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Explosive, Violent & Heavenly Thriller in Omaha!

Wednesday, May 12th, 2021

Our Supernatural Jesus seminars, meetings and sessions, in Omaha, NE continue to be explosive. For the past several years, we have been seeing an incredible amount of miracles take place in the Omaha area. Last night, was no different, as there were powerful signs and wonders. Moreover, it was extremely violent…

I was praying when suddenly the spirits of Lucifer surfaced from within this young man and jolted him to the front of the hall, to the podium where I was standing at. He lunged at me with unholy hatred, fury and brutality. Four men in the hall immediately came to my defense and restrained the violence, as I moved forward to the demonic, to drive it out in the name of Jesus.

The fire of God came down on the evil spirits and they greatly weakened. The spirits of Lucifer confessed to so much:

“We bring MS into his body, we rack him with pain and sicknesses,” the wicked spirits revealed to me, “We have been here a long time because his ancestors practiced idolatry.”

We were able by God’s power, to drive out the evil spirits and they entered into the abyss in Jesus name. Furthermore, we encountered some soul invaders –a group of warlocks and witches that had cursed him. They were driven out in the name of Jesus. Suddenly, his broken heart surfaced and we were able to guide all of the little ones to the Lord Jesus. He was caught up into the Third Heaven. What transpired was stunning, you’ll need to watch his video testimony by clicking here.