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Southern California: Teenager Sees Jesus in Third Heaven!

Monday, August 13th, 2018

God is blessing our work in extraordinary ways. We are seeing staggering amount of individuals entering into the Third Heaven thereby meeting and being healed by Jesus during our seminars. Moreover, many are repenting of their sins and finding salvation in Jesus Christ. In fact, that is what happened last night –salvation miracles and a precious young lady was caught up into the Third Heaven and met God.

I’m currently in Orange County, California, conducting “Supernatural Jesus” seminars and believing in mighty miracles! Last night, beautiful supernatural wonders took place. For example, a young teenager (Monica), was wonderfully set free from demonic attacks and encountered the risen Savior in the Third Heaven.

Even before we started the ministry I pointed to the young lady and told her that, I believed, she was would be given, on this night, the opportunity to enter God’s heavenly realms. God did not disappoint her. Young Monica was not only freed from evil spirits but she also went to the Third Heaven and encountered Jesus!

I taught from the WORD, led in Holy Communion and then ministered to those in the meeting hall. One of those I reached out to was Monica. Before we even ministered deliverance to her I had the incredible honor to lead her to salvation in Jesus Christ! She was beautifully saved by God. Soon thereafter, feeling threatened, spirits of death, fear, witchcraft, ghost and torment surfaced. They revealed how they entered:

“She played with the ouija board when she was young,” the spirits confessed to me, “That allowed us to come in and bring fear into her life.”

As I have mentioned in previous email updates, the ouija board, is yet another, means the enemy utilizes to invade, as it’s a divinatory device linked closely to the realm of the occult, that is that was birthed in the mind of Satan. Think of the millions of young people who have been invaded by evil spirits as a result of dabbling with this “game.” This is exactly what happened to Monica.

Thankfully, we were there to intervene. While praying with her it was also revealed that she had been experiencing some strange poltergeist activity and strange supernaturalism in her bedroom and in her home. It was directly linked with her involvement with the ouija board. The demonic spirits even admitted as such.

In the holy name of Jesus we (her Christian friend, pictured above assisted me) commanded all of the demons oppressing this teenager into the abyss and reached her hurting heart. Some little heart parts surfaced and they were swiftly guided to the Third Heaven. While in the heavenly realms she was able to meet the Savior. In the beautiful and glorious heavenly realms she was able to experience the healing and loving presence of God thereby expelling all of the fear she had been afflicted with for years.

After visiting God’s Heaven (she didn’t want to come back to earth) she was beaming with joy, peace and inner strength. God truly set this young lady free. I LOVE IT! This global mission is reaching the upcoming generations with the love and power of the gospel. We are seeing some astounding miracles as we conduct our missions throughout the world. We need your help and prayers. We love all of you in the name of Jesus!