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The power of your words – an unexpected result

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Two years ago, I was called by man in our homecell group to assist his wife who was having a series of severe epileptic seizures. She had a history of epilepsy and was also a member of our homecell group, but something was particularly serious about the attacks that day.

 A bit of her history: She was born into a Hindu family and claimed to have been born again a few years previously, yet still had the Hindu shrines and artefacts in their house. Although she regularly attended homecell and visited my wife and me often to learn more about christianity, she often dominated meetings yet seemed to learn nothing.

 On the day in question, I went up to their house and sat beside her in the sitting room. The was incoherent, sweating profusely and unresponsive. I began to pray, but received no discernment regarding her condition. She started having another seizure and I placed my hand on her forehead. As a rule I avoid touching people, but I laid my hand on her to get a better idea of what was present.

 There was abosultely no response. It felt like I was touching a plastic dish. I could not even discern any lifeforce in her. I prayed that the Lord would reveal what was behind this strange phenomenon and He showed me a stage with a large purple curtain drawn shut across the front. This was coupled with the discernment that there was a deceiving spirit making out as if there was nothing there.

Annoyed, I said: “Get out of my way” and the curtain opened immediately to reveal seven demons in her. One was clearly a Hindu demon and, as I knew of her choice to hold onto Hinduism, I chose to counsel her husband and her when she had stabilised rather than cast out demons that she would allow back.

 After counselling, I went home and, as I came through the door, my wife was attacked by the epilepsy demon. With no history of any disorder, her neck started to pull stiff and her tongue felt like it was swelling. A called another believer and we prayed for an hour while my wife continued to resist.

 The demon released her and was banished from our home and family.

The believer and his wife went through three days of demonic visitations in their house and yet the lady chose to revert openly to Hinduism.

 Although this may not be viewed a s a successful deliverence, there is a lesson to be learnt about the power of our words and the need to be vigilant and careful when dealing with demons.

Whether you are in the deliverence ministry or not, constantly protect your home and family against demonic attack using the Blood of Jesus and establishing authority over your home and family.

Yours, in Jesus,


Provincial Pastor, Christ the King

Western Cape, South Africa

Unreal. Strange. Unique. Crazy. Surreal. Powerful.

Monday, November 23rd, 2009

Unreal. Strange. Unique. Crazy. Surreal. Powerful.

Those were some adjectives that were used to describe our last public exorcism service held at a Salvation Army chapel. Once again we had a good crowd assembled in this traditional chapel looking for liberation, healing and a touch from God. They didn’t go away disappointed either as the Lord Jesus provided what the people so desperately needed.

I preached a message on the authority we have in Christ ~ over evil spirits, diseases, afflictions, and death. With urgency I proclaimed the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with power from on High. I urged those assembled in the chapel to repent of their sins and to open their life to the Lord Jesus. A handful of people were captured by God and were therefore saved! We then proceeded in the Holy Eucharist and partook of the Body and the Blood of our Lord. Immediately afterwards many experienced freedom from various torments, demonic afflictions and demonization!

Then we began the deliverance service and I invited those whom were interested to stay in their seats as we would begin soon. I was astonished by how many wanted to stay and participate in the deliverance service as I could see many needed deliverance from evil spirits. I then began to share some of the most common doorways humans open to evil demons. We began with the doorway of self destructive behavior (which could body modifications, self mutilation, suicide attempts/thoughts, etc).

Immediately demons were manifesting with people peppered throughout the chapel. A lady to the right of me down off the platform manifested spirits as she convulsed and loudly shrieked. I placed my hands on her forehead to make the symbol of the cross and she slumped off the pew and onto the floor. The demons were crying out and shrieking. I called forth the lady and explained to her what was occurring.

“This is insane!” she shouted.

She couldn’t believe this was happening to her! She began to share how she had been church services all her life and never felt this way.

“God is in this place, I so wanted to leave at times because brother Jay you made me sooooo angry, I didn’t want to hear you” she shared her thoughts with everyone!

Yes, Jesus and His power was present, which is why people were manifesting demons.

Leslie, a hurting soul in her late 20’s, that had just been released from jail due to being arrested for prostitution, was now jolted to the reality that she has demons and that she needed an exorcism.

