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Delivered from Demonic Seizures

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Recently we received this victory report from a dear lady who ministers in Alabama:

“During a weekly prayer meeting, GOD ended 24 Years of Demon Possession and Uncontrollable Seizures for me. Two weeks later I received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, I know and understand FULLY what it feels like to be possessed, and I understand the battles that will arise after Deliverance. I thank GOD for making a way of escape for me, and ending my torment.  I have not had a seizure since 1996. HE also delivered me from smoking 5 packs a day. GOD IS SOOOO GOOD!”

Submitted by Jay Bartlett

Tracking Device: Removed!

Friday, February 27th, 2009

Wow, this dear sweet lady who has been forcefully involved in a satanic cult since birth, has just received a blessing about an hour ago……

At age twelve, they surgically inserted a long, thin tracking device into her right arm which spanned from her elbow to her wrist. This is how this loathsome, brain-washing organization kept track of this woman when they wanted to know her whereabouts. NOT ANYMORE!

Since her glorious salvation experience last week, we have been in counsel. She said since we spoke in the last couple of days and I began to pray with her, this object began to move, then to make its exit through a hole in her arm that appeared yesterday. I spoke to this cursed object in Jesus Name and commanded it to go out of the body of this new woman of God.

It moved out of the bone, where it was surgically placed. Yes, you read correctly, upon command, it moved out of the bone and began to move up the arm and out of the hole. At the end of the prayer, two wires and the device had moved from the wrist and out of the exit area, COMPELTELY out of the body. No pain (only soreness), and no blood (only what was attached to it.)

Tracking object removed by the power of Jesus!

OH…and I forgot….this hideous cult BRANDED an upside down cross with 666 on it, on her thigh. At the same time, this mark burned into her skin DISAPPEARED completely.  

Praise be to the Lamb, His mercy endures FOREVER!

Posted by: Joey Guess of Cameron, Texas

Asrasta Defeated in Public Chapel Service!

Sunday, February 22nd, 2009

God, again, blessed our public Salvation Army chapel service. Again, we had a good attentive and enthusiastic crowd that was anticipating the Spirit of God to touch lives! I preached a message on the Weapons of our Warfare and demons surfaced within many people among the crowd. I then proclaimed the gospel and many repented of their sins and gave their lives to Jesus! After leading everyone in Holy Communion, we conducted public exorcisms, and a stream of people, many in tears, quickly approached the front (some of them even cut in the line and pleaded for prayer as the needs were so dire) including a lady suffering HIV, a lady partially blind & who heard growls when I preached, a drug kingpin, several people who heard demon voices while I preached, a man with severe physical pains in his knees, a lady who felt evil, and a small group needing physical & emotional healing.

God was pleased to confirm His message with miracles. The first man, a 25 year old named Jeremiah, I prayed with, came with his wife and 3 beautiful & precious little ones.

“When you were preaching, Jay, I heard a loud voice tell me you were preaching lies!”

I asked Jeremiah, “I preached directly from God’s Word, so, who do you think this voice was?”


Exactly, he knew it, I knew it and everyone else in the chapel knew it!

I brought him up to the platform and had him hold a consecrated cross and as soon as he did; a evil spirit surfaced and caused him to go into convulsions, his entire body shook and could see the demon’s utter hatred of the CROSS! His eyes glazed over and the demon shivered and in front of all, to make a public spectacle, we commanded the evil spirit to leave and his body collapsed to the ground. We continued to command the demons to release him and to come out and they did! He was so happy and was rejoicing in the goodness of God as he felt the demons leave his body! He couldn’t hear any more voices! We silenced them by driving them out in Jesus name! Now, his precious wife and three children have a new daddy, a FREE daddy! (His wife also manifested demons and she was set free also—another story to be told!)

Another lady approached me in tears requesting prayer as she felt evil, bad, and ugly! I shared with her how precious and beautiful she was from Psalms 139 and a demon manifested, shrieking and with loud cries fought me. She also went into convulsions and lost consciousness.

“What is your name?”


“Do you have a right to her,” I inquired.

“Yes, she thinks she’s bad and evil.”

I called this dear lady named Sheila up and called the demon to go back down. She was crying and obviously upset that all of this was occurring but I assured her that this demon was going to the pit in Jesus name but I needed her to renounce all of the verbal curses she had placed upon her life by speaking herself in such negative ways, “I’m bad,” “I’m ugly,” “I’m evil.” She admitted that due to her past lifestyle she condemned herself and would often tell herself she was evil, ugly, and bad. These words opened a door for this vile spirit to enter her.

As soon as she renounced these self inflicted curses we called up Asrasta.

“NOOOOOOOOOO, I’m not leaving.”

“Yes, you are! Repeat after me,” I instructed.

“I, Asrasta, release this woman, in the name of Jesus and I now go to the pit.”

It fought me especially the part, “and I now go to the pit.”

