Jezebel: Dream Killer

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Earlier I concluded another meeting here in the Tampa, Florida, area and have been marveling at the mercy and goodness of God in rescuing souls from satanic bondage on this mission to Florida. Because we have witnessed so many souls freed from demons and we have noticed, especially, in these last few missions, some great attendance; I will be planning another State-wide mission tour visiting even more cities in my return back to Florida.


On Sunday, one of the ladies we prayed for was a precious sister in Christ who had been attending several of our meetings in Florida, with her mother, including the one in Ft. Myers (where she witnessed a young teenager healed of deafness) and in Orlando last year. It was great to see this friend, whom I’ll refer to as Amber, come to this last mission here in the Tampa area.


Amber testified of being deeply blessed by our seminars and our in-depth teachings on subjects very rarely spoken of in churches. She has been attending our meetings to learn however God was at work within her lovely heart. Towards the end of the seminar the Holy Spirit spoke to my heart about ministering to her. So, I asked Amber to come forward to the meeting hall and I began to pray over her. Her body shook and her arms began to shake. I rebuked the demons within her and Jezebel surfaced.


“I’m here to hold captive her dreams. I hinder her dreams. I cause headaches and others pains,” Jezebel admitted to me, “I also hold restrain her gifts.”


I’m convinced Amber isn’t alone; there are millions of followers of Christ who are having a difficult time serving Jesus because there are residing demons within them that are holding captive their dreams and spiritual gifts. This was the case with Amber.


I was determined to battled the invading spirits of Jezebel and with the commands of Jesus we forced Jezebel to release Amber’s mind, heart and body in Jesus name. As the demons released her she collapsed to the floor –FREED from the dream killer Jezebel!


With freedom all written over her face; Amber testified of not being able to fulfill her many dreams for many years and she often wondered who was behind this terrible hinderance. Well, it was a demon, it was Jezebel! Now, my sister in Jesus will dream and will fulfill her dreams for JESUS!

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