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Halloween Goblin Cast Out!

Tuesday, November 4th, 2008

On Halloween Night, I led everyone in Holy Communion and a few people felt released from partaking of the sacred elements (I was even able to cast some demons out of some people after the service). I preached Jesus Christ and Him crucified and souls were saved! However, the enemy was also at work. One of the individuals that attended out Salvation Army service left the chapel because of the demons within her attacking. She went outside and saw a goblin fly out of the sky and unto the flag pole it slid down the pole and sat right next to her on the bench.

“I know Jay Bartlett and he is a bad man,” the goblin said to the lady (while I was inside the chapel preaching to a attentive group).

“Why are you here?” inquired the lady.

“I’m here waiting to enter someone as I come out on Halloween, every Halloween seeking to possess. I’ve been waiting for someone to come outside.”

Then at that point the goblin lifted his long sharp claw and scratched the lady’s hand (I saw the scratch) thereby entering her at that point (as she had already opened some doorways to demons prior to this). The next night, I met this demon within this lady as she came to the church for deliverance!

The demon surfaced and growled.

“I was that goblin,” boasted the demon.

I commanded the demon to tell me it’s name.

“I’m Hallow’s Eve.”

“Do you have any rights to stay within her,” I asked.

“No except that I was able to enter her because other demons were in her,” the demon shared with me.

So, knowing this Halloween spirit had no rights we commanded it to leave and it left. Out it went…through the mouth!

Submitted by Jay Bartlett