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Mormon Confession: I do not have the power to cast out demons!

Sunday, June 19th, 2011

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord Jesus,

The power displayed by our God was stunning few nights, as souls were delivered from years of demonic cruelty. High in the mountains (nearly 7,000 feet high), outside of Salt Lake City, Utah (incidentally Utah is the home of one of the fastest growing cults on the globe -Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, commonly known as the Mormons) Gene and I battled the powers of darkness and we are happy to report Jesus wins.

One of the souls that attended our meeting was Chad, a 29 year old who spent 7 years living in Beijing, China in order to satisfy his lusts within the underworld of drugs, orgies, the occult and Eastern Mysticism. After 7 years of:

* Continual drug usage including mushrooms, cocaine, marijuana, and a host of other drugs.
* Delving into Satanism (he would commune with demons), the occult (card reading, Seances, Bloody Mary, fortune telling, etc), black magic, and witchcraft. Strangely, a Jewish Fortune Teller “prophesied” that he would have a heart attack (he did experience one) and that he would be afflicted with diseases (which he obtained). Chad felt like this warlock sent curses to him in an attempt to destroy his life.
* Practicing Buddhism (i.e. embracing Buddhist teachings, offering incense in Buddhist Temples, allowing Monks to offer prayers on his behalf).
* Self mutilation (slicing his very own body).
* Numerous sexual assaults by evil spirits who appeared to him as dead people, as zombies and as African sex spirits.
* Indulging in numerous sexual sins and immorality of all sorts.
* Enduring the hell of seeing three young babies his ex wife carried in her womb being killed through abortion.

After seven years of this and much more Chad was desperate for Jesus and we were ready to intervene. Within moments of placing a small cross in his palm he could feel something burning in that exact place where the cross was placed and soon thereafter a demon manifested by the name of “Blasphemy.”

I inquired how he invaded Chad.

The demons spoke out of him and cursed God, the blessed virgin Mary and the blood of Jesus. In other words he spoke blasphemy.

“We entered him at age 18 when he indulged LSD, we tell him he is a god and he believed our lies,” the spirit boasted gleefully.

The spirit went on, “Not only did he believe our lies but she does too.” The spirit pointed in the direction of Cristi, a 24 year old young lady, who happened to be attending this meeting who was a Mormon (in many of our meetings we have those who are New Agers, witches, occultists, members of cults, etc attend curious about this idea of driving demons out of bodies).

I knew what the spirit was referring to…Cristi is a Mormon and Mormons deny the essentials of the Christian Faith, specifically, the deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. So, in essence, she has believed a lie about whom Jesus is truly is.

The demon went on…”She is bound by mind controlling spirits as throughout the generations of her family they have believed lies about Jesus, she won’t believe as “false doctrine” is a stronghold in her life and we are here to stay,” as the demons laughed and boasted of the fact that they had enslaved her family for generations. For many generations, on both sides of her parents, Mormon theology was embraced thus opening doors to mind controlling spirits that had blinded her to the truth of who Jesus is–God in the flesh!

As I battled the demons, within Chad, it was quite clear who had the power- the true Jesus– the one is eternal God! The demons acknowledged as such and bowed to Jesus, God in the flesh. However, they would often declare loudly, “But she belongs to us, she has a false Jesus.”

At this point the Holy Spirit was dealing with Cristi as she could SEE first hand that the power (Jesus, God in the flesh) Gene and I operated in was far greater then that power by which she operated in. She started to cry and I could tell she realized something was terribly wrong and she knew it.

The demons railed against her, “We might not be able to stop you from preaching to her but the stronghold within her is set and see cannot hear what you are saying.” Yes there was strong spiritual blindness but there is no way out as she saw with her very own eyes the miracle working power of the Holy Spirit.

For more then twenty years I have evangelized among many various cults –from Christian Science to the Jehovah Witnesses to the Mormons — and I have seen many escape these mind controlling sects to gloriously being converted by the Lord Jesus Christ. I completely understand the mind binding spirits at work though I KNOW of the liberating power of Christ to set man free! The signs and wonders that Cristi saw on this night cannot be denied. Besides, she confessed with a distraught heart: “I do not have the power to drive out demons!”

I spent some time talking to Cristi and pleaded with her to consider what was at stake –go along with the demons, that were at this time telling her not to listen to “all the talk about Jesus being God, just follow us and we allow you to fornicate” or surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ (which the demons constantly refer to as being a “heavy load”).


