Warned Last Night: “We tried to attack your kids!”

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Tomorrow morning I leave for another mission to Florida (join me tomorrow evening, on Sunday evening, in the city of Tampa). As many of you know, I have been visiting multiple cities —teaching, driving out evil spirits and curing the sick. Many have been miraculously healed. Many disciples have now been equipped and are carrying on this work of the gospel.


While in Central Florida in the city of Orlando we were honored to have a jammed packed audience seeking teaching and ministry. God honored the hearts of many with His power and love. One such recipient of God’s love and power was this precious sister, pictured above, who came to our meeting and was freed from evil spirits. Another lady that was powerfully liberated was a lady by the name of Julie.


In the midst of our public meeting, Julie, began to convulse. I approached her and aggressive demonic spirits surfaced and spoke to me. One boastful demon that surfaced was Jezebel.


“There’s thousands of us. I’m here with murder. We torment her by giving her severe allergies, migraines, lies, rejection, doubt, unbelief,” Jezebel revealed to me, “We also send pains to her children.”


During the exorcism we also discovered many of these demons had been through the ancestral bloodline for more than 50 generations. We are speaking of thousands of years of demonic activity in her ancestors.


Another strong demon surfaced by the name of Baal.


“We also have been there for thousands of years,” the ancient spirit Baal revealed, “We are here with addiction, lethargy, tiredness, death and pain.”


As you can imagine, with these kinds of demons operating in Julie’s life, she was a spiritual mess. However, God is faithful. He will deliver His beloved. Jesus spoke some powerfully words to Julie, in the midst of the deliverance, that spoke comfort to her heart.


“She is beautiful. She is lovely. She WILL do my work. She WILL deliver people. She WILL prosper,” the Lord declared.


As the Lord Jesus spoke –these thousands of demons drew considerably weaker. We commanded them to depart in Jesus name. Thousands of them entered the pit. Julie was set free. Moreover, we also discovered there were many dissociative identities within her. Many of them surfaced and spoke to me including a little 3 year old. I spoke to the little one and guided them to Jesus. Many of these broken heart parts were able to, finally, experience God’s love, as the demons had been removed. Afterwards, Julie experienced an deep rest and testified of finally feeling peace and lightness. It was beautiful to behold.


So many other miracle stories I could share. Many in the public service received healing –physical and emotional. Many pains and afflictions vanished in Jesus name. Some of the testimonies I have been receiving have been deeply encouraging. Souls are now wanting to carry this Jesus work forward to their loved ones, friends and communities. Lives were transformed and significantly impacted.


During this Florida mission I was involved in many kinds of ministry events. Many of you simply know about the public missions we conduct. But there are many other ministry events we conduct impacting thousands of lives that I rarely speak of. One aspect of our mission that is reaching many individuals and families are our private extensive ministry sessions that we conduct throughout the world.


Someone we have been working with is a ministry partner of ours. Because of the nature of the evil that we confronted in these sessions I’m unable to share some details. The evil is extreme. You would glance at this young man, this evangelist and you would see someone who has their life together. However, there was dark side to this evangelist. A very dark side. It took more 10 meetings to get to the depth of the evil that operated in his life.


Allow me to stop and share something very important for your consideration. Sometimes, it takes multiple meetings to get to the root of the demonic. Sometimes, it takes multiple meetings to wear the invading demons down. Many of you have deep demonic roots that will take some time to uproot (obviously, we have see thousands of people delivered instantaneously; but we have seen thousands of people delivered over multiple meetings).


So, this young evangelist by the name of Andre was determined to live for the gospel. This determination brought forth his deliverance. However it was an extreme battle for his soul. While in the midst of a recent 12 hour journey, while taking Andre to some very dark times in his life, I was able to to draw out the deep seated spirits to the surface. When they surfaced; they were furious with me. One of the first ones to surface was the spirits of Jezebel. I discovered something I didn’t want to hear.


We have been targeting your children. We tried to attack your kids. We wanted to use him,” these deep demonic forces confessed to me, “But an angel stopped us!”


When this evil spirit stated this, I first thought it was my children’s angels that hindered the demons. Not so. It was my angel that stopped this vile demon.


“It was your angel. He’s more than 11 feet tall; he is wearing a crown. He was there. He stopped us and he is with you now,” the demons revealed.


He didn’t have to tell me. I felt my holy angel that God has assigned to me besides me. I asked him to draw out his spear. The demons groaned and moaned; pleading with me.


“Please don’t hurt us!”


The holy angel struck the demon and the demon cried out in defeat. I took the spiritual sword God has recently given me in New England and used it; resulting in the demons weakening greatly.


“Stop, stop, stop. We will leave.”


Because this evangelist was someone I was mentoring on a personal level he had access to my children to a certain degree. The demons were hoping that with this kind of access they could hurt my children. They wanted to destroy my family. They had been plotting for some time. Waiting. Waiting for that moment. It disturbs me when considering how the enemy works very subtly. This is why we must be on guard and pro-active. Only by God’s grace my children and my family were spared. As many of you know I’m very cautious and continue to be cautious; but do not live in fear. I trust the blood of Jesus.


I truly believe it was a result of me consistently praying for my children with my wife. Speaking the blood of Jesus. Activating holy angels. Just earlier this evening, I gathered the family together to pray. We assembled to partake of the Holy Communion and to read the Scriptures (kids loved the story of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead). These are powerful spiritual tools to protect your life and your family.


WE ARE AT WAR WITH POWERFUL DEMONS SEEKING YOUR CHILDREN! Don’t be naive. Even those closest to you might have demons (many of them don’t even know it) and these demons are seeking destruction.


“We sent you fiery darts,” the invading demons grunted to me, “We tried to attack your wife too. The darts simple hit your armor and fell to the ground. You are too strong.”


Ha! I’m only strong in Jesus. I put no confidence in the flesh. None. 

Now, the weird aspect to this intensive exorcism, the most fascinating aspect of this private deliverance session was that all of this occurred while this evangelist sat in my car, while we were driving on this 12-hour journey. So, imagine me driving, in the middle of the night, and casting out demons while the spirits manifested from this young evangelist. As you can imagine, there were times, I was speeding –accelerating, as the spiritual war intensified. HA! Especially when I was getting the demons to confess their defeat and were expelled to the pit. There’s more I want to share….there were many dissociative identities that surfaced too and were healed; even many physical ailments vanished as the demons departed. This evangelist truly encountered the risen Jesus! He is testifying of feeling so much better; FREE and healed. There’s so much more..

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