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Violent Manifestation in Perth; Jesus Prevailed

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It was a difficult night to minister. I felt some strong spiritual walls preventing me from connecting with the people of God however as the Word says –preach in season and out of season. Irregardless of how one feels we must continue to preach Jesus and minister to the captives. I preached Jesus and opened up the opportunity for souls to encounter the Deliverer!


We prayed for many and precious souls experienced freedom and healing but there was one man I was directed to throughout the evening. His name is Martyn (pictured above with me; post deliverance). He also ministers in deliverance and healing. Moreover, he has enrolled in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center and has swiftly completed the courses. I commend him for his diligence in completing the many tasks set before him to be equipped to fight the good fight.


Turns out Martyn was, yes, a serious disciple of the Lord, but had been experiencing demonic afflictions. It was obvious from the start. At one point, a spirit, a strong spirit of death gripped him and placed him in a catatonic state that looked like he was passing into death. Immediately, I rebuked death and spoke life over him in Jesus name! He came back into the present. I handed him a Holy Communion cup of the blood of Jesus and it strengthened him immediately. He thanked me however I knew the battle for him was only beginning.


Later in the service, we ministered to many but again was drawn to this dear brother in Christ who revealed that as a result of seeking help in churches (he knew he was suffering from demonic afflictions) he was expelled and when he sought to minister in churches he was rejected. As you can imagine this brother was suffering terribly. I’m glad we were there to offer hope and life in Jesus.


As I began to pray over him –very violent spirits surfaced and shook his body and threw him aggressively onto the floor of the sanctuary and withered. Vile demons spoke out of him and cursed me.


“F*$%#@ you! I’m staying here,” the demons boasted to me.


I called Martyn back from his demonic trance state and had him renounce all forms of rebellion and sin. I also had him break off some very specific things that allowed us to effectively deal with the invading spirits.


Many demons of Jezebel, death, mind control and others were commanded out of him but it was a demon of insanity that really had a strong presence in his life. When the spirits of insanity surfaced they threw his head backwards and boasted how they controlled him and were looking to destroy him through madness. Turns out, at one point, even his own mother tried to commit him into a insane asylum. This allowed the demons of insanity to invade his mind and to bring confusion (read my newest intriguing presentation on the mind & insanity in my ‘Freedom Fighter Teaching Moment’ below).


Immediately, I confronted these dark forces within his mind and commanded them to leave in Jesus name. Many of these spirits of madness and insanity departed and Martyn quickly could feel them leave his mind. He even testified of feeling much lighter and clearer. He looked peaceful too. It was a war however Jesus prevailed. So many in our modern day being terribly vexed within the mind. We have the solution of their mind control –King Jesus who offers a sound mind to all who surrender to Him!


By the way, speaking of Freedom Fighter students, in our most recent Houston service, a young man named Isaac, who has been listening to our Freedom Fighter Training presentations came up to me and share a beautiful testimony with me. Not too long ago, while resting on his bed, while listening to our instructional materials God moved powerfully in his heart. It was during a lecture I was presenting when suddenly I stopped the teaching and offered a supernatural prayer of inner helping and deliverance for those listening to the program. Immediately, Isaac felt demons depart from his heart and felt a deep healing that he had never quite experienced before as little heart parts were comforted and healed by the Savior. Isaac was deeply touched by Jesus and testified of this miraculous healing before those assembled in our Church of the Cross service in Houston.

In Australia Driving Out Spirits of Witchcraft!

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


It’s great to be back in Western Australia seeing old friends and meeting new ones. We are currently in the city of Perth conducting nightly services at Concordia Lutheran Church where my dear sister and Australian mission coordinator pastor Joan Smale has been organizing meetings for me. I travel here twice a year and this local Lutheran Church has always been supportive; in fact I have even preached in their Sunday morning formal service and conducted public deliverances.


Last night, we had another powerful meeting where demons screamed out of their victims and entered into the pit! Though we were small in number; the power of God was demonstrated in spectacular might. After teaching from the Holy Scriptures and leading everyone in Holy Communion we began ministering to those who had assembled in the sanctuary. One of the first ladies we ministered to was a young lady sitting to the left of me who began to convulse as the demons within her were being agitated.


I brought her to the front and powerful spirits of Baal, Jezebel, death, and witchcraft surfaced. They shook her body violently and screamed out of her!


“We are here from 7 generations ago because her family participated in idolatry and sexual immorality,” the spirits of Baal revealed to me, “We are here to torment her and to afflict her with pains.”


These thousands of evil spirits were hell bent on battling me to stay within this woman. In response, I called forth the mighty holy angels of God and 4 of them arrived (one young sister in the Lord, who was present, is gifted in seeing the spiritual realm and revealed their number). I asked them to draw their swords and to strike the invading spirits. The demons moaned and groaned in response.


“NOOOOOOOOOOO,” they screamed as the holy angels were directed to strike the invading demonic spirits, “We give up, we give up, we give up.”


The power of God was too much for them and they confessed their defeat and acknowledged before all that Jesus was indeed Lord! Powerful, spectacular manifestation of God’s might over the demonic! At one point, I even brought out my holy cross and had the demons embrace the cross.