This demon was no match as those assembled in the chapel stood to their feet and commanded the demon to repeat those word in Jesus name! The demon obeyed and with loud cries left the woman!

So many others were delivered from evil spirits, many I couldn’t get to as there were so many! One lady had to leave the chapel to vomit because the spiritual pressure against the demons within her were so GREAT that it made her sick!

We prayed a prayer of faith for a lady extremely sick, who was diagnosed with HIV. I believe she was healed and promised to give us a report in the coming days!

Even a drugpin from New Orleans who was passing through only to end up in the chapel service searching for a WAY OUT, came to Jesus and was delivered!

It’s amazing, it truly is, our blessed Trinity, who lives forever!

Submitted by Jay Bartlett

Voodoo Spirit Resisted but Came Out!

Thursday, February 19th, 2009

Last night at the church, a dear lady surrendered to Jesus Christ for the very first time in her life. She had a head knowledge but had not repented of her sins. She had incredible difficulty praying with me, VERY difficult for her to even verbally confess Jesus. But, by God’s mercy, she prayed and light could be seen on her face! She was giggling as she was so joyful in making that decision. She said she could feel that her heart was warming up! Isn’t that awesome!

Then I had her even destroy a picture, in front of all, that she had drawn at the church…a picture filled with Satanic symbols and the sign of the beast 666. I also destroyed the book she had published that was about murder!

Then we began the exorcism. Within seconds of placing holy water & sacred oil on her head a spirit surfaced by the name of Tiera which was interesting as she thought Tiera was a broken part of her (good lesson for all who have dissociation–ensure you test the parts of you to see whether they are spirit or human). Her eyes glossed over and a perverted smirk appeared on her face.

The demon was violent and extremely hateful, as it flung my Bible across the sanctuary. It was in a rage but Jesus prevailed! I called forth the holy angels of God and within minutes they came into the sanctuary and I told the angels to carry her up to the front of the sanctuary (she was sorta in the middle of the sanctuary). The angels picked her up and placed in a upright position so I could minister to her. The demons warred against the holy angels. There was a intense battle but again God prevailed!

Tiera held on the spiritual rights of animal sacrifices and consumption of blood. The rights were removed and 2999 of the Tiera spirits were commanded to leave and she could feel them leave her body!

Then a major war occured. It was with the very last Tiera spirit, it was a voodoo spirit from prior generations (just a informational tibit~voodoo spirits tend to be very difficult and persistent due to their very nature of their being I have discovered as I have ministered in numerous voodoo areas of the world). It had entered her ancestors, I think 3 or 4 generations ago, as they practiced voodoo and sacrificed a little baby to the devil! This specific demon passed through the bloodline of the family into Kimi!

For a long time I battled this evil demon, as it fought back with great persistence, that it amazed me, as we were torturing it beyound belief! The demon shouted, “I’m going to murder her,” “I’ll leave when she is dead,” “I’m never leaving.”

I’ll be honest, I was worned out but then…

The fire of the Holy Spirit descended upon me in unusual power and I commanded this voodoo spirit to leave and it left her body in the name of Jesus!

WOW!!! She was so relieved and was experiencing the glory of God resting upon her life! She was really tired but so relieved!

Submitted by Jay Bartlett

Victory over Evil Beings in South Africa!

Friday, February 13th, 2009

My wife was feeding our little one early this morning (around 1am) and we received a call from a young lady (she was calling from South Africa) needing liberation from luciferian spirits that had been tormenting her for many months and afflicting her body with various pains. She wasn’t able to get to the phone in time.

Well, in God’s mercy, she called again, early this morning. I had just gotten up and feeding the kids when the phone rang again. It was this precious lady from South Africa needing freedom! I was so thankful she called as I just knew God was wanting to heal and deliver this precious saint who was suffering from all kinds of spiritual attacks.

“My grandmother was involved in the occult,” she revealed.

I asked her to get some water and her Bible. We blessed the water (therefore we had some holy water present) and God’s Holy Sword!

I had her drink the water, the demon within her groaned! Then I had her place her Bible on her heart! I led her in prayer to renounce the generational curses of occultism, spiritism, etc and immediately the evil spirit surfaced and SCREAMED!!! This dear Christian lady began to choke and cough, the demon was attempting to hinder! The pains in her body intenstified! She was hurting all over! “I’m Lucifer,” the demon revealed to me.

Other luciferian spirits surfaced during the deliverance…

I continued to pray and she renounced the generational curses and commanded the evil spirits to leave her body. With loud cries, the demons were expelled and she began to weep on the phone, so relieved as she could feel the demons leave and felt so much lighter! I continued to pray for deep inner healing and it was taking place. She was not only delivered but instantly healed of numerous physical pains located throughout her body that were causing her all kinds of persistent troubles!

(though on the phone there are limitations, God, in His love, rescued this dear lady who couldn’t find anyone to deal with the demons within her in her country so she called me)

Then a few hours later another demon afflicted lady came to our home for lunch and she was delivered of 14 evil spirits. God is glorious and deserving worship!

