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Thriller in Kenya: Student Visits Heaven!

Tuesday, August 3rd, 2021

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m in awe, here in Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa, as precious souls are being deeply touched with the love and power of God. Last night, more people attended the seminar and the miracles were even more impactful. We watched on as Jesus performed more thrilling and glorious acts of the supernatural. One disciple powerfully delivered and healed, was this university student, pictured above, as she was experiencing heavenly bliss (LOOK at her serene face as she experienced God’s heavenly wonders). Click here to hear her in God’s Heavens.

Numerous demons convulsed her body and shook her as I began to rebuke the destructive demons within her life. They had been causing her a host of physical problems. I called forth the holy angels of God and they quickly arrived into the seminar hall and lifted her body off the chair and moved her, without human aid, to the front of the conference room, so I could properly minister to her. Afterwards, this young lady had no idea how she ended up in the front of the hall.

The invading demons confessed to much:

“We have been here for thousands of years,” the demons revealed to me, “We bring her sicknesses, chains and fiery darts to cause her pain.”
Thankfully, we were able to intervene and confront the demonic in Jesus name. We removed their evil chains, darts and sicknesses. Our living God miraculously healed her. The demons of death and Lucifer had been plotting to kill her but they failed. King Jesus prevailed on this night.
After her mighty deliverance, she was beautifully caught up into the Third Heaven and encountered some stunning supernaturalism:

  • Met the God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit
  • Entered into the Throne Room of Abba (click here to hear her describe her experience)
  • Encountered a white dove that sang to her
  • Met her believing grandfather who waved to her who passed on
  • Experienced the fire of the Holy Spirit
  • Ate a flower that tasted like honey
  • Sat on the GOLDEN THRONE of the Heavenly Father

I could go on and on sharing the astounding acts of our great God. Suffice to say, we witnessed a supernatural thriller here in Nairobi, Kenya, East Africa. She was so happy afterwards. We give God all the thanks and praise. This morning we had a wonderful breakfast with Pastor Nicolas who is planning some powerful meetings in Uganda, Rwanda, and western Kenya. Thank you for praying for us.