The demons violently shook and convulsed as the power emanating from the holy cross was too much to bear. I commanded the demons to take all of the pains, the torments, the curses and the many fiery darts they had implanted into this woman (there were, perhaps, dozens of darts removed from her on this night) and to enter into the pit in Jesus name! All of the invading demons screamed out of her loudly and she was set FREE!


It should be noted that not only were demons removed from her but also many heart parts were healed by Jesus. As this young woman encountered the risen Jesus; she testified of being freed from the various pains that had vexed her body. She even mentioned that her vision had improved. She could see even more clearer now. All praise to King Jesus for what He has done!


That was only the beginning! Others were prayed for and encountered a mighty deliverance and healing. Many hearts parts were communicated with and were powerfully healed by Jesus. Many pains and torments were driven out in Jesus name. One lady, the Holy Spirit directed me to, was the young lady pictured above. She had attended some of our services in the past and experienced a mighty deliverance and healing. In fact, because of her freedom she was actively serving the Lord at a local university and evangelizing among the Muslims. Thus, she became a target of the enemy and was starting to come under great spiritual oppression.


As I began to pray for this young lady, strong evil spirits of witchcraft surfaced and spoke out of her. I inquired how they gained access into this Godly woman.


“There’s 9 of us. We are here because she was cursed by the Muslims she evangelizes to,” the demons of witchcraft confessed to me, “We are trying to hinder her and her gifts.”


As a result of evangelizing among the Muslims; some of the Muslims began to curse her and send witchcraft curses to her. Whenever she became physically weak the curses were able to effectively work within her and oppress her; thus her demonization.


On this night I confronted the witchcraft curses and spirits and drove them out of this precious woman in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ! Immediately, she testified of being relieved and freed. Moreover, she was filled with God’s Spirit and sang a song of victory. What a beautiful praise! It was well after midnight and God provided victory to many. I’m believing for more mighty miracles in the days to come here in Perth, Australia. Thank you for praying for these meetings.

Violent Exorcisms in Houston

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I’m currently resting here in Perth, Western Australia as I prepare a series of public meetings here in Australia. We will conduct meetings here in the city of Perth and next week we will travel back across the continent to the city of Melbourne, Victoria for a few more public meetings. I appreciate your prayers for me and this mission.


Our last public mission in Houston, Texas, was explosive. At times, very violent. The services started off with spiritual fireworks as I was notified by a dignified man near the front of the meeting hall that he wanted to physically assault me.


“Jay, I really want to hurt you real bad. I can feel the urge. I want to hit you,” as he sat there trying his hardest to maintain composure.


The demons were restrained. However as the services went on many more violent demons surfaced from many among those attending our monthly Church of the Cross services; including the demons within those pictured above. One of the first ladies I ministered to was sitting in the very front row and many demons surfaced from within her. They twisted her body, they convulsed her violently, they spoke in strange languages, they spat on me and cursed God.


As we battled these demons we discovered some very deep secrets. We discovered many tens of thousands of dissociative identities that were as a result of horrific and sadistic abuse she endured as a child in Satanic ceremonies that her family participated in. We encountered many thousands of spirits of Jezebel, Baal, Lucifer and various kinds of Hindu spirits. All of these vicious demons fought me fiercely

I called forth the holy angels of God and they greatly assisted me in this spiritual war. They struck the invading demons and they groaned in agony. I had the holy angels help me in restraining the demons as they often threw her violently on to the ground and convulsed her. They were determined to stay within her. They saw she had a kind heart and many gifts to advance the Kingdom of God on earth. So, they were determined to stop this young woman from advancing in Christ. 

They failed on this night. The power of God was too much for them and they confessed their defeat. All of these demons were driven out in the mighty name of Jesus and were cast into the pit. Moreover, all of the dissociative identities were gently guided to Jesus for healing. They spoke to me and witnessed the loving Savior appear to them; including a 15 year old dissociative part that had to give up her baby. She missed her baby. Jesus allowed this young woman to hold baby in the spiritual realms and experienced a deep healing. Others in the hall were being powerfully impacted by this ministry event. 

After her intense deliverance Brianna (pictured with me above; post deliverance) was so happy and relieved the long nightmare was over! Jesus had set her free and healed her!

That was only the beginning as we continued to pray over those terribly vexed by demon powers. Another lady (pictured with me, above, along with her husband; post deliverance), whom I’ll refer to as Danielle, we ministered to was also determined to be set free from demons. As we prayed over her; violent demonic spirits surfaced named “Master.”

“We are here because 7 generations ago; her husband’s family opened doors,” the demon named Master informed me, “They were our slaves, we were the masters.”

Interesting. The spirits named Master served as a kind of Master over those ancestors that spiritually opened doors to sin and were slaves to sin. It should be noted that they were able to get into the wife because of their martial oneness. Something that should be considered in the deliverance ministry. Wives–you might have demons not because anything you have participated in but rather the things that your husband’s family participated in. Same goes with husbands–you might have evil spirits because of the ancestors from your wife’s bloodline. 

