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THRILLER IN HOUSTON, TX: Encountered a Golden Lion!

Sunday, August 21st, 2022

I’m in awe. Last night, in The Woodlands (Houston area), Texas, we witnessed a supernatural thriller. What we encountered was stunning, epic, inspiring and astounding. This young mother met a GOLDEN LION!

The young lady, pictured above, heard about our ministry through a posting from someones FaceBook account (we don’t have a FB account). She attended our seminar with her husband and two young children. First off, she said she wasn’t born again so we had the honor to lead her to salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ. Then numerous demons manifested soon thereafter. She completely went under, and doesn’t recall anything that transpires for the next 30-40 minutes, as we conduct a powerful deliverance on her.

Numerous spirits of death, Jezebel, witchcraft, Satan and fear surfaced and revealed much. The evil spirits spoke out of her and confessed:

“She’s been victimized by a witch,” the demons admitted, “We were able to get into her bloodline because her ancestors participated in witchcraft.”

Not only were demons within her but also a soul invader (a wicked witch, that burned a pictured of her, to send destructive curses to her, because of some envy she had towards this young woman). This witch was driven out in the name of Jesus. Moreover, the demonic spirits were cast out of her in the name of Jesus.

After her deliverance, we encountered a little heart part (age 7). That little one was gently guided to God’s Heavens! What she encountered was stunning.

  • She met the Savior
  • She met her grandfather, who knew the Lord, coming from a cloud
  • She encountered numerous holy angels
  • She ascended into the presence of ABBA
  • She met a loving and playful golden lion
  • There were hills, a rainbow and so much more…

I could go on and on. While she was experiencing this, we who gathered, in the hall, encountered divine supernaturalism. Gold dust appeared on numerous disciples in the hall. I even had some on my hand. My oldest daughter also had some too. Moreover, many of us could smell the most extraordinary heavenly smells one could imagine. Like an arctic-blast of freshness, coolness, holiness, and divine refreshment. It was incredible.
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