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Holy Communion Stirs Up the Demonic!

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

My brothers and sisters in Jesus the King,

I’m writing to you from a hotel room in Giddings, Texas where just an hour or so ago pastor James Beason and I were viciously physically attacked by extremely strong evil spirits that controlled a 27 year old man that had been victimized by the Sons of Satan cult. To set the background allow me to go back to about a year ago.

A mother and father from a small town of Giddings, located in Central Texas, contacted me back in October of 2010 concerned about their 26 year old son who had been hearing voices, experiencing horrific infirmities, and severely afflicted by demonic powers. They had been members of a very traditional Baptist Church and were faithful in their service to the church. They had brought up their children in the church however this particular church never taught on the realities of spiritual warfare and our authority that we have by virtue of our relationship with Jesus Christ. Thus the hidden demons that had been within their children for years were never exposed or expelled until recently when the demons suddenly decided to become more visible in their attacks. At that point in desperation Corey’s parents sought out somebody who would intervene.

By the grace of God they stumbled upon our ministry and we intervened. We invited them to attend our 2010 Pre-Halloween Public Deliverance Service in Cedar Hill, Texas. Our meeting room was jammed packed with desperate people needing liberation from the demonic from among the crowd was Corey and his parents. Very violent spirits manifested within those in the meeting and many demonic spirits were commanded out in Jesus name! We were able to minister to Corey but we knew this would not be the last we would see of him.

Fast forward a year. After multiple meetings with this family where literally hundreds of thousands of demons have been exorcised, thousands of dissociative identities have been healed and Corey strengthened we have now come upon the strongest of the spirits that remain within his body. Not only are they strong they are also VIOLENT! They have assaulted the mother and father and now they have assaulted us.

Earlier this morning, at 3am, we were down to perhaps to only 20 dissociative parts, out of more then 4,000 parts, that needed to be healed. Many more demons were cast out and God’s healing power rested upon Corey. This only means that the enemy is badly wounded and would counter attack, furious with our resolve to rescue our dear brother in Christ. We had another meeting with Corey this afternoon and many more demons were expelled and were able to rescue the last remaining parts of his broken hearts. They were healed. Many of these parts were deaf, mute, and blind. God healed them and integrated them thus Corey was experiencing phenomenal healing. The enemy AGAIN lashed out with murderous rage.

While leading Holy Communion and partaking of the body of the Lord, the demons caused Corey to drop the bread on the floor and mocked, “We dropped the body of the Lord!”

Then just before partaking of the blood of Jesus the demons in a fit of rage picked up a wooden table that sat before us and threw it towards me with such FORCE that I have rarely encountered. Mind you, I have been involved in more then 8,000 deliverances all across the globe and have come across only a handful of cases where the demons were of this strength. It was that intense. Words cannot describe the sheer murderous violence that was exhibited in this exorcism.

By only God’s grace I raised my right arm in an attempt to protect my head and the table smashed on my arm thus my head was safe from being injured but my arm hurts. Even as I type this my arm hurts but the Lord heals me.

Then that was the beginning, pastor James lunged to get a hold of him before the demons could do more damage to me. In that process he was thrown up against the wall and he was hit so hard, by the sheer force of demon power within Corey, that his elbow was bruised and bloodied. We struggled mightily to restrain him (sadly, the mother and father sat there and did not intervene). We kept on calling upon the blood of Jesus and the demons lunged at me again with hateful profanities, this time hurting me (as I type this my left leg hurts but the Lord heals me) as they kicked me, throwing their fists at me and assaulted me with incredible demonic force. God though spared me of great harm. James and I could have been seriously injured and or killed. It was that serious.

Finally Jesus prevailed and I was able to calm him down but then the demons drove him from the meeting area and we are unsure of his whereabouts now. The Holy Spirit then spoke and warned me. I am in danger. I was to leave Giddings and head over to Houston for more ministry. So, James and I are leaving to head to Houston.

God calls us to utilize wisdom and prudence in all matters. There were times in the life of the apostles and Jesus that they purposely avoided some areas because of evil people who sought do them great harm. We follow in their example.

We are living in the end of times where demons are surfacing with great fury and anger. Just yesterday, I received yet another death threat from someone in Western Europe which begs the question did these demons with this person communicated with the demons within this person to harm me??? Only God knows, we trust in the blood of Jesus to protect and we do not fear!