This wicked spirit named Master was very aggressive and fought me. Again, I called forth the holy angels of God and many of them swiftly arrived and assisted me. 

They spoke loudly out of her and cursed me. 

“We are here to bring cancer and many more sicknesses and diseases,” Master informed me, “We also work with Jezebel. You will not be able to get us out.”

I had Danielle’s husband (also pictured above) come up the front and assist me in praying over his wife. He did a great job! He helped me drive out many thousands of these wicked spirits out of his wife. As he was helping me; he too was being delivered from demons –the spirits of Ahab that often work so closely with Jezebel. 

After Danielle was delivered; she too was so happy! She was not only set free from demons and but from many other afflictions. She testified of feeling zero pain –she had been encountering strange pains for a long time. They vanished. Jesus provided a victory!

Many others encountered deliverance from evil spirits including a young Korean man that also had thousands of dissociative identities due to horrible sexual abuse (actually; systematic sexual torture) he endured as a young child from the hands of family members who were involved in Eastern Mysticism and other forms of witchcraft. Many of these parts were healed and guided to Jesus! Many thousands of demonic spirits were expelled in Jesus name too. 

There were others in the audience that testified of experiencing swift deliverance by simply praying with us as we broke off generational curses and bondages. Many demons exited out of their victims. God was pleased to display His awesome might in our meeting and souls were set free! 

From Houston, I traveled onward to Los Angeles, then onward to Sydney, then eventually to the beautiful (and yet very hot and humid) city of Perth on the Western coast of Australia. I have been trying to rest some before our first meeting this evening at Concordia Lutheran Church. Please continue to pray for my health to be sustained. Pray that Jesus would be exalted above all else and souls healed by the power of God!


Jezebel: Dream Killer

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Earlier I concluded another meeting here in the Tampa, Florida, area and have been marveling at the mercy and goodness of God in rescuing souls from satanic bondage on this mission to Florida. Because we have witnessed so many souls freed from demons and we have noticed, especially, in these last few missions, some great attendance; I will be planning another State-wide mission tour visiting even more cities in my return back to Florida.


On Sunday, one of the ladies we prayed for was a precious sister in Christ who had been attending several of our meetings in Florida, with her mother, including the one in Ft. Myers (where she witnessed a young teenager healed of deafness) and in Orlando last year. It was great to see this friend, whom I’ll refer to as Amber, come to this last mission here in the Tampa area.


Amber testified of being deeply blessed by our seminars and our in-depth teachings on subjects very rarely spoken of in churches. She has been attending our meetings to learn however God was at work within her lovely heart. Towards the end of the seminar the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart about ministering to her. So, I asked Amber to come forward to the meeting hall and I began to pray over her. Her body shook and her arms began to shake. I rebuked the demons within her and Jezebel surfaced.


“I’m here to hold captive her dreams. I hinder her dreams. I cause headaches and others pains,” Jezebel admitted to me, “I also hold restrain her gifts.”


I’m convinced Amber isn’t alone; there are millions of followers of Christ who are having a difficult time serving Jesus because there are residing demons within them that are holding captive their dreams and spiritual gifts. This was the case with Amber.


I was determined to battled the invading spirits of Jezebel and with the commands of Jesus we forced Jezebel to release Amber’s mind, heart and body in Jesus name. As the demons released her she collapsed to the floor –FREED from the dream killer Jezebel!


With freedom all written over her face; Amber testified of not being able to fulfill her many dreams for many years and she often wondered who was behind this terrible hinderance. Well, it was a demon, it was Jezebel! Now, my sister in Jesus will dream and will fulfill her dreams for JESUS!

Jesus Miraculously Healed Her Eyes & Saved Her!

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Tonight was another victorious meeting where Jesus conquered the powers of evil with His holy might! I really enjoyed the fellowship and sweet spirit among God’s people. I was pleasantly surprised to see our meeting hall filled up with hungry people for the gospel. Many in the meeting hall were ministers desiring to receive training and instruction. For more than 2 hours I taught from the Scriptures and noticed many were taking extensive notes.


After leading everyone in Holy Communion I began to pray over those assembled. One of the first ladies I ministered to was a Puerto Rican sister whom I’ll refer to as Maria (pictured with me above; post deliverance). She had been shaking during our service and wanted to leave. I encouraged her to stay and fight. At various times, her body convulsed and she could feel intense anger rise up. She revealed that her family was involved in Santeria and witchcraft. I could feel the intense spiritual pressure rising within her. I then proceeded to confront the powers in Jesus name.


“We are here to torment her! We have been here through the generations because her family practiced Santeria and sacrificed a rat,” the demonic spirits of Santeria revealed to me, “They kept the rat after the sacrifice and placed it in a box.”


Those in her family offered up a rat and shed it’s blood thereby opening the spiritual doors to these disgusting demons to invade her ancestral bloodline. They eventually were able to access Maria and were tormenting her.