Submitted by Jay Bartlett


Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

I am completely blown away by His mercy! Two nights ago a local pastor came in for prayer. She was oppressed by cancer: colon cancer and Hodgkin’s/Lymphoma. This was the shortest deliverance session I have ever done. First of all, this woman was practically blameless. When we went through breaking curses and repenting of sin, there was very little, I was amazed that someone could live with such little sin for their entire life. When I went after the demons, they all said “I know I can’t hang on to her, I’ll go to the pit now.” Ha! No fighting, and almost no resistance for two hours as the demons of illness and cancer left in the Mighty Name of Jesus.  At one point, you could see that she had experienced an extreme relief. She said she saw tubes and clabber that looked like chicken necks come out of her belly and bowels and up through her mouth, and out of her body that tasted sour as they came out. Later, as I searched for more and we sent the Lord’s angels to look for more cancer. She suddenly was shocked and began to weep uncontrollably. When she was able to speak, she said “I saw it……..I can’t believe it…….I saw a cross right in front of your face… was bright and white as snow….I can’t believe it!” All of us in the room began to praise Him. What an awesome God we serve folks! Give Him all of the praise! 

Posted by: Joey Guess of Cameron, Texas

Cursed Animals Expelled from Lady

Monday, February 9th, 2009

Note: some of this information may upset those who are spiritually vunerable so please do not read any further. This information needs to be made public so people can know Jesus is ABLE to heal those tormented in unusual manners. –Jay

We met for nearly 10 hours, last night, at the Mt Olive Free Methodist Church and conducted two intense exorcisms. I urged many of you to pray as I would be performing spiritual surgery on one of the ladies possessed, within her body nature, two literal animals–parts of animals that the cult spiritually surgically placed within her belly. One was a part of a lizard, it’s tail, scales, and fragements of it’s skin. These pieces of the lizard were cursed and placed inside of her. There was another animal part within her also, a rabbit’s foot, that had been cursed and placed within her stomach area. As you can imagine this lady has been experiencing, for many years, all kinds of stomach problems and issues. No wonder, she had animal parts within her. This isn’t unusual, though, the church is ill equipped on getting cursed objects out of bodies. I have seen all kinds of cursed things removed from the the demon possessed. The late German Lurtheran pastor & exorcist Blumbhardt of the 19th century writes of animals being inside the demonized (including a bat & a turtle) and being removed by the power of the cross of Jesus!On this victory night, a demon surfaced by the name of Jackinas who was holding into place the lizard. Melaco was the other evil spirit who held unto the rabbit’s foot. The power of Jesus is greater though and can remove cursed things from the body!

For a couple hours the power of the Holy Spirit was evident and assisted in the surgery with the Father & Son!

In Jesus name, I commanded the spirit to release the animals and to depart with it via the mouth. We witnessed parts of the lizard being expelled out of her mouth into a wastebasket and other gunk! It was disgusting and vile as the parts of the lizard were being expelled. But, I was reminded that after these animals were removed, this dear lady was going to feel so much better!!! And she did!

In Jesus name, I commanded the spirit to release the rabbit’s foot, and the foot of the animal came out immediately from the mouth as she heaved into the wastebasket! It was covered with blood and other gunk! God is so good and delivered this dear lady whom we love so very much!

The spiritual surgery was successful and this without having to take her to the hospital!

Submitted by Jay Bartlett

Satanic Oaths Broken and Demons Expelled

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

Last night, two individuals came to the church needing deliverance, both received some liberation. In fact, the one lady, named Tina (whom many of you know), was freed from over two thousand demonic spirits named “Jezebeth.” They had entered as a result of some ancient Satanic oaths that were uttered in the past. They were within an dissociative identity named “Nataley” who is only 19 years old. But the great power of God overcame the enemy–as it only took an hour to expel 2002 spirits from the identity as the broken part turned to Jesus and renounced the spiritual rights.

God is so merciful!

Submitted by Jay Bartlett

Godly woman freed in Jesus Name!

Sunday, February 1st, 2009

What a freedom session in Central Texas yesterday! A Godly woman came in yesterday for help. She had been oppressed by sexual demons causing all sorts of trouble for her at work and in public. For three hours, we cast out:

Molestation, Shame, Guilt, Self Pity, Haughtiness, Masturbation, Hindu, Buddism, Jehovah’s Whitnesses Sect false religion demon, Catholic demons, Kundali, Lust, Generational Prostitution, Fornication, Mockery, Confusion, Witchcraft, Leviathonic spirits, and 3 un-named root spirits.

This is a wonderful story of a woman who had been to 25 different deliverances and received little to no help. But she kept pressing forward, and finally received that precious bread of the children. Keep pressing into the Lord no matter what, just like this lady did! His deliverance WILL come in Jesus Mighty Name!

Posted by: Joey Guess