesus Christ as he had never opened up his heart to Jesus before. Not unlike my own life experience more then 25 years ago when I experienced deliverance at the moment of salvation, he too was delivered of numerous demonic spirits as he surrendered to Jesus. It was amazing to see as the demons were fighting him as he had great difficulty praying with me but the power of God came upon him and he was able to finish the prayer and instantly demons were flying out of him. Not only was Ernie saved by Jesus, he was also liberated from many demons!

This was just the beginning as many other miracles occurred in these meetings. To chronicle the miracles would indeed take hours to do so! In our last meeting in “spooky” and “eerie” (those were the words that people described downtown San Fransisco) –as night fell and the fog rolled into the harbor– we battled, within a young 32 year old and her boyfriend, numerous satanic forces hell bent on staying within the young lady as she was being prepared by a local satanic cult to be their sacrifice. Again we encountered many Luciferian spirits. We also dealt with numerous human interjects that were from the sadistic occult group (human parts of people that soul travel to their victims). Moreover we dealt with many broken parts of her heart. The incredible miracles that took place on this night needs to be told. Suffice to say, not only were these cult human interjects removed from her body, she was set free from many evil spirits and healed from dissociation. Furthermore, this precious lady was even honored to Jesus and numerous holy angels!

We were in need of your prayers and God honored your intercession with divine protection and holy power!

By the way, the testimonies are coming in from our most recent meetings. Here are a few of the testimonies:

“I knew that I was saved but in my life, I continued to be attacked in my dreams, finances, health, marriage, family and ministry.  I was not aware that an evil spirit was the cause and that “it” resided in my body. Even thou this evil spirit was deeply rooted and stubborn, you and James were able to cast it out.  Thank you for having faith and believing that no matter how strong they adversary can be, with deliverance, it will certainly leave.  There is no power greater than the name of JESUS CHRIST!

Thank you for setting me FREE.

Love, your sister-in-Christ”

Here is another:

“I have no words to thank you for your help, I suffer for so many years looking for an answer to all my troubles and could not find any one who really care, yet want to thank you and James. I would like to continue keeping in touch and will look for more peoples to come to the future meeting. Sorry i don’t have a place for you to offer to do meetings, but when God give me a place to live I will.” God bless you both!

This is the reason why we travel, preach, teach, cast out demons, and heal the sick! We are deeply encouraged by the testimonies and we give all glory to Jesus!

Generation​al Jezebel Demonic Spirits Defeated Despite the Mockers!

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Dear Friends of Jesus,

God has truly given me strength! Earlier today I was in Latin America and now I am currently in Waco, Texas where we just completed a public deliverance service. The day started off very early for me as I prepared to catch a flight from Guatemala City to Dallas. When I checked out of my hotel room and exited the building Oscar was waiting for me. Oscar had been my taxi driver the past few days shuttling me around Guatemala City to various locations as I conducted various meetings. I noticed while riding with him, that he had this horrible sounding cough that he semed to be battling with. You could tell he was terribly sick. Well, I was given favor with Oscar this morning. While I was with him, he asked if I could pray with him, as he wanted to know Jesus as his Savior. I led him to Jesus. His heart was so soft to the gospel. I just love seeing hearts like this being desperate for Jesus. Not only did he receive Jesus, Oscar also received divine healing and this persistent cough immediately dried up and ceased. God healed Oscar! What a way to end my trip to Latin America with someone being birthed in the Kingdom of God!

Onward to North America where I stopped home to visit my family then I journeyed onto Waco where we hold our Church of the Cross public deliverance services. On this night precious families traveled in from different cities to be supernaturally liberated and healed. God did not disappoint. While traveling to Waco one of my ministry partners, pastor James Beason, was ministering and driving out hundreds of demons. Upon my arrival he was overjoyed with the what the Holy Spirit had already accomplished with those arriving even prior to our evening service. During our public meeting after partaking of Holy Communion we began to minister to those whom had assembled. Within a few minutes a spirit named, Jezebel, surfaced within a 54 year old woman who traveled to the meeting with her husband. The spirit spoke to me through her lips.