“I’m a Christian and I want to be free but it’s so hard to let go of these things,” she revealed to all of us.

I then could see a gentleman in his late 40’s having demonic attacks towards the very back of the chapel. Brother Joey came to the service to assist in delivering souls, and so I asked him to pray for these dear man.

“While you were praying, brother Jay, up there on the platform for everyone, I was feeling the demons leave me.”

But knowing the man needed more prayer I asked Joey to pray. As soon as Joey placed his hands the demons manifested called, “Suicide.”

“I’m not leaving him,” the demon shouted.

I just laughed as did my dear brother Joey as we knew this demon was going to the pit! Joey began to face down the evil demon within this dear man.

It was interesting how the demons were so afraid and how their eyes were locked to Joey’s. The demons were petrified as they tried to back the man away but we simply kept him in place as Joey began to expel the demons out in Jesus name!

Another man in his 50’s who had been drug addict for many years was saying his head was being attacked by demon powers. I asked Joey to assist! After commanding the demons to leave the man was relieved as he felt the demonic powers exit his head.

A few minutes later the man shouted in the chapel!

“I don’t feel the urges anymore, the demons are gone,” he was so happy sharing with us!

I continued on with the list of common demonic doorways that humans open (sadly, I wasn’t able to get through the entire list as we only got to the 6th doorway during the evening. There were 15 doorways I wanted to discuss).

Then I noticed a lady towards the very back of the room manifesting demons, as I could see the demons staring at me. I brought this woman and her husband up front and we began to pray.

The demons were resistant and violent.

“I’m Massacre and I’m not leaving,” he tried to explain to me.
Oh, yes you are!

“How did you enter this lady?”

“Through her mother, through the ancestors as a result of satanic bloodshed”

I then proceeded to call forth the lady and asked her to renounce this generational curse, which she did with great difficulty however.

I called Massacre to come up to attention and he did!

“You will repeat after me,” I instructed the demon, “word by word.”

“I release this woman and in the name of Jesus go to the pit.”
Massacre left!

I then noticed another lady manifesting demons. This woman loudly shrieked and convulsed when I called for the demons in Christ’s name!

“We’ll go to her home,” the spirits shared with me, speaking out of this woman.

“No, you won’t! The only place you will go to is the pit!”

For several minutes I battled the generational demons and they too were expelled and several little parts surfaced and we began to minister to the parts with the love of Jesus.

Another woman manifested evil spirits and as soon as I approached her the demons knocked her down violently down on the floor. The demonic spirits had such control over her, they were able to do this at will, as a result of the sexual sins she had been involved in.

“She’s a whore,” the demons boasted to me, “we go back 12 generations as a result of her ancestor’s participation in prostitution.”

I called forth the lady and asked to renounce the generational curse of prostitution not after the demons knocking her out to the floor in an attempt to hinder her confession to God.

By God’s grace she was able to renounce the generational curse and we proceeded to cast the sex demons out of her in Jesus name.

Then another lady was manifesting demonic attacks toward the left of me. The lady was standing next to her husband. They had traveled over 700 miles to attend the service.

I anointed her head with sacred oil and a dissociative identity surfaced who was only 14 years old. She revealed that she was being held by an evil spirit. I asked the part if I could help her and she said she wanted my help to be free from the monster demon.

I began to pray and an evil entity surfaced.

“I’m Augustus and I’m not leaving!”

We discovered there were 13 others of his kind within her. He had been enslaving this little part for many years.

I reminded the demons within this precious lady that Jesus desired for this lady to be free and that he needed to go quickly!

As the woman’s body shook by the evil spirits and as her husband assisted we commanded the demons out of her. They came out and she cried with a joyful heart in what the Lord Jesus had done for her in setting her free from this vile monster!

The spiritual needs were immense and not everyone was able to receive help they so desperately needed (people throughout the chapel manifested demons and at times dissociative parts were surfacing) but we did what we could and scheduled to pray for more on the very next day.

My brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus again I’m reminded of the vastness of the demonic problems we are facing this nation at this time hence the need to pray for God to raise up more exorcists in this country to meet the needs of the people! God love you all!

Submitted by Jay