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Deliverance from Blood Oath Demons!

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

A dear saint recently sent this personal testimony of being delivered from evil spirits:

“I  have been a believer for over 16 years.  Previously, I was involved in the occult, D&D, heavy metal, drugs, drinking, pornography, and smoking.  God miraculously delivered me in 1993 and continued the sanctification process over a four year period. But in the late 1990s, I backslid and got back into some of these sins.  Recently, God began calling me back to Him.  I began searching him out, I finally quit the smoking and out away a video game addiction of four years.  My relationship with Him through Jesus Christ has been strengthened in recent adversity.  I went to a deliverance ministry and was delivered from three separate groups of blood oath demons including one group that had held on to the family ancestry back to the third century BC.  These three blood oath groups were all brought before the God in the Court of Heaven and personally driven in to the abyss by Jesus Christ.  I do not understand everything that has happened, but I give God glory for my deliverance!

Submitted by Jay

Satanic Oaths Broken and Demons Expelled

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Last night, two individuals came to the church needing deliverance, both received some liberation. In fact, the one lady, named Tina (whom many of you know), was freed from over two thousand demonic spirits named “Jezebeth.” They had entered as a result of some ancient Satanic oaths that were uttered in the past. They were within an dissociative identity named “Nataley” who is only 19 years old. But the great power of God overcame the enemy–as it only took an hour to expel 2002 spirits from the identity as the broken part turned to Jesus and renounced the spiritual rights.

God is so merciful!

Submitted by Jay Bartlett