Not only were there demons within Maria but also her grandmother; who was a witch. She was able to create a spiritual bridge to her granddaughter thus the ability to try to control her at some level. I removed the grandmother and sent her to Jesus. I then continued my spiritual battle with the spirits of witchcraft operating within Maria.


Not only was Santeria and witchcraft spirits operating within her life but also the spirits of Jezebel who confessed to holding her eyes. Maria wore glasses and Jezebel admitted they were bringing her a form of blindness. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I commanded Jezebel to release her eyes. It was reluctant to do so at first but eventually relented. I also commanded Jezebel to release Maria’s broken heart –as a little 6 year old dissociative identity had surfaced earlier in the evening and spoke to me. This little one was guided to Jesus for healing. What was beautiful was this little one was able to see the Lord Jesus in His love. Other littles ones were released and guided to the Healer. Incredible supernatural inner healing took place.


At one point the little ones told me,” We are so happy to be free. The monsters have been holding us for a long time with ropes.”


The ropes had been removed and the littles ones were freed to enter into the rest of Jesus! Not only was the heart healed this night but also her eyes as soon as the demons departed; Maria testified of being able to SEE clearly without the aid of her glasses! It was beautiful to behold….another miraculous healing of blindness. So many dozens of souls encountering, in recent years, have experienced healing in their eyes with many of them not needing any glasses anymore.


Maria walked in with glasses but left without wearing them (or needing them)! But the greatest miracle, in Maria’s life, took place earlier in the evening as she surrendered to Jesus as Savior and Lord! Moreover, I also gave her my special Bible (as she didn’t possess one). Maria had a good day today! Jesus cured her, healed her heart, repaired her eyes, delivered her from demons and saved her!

Warned Last Night: “We tried to attack your kids!”

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Tomorrow morning I leave for another mission to Florida (join me tomorrow evening, on Sunday evening, in the city of Tampa). As many of you know, I have been visiting multiple cities —teaching, driving out evil spirits and curing the sick. Many have been miraculously healed. Many disciples have now been equipped and are carrying on this work of the gospel.


While in Central Florida in the city of Orlando we were honored to have a jammed packed audience seeking teaching and ministry. God honored the hearts of many with His power and love. One such recipient of God’s love and power was this precious sister, pictured above, who came to our meeting and was freed from evil spirits. Another lady that was powerfully liberated was a lady by the name of Julie.


In the midst of our public meeting, Julie, began to convulse. I approached her and aggressive demonic spirits surfaced and spoke to me. One boastful demon that surfaced was Jezebel.


“There’s thousands of us. I’m here with murder. We torment her by giving her severe allergies, migraines, lies, rejection, doubt, unbelief,” Jezebel revealed to me, “We also send pains to her children.”


During the exorcism we also discovered many of these demons had been through the ancestral bloodline for more than 50 generations. We are speaking of thousands of years of demonic activity in her ancestors.


Another strong demon surfaced by the name of Baal.


“We also have been there for thousands of years,” the ancient spirit Baal revealed, “We are here with addiction, lethargy, tiredness, death and pain.”


As you can imagine, with these kinds of demons operating in Julie’s life, she was a spiritual mess. However, God is faithful. He will deliver His beloved. Jesus spoke some powerfully words to Julie, in the midst of the deliverance, that spoke comfort to her heart.


“She is beautiful. She is lovely. She WILL do my work. She WILL deliver people. She WILL prosper,” the Lord declared.


As the Lord Jesus spoke –these thousands of demons drew considerably weaker. We commanded them to depart in Jesus name. Thousands of them entered the pit. Julie was set free. Moreover, we also discovered there were many dissociative identities within her. Many of them surfaced and spoke to me including a little 3 year old. I spoke to the little one and guided them to Jesus. Many of these broken heart parts were able to, finally, experience God’s love, as the demons had been removed. Afterwards, Julie experienced an deep rest and testified of finally feeling peace and lightness. It was beautiful to behold.


So many other miracle stories I could share. Many in the public service received healing –physical and emotional. Many pains and afflictions vanished in Jesus name. Some of the testimonies I have been receiving have been deeply encouraging. Souls are now wanting to carry this Jesus work forward to their loved ones, friends and communities. Lives were transformed and significantly impacted.


During this Florida mission I was involved in many kinds of ministry events. Many of you simply know about the public missions we conduct. But there are many other ministry events we conduct impacting thousands of lives that I rarely speak of. One aspect of our mission that is reaching many individuals and families are our private extensive ministry sessions that we conduct throughout the world.


Someone we have been working with is a ministry partner of ours. Because of the nature of the evil that we confronted in these sessions I’m unable to share some details. The evil is extreme. You would glance at this young man, this evangelist and you would see someone who has their life together. However, there was dark side to this evangelist. A very dark side. It took more 10 meetings to get to the depth of the evil that operated in his life.


Allow me to stop and share something very important for your consideration. Sometimes, it takes multiple meetings to get to the root of the demonic. Sometimes, it takes multiple meetings to wear the invading demons down. Many of you have deep demonic roots that will take some time to uproot (obviously, we have see thousands of people delivered instantaneously; but we have seen thousands of people delivered over multiple meetings).


