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Toronto: From Being a Sacrifice to Satan to Entering the Heavens & Meeting Jesus!

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

This Toronto mission, has been, perhaps of the most fruitful missions we have ever conducted in Eastern Canada. We have travelled here numerous times over the years leading many meetings and yet what we have experienced the past two nights have been spectacular. Both nights the meetings have been well attended. Last night, before a jammed packed hall, I preached the gospel and proclaimed victory in Jesus Christ! I equipped the Body of Christ and led in Holy Communion. Moreover, I spent hours ministering to the afflicted –many demonic spirits were expelled, hearts were beautifully healed and soul invaders driven out in the name of Jesus Christ.

There were so many spiritual highlights, it’s difficult to pick which one to share with you. One man was set free from demonic spirits named King of Destruction that were rooted in ancient generational witchcraft. It was a physical and very intense war with the powers of evil. Many holy angels assisted me in battling the demons and they were driven out of him in the name of Jesus. Immediately after his deliverance, as he testified of God’s power, many demonic spirits within a woman in the audience, manifested demons and he ministered deliverance to her. Now, that’s the fruit of one’s deliverance!

Another highlight was a young woman, pictured with me above, who came to the seminar, last night, here in Toronto, who was wonderfully set free by God. Interestingly enough, she prayed to God the night before that she would be granted the opportunity to enter the Third Heaven. She attends the service and numerous demons start surfacing from within, including spirits of Buddhism, idolatry, witchcraft and spirits of Satan. They surfaced and battled me.

They confessed to having brought pains and torments in her body and mind. Furthermore, they admitted to holding her heart in captivity. I commanded the demonic spirits to release her heart. Her heart was released and her inner children surfaced desperately wanted to be healed and to be with Jesus. In fact, one little heart part that surfaced was a little pre-born baby (who encountered dissociation while in the womb as a result of a family member dedicating her to Satan).

God granted the tiny baby the ability to communicate with me. She was so sad, despaired and in pain. She shared:

“My family, dedicated me to Satan when I was born,” the little conveyed to me, “I was suppose to be a sacrifice unto the devil!”

The demons manifested and boasted about this reality. They also revealed how they had been in her family bloodline for thousands of years –many of her ancestors performed dedication rituals to Satan thus their presence in her family.

God rescued this woman and we were able to drive out these wicked spirits from her life and they entered the abyss in the name of Jesus. Moreover, her body was miraculously healed from ALL physical pains and her heart was “caught up” into the Third Heaven where she met Jesus, God in the flesh! It was incredible to witness. She experienced the glories and the joys of Heaven! She had been wanting to go to Heaven and God granted her request. You’ll need to watch her testimony below.

My friends, so many disciples are entering the Third Heaven and are now traveling great distances to our seminars and missions with the hopes of developing a greater intimacy with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit by going into the Third Heaven. Even last night, disciples pleaded with me to guide them to the heavenly realms. Yes, I have been graced with this unique ability, however, this is not directed by my will but by God’s will. I follow the unction of the Holy Spirit and guide people to God’s Heavens as He leads.