“Looking forward to being destroyed in Ohio?? I’m excited to watch!! Hahahahaha the famous jay bartlett, tortured and destroyed in front of the public!!! See you there!!!”

The “famous Jay Bartlett,” hardly. I’m merely a servant of the Lord. That’s all I am. I take these threats very seriously and as such have taken some precautions even with my security infrastructure at my home and property to ensure my little ones and wife are safe. We have placed little crosses throughout out property and our home is covered with the atoning sacrificial blood of Jesus!


Saturday, December 17th, 2011

A dear friend of mine, pastor Gene Smith, hosted the event at the Faith Family Fellowship in Creston, Ohio. Some of you might recall me sharing my stories of previous trips to this small church over the years. Gene is a servant of King Jesus and a board member of JBM (Jay Bartlett Missions). He has been pastoring this 105 year old church for a number of years and is one of the few churches in North America that hosts events where the ministry of deliverance and inner healing is conducted in a public manner. Once again God was pleased to display His awesome power as many captives were set free and healed (an Australian brother of mine even had the wonderful opportunity to lead a precious soul to salvation). The fullness of the gospel was witnessed and the Body of Christ was strengthened as a result.

Some of the highlights include~

66 Satanic Darts Removed from a Satanic Ritual Abuse Victim

3 New Converts to Jesus Water Baptized

Tormented Soul Turns to Jesus

Holy Angels Assisted in our Battle with Legion

Thousands of Evil Spirits Driven Out of Souls in Jesus Name!

Numerous Broken Hearts Healed and Restored by the Power of God

2 Month Pre-Natal Part Healed and Freed from Alien Demon Powers

11 Year Old Sees JESUS During Deliverance Session

Legion Cowers Before the Cross and Cast Out

Dozens Trained and Equipped in Ministry of Deliverance and Healing

Generational Curses of Hinduism, Yoga, Eastern Mysticism, and FreeMasonry Broken in Jesus Name!

Numerous Pains, Afflictions, and Hurts Healed by the Savior

Two Ladies Whom Were Groomed to be Brides of Satan Liberated!

Though we were small in number amazing ministry took place where various souls were reached with the love of God….many of whom had not encountered this love in some time. Many testified of having visited numerous churches and ministries with hopes of locating someone to assist them in their freedom. Sadly, many churches denied them spiritual intervention thereby furthering their demonic bondage. It is unacceptable, for example, when a family of 5, has to travel from Georgia to Ohio to receive ministry. This proves once again that the Body of Christ needs to be reawakened to the needs of those suffering from spiritual bondage.

I was very encouraged by a number of people who approached me during my week of ministry at Faith Family Fellowship who testified of their deliverances in my prior visits to the church over the years. It brings great joy to hear of my brothers and sisters testifying of being free and walking in their freedom. Obviously, we ministered to those members but we had quite a few visitors that needed help and we did what we could to bring healing!

Legion Cowers at the Shadow of the Cross, Holy Angels Visited and Assisted

Nearly every day we ministered deep into the night freeing souls in Jesus name. Nearly every night, we battled the forces of darkness in the power of the Holy Spirit. It was very late Monday night and we were ministering to a 40 year old lady who had been bound by the forces of Satanism. For years this precious lady had been experiencing horrific satanic attacks that nearly drove this lady insane. The devil truly wanted to destroy her and he nearly succeeded however the Body of Christ intervened and stopped the enemy’s advances. This dear saint also has experienced immense emotional and spiritual pain as she lost her mother in a gruesome manner when she was but 10 years of age. In all of this God was graciously present and brought her to Ohio!

We started the ministry near the front of the sanctuary where she was sitting under a deep demonic trance upon praying for her. Moments later, a mass number of demons surfaced –more then 100 sets of Legion spirits numbering well over 600,000 demons– that desired to kill her. With her eyes rolling in back of her head, her body shaking, and demons speaking out of her we demanded Legion to be subject to King Jesus!