So, this young evangelist by the name of Andre was determined to live for the gospel. This determination brought forth his deliverance. However it was an extreme battle for his soul. While in the midst of a recent 12 hour journey, while taking Andre to some very dark times in his life, I was able to to draw out the deep seated spirits to the surface. When they surfaced; they were furious with me. One of the first ones to surface was the spirits of Jezebel. I discovered something I didn’t want to hear.


We have been targeting your children. We tried to attack your kids. We wanted to use him,” these deep demonic forces confessed to me, “But an angel stopped us!”


When this evil spirit stated this, I first thought it was my children’s angels that hindered the demons. Not so. It was my angel that stopped this vile demon.


“It was your angel. He’s more than 11 feet tall; he is wearing a crown. He was there. He stopped us and he is with you now,” the demons revealed.


He didn’t have to tell me. I felt my holy angel that God has assigned to me besides me. I asked him to draw out his spear. The demons groaned and moaned; pleading with me.


“Please don’t hurt us!”


The holy angel struck the demon and the demon cried out in defeat. I took the spiritual sword God has recently given me in New England and used it; resulting in the demons weakening greatly.


“Stop, stop, stop. We will leave.”


Because this evangelist was someone I was mentoring on a personal level he had access to my children to a certain degree. The demons were hoping that with this kind of access they could hurt my children. They wanted to destroy my family. They had been plotting for some time. Waiting. Waiting for that moment. It disturbs me when considering how the enemy works very subtly. This is why we must be on guard and pro-active. Only by God’s grace my children and my family were spared. As many of you know I’m very cautious and continue to be cautious; but do not live in fear. I trust the blood of Jesus.


I truly believe it was a result of me consistently praying for my children with my wife. Speaking the blood of Jesus. Activating holy angels. Just earlier this evening, I gathered the family together to pray. We assembled to partake of the Holy Communion and to read the Scriptures (kids loved the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead). These are powerful spiritual tools to protect your life and your family.


WE ARE AT WAR WITH POWERFUL DEMONS SEEKING YOUR CHILDREN! Don’t be naive. Even those closest to you might have demons (many of them don’t even know it) and these demons are seeking destruction.


“We sent you fiery darts,” the invading demons grunted to me, “We tried to attack your wife too. The darts simple hit your armor and fell to the ground. You are too strong.”


Ha! I’m only strong in Jesus. I put no confidence in the flesh. None. 

Now, the weird aspect to this intensive exorcism, the most fascinating aspect of this private deliverance session was that all of this occurred while this evangelist sat in my car, while we were driving on this 12-hour journey. So, imagine me driving, in the middle of the night, and casting out demons while the spirits manifested from this young evangelist. As you can imagine, there were times, I was speeding –accelerating, as the spiritual war intensified. HA! Especially when I was getting the demons to confess their defeat and were expelled to the pit. There’s more I want to share….there were many dissociative identities that surfaced too and were healed; even many physical ailments vanished as the demons departed. This evangelist truly encountered the risen Jesus! He is testifying of feeling so much better; FREE and healed. There’s so much more..

Overcoming Death Demons

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I’m currently on Santa Rosa Island writing this email update to you. What a joy it’s been to travel throughout Florida teaching, driving out evil spirits and curing the sick. Moreover, it’s been wonderful to have my family with me. We have had a great time ministering and having fun time with family. We have one more public mission in Tampa on Sunday and a few private meetings on Monday/Tuesday.


Thus far on this Florida mission we have traveled, by car, more than 1,000+ miles to various cities scattered throughout the State; conducting more than 10 private and public meetings. Many have been reached with the healing of the Lord Jesus Christ. This last mission was extraordinary as many were set free from evil spirits and supernaturally healed by Jesus. Moreover, we witnessed some truly amazing angelic interventions whereby the holy angels assisted us in battling these terrible demons of death.


After our main public meeting; we held yet another impromptu meeting that same evening until well after midnight. In this meeting a precious couple (pictured above) came desperate for continued ministry. William and his wife have attended our meetings in Orlando, West Palm Beach, and in Atlanta, Georgia and were determined to receive more healing and deliverance. This is a key aspect to maintaining and strengthening one’s deliverance —a serious commitment to continue to receive more and more freedom (more on that very subject in our ‘Freedom Fighter Training Moment’ below). In fact, William, a military veteran, has just enrolled in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center. I love seeing many of our military friends enroll in this special forces equipping center. They know better than most the kind of war we are involved in.


So, in this impromptu meeting, William’s wife, manifested very violent demons. They were extremely difficult to locate and to bring to the surface. They were hidden; deeply hidden. (Many of the demons, within you, my friends, are deeply hidden within your soul nature, and will require much persistence to force them to the surface). As the demons surfaced, they growled and groaned. They were furious. I called forth the holy angels of God and they greatly assisted me in restraining these violent demons.


“We are death!” the demons confessed as I placed them in submission to King Jesus!