“I cause all kinds of problems,” Jezebel boasted to me, “we bring cancer, Tinnitus, various pains in her neck, and so much more.”

I demanded Jezebel to reveal everything.

“I’m here with Fornication, Adultery, Death and so many others. I have been inside of this family for more then 100 years. Her ancestors murdered and I came in,” the spirit of Jezebel revealed.

This dear lady confessed to having been deeply involved in witchcraft, black magic and the occult. In fact, her mother and grandmother forced her to participate in the dark arts. In one case, she was led to believe that placing her own menstrual blood in her husband’s drink would provide her supernatural power over him. This dear lady only 6 years earlier surrendered her life to Jesus and was desperate for deliverance. With her precious husband nearby and assisting I just knew this generational Jezebel spirit had no chance to survive within her.

We utilized various spiritual weapons against this demon –the crucifix, anointing oil, the Scriptures, the commands of Jesus– and it weakened Jezebel greatly! I also called forth a legion of God’s holy angels to assist. Not only did they arrive but they punished the Jezebel spirit with their swords! The demons were quickly dealt with and the demons were cast out (along with all of their diseases and pains) in the name of Jesus! The demons growled and moaned as they exited however they left! She was so happy! She kept on telling her husband: “I’m FREE, I’m FREE, I’m FREE.”

She was not only liberated from the powers of witchcraft, Jezebel, Death and a host of other demons she was also healed of a broken heart! After praying for her inner healing, she revealed she saw a vision of a whole restored heart!

Isn’t this beautiful!

Then James and I ministered to her husband. He was also delivered of demonic affliction and healed!

Then another brother in Christ was delivered of a demon called Cyclops. This dear man testified of experiencing horrific shakes at night while trying to sleep. It turns out Cyclops was the spirit behind this. He was confronted and expelled in the name of Jesus! Many other miracles took place.

As you can imagine when God is working powerfully the enemy tries to come in to disrupt and cause problems. He did on this night.

While leading the service a group of young people across the hall from our small meeting hall were heard right outside of our door mocking the ministry that was taking place. I could feel the spirits of blasphemy and mockery trying to disrupt and even provide strength to the other demons within the meeting hall. It was something that was tangible and strong. I battled against these spirits in Jesus name (even after the service the young people continued to mock, it was so demonically inspired as they laughed on and on). Despite the mockery all of these demons were driven out and sent to the pit in the name of Jesus!

Not only did we minister but I was ministered to by a dear lady, who had traveled from out of town to be at this service, which she had just heard about in recent days, who gave me a short but very encouraging prophetic word: “You have found favor in God’s eyes, He will grant you long and healthy life. He will give you these things” The words are one thing but the Holy Spirit behind the words says it all! I have received prophetic words before and it has that consistent theme: the Holy Spirit confirms it with peace, joy, and deep inner meaning. This prophecy was consistent with the WORD God gave me 10 years ago when He told me I would live a long life (92 years of age). I have shared this WORD with many and James knew this and was amazed with the holy utterance given to me. I was deeply encouraged that I have found favor with our loving God. I am His servant– yes, I fail at times– but I am His and will serve Him! He loves YOU my friend. He has gifted you. His calling upon your life is a MUST for you. You MUST follow Him, He will guide you and provide for YOU!

More Miracles Being Reported from Asia: Paralyzed Woman Now Walking

Monday, April 30th, 2012

My brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus Christ,

I have so much to report! I (and the kids) were spared of serious bodily injury yesterday. More on that later in the email.

I´m currently in Latin America –nice and cool (70F/30C) Guatemala City, Guatemala– where I always feel refreshed– as the temperatures are always quite cool due to it´s higher elevation. Though my body is refreshed my spirit is quite sadden as the Church of the Cross here in Guatemala City has come under great demonic attack as of late. This is expected as this church has grown from 4 of us in February 2011 to more then 125-150 members in alittle over a year. Amazing moves of the Holy Spirit has been witnessed –the deaf have been healed, those with diseases cured, those vexed by demons liberated and many hundreds of souls won to Jesus! Furthermore, we now have three cell groups meeting in various locations throughout the city however the church is under great attack and we request your prayers for the saints here as we have had to make some serious decisions. As an overseer of more then 20 churches throughout the globe I have a divine responsibility to ensure the churches are healthy and that is why I am here.