A fellow minister assisted me in the exorcism and through the night we confronted these armies of demons with the power of the shed blood of Jesus! At one point, while Amy was under a satanic trance, we called forth the angels of the Lord who were quickly dispatched and who picked her up from the chair that she had been sitting on and brought her to a very large wooden cross that I was holding on the other side of the sanctuary. Keep in mind we did not provide her any human aid. She was literally being forced to walk by the power of God. It was a battle –the demons fought the angels all the way to the cross– however when the angels carried her to the cross the demons began to cower in the shadow of the cross. Jesus prevailed and the demonic forces lose once again. Moreover, the evil spirits started to feel their powers being drained as we asked the holy angels to hold Amy’s arm upon against the large cross. What the cross represents and it’s inherent power was too great for the enemy. Under the Lordship of the Jesus Christ the demons submitted and were driven out in Jesus name!

2 Month Old Pre-Natal Dissociative Baby Identity Healed and Freed from Alien Demons!

During our series of meetings I was introduced to a precious family who had traveled many hundreds of miles to be present during our conference. The family of five had jouryened to Creston with the hopes of finding some relief for their precious 11 year old daughter, Emily, who had been terribly bound by Satan. On the very last night I was in Ohio I ministered to the mother and daughter and came across pre-natal dissociative identities. One was but only 2 months old from the womb. I pondered once again how great the need is to train, to equip, to educate the Body of Christ on the reality of multiple personality disorders and dissociative disorders as millions in our modern day are broken in heart who desperately need relief. Souls who are broken are incapable of fulfilling their full potential until they experience wholeness and deep inner healing! Thus the need to intervene.

While in the midst praying for this young girl a evil spirit surfaced who revealed he had been holding onto a little part of her broken heart. This part was but only 2 month old (that is the part that was created prior to her birth, while in her mother’s womb). The demon of fear had entered her and traumatized her heart as a result of her mother’s fear and involvement in Eastern Mysticism, that gave the satanic spirits the right to enter the unborn baby and the broken heart of the little one. We also discovered that more then 6 demons that took upon the form of an alien creature had been enslaving the little part. What’s even more interesting is that Emily shared with me that she can recall the memory of being in her mother’s womb during this time and remembering the spiritual battle that fought around her as she rested in her mother’s womb. She recalls seeing, remarkably, at the pre-natal age of 2 months, alien beings fighting the holy angels of God and the battle being quite intense. No doubt there was a spiritual war for this very bright, creative, gifted, perceptive young girl. Apparently during Emily’s time in the womb her mother was facing a number of stressful life events that no doubt opened her womb up to tormenting spirits such as these alien beings that little Emily was describing to me in great detail (these creature were green in color, mass in number, etc).

I confronted these alien spirits in the name of Jesus.

“We have entered into Emily because of her Mom,” the spirits told me, “we are here because she was a Yoga teacher and someone laid hands on her and transferred us into her thus allowing us access to Emily.”

Some of the spirits were generational as a result of fear, some of them entered because of Emily’s participation in Yoga and Eastern Mysticism. These were doorways to demons. We led the mother and the daughter in prayer of renunciations and battled the alien beings.

The demonic spirits firmly told me, “We are not leaving her, we are staying here.”

So, as often with the case with stubborn spirits I turned to a very effective spiritual weapon –the blood and body of Christ in Holy Communion– resulting in the demons instantly weakening! It is really interesting to note how the demons could “taste” the blood of Jesus and “smell” the blood of Jesus. They readily spoke of their disgust of the tasting of the blood. Often times they screamed in agony upon the partaking of the blood of Jesus. This wasn’t juice at all but rather the holy atoning blood of Jesus that they were consuming!

To gain an better understanding of the miracle of the transubstantiation read my 85-page ebook, Holy Mysteries of the Holy Eucharist, published by Good News World Publishing House click on this link.

The blood of Jesus defeated these vile beings and they were expelled out of this little baby part. Other demons surfaced: anxiety, gossip, loneliness, non-sharing, Lion spirit, worry, think, wonder, perfection, rage, crying, stubborn, and others. One group of spirits of pain held captive more then 90 parts of her broken heart. Within the inner world of these 90 parts consisted a group of powerful Illuminati spirits.

Question: why would the Illuminati target a young 11 year girl from Georgia.

Answer: because she is a threat to the kingdom of darkness.