Turns out, her parents, who were present, had considered at one point, aborting her. Not only did demons of death invade her but also her little heart broke. I ministered to a little pre-natal dissociative identity that also surfaced. This little pre-natal baby was deeply wounded and spiritually damaged; as the the little one picked up the death curses that the parents spoke outside the womb. I guided the little one to Jesus. So much grief, hurt and pain surfaced.


My friends, in every mission, so many dissociative identities are surfacing during our public services. Staggering; if you consider the implications. I’m very happy to know these heart parts are surfacing so quickly as they feel our meetings are safe zones. Thus, they surface and are healed by Jesus. This is a unique aspect of this mission. There might not be another mission in the world that see as many dissociative identities, human interjects and ancestral dissociative identities that we see surface in our public meetings. God has granted us a unique ministry to the broken. We do what we can in Jesus holy name.


These powerful death spirits were quickly sent to the pit in Jesus name and William’s wife was delivered. She was extremely happy; as was my brother William. I’m so proud of them. They have been following the ministry for the past few years and know God will be raising them to serve in the Kingdom of God.

Orlando: Fraud? Fake? Showman? Real Deal?

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Last night, I was surprised to see our meeting hall jammed packed here in Orlando, Florida. I held a public mission in 2014 in Orlando and was extremely disappointed with the turnout however this time around I was overjoyed to see so many assembling to learn and to receive ministry from Jesus. The hotel staff eventually opened up an overflow area to accommodate all of those arriving from all across the nation for spiritual intervention.


I was concerned to hear one story after another of those who tried to reach out to churches, for spiritual assistance, to no avail. In North America, deliverance and exorcism is considered, by and large, an aspect of ministry that is not considered needed (many churches teach believers are immune to satanic attacks). This is a spiritual crime; as it leaves millions of people in bondage to the chains of demonic affliction. We are doing our small part to expose the Body of Christ to the authentic biblical ministry of casting out demons. Tens of thousands have been trained — thus reaching untold numbers for the gospel of Jesus.


Some in the audience weren’t so receptive to the ministry however many were. Some wondered if I was a fake, a fraud or simply a showman. One who was quite skeptical of this mission was Brian (pictured above with his wife). He arrived to our last Orlando meeting wondering if I was genuine or simply a fake. In the midst of the service very violent demons erupted from within him. Many were expelled in Jesus name. His thoughts on this mission instantly changed –there was no doubt at that point I was for real.


Life improved in many ways but his “house” (his life) was not filled with the things of God (as he testified this past Sunday) and he re-opened the doors for demons to attack him. They attacked him relentlessly. He was determined to come back to the Orlando meeting and seek another deliverance with a new perspective in the seriousness of the battle we are involved in. Moreover, he was serious about repentance and getting right with God. Thus, he was a prime candidate for deliverance!


During my teaching from God’s Word, this past Sunday, demons were being agitated and were surfacing. It was a taking a toll on Brian as he fought to control them in a sense; to keep them from becoming extremely violent. Mind you, this man, was a black belt in some of the martial arts and has ancestors that were involved in the Russian Mafia. Besides, this man is a rather large man, physically, that could crush you.


As the murderous spirits rose up, after teaching from the Scriptures and leading everyone in Holy Communion, I didn’t back down. I fought the demons in the power of God. The demons roared at me.


“We are RAGE!!!”


There was no doubt in my mind it was, indeed, the demon of rage. He was vicious and wanting to destroy. He forced me into the back of the wall but I stood on the powerful force of the blood of Jesus to protect (the demons never did touch me on this night; to the astonishment of many).


“We cause him pain, we hold his heart, we bring him mysterious diseases,” the demons boasted to me, “We want to destroy him.”


Brian’s wife (pictured above) confirmed that he did possess a “mysterious disease” that physicians could not offer any relief too. This “mysterious disease,” was a demon. The spirits of rage, violence, death and anger, confessed to being behind this so called disease.


(By the way, many of you have “mysterious” afflictions –have you considered an exorcism to determine if it is demonic?)


I forced the demons to release his heart. They obeyed and a little heart part surfaced. A 12-year old part spoke to me terribly hurt and sad.


“They picked on me when I was a kid at school,” the little boy shared with me.


This massive man crumbled before me and poured out deep pain and hurt. I’m thankful and grateful to God for being able to be there to offer help and healing in Jesus. The heart parts were guided to Jesus and I was able to deal with the powers of evil desirous on destroying him.


In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ all of these murderous spirits were destroyed and sent to the pit. They quickly exited and Brian was set FREE! Afterwards, he was so happy and testified to everyone, in public, how he was skeptic (and wondering if I was for real) to now believing in this mission with his entire heart! He ended up assisting me in delivering his wife from demons (that’s another entire story) and praying for others to find freedom.


Furthermore, not only was he supernaturally healed of dissociation but also delivered from many evil spirits. Also, he was miraculously healed of various physical ailments. He no longer was in pain. He was experiencing a new life in Jesus! Pray for him and his wife (and children). God has a calling for him and his family to fulfill. Even, well after the service concluded, he sticked around and was sharing how happy he was; finally finding deep freedom and healing.