Miracles in Asia

As you might recall I was recently in Asia preaching the good news of Jesus in the Philippine Islands where we witnessed many miracles of the Holy Spirit. Well, I just received another powerful report:

“Last Sunday in our church, did you remember the paralyze lady my member in my outreach church. She was not able to walk without somebody to assist and help her.

My outreach pastor give me report last night that Sis. Felina is walking without a crutches and people to assist her. To Jesus be all the glory! We serve a living God who has the compassion to set the captives free. God reminded about His in Luke 4:18 “The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, Because He has anointed Me, To preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted,To proclaim liberty to the captives, And recovery of sight to the blind, To set at liberty those who are oppressed.

Truly God’s anointing breaks the yoke of bondage and set’s those who are captive by the devil.Praise be to our Lord Jesus Christ, he has restored me. Thank you guys for your words of encouragement. Now I have decided to always preach the salvation of Jesus and preach healing and deliverance to those who are in slave of satan and his demons.”

This was just a portion of the email as my dear brother reported many more miracles occurring since our visit! I really like the second part where my brother writes: Now I have decided to always preach the salvation of Jesus and preach healing and deliverance to those who are in slave of satan and his demons.”

This is our heart to encourage the Body of Christ to walk in the fullness of the gospel –to preach Jesus, to heal the sick and cast out demons!

My ministry partner, Steve´s wife, Coria, specifically ministered to this paralyzed woman and look what God has done!

The churches there have invited us back to hold ever larger open air meetings, perhaps reaching more then a 1,000 people each night! We are believing great miracles in the days ahead in Asia!

Spared of Bodily Injury in Dallas

Just before embarking on this trip to Guatemala I had a nice lunch with my kids and we were heading back home so that I might leave for the airport when suddenly the driver of the truck ahead of us lost control of his vehicle due to the rainy conditions of the road and spinning violently out of control (a similar incident occurred some years ago prior to my travel to Ghana for some ministry)—the truck was sliding sideways– my first thought was, is this truck going to flip over. The truck did not flip over but it did slam into a telephone pole causing some live wires to land right in front of us causing a loved one to shout at me, ¨Back up, that´s a live wire.¨ I back up just barely missing the wire and thus being spared of being electrocuted (recall my incident in Asia just a week or so ago). We were spared but that truck that spun out of control slammed into an apartment house after hitting the pole causing the house to crumble. It was unbelievable! The people in the home quickly exited and were screaming. I got out of our van and immediately approached the truck to assist those who crashed into the apartment house. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured (the passengers did have some cuts as a result of the accident). God truly spared us all!

This event again reminds me how much in need we are of the Lord Jesus and His mercy as you never know what the day may hold. Do not be lukewarm, serve Jesus with fire from on high. This is a reminder to me and to everyone. Let´s serve Jesus fervently until we take that last breath and enter HIS presence.

Jesus Delivers Souls in California

Monday, April 30th, 2012

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Pastor James Beason and I are in the midst of Californian ministry tour that began in San Diego and will end up in Northern California. The past few days we have been conducting ministry in the beautiful San Diego area where we have conducted some evangelistic and deliverance ministry. Thus far we have traveled thru San Diego, Del Mar, Los Angeles, and Coronado Island sharing the gospel, praying for the sick and driving out evil spirits in the name of Jesus!

Last night, while conducting a small meeting in Del Mar, California, a young Japanese man was delivered from many generational evil spirits. The first spirit that surfaced was named, Rage. As you can imagine he was quite angry to be exposed to the light of Jesus!

I called forth the holy angels of God and almost immediately legions of angels gathered around me and assisted me in warfare. The angels of God battled the demonic spirits and greatly weakened them to where they were groaning and moaning in agony.

“We are here because his ancestor’s murdered, they lusted, they abandoned each other, worshipped false gods, and were involved in perversion,” the spirit of rage revealed to me.