Emily possesses some very powerful spiritual gifts that will hurt the kingdom of Satan. He understands this and as such has ensured she is attacked so that her gifts won’t rise up to be used on earth. For you must understand the powers of the Illuminati target gifted, creative, intelligent, resourceful, and those with a great capacity to love, children of God. The powers of the anti-Christ cannot function properly if the powers of the age to come are bearing upon them. Thus in their depraved minds those children of the light must be eliminated. This explains why Illuminati and their spirits co-exist in this inner realm of her soul nature to enslave these precious little parts to prevent any inner healing to take place. What the Illuminati doesn’t get is this: they lose, we win in Jesus! The Word though promises in Psalm 52 this:

1Why do you boast of evil, you mighty man?
Why do you boast all day long,
you who are a disgrace in the eyes of God?
2 Your tongue plots destruction;
it is like a sharpened razor,
you who practice deceit.
3 You love evil rather than good,
falsehood rather than speaking the truth.

4 You love every harmful word,
O you deceitful tongue!

5 Surely God will bring you down to everlasting ruin:
He will snatch you up and tear you from your tent;
he will uproot you from the land of the living.

6 The righteous will see and fear;
they will laugh at him, saying,
7 “Here now is the man
who did not make God his stronghold
but trusted in his great wealth
and grew strong by destroying others!”

8 But I am like an olive tree
flourishing in the house of God;
I trust in God’s unfailing love
for ever and ever.
9 I will praise you forever for what you have done;
in your name I will hope, for your name is good.
I will praise you in the presence of your saints.

We also identified the “protector” parts that are various ages that seek to help all of the little ones in the inner world. As the ministry continued on through the night many parts were identified, healed, and merged with Emily’s heart. She was so happy to have her heart experience deep inner healing and the light glaring from her face was astounding! She even told her mom that she really felt much better! Many monsters (demons) were dealt with and driven out in Jesus name! We are still working with this family so continue to pray for them but we have started off on a very positive note and believe God to complete the work for His glory!

Demons Plotting

In recent weeks we have faced a few strong attacks from the enemy. In one particular attack I was injured (as a table was thrown at my head, I was able to block it from hitting my head though–thank GOD!!) and pastor James Beason was slammed against the wall so hard that it cut his arm to the point where he was bleeding. We also had an attempted break in into our home where it set off our house alarm. Moreover, we have received a few death threats. Earlier this week I received a message from some parents of a young man we had been ministering to that was a member of the Sons of Satan sadistic cult.

We need to take a break from ministry due to the violence demonstrated by Kenneth’s demons at the last ministry session. The demons have said several times that they will continue to attack you, Jay. Therefore, as you said, we need to postpone any further ministry at this time, in order for the situation to deescalate. We are postponing the meetings planned for November 28th, December 20, 21, and 22. We do not want to be liable for the demons injuring you or James, since they have said they will attack you.

Casting Demons Out in South Florida!

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

I’m currently in beautiful sunny Naples ministering to the brokenhearted and demonized. Pastor James Beason and I just completed a ministry session with a family suffering greatly under demonic bondage. As a result of this family purchasing and reading several of my books (More then a dozen countries are distributing our books in their bookstores, etc that are impacting thousands. Our volumes located on iBooks are becoming increasingly popular also) they came to grips with the reality of the attacks they were facing and were ready to undergo some ministry to be loosed from these demonic afflictions.

One dear lady in her 50’s was liberated from hundreds of evil spirits and healed from a broken-heart. Some of the demons we dealt with included a unholy spirit that had entered her Serbian ancestors in the early part of the 17th Century in Europe whom abused alcohol thus allowing large groups of evil spirits to enter within the blood line of the family. The spirit identified itself as Anansis and confessed to holding three broken parts of her heart. The demons were commanded to release the parts of her heart and we were able to reach out to a 2 year old, a 4 year old, and a 8 year old. The little 8 year old part referred to herself as Mary and she mentioned that she had been terribly frightened by the “dark.”

In God’s great love and power these three parts decided to integrate and experience the healing of Jesus and we drove out many “Anansis” demonic spirits that had been tormenting the little parts. Even the remaining spirits confessed that a great healing had taken place within her heart. The joy seen on her face was priceless!