Jesus tells us in Matthew 11:28-30:

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

Sadly, Cristi said, while the demons were laughing insanely, as they ranted about controlling large segments of the population of Utah with Mormonism, that she was not ready to place her life in the hands of Jesus. The mind control was deep within her, as for generations, her ancestors, had denied the truth of the deity of Jesus thus opening many doors to the bloodline to satanic spirits! At least Cristi KNOWS where to turn for true LIFE!

We continued to battle Blasphemy in Jesus name and d the spirit was being overcome by the mighty wonder of God! More demonic spirits surfaced including:

1. Fornication
2. Loneliness
3. Abandonment
4. Lewdness
5. Python
6. Rejection
7. Self Hatred
8. False Doctrine
9. Buddhism
10. Religious Pride
11. Rage and many others

As I confronted the spirit of Buddhism, another young man in the meeting manifested demons that were violent and quite active at times. Gene began to deal with them. Aaron surfaced spirits of failure, depression, lust, jealously, pain, sickness, hate and others but they were screaming the fact that the demons of Buddhism within Chad were that much more stronger as the spirits of Buddhism has captured over one billion or more to false doctrine (billions more embrace Islam, Hinduism, Animism).

Both of these young men were quite sick and experiencing a number of infirmities. God was gracious and loving and He allowed us to minister to them leading them to repentance, healing and deliverance!

With God’s holy angels assisting in restraining the demons, I called them (the demons) to pronounce their doom,which they did and off to the pit they went in Jesus name! Chad was finally FREE and reported, “I feel peace, Jay, and I feel so much lighter. I am delivered by Jesus.”

You should have seen his face shine as those forces of evil were driven out of his body! He was radiating relief, comfort and the glorious presence of God!

Gene expelled many demons out Aaron and he was set free from the chains of bondages and exclaimed, “Why didn’t anyone tell me these were demons!”

I speak to the church: Do you reach out to those in darkness and offer relief? You should as we have the power of Christ to set the captives free! As a pastor, evangelist and overseer of churches I have responsibility to ensure hurting people have the opportunity to be delivered –is that not the responsibility of the church?

We have received numerous reports from these dear brothers. They are desiring to reach out to others needing deliverance and have already. They have many others lined up for us to minister to! WOW! Now that is New Testament hands on training!

Healing Hearts: The Ministry of Inner Healing & Deliverance

Tuesday, June 2nd, 2009

The ministries of Inner Healing & Deliverance have caused much debate in the charismatic church often called pseudo-psychology, doctrine of demons, and worse. As an Inner Healing & Deliverance minister I probably should be upset by the accusations hurled at my calling. I am not. I have no more ‘right’ to take offense than my Lord Jesus had when he was reviled for my sake.

The Facts are these: Hurting people hurt people, wounded spirits seek out wounded spirits to fulill judgments made and Jesus IS the same yesterday, today and forever. It was Jesus who first ministered to wounded hearts. It was Jesus who first cast out demons.

Why then would spirit filled, born again, believers mock and ridicule the same ministry today? Did he NOT give us authority over unclean spirits? Did he NOT call us to greater works than his own? Did he NOT call us to heal the sick (not just physically but emotionally as well), cast out demons, and to preach the good news of Jesus Christ.

Inner Healing is the evangelism of unbelieving areas of our heart. Deliverance is the casting away of demonic influences that sabotage our lives.

Why wouldn’t everyone want these?

Muslim girl set free!

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

We recently were having seminar. During that seminar we were taught many valuable secrets of the Kingdom of God. Many people gave theirs lives to Christ Jesus. One of them was Muslim girl. She gave her life to Jesus just a day before. When the servant of God prayed for girls, she was thrown. I and other ministers casted out demons and she was set free. Come on, let’s praise Jesus for such merciful action of setting her free. God is really good.

Your fellow servant,

Ev. Steve md

Depression, occult & freemasonry

Friday, March 14th, 2008

This testimony was shared by Sherri, who went through a beautiful deliverance:

I grew up in the church – was a very ‘good’ little christian girl who did all the right things and followed God to the best of my ability.

