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Violent Thriller in Pasadena: Jesus Conquered Illuminati Powers & Appears!

Tuesday, November 6th, 2018

All of us were in AWE last night, here in Pasadena, California (our mission base), at our weekly Jesus Church service, where souls were stunned at the incredible miracles that took place. This young lady, named Katie, pictured with me above, post deliverance, was beautifully healed and freed by the powers of God. It was astounding to watch as the Holy Spirit conquered over the powers of darkness.

It was violent, it was aggressive, it was intense but at the end, Jesus prevailed and crushed His enemies. Even His holy and mighty angels swiftly arrived into the meeting hall and assisted us in destroying the powers of evil that desperately held this young woman in satanic silence and captivity. The church, last night, stood it’s ground and commanded these demonic spirits out of her life and she was wonderfully set free. 

However, like I said, it an intense spiritual battle that required persistence and courage. The demons that manifested were furious that this young woman, came back to my meeting. Katie, attended a previous meeting but left without any deliverance. She came back determined like never before to obtain liberation. I’m so happy she came back to our service as God rewarded her richly with His mighty deliverance power.

The first group of spirits that surfaced was Jezebel. Along with Jezebel were a few soul invaders. One was a Illuminati puppet master who controlled the other soul invader. It was very challenging to remove these invaders. They viciously fought against me. The demons roared and screamed out of her. They made her hands into a claw-like manner. They contorted her body and she fell onto the ground like an animal. These were strong and aggressive spiritual forces that were determined to keep her in satanic bondage.

I called forth the holy angels of God and they, literally, hammered these demons. The holy angels struck them with their spears and swords. It was dramatic and intense. Jesus came out victorious as He conquered His enemies with His blood and resurrection might. All of the demons were commanded into the abyss in Jesus name. The soul invaders expelled and many heart parts miraculously healed. She even testified of being supernaturally cured of all physical pains that she has suffered from for many years.

After the deliverance, Katie, was immediately “caught up” into the Third Heaven where she immediately fell into the arms of the Savior, the Lord Jesus. What transpired will inspire you. She also had the honor to meet the Heavenly Father. She experienced the entire Holy Trinity in Heaven! It was astounding. It was a THRILLER!