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Raised a Lady from Her Sick Bed in Jesus Name!

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

The Lord is Mighty and Worthy of Praise!

I just arrived back from a brief tour of 3 cities, Creston, Ohio, Galveston, Texas, and Austin, Texas conducting numerous exorcisms and driving out thousands of evil spirits. Our first series of deliverance sessions occurred in the small village of Creston, Ohio. For two days I performed a number of exorcisms and witnessed the power of God. I first saw the power of the Holy Spirit in my life, just prior to arriving to Creston, as I asked the Lord to heal me as the enemy had been physically attacking me after arriving back from my last ministry trip to Georgia. God healed me and allowed me to minister to those afflicted by demonic powers in this small town.

Miracles in the Village of Creston

The exorcisms were held in a 105 year old church that is a part of a traditional conservative denomination. For over 100 years this church had never witnessed a exorcism until the new pastor arrived and began to teach the people about the reality of the devil and how to overcome him in the name of Jesus. I was invited by this traditional church, a few years back, to conduct public exorcisms and we had people from all over the nation travel in for prayer. God delivered many souls from the powers of Satan and opened the eyes of the congregation to the reality of spiritual warfare in a deeper manner. It was the very first time this 100 year old church had hosted a public exorcism service and the demons came out of the woodwork. I was invited back again some months later and again people came in from all over the country for liberation. God remained faithful to bless our efforts and people were miraculously healed and delivered. As a result of these meetings the church began to see others with demonic problems come to the surface. Mind you this is a very small village and yet very powerful demons were surfacing within the residents of this town and within the members of the congregation. Moreover, the demonic issues these precious people were encountering were deep as many were riddled with dissociative elements.

From 9am until 2am the following day we met with the demonized, the infirm, and the broken in heart. For over 16 hours, with few breaks, pastor Gene Smith and I prayed for the deliverance of many and as a result many were freed from evil spirits and healing took place. Many testified of being immediately healed of various pains. Though we encountered many demons and cast many out there are still issues needing to be resolved and demons needing to be confronted.

We met in the sanctuary and a steady flow of individuals arrived for an exorcism. These were primarily people from within the church. Some of the highlights:

-A Spanish family of four received deliverance from many evil spirits. As soon as I placed some sacred oil on her forehead and the Holy Scriptures upon her the demons within her groaned and moaned and she began to feel physically sick. They also began to physically choke her in an attempt to kill her in front of us. I dissolved the chains around her neck with holy water. The chains fell off. We proceeded to drive out many demons from the mother. Her family had been involved in various forms of witchcraft and had even placed some various mystical lotions on her body when she was but a child. By faith she removed these lotions and she was enabled to see into the spiritual realm and see the demonic forces on her skin, she was petrified as she saw them crawling all over her skin. It literally took some minutes before it was all removed from her body. She was relieved when they finally came off and the demons were expelled from her stomach and chest.

-Dealt with a young 20 year old man who had been involved in black magick and satanism. Several spirits manifested and briefly spoke German to me. Unfortunately, the young man wasn’t ready to repent of the magical arts that had enslaved him. Pray for him!
-A 40 year old man who had various emotional ills arrived for an exorcism. For over an hour we battled and battled in prayer with little progress. I placed my hands upon his head and could feel some kind of spiritual electricity come from the top of his skull. We then proceeded to take the battle to another level as we invited him to partake of the holy communion~the body and the blood of the Lord~and this brought upon a immediate response as numerous demons surfaced and were expelled in Jesus name. As we dug deeper various Illuminati spirits were identified and surfaced, very strong demonic spirits. These were present as a result of generational involvement in secret societies. One of the devils had stated he was being used as a satanic solider within the Illuminati and that he had placed a demonic apparatus just right outside the body to channel mind binding programming to control his actions and thoughts (common tactic of the Illuminati to control individuals from a external means). This satanic apparatus was demolished in Jesus name! He experienced such a powerful touch that he shouted unto the Lord as the session ended! He had testified that he was feeling, “very good” and “much lighter.”
-One man, with demons, could see into the spiritual world and saw a sinister gargoyle perched up on top of one of the speakers within the sanctuary and was conveying powers to other demons in the room. The gargoyle had spoken and stated he had been hiding within the church, observing (many churches have these watcher like spirits that observe the activities of the church). The pastor drove the gargoyle spirit out and it immediately exited outside, off the property.
We ministered to a number of dissociative parts that needed release from demonic powers and experienced deep healing in Jesus name.
-We ministered late into the night to a 41 year old man with deep demonic bondage. The occult programming, the mind control, and spiritual blindness was intensely upon this man. For hours we battled many luciferian spirits that were deeply rooted. The demonic resistance was unusually strong but we were able to weaken the spirits and the man as a result was getting stronger as the Holy Spirit filled him with inner power. I would encourage all of my friends and loved ones to pray for this dear saint even as you read this.
-One lady in her late 30’s arrived with her husband and we utilized a holy crucifix and as the devils were afflicting her with head pain we had her place the crucifix on her head thus causing the pain to cease! She experienced God’s healing power in various ways and we look forward to seeing her completely healed in the days to come.
The following morning, at 9am, after an entire day of ministering, we continued the ministry of casting out devils in Jesus name! We met up with a man who had been tormented by evil powers for years and within a relatively period of time we expelled many generational Hungarian evil spirits. As we began to pray the evil spirits surfaced and was causing him great pain. These evil demons were commanded to leave in Jesus name! He vomited many of the demons out as they exited via his mouth. He felt such relief that he was looking forward going home and enjoying the peace of God! He also testified of being healed of various pains and afflictions!

