Victory over Evil Beings in South Africa!

My wife was feeding our little one early this morning (around 1am) and we received a call from a young lady (she was calling from South Africa) needing liberation from luciferian spirits that had been tormenting her for many months and afflicting her body with various pains. She wasn’t able to get to the phone in time.

Well, in God’s mercy, she called again, early this morning. I had just gotten up and feeding the kids when the phone rang again. It was this precious lady from South Africa needing freedom! I was so thankful she called as I just knew God was wanting to heal and deliver this precious saint who was suffering from all kinds of spiritual attacks.

“My grandmother was involved in the occult,” she revealed.

I asked her to get some water and her Bible. We blessed the water (therefore we had some holy water present) and God’s Holy Sword!

I had her drink the water, the demon within her groaned! Then I had her place her Bible on her heart! I led her in prayer to renounce the generational curses of occultism, spiritism, etc and immediately the evil spirit surfaced and SCREAMED!!! This dear Christian lady began to choke and cough, the demon was attempting to hinder! The pains in her body intenstified! She was hurting all over! “I’m Lucifer,” the demon revealed to me.

Other luciferian spirits surfaced during the deliverance…

I continued to pray and she renounced the generational curses and commanded the evil spirits to leave her body. With loud cries, the demons were expelled and she began to weep on the phone, so relieved as she could feel the demons leave and felt so much lighter! I continued to pray for deep inner healing and it was taking place. She was not only delivered but instantly healed of numerous physical pains located throughout her body that were causing her all kinds of persistent troubles!

(though on the phone there are limitations, God, in His love, rescued this dear lady who couldn’t find anyone to deal with the demons within her in her country so she called me)

Then a few hours later another demon afflicted lady came to our home for lunch and she was delivered of 14 evil spirits. God is glorious and deserving worship!

Submitted by Jay Bartlett

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