Another spirit that surfaced as demon named, “Barbasbel,” who had entered the family blood line through the ancestral sins of sexual immorality from her grandmother. These sins were renounced and the demons behind these sins were also cast out in Jesus name! Yet another demon manifested by the name of “Alkai,” who had revealed that he had taken advantage of the lady when she was but only a few years old because her mother and father did not exercise spiritual authority in the home. Incidentally, this is a reminder to everyone: we need to ensure we are praying over our children and grandchildren and trusting in the blood of Jesus to protect! One other demonic force we confronted was named “Gilead,” numbering more then 32, revealed that they had gained access to the little girl as a result of her participation in the occult –playing with the Ouija board– which allowed a group of spirits to enter because the occult game brought terror into her tender heart. All of these demons –numbering in the many hundreds were expelled in Jesus name!

Immediately, the lady testified of feeling great peace, relief, and release! God to be praised!

During the deliverance another lady surfaced demons that shared that the spirits within her were desiring to harm me. At one point, a group of Jezebel spirits within this lady were attempting to communicate and draw strength from one another. This was dealt with accordingly in the name of Jesus!

Watchers DEFEATED by Jesus!

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

Dear Friends of Jesus,

It’s nearly 2am and I’m still up after some fruitful deliverance meetings here in Austin, Texas. James and I, just earlier tonight, expelled many thousands of evil spirits in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Some of the demonic spirits we encountered and cast out include:

More then 300 “watcher” spirits (that often sadistic cults utilize to stalk their victims) that were assigned to an individual to watch their daily activities.

More then 42 spirits that had brought “shingles” to a young lady. In fact, this precious lady looked like she had some strange flesh eating skin affliction that was literally eating up half of her face with these weird skin diseases. The spirit revealed himself as shingles and boasted that he was behind it all! After the demons were driven out she testified of feeling much better!

More then 140 demons named, “Liden,” that had entered the lady due a blood ritual that her mother participated in years ago. These spirits were known to cut into this dear lady’s body.

Thousands of spirits known as “High Priest” whom had entered through some ancestors from the 19th Century. These spirits threatened James great harm.

More then 50 spirits of rape who were sexually assaulting a number of the dissociative identities.

Nearly 60 evil spirits known as Death. They entered through her father who had forced his own daughter to participate in a gruesome blood ritual. This particular spirit was holding onto 6 dissociative identities. These parts of her heart were released and were integrated within the core!

Nearly a half dozen spirits named, “Trek,” who spoke in various demonic tongues and who even boasted how they had been following James and I even from our most recent journey into the West Indies. This doesn’t surprise me as demons are plotting in an attempt to hinder us from preaching the gospel. Obviously Satan has assigned us scouts who report back to him our ministry activities.

I’m here to report–Jesus conquered the powers of evil and He is LORD! Amazing healing took place including one 50 year old lady we ministered to who was near death. After expelling thousands of demons from her she immediately looked strong. She was rejoicing in her new-found liberation and healing. Many infirmities that had been enslaving her were driven out in Jesus name!

Open Air Meeting in Port Antonio: Souls Won to Jesus, Demons Cast OUT!

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

This entire day –here in the West Indies– pastor James Beason and I have been on the road –responding to the call of God in preaching the gospel –for more then 8 hours traversing over one mountain after another preaching Jesus in various locations. In one open air meeting in Port Antonio, Jamaica, I preached to a jammed packed town square. I proclaimed the life, death, burial and resurrection of Jesus and called people to respond to the call of salvation. As I offered a prayer many were praying with me giving their lives to the Savior! They understand life is short (in the Third World most people understand how things are truly temporal, more so then many of us in the West) and nothing is assured so these precious souls were wise to turn to Jesus for eternal life!

While I was preaching, James was praying for the infirm and casting out demons. When the public meeting concluded a stream of people approached me for prayer and for deliverance. On this day many souls were saved, healed, and delivered! Moreover, a group of new believers are desirous of starting a church in Port Antonio. This evangelistic mission has been quite fruitful and would encourage everyone to utilize your short time here on earth to bringing people to Jesus, healing the sick, and driving out demons!