I commanded the violent spirits to submit to the Lord Jesus Christ and these devils obeyed!

“There’s three of us in him and five others total. There is us and lust, anxiety, fear, pride, and hate.”

In the name of Jesus all of these spirits were expelled out of his body and sent to the pit! With loud cries the demons departed!

Another young lady present in the meeting –from Germany– was delivered from demons of divination as a result of her participation in the occult and fortune-telling over the years. The demonic spirits started to afflict this lady with great pain in an attempt to hinder the deliverance however the Lord Jesus instantly healed her as we commanded the pain to cease! Many other evil spirits were confronted and expelled such as spirits of abortion, death, word curses, trauma and abuse.

It was VERY evident that Jesus visited them powerfully as both were deeply touched and impacted by the love of Jesus! They both testified of their deliverance and their desire to now Jesus with everything they have! Their beautiful smiles and inner joy said it all! Not all did Jesus deliver them , He also healed them physically and emotionally!

This morning James and I traveled from Del Mar to Los Angeles to minister to a African family that is originally from Benin. Incidentally, I have spent many months in Benin –a Western African nation known as the birthplace of voodoo and black magic– ministering to those afflicted by the powers of voodoo. On this day the Holy Spirit swept thru our meeting and liberated this woman from many hundreds of thousands of demons. They groaned, moaned, convulsed her body, twisted her body and vomited out of her (some of the things exiting thru her body were quite unusual looking).

The demons had no chance! Jesus and His holy angels were present and placed these demons in utter defeat! James and I commanded many hundreds of thousands of voodoo spirits out of a dear African woman and she testified of feeling much better. There is some more work to be done with her but we literally ran out of time and hope to visit her family again soon!

Mass Deliverance in Southeast Asia!

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

Dear Friends of the Lord Jesus,

Incredibly I’m still awake after being up more then 55 hours traveling from Manila, Philippines to Tamuning, Guam, then from Guam to Honolulu, Hawaii, then from the Island of Hawaii to Chicago then from Chicago to Dallas. God is truly providing supernatural strength. Reminds me of the time when I ministered in a series of deliverance meetings that lasted for more then 27 hours STRAIGHT! Furthermore, in less then 48 hours I will back on the road again for some ministry. Appreciate your prayers that sustain me by God’s power.

Our time in the Philippines was extraordinary in that God did some wonderful things in our midst in each and every meeting. The gospel was proclaimed resulting in souls finding salvation in Jesus, many evil spirits were driven out resulting in many freed individuals and many were healed of various afflictions (often the healing was instantaneously). About a month or so ago the Holy Spirit spoke to me about traveling to Southeast Asia to conduct meetings as I was invited to minister by a dear pastor friend of mine –Orlando Sacman of the United Family of God Church in Manila. Orlando had been listening to my global radio broadcast “Deliverance with Jay Bartlett”–for some time and was desiring to extend his ministry into the deliverance work. Orlando started a church some years ago in the Manila area and felt a need to conduct some meetings. The call to GO was very strong upon my heart and it was evident on our first day that the Spirit of God wanted us to be there.

My Australian ministry partner, Steve and his family, shortly arrived before I did and when we reunited in a parking lot of the international airport we tried to create a plan to locate our host pastor in the midst of the many thousands that were present at the airport. I ended up calling out his name out loud a few times before he turned around, perhaps, 20 feet from me. What are the chances of me finding Orlando in such a manner? With God all things possible!

Manila is one of the largest cities in Asia and for that matter one of the largest in the entire world with some estimates ranging from ten to twenty million of souls. A heavily populated city that desperately needs Jesus the Savior! The streets were congested, there was great poverty, but alot of good hearts –as these dear people were very receptive to the message concerning the Messiah. I was astonished by their generosity and compassion towards me and my ministry partners of the gospel.