My friends, this mission is for REAL! In many of our public meetings, people are finding out themselves. Join us in Tampa, Florida, this coming Sunday at 5pm to see for yourself. I use to bristle, in the past, when people considered me a fraud or a fake (or just a showman). I have been called this (and much worse) for many years. Well, was not Jesus accused of working in the power of Beelzebub? Am I, a servant of the Lord, some how better, than the Master? NO! They hated Him! They will hate me too. I follow Jesus.


Fraud? Nope. Fake? Hardly. Showman? Yes, a showman for Jesus –pointing people to the miracle power of Jesus and if that is considered showmanship. So be it. We will continue to preach Jesus and call people to repentance. We will continue to perform miracles before the watching world –often times before Buddhists, Muslims, Hindus, and idol-worshippers–thus reaching many unbelievers with the gospel.


(Scheduled to be in Islamic nations in a few weeks and idol-worshipping nations; bringing forth miracles, thus evangelizing, in Jesus name).


So many other miracles took place on this night –many were miraculously healed of various physical ailment and maladies. Many were supernaturally healed of a broken heart and were freed from demon powers. Jesus was glorified above all else.

Jezebel to the Pit; Supernatural Healing!

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Already this year we have been eye-witnesses of stunning signs and wonders. We know God orchestrated this Florida mission to reach hurting souls for His Kingdom. As I shared in my last email update, we have been ministering recently in South Florida, reaching souls for Jesus. In the city of Ft. Myers, just several days ago, one of the ladies we ministered to was a precious lady (pictured with me above; post deliverance) who is married to a pastor. She found out about our meeting, while browsing the internet, while we were in Miami. Incidentally, she’s from Miami but she found out too late as we were ending the meeting; so she made the decision she would follow us over to Ft. Myers. She was determined to get freedom!


Jesus did not disappoint. The very first lady I ministered to was this precious sister; whom I’ll refer to as Sheila. While breaking the bastard curse; demons rose up from within her and battled me.


“Yes, we are here. We cause all sorts of problems for her like body pain, sleep difficulties, mind control,” the spirit of Bastard boasted to me, “We are not alone; there’s hundreds of others who hold her heart.”


I demanded the demon of bastard to reveal the other demons. At first, it wanted to be stubborn. It wanted to fight me. So, I called for the holy angels of God and used multiple spiritual weapons to weaken these vile demonic beings. The demons weakened and revealed their master was…Jezebel!


So, I called up Jezebel. She surfaced with rage. She was not alone. There were so many others. One group of spirits that surfaced were a army of demons named, “Divorce.”


“We came through her husband,” the spirits confessed, “More than 13 generations ago. Our plan is always to drain the people of God; thus causing many couples to divorce. They don’t have the will to fight because we drain them.”


AH! Spiritual vampires! We discovered there were hundreds of them within Sheila. Allow me to share about these kinds of demons –spiritual vampires. In each church, in each Bible Study; in each fellowship, these vampires exist. These demons are in many souls looking to drain God’s people. Most of these people, who have these kinds of demons, are unaware they have these vampires and are being used. However, the reality is –they EXIST!


I’m constantly aware of these vampires. They seek to drain you emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Be on guard of the vampires. They seek to drain marriages, relationships, and ministries. It is prudent to create boundaries to prevent these vampires from overtaking your life.


We also discovered these spirits of divorce had caused many divorces through the generations; resulting in many drained individuals. They laughed knowing the deep damage they had caused. Horrible. However, on this night, they were destroyed in Jesus name. Many heart parts were released too; including a little 2 year old whom I spoke with and guided to Jesus for healing.


All of these generational curses were broken and all of the evil spirits were sent to the pit in Jesus name. Immediately, after Sheila’s deliverance, she experienced a physical healing. She was able to move her neck freely without any pain. For YEARS, Sheila had suffered greatly but on this night she encountered Jesus and was healed! She reported no pain and was able to move her neck around –previously she wasn’t able too. She did this for all to see. She was stunned. So was many in the meeting hall.


As many of you know. I do not merely report someone healed. I want ALL to see one is healed by God –by offering a public demonstration of God’s healing power. It’s exciting to see Jesus heal so many through the years and to see many offer up their lives to Jesus as a result.


Trust me; it was a spiritual war. I was drenched with sweat battling these demons. Jesus prevailed and all of the demons were sent to the pit. Furthermore, after her deliverance, I noticed her face was happy. She was smiling and thanking God for her deliverance and incredible healing.


Appreciate all of your prayers and support. It means so much to me. We need to raise substantial funds for our many international missions in the weeks to come. Please consider investing into the work of the Kingdom today!


By the way, last night, speaking of physical healing, little Ford (my little son) hurt himself by playing with Sahara (my little girl). His leg was bruised. Immediately I placed my hand upon it and rebuked it in Jesus name! I moved my hand and the bruise was GONE!






Ford looked at me in utter shock and wondered what did I do?


To be honest, I WAS STUNNED TOO! Pleasantly stunned. Even Sahara was shocked too. All of us were just sitting there looking at Ford’s leg and couldn’t locate any bruise…and yet 3 seconds ago it was there. The pain disappeared immediately too. Seeing these kinds of miracles build up faith in our Supernatural God.


