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Pasadena, CA: Extreme Supernaturalism at the Jesus Church!

Wednesday, August 14th, 2019

We are tasting of the WORD and of the powers of the age to come during our weekly services in Vancouver, British Columbia and here in Pasadena, California. Last night, our larger hall was packed with families and individuals desperate for deliverance and healing. The Lord Jesus Christ was tangibly present in our meeting and many souls experienced freedom from demonic bondage. I had great liberty to proclaim the victory in Christ! 
One of those we ministered to was this precious woman (pictured above) who came with her husband looking for a deeper healing. As the night progressed and as souls were being liberated, she began to manifest. Though a committed disciple of Jesus, a missionary to the nations of the world, she STILL had demons ( due to some ancestral unresolved evil that was present within her life). Thankfully, she came to our Jesus Church service and was wonderfully rescued by our loving God.

They twisted her body, placed her on the ground and opposed us. God’s holy angels picked her up and brought her to the front of the hall. Spirits of witchcraft, death, torment, Lucifer were bound in Jesus name and forced to surface. They boasted how they were able to keep her:

“We have been in her bloodline a long time,” the spirits revealed to me, “We bring her physical and emotional pains. Her ancestors participated in witchcraft and we invaded.”

Ancient ancestral curses are real! Unresolved generational issues opens doorways to evil spirits. Thus the need to renounce ancestral evil and obtain deliverance in the name of Jesus! I was so pleased to see this woman and her husband, joining all of us in breaking generational evil. Their hold was broken and we were able to obtain a significant spiritual breakthrough. The demons were commanded into the abyss. 

As the demonic spirits departed, many wounded soul parts surfaced. I swiftly guided them to the Lord Jesus –the Healer of the brokenhearted. Almost immediately, they entered the Third Heaven and experienced the astounding wonders of the glorious realms of the Godhead! 

  • She encountered the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit
  • She experienced the overwhelming presence of God’s love
  • She was able to taste of the powers of the age to come
  • She met her guardian holy angels
  • She was given heavenly gifts
  • God’s butterflies, that made heavenly sounds, appeared before her
  • She was tickled by God’s holy angels

I could go on and on. This disciple encountered the miraculous, extreme supernaturalism that completely staggered and mystified. However, she was so happy ( watch the video and see) and testified of being healed of all pains and torments. Jesus did it all. Thank you God for your love and power that is being demonstrated in our meetings!