We held more then 6 public meetings –training seminars, public deliverance services and church services–in three different churches. Steve and I worked as a tag team as we would train and equip the saints, conduct the public deliverance meetings and preaching in the Sunday services. At the following churches God blessed our efforts:

United Family Church of God pastored by Orlando Sacman~ On Sunday morning and evening we were honored to worship Jesus with this precious church. Each service was jammed packed. In fact, souls were gathering outside the building to hear the gospel we proclaimed in power from above! On Sunday morning souls were saved by the blood of Jesus, souls were liberated from the power of God, and bodies were supernaturally healed. During the public evening deliverance meeting many testified of being healed and delivered as we led the Body in mass deliverance prayers.

(Interestingly, prior to the first meeting in Manila –I was electrocuted– in my hotel room as I attempted to figure out which converter I had would work in the Philippines. I was tired and wasn’t thinking clearly when I inserted the converter in a wrong fashion and immediately was struck with mighty jolts of electricity. Moreover, during the night, I felt the jolts exit via my right foot and was fighting all kinds of strange pains in my body as a result of being electrocuted. In the middle of the night I called upon Jesus as I could feel some strange vibes in the same area as my heart. I drank the blood of Jesus and He sustained me. God to be praised I was spared. Just earlier this evening while in prayer I felt more of those vibes and I continue to rebuke them in Jesus name. Thanks for praying!)

Full Gospel Christian Church pastored by Ernest Jimenez~Steve and I along with Orlando traveled more then 3 hours to reach this church and to conduct a training seminar and public deliverance service (see pictures of the church in attachment–with me and pastor Ernest and his wife). Again God was pleased to display His awesome power by defeating the powers of the evil one! With loud cries evil spirits came out of many. Some convulsed, some vomited out demons, others yawned out spirits. Within minutes of me praying during the deliverance service demons manifested and Steve and I were busy driving out evil spirits in the name of Jesus. A precious 10 year old girl Steve and Virginia ministered to was miraculously healed and delivered though much follow up needs to take place. What truly brought us great joy was the number of pastors and laypeople that joined in the ministry (after the training sessions that Steve led) and assisted us as they too were casting out demons and praying for the sick!

Jesus Christ the Redeemer Foursquare Church pastored by Jesse~After a very late night Steve (and his wife, son, and family friend Virginia) and I were honored to equip the saints and conduct a public deliverance meeting. Be sure to check out the pictures of the church below and of Steve and his wife (and son) from the balacony of the church building). Again the meeting hall was filled with capacity–from what I could tell every seat was taken and many saints were lined up against the back of the church listening attentively to the teachings we brought from God’s Word! Many more were healed and liberated from the powers of darkness! As with the previous night more souls were captivated by the love of God! Some convulsed as we commanded demons to leave in Jesus name! The altar was filled with people needing assistance –perhaps 20 or more crowded up front during invitation time for ministry in the areas of healing and exorcism. Many of them were instantly ( or perhaps a few minutes into prayer) healed and deliverance. It gave Steve and I incredible strength as we see the open hearts of the people who assembled for the series of meetings.

POWERFUL Acts of the Holy Spirit in NYC: Tens of Thousands Reached with the Good News!

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Dear Friends of Jesus,

~Intense: Half a Million Evil Spirits Driven Out of Jamaican
~Asian Woman with Occult Background Gloriously Set Free by Jesus!
~Preached the Gospel to 10,000’s in the Heart of Times Square
~African Lady with Broken Heart Healed by the Love of God
~Powers of the Holy Communion Defeats the Devil
~Jesus Spoke to Demon: GO! Result? Deliverance!
~Times Square Open Air Meeting Causes Thousands to be Stunned!
~Conducted More then 7 Public and Private Meetings
~Led a Young Filipino Lady to Jesus Christ Before Her Deliverance!
~Teaching on the Holy Communion Brings Tears of Joy from Saints
~Holy Angels of God Assisted in Violent Exorcism
~Open Air Meetings Results in Souls Calling out on Jesus!
~Many Healed Instantaneously of Various Physical Ailments and Afflictions
~Violent Manifestations in Private Meeting: Thrashing on the Ground, Convulsions and Loud Cries as Demons Departed
~Spirits of Legion, Cancer, Idolatry, Witchcraft and a Host of Others Driven Out in Jesus Name!