I never get used to it….tens of thousands of miracles and yet I still get tickled to see how God works wonders! I felt like a little kid too.


Please don’t get me wrong….I’m not against medicine or seeing physicians. I’m not saying everyone gets healed in such a quick manner either. However, why not start believing for supernatural healing; even in the little things like when your kid gets a little hurt. Try it my friends; you just might be pleasantly surprised.

Need to be inspired? Teenager Healed of Deafness!

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I am blessed. More than anything I get to serve King Jesus throughout the world and witness HIS miracles. I’m currently on Marco Island, Florida, resting. I have been thanking God for His mighty wonders these past several days in West Palm Beach, Miami, and Ft. Myers.


Being here on beautiful (and I might add, pleasantly warm) Marco Island is refreshing for me after some intensive missions here in South Florida. My vocals have needed the rest with each mission being more than 5-7 hours each night.


Incidentally, I lived some of my childhood here on the island and have fond memories of going to the beach with my Dad on weekends and playing my little trucks with him as a little boy. Those moments, with my loving Dad, provided stability in my young heart thus sustaining me all of the years later. I consider myself emotionally healthy due to the loving relationship I had (and currently have) with my Dad. He mirrored our loving God. I aspire to be like my Dad.


Enough of the nostalgia….HA! Last night while in the city of Ft. Myers we encountered the power of God. Our meeting hall, was basically, filled with precious souls, hungering for healing and freedom in Jesus!


After teaching and leading everyone in Holy Communion we proceeded to pray for those terribly afflicted with demons. One of those we ministered to was young Kayla (the teenager pictured above). As soon as I rebuked the demons within her –they manifested. I began to war against the demons of death, torment and fear within her. I called forth the holy angels of God and they came to assist me. I had the angels strike the demons, with their swords. The demons reacted in great pain and were greatly weakened.


“We are here because her ancestors abused people,” the demons confessed to me, “We killed all of her pets; to torment her.”


Now, that was an interesting and bold statement for the demons to make. I discovered it was indeed true. Since childhood, all of Kayla’s pets has died under unusual circumstances.


“We killed those pets to break her; to break her heart,” those vicious spirits revealed to me, “We desire to torment her and to destroy her.”


My heart became so sad to hear how the enemy pursed her and damaged her life so deeply. So, cowardly, those demons. They targeted the very thing dear to her young heart —her pets. I abhor demons and their destructive works.


“Demons, I want you to know I will be torturing you tonight for what you have done to this young girl,” I explained to the demons with righteous anger, “Also, be aware I will take all night to battle you if necessary; as you WILL leave this young girl.”


The demons responded: “No; we are staying!”


That made me even more determined to see this young lady set free. I fought those demons aggressively and used a multiplicity of spiritual weapons to torture the invading evil spirits. They groaned and moaned and confessed they had been defeated by Jesus!


“Yes, we are tormenting her. We make her feel unworthy, rejected and sad. We placed deafness in her right ear,” the demons revealed.


AH! Not only did these demons hurt her mentally, emotionally, spiritually but also physically by causing her deafness in one ear. Her mother was present and shared she was desperate to see her daughter healed as they have tried everything to bring healing to her daughter. Nothing worked –the medication, the syringe, other avenues that she resorted to see her daughter healed. Her Mom was very determined and prayed with me in helping her daughter.


Guess who was behind it all? Who was the Strongman? That’s right….Jezebel. I tortured her with the fire of the Holy Spirit. The demons burned in agony. Moreover, they looked terrified as the blood of Jesus was applied to them in victory over them. It was over for these wicked Jezebel spirits.


Not only did I force Jezebel to take her deafness but all of the other afflictions they had brought into her. Furthermore, I forced Jezebel to release her broken heart. A little 8 year old dissociative identity surfaced (among others) and spoke to me. She was guided to Jesus for healing and she was able to see Jesus. What a beautiful and stunningly powerful exorcism this was!


Jesus spoke to the demons: RELEASE HER; FOR SHE IS WORTHY. FEAR ME!


WOW! The demons did release her however at one point they tried to negotiate with me. I rejected all of their offers in Jesus name and proceeded to drive them out in Jesus name; sending them to there pit! Young Kayla collapsed to the ground as the demons exited.


When Kayla came back to full consciousness; she noticed she could hear. The deafness, in her one ear, was GONE! Also, she was pain free and demon free. What powerful miraculous wonders we are witnessing –healing of various forms of blindness, deafness and diseases in some of our most recent missions. Jesus is curing many souls.


There are many other Kaylas, in our world, we need to reach out to in Jesus name! Please consider supporting this vital and unique gospel work we are fulfilling. Without your support, we would be forced to shut down however your generous support allows us to continue powerful missions throughout the earth to advance….


Not only was Kayla happy but so was her mother; as you can imagine. Kayla was grateful and committed her life to serving King Jesus! This exorcism really touched me deeply and there more miracles that took place. I look forward to sharing more with you!