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Unparalleled Signs & Wonders in Southern California!

Thursday, March 15th, 2018

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I know in recent years I have been using the word “awe” to describe the feeling I’m experiencing as I watch Jesus work in our midst. It’s an accurate word. I am in awe. In a holy awe.

My friends, for 30 years I have been serving Jesus and in the past several years I am stunned, mystified, thrilled to witness some of the signs and wonders we are encountering during our public meetings. Perhaps, some of these miraculous events are unparalleled thus the feeling of being in awe — for example the sheer numbers of people entering into the Third Heaven and visiting the Savior. It’s staggering. Last night, in Pasadena, California, during our weekly Jesus Church service, more of these supernatural wonders.

We had a packed meeting hall. In fact, we had to request from the hotel staff more chairs to accommodate the many individuals and families seeking deliverance and healing. I’m believing God will continue to awaken Southern California and we will be seeing more and more people attend and experiencing the miraculous and supernatural Jesus!

During our mass deliverance prayers, perhaps, dozens of individuals, experienced an element of deliverance from evil spirits. Some even testified of being healed of various afflictions as a result. It was refreshing to see. Many demons were expelled in the name of Jesus. Many heart parts were healed. Many soul invaders removed and other extraordinary miracles took place.

Toward the end of the service, the Holy Spirit directed me to a woman, originally from Zimbabwe, who was being under attack as the meeting progressed. I confronted the powers of darkness within her and they surfaced. Numerous spirits named witchcraft and Lucifer were driven out of her in the name of Jesus. Numerous soul invaders surfaced too. They boasted how they had been sending her witchcraft and voodoo curses in an attempt to destroy her. ALL of them when confronted with the superior powers of Jesus, confessed that Jesus was indeed Lord! They were expelled.

Along with the demons and invaders being removed, many heart parts surfaced within her and they were quickly guided to Jesus for healing. As they were being guided to Jesus, they flew into Heaven and in this unseen heavenly realm she was able to experience the inexpressible. You must watch the video below to get a sense of what I’m speaking of. It was incredible and stunning.