Interestingly, while driving back to Kingston, brother James was attacked by demons. The started to speak to him and threaten him, “F&*^$ you” they would tell him. He could actually hear them. They continued their attacks, “We said F&*^# you,” knowing full well this was an act of demonic intimidation –he rebuked the evil spirits and they departed. He also broke off any curses and spells that might have been sent to him from those opposed our ministry in Port Antonio. We must remain on guard, we have an enemy seeking to destroy.

Signs and Wonders in Jamaica

Saturday, December 17th, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters in Jesus,

There’s much to report in regards to the phenomenal ministry that is occurring here in the congested, dirty, impoverished capital city of Kingston, here on the island nation of Jamaica. This third world nation is in need of the gospel. I have traveled to this island nation several times over the years however this was my first trip in more then 20 years and have seen firsthand the need for the Body of Christ to evangelize. To be honest I was stunned to lead so many Jamaicans to Jesus in a very short period of time. Souls were ready to respond to the call of salvation –all they need is someone to come along and lead them to the King!

Obviously the enemy did not want to enter this land to preach the gospel. From the very start we encountered difficulties including some problems with the immigration officials here. God has been faithful though and has allowed us to proclaim the gospel with great freedom and amazing fruit is being birthed from our open air mission work.

Some of the beautiful signs and wonders we have witnessed include seeing a partially blind lady healed, many with various afflictions healed, a number of souls freed from demons, wounded hearts healed, saints strengthened and many precious souls won to Jesus. We proclaimed this afternoon the good news of Jesus in the marketplace, on the streets, at bus stops, in front of stores, and everywhere God has guided us.

As we embarked on this mission in downtown Kingston we were warned by the locals not to go as it was a “dangerous” area. We though, by God’s grace, specialize in visiting dangerous areas as these difficult areas are in need of the love of God! We discovered the people to be quite receptive to the message of the gospel in these “dangerous” areas.

The first person that we came across our path was in the middle of the downtown area of Kingston a young lady prostituting herself with her pimp watching nearby. She admitted she had never been born again and was in need of deliverance as she was terribly tormented by evil spirits at night while she slept. We led her to Jesus even though her pimp wasn’t happy and commanded the demons to leave her in Jesus name. Immediately she felt the satanic spirits leave and a precious smile was seen on her face that truly touched our hearts. We also had a number of precious Jamaicans that approached us while we were ministering in the open air that desired to commit their lives to Jesus. We led them to Christ! Within an hour or so perhaps more then 12 souls were won to Jesus! Seeing the tears, hearing them testify of finally possessing peace, and seeing the smiles make this truly an enjoyable ministry journey.

Spiritual mapping

Wednesday, December 14th, 2011

In building up the deliverance teams it is important to have a keen sense of discernment. To help in this we at Halsey Valley Victory House have been mapping our area in an effort to tear down demonic strongholds over the area and to build up our deliverance team. The following article I wrote for the team to study an build off of. I offer it to you. I would be grateful if you let me know how you used it and if was indeed helpful. Paul Estro.

Drive-by praying & Spiritual Mapping


    When we took Jesus Christ as or savior we were commissioned to go into the world and preach the gospel. (Mark 16:15)

  If you think about it, what this really means is that we are to bring the message of heaven to the physical world, which is earth. We are also told that the world is a hostile environment to the Word, and we are battling, not flesh and blood, but the rulers, principalities and powers of the Spiritual that have turned from God.


12 For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms (Eph 6:12)


   We are God’s army, and we are at war. Yes, it is true that the Bible tells us who wins the war in the end; however the war is not over. Think about a professional football team that is down by 40 points with just a few minutes left in the game. They don’t surrender and give up the game just because they know they have lost. No, the still fight on, and if they can get a good hit on the quarterback they are going to take him out. It is the same way in the war we are fighting. Satan will use any opportunity to take a soul from our savior. Our job is to win and defend as many souls as we can. Even though the enemy is defeated he hasn’t given up the fight and every soul he can keep from Christ is one more victory.

    We are warriors for Christ on the battlefield for human souls. If you question this, look at the following verses. (II Timothy 2:1-7; II Corinthians 10:3-7; Ephesians 6) If we are going to be successful in winning souls for the Kingdom then we better know our enemy, and we better know the battlefield. This is where Spiritual mapping comes into play. Spiritual mapping is reconnaissance.  Spiritual mapping gives us a picture of the overall spiritual condition of an area and it gives us insight into what we are up against.