The past few days here in New York City has been staggering. I have faced many attacks personally but the Spirit of the Lord has empowered me to proclaim the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ to tens of thousands. God is faithful. As you might recall from my report on Thursday evening I preached to thousands outside of Madison Square Garden. On Friday evening I conducted some private deliverance meetings where precious souls traveled great distances to find freedom from satanic bondage and literally hundreds of thousands of demons were expelled in the name of Jesus. On Saturday, I held 3 more open air meetings reaching more then 20,000 with the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. In one open air meeting alone, we estimate, more then 10,000 souls were given the opportunity to hear of God’s love! To think that in just a few days we reached these kinds of large sized live audiences is incredible! Jesus made it happen! As I have shared with you before it is very difficult to conduct such open air meetings –the spiritual pressure that opposes you is quite intense– however the Holy Spirit empowered me and was able to reach many thousands! Not only are we seeing the gospel go forth in power but the Lord’s disciples are being equipped for the ministry and carrying out the works of Jesus too!

That Friday evening private deliverance was very violent and demonstrative. In a dramatic fashion God displayed His power over Satan! As a result of many generational curses the young Jamaican man we ministered to was terribly tormented by evil forces and was desperate for help! We responded to his cry for help with the ministry of deliverance. A young couple from South New Jersey who are experienced in deliverance assisted me in the ministry and we battled many hundreds of thousands of demons. All of them spoke out of him and confronted me. They boasted they had brought cancer into his body and a host of other infirmities. There was a number of times where they violently threw him to the ground and caused him to go into very violent convulsions. We called upon the mighty angels of the Lord and they greatly assisted us. In fact, several times the demons wanted to physically attack me but the holy angels stopped them from hurting me. The angelic host were of great help in this intense exorcism. They helped me by restraining the demons, picking the young man up when needed (as a result of the spirits forcing him on the ground) and maintaining divine order.

Though the demons cried out, acted out violently and attempted to battle –Jesus conquered them– and more then 500,000 demons were driven out as we led the young man in repentance and renunciation. Not only was there deliverance and there was inner and physical healing! These powerful miracles resulted in this young man rededicating his life to the Lord Jesus and they joy that I saw exhibited from him was something I had only seen a handful of times –there was that much inner happiness that he was experiencing from his new found deliverance! Jesus is worthy to be praised! (I was able to tape his testimony and hope to share with everyone very soon)

In yet another meeting we were able to see a young Asian lady set free from demon powers. For years she has participated in the occult (even consulting with necromancers and witchdoctors who led her into satanic rituals) and even traveled to various regions of the globe visiting Jain, Hindu, Sikh, Hare Krishna, Buddhist, and Islamic Temples and Mosques. Obviously, all of these acts opened her life to evil spirits resulting in her becoming demonized. God’s love and mercy was extended and she was rescued by Jesus. Many demons were cast out and an unusual miracle occurred. While leading her and her brother in Holy Communion, demons countered the blood and body of the Lord by trying to insert within her mouth the taste of incense that she remembers from her time in the occult. I again led this precious sister in the Lord in Holy Communion and this time she exclaimed, “the blood tastes sweet and I don’t taste the incense.” She also testified of feeling the demons of the occult leave her body! The body and blood of the Lord conquers demonic powers in all ages! God delivered this lady from many evil spirits and brought deep healing into her heart!

The early church understood the inherent powers in the Holy Communion in relation to spiritual warfare and yet many in our day have a very superficial understanding of the Holy Communion. The body and blood of the Lord are weapons!

The public aspect of this mission to New York City has indeed been staggering as God granted me favor to freely preach to the masses resulting in many calling upon Jesus! It was really beautiful to behold. I held 3 major open air preaching events in the heart of Manhattan — the Times Square area– with no hindrance from the police until at the very end!

In my first two preaching points nestled among the massive skyscrapers in Manhattan a home to millions of people I preached with great favor from God. Virtually no mocking from the people just open hearts to hear the gospel. I was told from some of the believers that the people are really hungering for something spiritually real. I proclaimed Jesus and many thousands listened on. You should have seen their faces –stunned, shocked, open– as I preach for about 30-45 minutes. Now mind you, I’m in the middle of New York City and no one from the police department stopped me. So, I kept on preaching Jesus! As I led everyone in prayers of salvation I could hear people call upon Jesus. Who knows how many responded?

