I am completely blown away by His mercy! Two nights ago a local pastor came in for prayer. She was oppressed by cancer: colon cancer and Hodgkin’s/Lymphoma. This was the shortest deliverance session I have ever done. First of all, this woman was practically blameless. When we went through breaking curses and repenting of sin, there was very little, I was amazed that someone could live with such little sin for their entire life. When I went after the demons, they all said “I know I can’t hang on to her, I’ll go to the pit now.” Ha! No fighting, and almost no resistance for two hours as the demons of illness and cancer left in the Mighty Name of Jesus.  At one point, you could see that she had experienced an extreme relief. She said she saw tubes and clabber that looked like chicken necks come out of her belly and bowels and up through her mouth, and out of her body that tasted sour as they came out. Later, as I searched for more and we sent the Lord’s angels to look for more cancer. She suddenly was shocked and began to weep uncontrollably. When she was able to speak, she said “I saw it……..I can’t believe it…….I saw a cross right in front of your face… was bright and white as snow….I can’t believe it!” All of us in the room began to praise Him. What an awesome God we serve folks! Give Him all of the praise! 

Posted by: Joey Guess of Cameron, Texas

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