Jesus Miraculously Healed Her Eyes & Saved Her!

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Tonight was another victorious meeting where Jesus conquered the powers of evil with His holy might! I really enjoyed the fellowship and sweet spirit among God’s people. I was pleasantly surprised to see our meeting hall filled up with hungry people for the gospel. Many in the meeting hall were ministers desiring to receive training and instruction. For more than 2 hours I taught from the Scriptures and noticed many were taking extensive notes.


After leading everyone in Holy Communion I began to pray over those assembled. One of the first ladies I ministered to was a Puerto Rican sister whom I’ll refer to as Maria (pictured with me above; post deliverance). She had been shaking during our service and wanted to leave. I encouraged her to stay and fight. At various times, her body convulsed and she could feel intense anger rise up. She revealed that her family was involved in Santeria and witchcraft. I could feel the intense spiritual pressure rising within her. I then proceeded to confront the powers in Jesus name.


“We are here to torment her! We have been here through the generations because her family practiced Santeria and sacrificed a rat,” the demonic spirits of Santeria revealed to me, “They kept the rat after the sacrifice and placed it in a box.”


Those in her family offered up a rat and shed it’s blood thereby opening the spiritual doors to these disgusting demons to invade her ancestral bloodline. They eventually were able to access Maria and were tormenting her.


Not only were there demons within Maria but also her grandmother; who was a witch. She was able to create a spiritual bridge to her granddaughter thus the ability to try to control her at some level. I removed the grandmother and sent her to Jesus. I then continued my spiritual battle with the spirits of witchcraft operating within Maria.


Not only was Santeria and witchcraft spirits operating within her life but also the spirits of Jezebel who confessed to holding her eyes. Maria wore glasses and Jezebel admitted they were bringing her a form of blindness. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I commanded Jezebel to release her eyes. It was reluctant to do so at first but eventually relented. I also commanded Jezebel to release Maria’s broken heart –as a little 6 year old dissociative identity had surfaced earlier in the evening and spoke to me. This little one was guided to Jesus for healing. What was beautiful was this little one was able to see the Lord Jesus in His love. Other littles ones were released and guided to the Healer. Incredible supernatural inner healing took place.


At one point the little ones told me,” We are so happy to be free. The monsters have been holding us for a long time with ropes.”


The ropes had been removed and the littles ones were freed to enter into the rest of Jesus! Not only was the heart healed this night but also her eyes as soon as the demons departed; Maria testified of being able to SEE clearly without the aid of her glasses! It was beautiful to behold….another miraculous healing of blindness. So many dozens of souls encountering, in recent years, have experienced healing in their eyes with many of them not needing any glasses anymore.


Maria walked in with glasses but left without wearing them (or needing them)! But the greatest miracle, in Maria’s life, took place earlier in the evening as she surrendered to Jesus as Savior and Lord! Moreover, I also gave her my special Bible (as she didn’t possess one). Maria had a good day today! Jesus cured her, healed her heart, repaired her eyes, delivered her from demons and saved her!

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