While in my second preaching event a lady approached me and asked, “Are you Jay Bartlett?” I told her I indeed was! She was shocked but joyful as she had heard me on a recent live broadcast of the Omega Man radio show and was planning on attending my public deliverance later in the evening. She said she could hear someone utilizing the audio equipment and just wondered if it was me preaching! What a divine orchestration! (by the way, she ends up being delivered from several demonic spirits during the deliverance service).

After these meetings I ended up in the very heart of Times Square and to get an idea of where I preached click on these pictures:

I was right in the midst of these massive crowds armed with my powerful audio equipment. I shared with what we estimate to be a crowd of more then 10,000 (this is rather a conservative number as it was probably many more then that). Everyone was stunned and looked in my direction and listened in and heard of God’s love and plan for their lives. This is what I love about open air preaching –you are able to reach massive crowds quite easily due to the very shock of the people as they witness someone daring to preach in public! One could easily spend a lifetime of ministry in this heavily populated city however there are many other global cities that need Jesus too!

As I was winding down my message I was approached by the police and forced to stop however I gave the many thousands the opportunity to invite Jesus into their lives as LORD! Then from Times Square I conducted a public deliverance service where our little meeting room was jammed packed with people desirous of deliverance! Some even traveled more then 7 hours to be at the meeting!!! One older couple traveled many hours from Washington DC to attend the meeting for a healing miracle (they were so persistent to attend the meeting despite many obstacles placed in their way as they spent more then 2 hours within the city attempting to locate the meeting).

In the public deliverance service many were liberated from demon powers in the name of Jesus! Many of those afflicted with physical pains were instantaneously healed! Broken hearts were healed and many were encouraged by the brief teaching I brought from God’s Word! Again, I was only able to get through, perhaps, 7 doorways that lead to demons, out of the more then 20 I wanted to discuss. However, we are rejoicing in the awesome power and love of our God in the many miracles He did perform in our meetings!

Thank you dear saints for praying. I have received many of your emails and have been greatly encouraged. I know it is only by God’s grace I am able to continue on as sometimes the enemies attack and try to stop me from serving. Jesus is LORD and I am HIS!

In New York City Preaching the Gospel to Many Thousands!

Monday, April 2nd, 2012

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

I’m currently in New York City, armed with my powerful audio equiptment, conducting various open air gospel and deliverance mission work. Just about an hour ago I was given the wonderful opportunity to preach the good news of the Lord Jesus Christ to many thousands outside of Madison Square Garden in Manhattan. Unlike my last open air mission in Austin where the vast majority of the people downright rejected the gospel with blasphemy, here in Manhattan the response has been pleasantly different, I felt a receptiveness to the message of Jesus. I’ll be very honest with you I was sort of startled with the reception I was given. The masses that gathered around me in the courtyard area, outside of the massive Madison Square Garden arena, were open to hearing the good news. In fact, when the New York Police Department approached me while preaching there were numerous New Yorkers protesting the fact that they were shutting me down. To my amazement even the police officer was somewhat apprehensive in approaching me. God truly granted me favor on this mission as I preached a long time calling these precious souls in NYC to surrender to the Lord Jesus before being stopped. Many listened attentively to the message of the cross and the resurrection of Jesus –only God knows how many responded in their hearts to the message however it was very refreshing to see that hearts here in Manhattan were open!

I would estimate several thousand + (perhaps much more then that) heard the gospel this evening and I am simply rejoicing in that so many were interested in the gospel. Tomorrow (Friday) I am scheduled to preach the gospel in the Times Square area and ask for your prayers as I’ll have the opportunity to preach to many thousands. As you can imagine, standing in front of many thousands, conducting open air evangelistic meetings, in the heart of Manhattan, can be alittle unnerving and I had to battle some nervousness but the Holy Spirit gave me great boldness to preach with NO FEAR! Jesus is able and I’m a rather a shy individual so this was truly an act of God .