     There are many examples in the Bible addressing territorial spirits which are spirits that are in control of a given area. 1Kings gives us an example of spirits that control a hill country.

23And the servants of the king of Syria said to him, “Their gods are gods of the hills, and so they were stronger than we. But let us fight against them in the plain, and surely we shall be stronger than they. (1Kings 20:23)

In Mark chapter 5 Jesus is speaking to a demon who called himself Legion, who speaks of his territory.

9And Jesus asked him, “What is your name?” He replied, “My name is Legion, for we are many.” 10And he begged him earnestly not to send them out of the country. (Mark 5:9)

  Acts 19 tells us about Artemis, the Lydian mother-goddess who was worshipped at the mouth of the Cayster river long before the Greeks arrived.

 34But when they recognized that he was a Jew, for about two hours they all cried out with one voice, “Great is Artemis of the Ephesians!”  35And when the town clerk had quieted the crowd, he said, “Men of Ephesus, who is there who does not know that the city of the Ephesians is temple keeper of the great Artemis, and of the sacred stone that fell from the sky?[b  (Acts 19:34-35)

    One of the main reasons people tend to hear so clearly from God when they go away on retreats, or on missions trips, and why healing and deliverance happens so much more prominently when people are out of their area, is because they are away from the familiar territorial spirits that know them so well in their home territories. This is also why it is a great idea to have some people from outside the area on your teams.

    Most territorial spirits are well entrenched in their areas of influence, that is they have been there for  generations, and are well versed at inhibiting our ability to flow in the Holy Spirit. Demons love darkness and they abhor being exposed and have taken great lengths to stay that way. It is our duty to bring all things into the light.

   However, we must understand, our focus should not be on the satanic, we should be focused on Jesus. Too many people get so wrapped up in demon hunting; they lose focus of the goal, which is to bring the light of Jesus to the darkness. The idea of Spiritual mapping is to expose the enemy so we can bring in the light. We are commissioned to spread the gospel and to pray for the world around us. Spiritual mapping can do two very effective things for us even if we don’t yet have the authority to expel the demons.


  The first thing Spiritual Mapping does is to get our heart focused on the condition of the community around us. The second thing it does is get us focused on the realm of heaven. Effective Spiritual mapping requires prayer, and a keen sense of the prophetic. Like anything else, practice improves our performance. What Christian does not want a better and more effective prayer life?

    To keep us focused on God and on prayer, I always incorporate drive by praying with Spiritual mapping. I strongly believe the two should always go together. If you are thinking of doing Spiritual mapping and have never done drive by praying I suggest you start by practicing that.

   Jesus called His disciples to go out in twos and preach the good news. In Matthew chapter 10 He gave His men careful instructions. Jesus told them to inquire as to who was worthy in each particular city and to stay at their house. If the house was indeed worthy they were to leave a blessing upon it, and if it wasn’t they were revoke their blessing and move on. This instruction is a good example of how we should conduct drive by praying and Spiritual mapping. We should go out in at least groups of two and it shows how some areas are ripe for the blessing and some have been hardened. To maximize our effectiveness we must understand what places are ready and what places are going to need prayer.

   There are many ways to do this, and the most effective thing we can do is ask the Holy Spirit for guidance. What follows are some guidelines for effective drive by praying. Circumstances and personnel may require some alteration. These are guidelines and not hard and fast rules. The most important thing is to pray and ask the Holy Spirit for guidance and to be open to the prodding of the Spirit. Secondly, it should be fun and it can be a great opportunity for people to practice their public prayer life.

   As the name suggests, as you drive by an area or place, you pray over it. You can take it one step farther and stop and visit with people, and ask to pray over or with them, their property or their possessions. Feel free to invite people to join you on your journey, or to hand out water, food or even Bibles, as you journey around town. It is a great idea to keep a journal of your adventures so you can track your spiritual progress on an area.

   You will find, if you make drive by praying an active part of your ministry, that over time, the Holy Spirit will give you a sense of certain areas that need certain kinds of prayers. As this happens you will see that your journal will become a kind of map for what areas need what kinds of prayers. Interesting how drive by praying turns into Spiritual mapping, isn’t it?