Miracles in South Texas

Prior to leaving for Galveston and Austin, Texas, pastor Joey Guess, one of the elders that oversee our gospel work, conducted a powerful holy communion and deliverance service in Dallas. People from all over arrived and experienced deliverance in Jesus most holy name.

Pastor James Beason traveled with me to Galveston the next day to conduct an exorcism on a surgeon, originally from Cameroon, West Africa, who had contacted me some months earlier for healing. For 8 straight hours we battled numerous demonic entities including some human interjects that sought to hinder her deliverance from the devil. A number of African witchcraft demons manifested and they were driven out in Jesus name. This dear saint also experienced a most powerful miraculous healing as for a long time this dear lady had been experiencing sharp throbbing pain in her side and extreme itching around her neck. These demonic afflictions were told to leave in Jesus name!

Towards the beginning of the exorcism a number of Rosicrucian demons surfaced. With her eyes rolling back of her head and the whites of her eyes just glaring at me with pure hatred, I confronted them in the power of the Holy Spirit! One of them was holding unto a precious dissociative part, who was only but 5 years of age. This broken part of her heart had been tortured by these evil spirits. I called forth holy angels and five mighty angels arrived to minister to her. Great healing took place and this part was touched by the love of Jesus!

These Rosicrucian demonic entities were quite strong but they were cast out of her, along with the programming them placed within her, in Jesus name.

Then a very well known Californian Eastern Mystical Cult guru surfaced within her. He was awakened by one of her demons who was getting him to respond to assist them in hindering her freedom. He was indeed awakened thus astral traveled to where we were at in Galveston. He spoke to me boastfully, at first, through her. I told him he was subject to the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and for the next hour battled him and the demons aiding him in the astral travel. Towards the end of the encounter with him, he was begging me to stop torturing him and his spirits with the power of the fire of the Holy Spirit. They were told to leave in Jesus name.

Soul ties, human interjects, curses, spells, spiritual cursed objects, cult programming, various kinds of afflictions, numerous demons were all destroyed and demolished by the power of the cross of Jesus! This dear lady testified of being delivered and was so happy!

Numerous miraculous wonders were witnessed on this night~holy angels visited and ministered, the Lord Jesus visited in a visible manner to this precious lady and loved on all of us. All praise to our wonderful God!

After a long night of ministry we were up early again to meet another saint needing liberation from Satan. This dear lady had been spiritually terrorized for years as a result of her family’s involvement in witchcraft. She even shared with James and I that her mother forced her to witness various kinds of rituals and ceremonies. For years she had been battling these occult spirits. This dear single mother of 7 boys was desperate for deliverance and I KNEW it! I stood up and took a blanket and consecrated it unto the Lord, in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. As soon as I did she stood up holding her midsection and began to vomit as she could feel the demons departing her. Just the mere presence of the holy blanket which was representing the blood stained robe of righteousness of the Lord Jesus were causing the demons to respond in a dramatic manner. They had no where to hide! As she renounced the generational curses of witchcraft these vile spirits were driven out! This dear lady was also so relieved to be finally FREE from witchcraft!

Pastor James and I then traveled onward to Austin to minister to the infirm. As soon as we entered the home of a dear 50 year old lady, who had been essentially bedridden for awhile and on oxygen, I just knew the Lord wanted to raise her up. Within minutes of entering her bedroom demons of death manifested and attempted to choke her with her oxygen tubes that dangled from her head. These death spirits spoke to me.

“We are making her sick, we are keeping her in pain, we are keeping her crippled.”

As they surfaced within this woman these filthy spirits began to contort her legs and arms. They were also pretty aggressive as they did not want us praying for this sick lady! But the power of God was too much for them.

“We are in the thousands, we are in her causing great pain.”

Pastor James and I rebuked these spirits with spiritual violence and commanded them to leave in Jesus name. They resisted for a few minutes and tried to contort her body violently but they were driven out and told to go to the pit. When they left I raised the lady from her sick bed and she was no longer crippled or unable to stand. She got up and WALKED to her kitchen area by the power of God. She literally looked 25 years younger as she did! She testified of not feeling any pain. God is so gracious and we praise Him!

Submitted by Jay