    As with drive by praying, Spiritual mapping does not follow any hard and fast rules, and should be guided by the Holy Spirit. However, here are some guidelines that seem to be very effective. First of all, prayer and fasting before starting any kind of spiritual warfare is a great idea. Secondly, if you can get fellow believers to cover you in prayer before, and while, you are embarking on your mission, it avails much. If you have enough people, two or more teams can go together, or in different directions around an area.

    A team should consist of at least three people if possible. One person should know the area and be familiar with the people, the roads and the history, and two people who are not as intimate with the neighborhood. The person who knows the area best would make the best driver which allows the others of the team to focus on praying and receiving from the Holy Spirit if all members of the team are experienced in mapping. If your team is new then I would recommend someone else drive and have the person who knows the area be the scribe.

   The scribe is the person in the team who writes down what is being received by the Holy Spirit and impressions from the Spirit realm. This can be a great confidence booster for new team members as they see first hand, confirmation of what they are receiving. Let me give you a real life example. Recently I was mapping with two people who were new and as we drove up the road I knew we were approaching an area that held a lot of demonic activity including a hanging. I wrote down in the notebook, “a hanging happened here.” I then placed the notebook on the dashboard and asked my fellow travelers what they were receiving from the Holy Spirit. One person said, “Choking, I feel like I am choking.” The other person said they got a sense of anger and despair. Imagine their surprise when I had them read what I had written on the notepad.

    I am a firm believer in having people write down what they are getting while we pray or map an area. I use the same tactic when we are doing house cleanings, praying over a property, or doing prophetic prayer. I believe it not only keeps people honest, but it is a sure proof way of seeing how well the team is working together and seeing in the spirit. It is also very helpful in putting together prayer teams, deliverance teams, prophetic teams and the like. We are all different members of one body and we all have been given different gifts. When we work together we end up seeing much clearer than we would by working alone.

   Likewise, if two cars are making the same journey around an area and writing down what they are getting, it is great confirmation when you compare notes and see that you are getting the same thing. Now this doesn’t always happen, and we have to be careful not to start trying to connect dots that may not be there. It is okay if you have a session and nothing seems to be coming together. Sometimes we just need more time for the picture puzzle to come together and sometimes we may not get anything. That doesn’t mean we should quit. There is always more prayer needed, and our prayers are never in vain. We need to make sure we have a good scribe who can write legibly and in good detail, so we can go back and keep track of our progress.

     It is very important to remember that demons are like nitpicky lawyers and they know the scriptures better than us. Any opening they are given they will use to stake their claim to an area. They will also illegally squat in an area if no one is going to ask them to leave. They will also try to trick us into believing they are gone when they are not, or into believing they are more powerful than they are. Demons have no rights unless God lets them have that right. Sadly, they often acquire their rights to occupy an area because no one has ever bothered to cover it in prayer, or to ask them, in the name of Jesus, to leave.

   Which leads me remind you that Jesus was a very popular name, and we need to make sure we are clear which Jesus we are talking about. Jesus, son of the living God, born of the Virgin Mary, crucified under Pontius Pilot, who on the third day rose again and now sits on the right hand of the Father. That is pretty clear, and even the nit pickiest of lawyers would have a hard time confusing that with some other Jesus!

    We have started mapping the area here at the Victory House. We already know from other intercessors and groups that the main spirit of darkness in this area is known as the Hinderer. Poverty, False Authority, Witchcraft, Rejection and Legalism are also very powerful spirits over the area. There is also a spirit of Spiritual Immaturity over the area. Several years ago we saw this as a giant baby sitting in the main intersection wearing a diaper and holding a rattle.

    In our last mapping session, people who were not aware of our previous sessions said they saw a small child on a tire swing over the exact same area. I am going to take that to mean that we have seen some spiritual growth in the area over the last few years. We see this manifesting in the physical, as the local church has been growing, and the church and other the building it owns in town have been restored, painted and put to better use for the community. We also have the Victory house started, and there have been more Christians moving into the area. Praise God!

    Now I want to take time here to once again reiterate the importance of taking things slow. Territorial control spirits are very powerful and are not something we should take lightly. It is one thing to scout out a prize fighter and try to expose his weaknesses, it is a completely different matter to jump in the ring with him and try to go ten rounds.