The church I grew up in was very traditional in many ways and although they occasionally ran in to demons (as christians occasionally will) they didn’t have a lot of knowledge of them and dealt with them in the normal, traditional christian manner. (ie just rebuked them)

When I became a member of a charismatic church one of my first experiences of it was a very kind lady who saw a spirit of death on me and invited me to go and see a pastors wife who did deliverence ministry. When they prayed for me I ended up on the floor unable to stand, coughing uncontrollably with something trying to choke me. The whole thing went on for a couple of hours and when I walked out I was free from so much of the depression, hopelessness, despair and inner grief that I had suffered all of my life. They didn’t preach to me, they just rebuked stuff and it left.

I went from a church that knew very little about the demonic to contact with christains that not only acknowledged it but were very good at dealing with it.

I can also speak of several close friends who had similar church backgrounds to me who also received great freedom from deliverence ministry.

Jesus went about healing the sick and casting out demons. Not only that but he was doing it in a land of people who followed God. In otherwords he wasn’t doing it to people who were witchs or idol worshipers or in whom you would assume there would be any demons. They were just everyday jews who prayed in the synagogues.

I have since had several bouts of deliverence ministry as I had occultic stuff and high level freemasonry in my generational background and every time I got free from more spiritual garbage and received more emotional healing, peace and freedom as a result.

Praise God!! Notice how sometimes, it takes multiple deliverance sessions before a person is completely free, but each time this sister went in, she came out with more freedom! Praise Jesus!!!

Robert L.

Extreme migraines and Freemasonry

Friday, March 14th, 2008

This was also shared by Mike, a fellow deliverance minister:

I was scheduled to minister to someone from another church on a Friday night early last month, when I request via e-mail asking if I could minister to another sister who has been experiencing extreme migraines and headaches almost on a daily basis. She was also experiencing horrible and frightening nightmares. I was advised that the intercessors at the church has prayed and fasted for her, but to no avail. They want to help this sister, but don’t really know what to do now. She has gone to several doctors and to the emergency several times, but nothing has been found. The doctors are continuing their pursuit in diagnosing her problem. (Thank God for doctors! We do need them!) I told her if time permits I would, but it would have to be on Sat, after my scheduled breakfast with their pastor. We met at 9:00 A.M.

As I met with this young sister and the intercessors, she told me that she only starting to experienced these problems when she accepted the Lord less than 2-3 months ago. She also told me that recently she started to experience a migraine when one of the intercessors tried to pray over her. The intercessor told me that it was true and now she’s afraid to lay hands on her? (Sounds like one of Satan’s tactics, doesn’t it?) She also said she felt like giving up on life, she’s cannot continue with the migraines. I reaffirmed her that her decision to accept our Lord in her life was the best decision she made, and that the Adversary is creating havoc in her life for doing so.

We initially dialogue for about an hour, obtaining some family background and issues in her life that she’s been struggling with. I won’t get into the issues specifically, but she repented and forgave. I then told her that I’m going pray over her (without laying my hands on her, I was in another chair), and invite the Holy Spirit and to reveal whatever needs to be revealed. I told her to surrender and cooperate with the Holy Spirit and focus on our Lord. She said she was willing to do so.

I then invited the Holy Spirit and waited upon His presence. Once I felt His presence, she started to gag, placed her hand over her mouth and ran for the bathroom. Upon her return approx 5 minutes later, I asked her if she had vomited. She said. “Yes, she started to feel ill and something started to come up!” I told her that we’re on the right track and the Lord has just revealed that there is an unclean spirit(s) in her, and that the Lord is directing us to remove it.

Did I immediately start to cast out the spirit? No.. I now felt to break curses over. I then explained to her what curses are and gave her biblical support of my perspectives, and how they can create stronghold in our lives today. I told her that I wanted to her to repeat after me, and she said she was willing.

In the process, the word “Freemasonry” came to my spirit. I then stopped her and asked her if she knew anyone in her family, past or present that was a Mason, a Demolay, a Rainbow Girl, a Job Daughter, or involved in any related secret society. She said she didn’t know. I told her to continue to repeat after me, “I (name) renounce all practices or Freemasonry from my life.” When she came to Freemasonry, she went something like Frrrrr… She could not say it! I then commanded all spirits hindering this process to step aside in the name of Jesus. We started again and then she could say it, but strenuously. I had her repeat again and then she could say it without hesitation. (For those of you who minister in this field, try this..have the person you’re praying for repeat after you in breaking curses). I was led to do this by the Holy Spirit years ago. I believe this is one of the ways the Holy Spirit reveals to us curses are applicable today and what curses are existing in someone’s life.

I then commanded the spirit that Jesus Christ is calling forward to come to attention and reveal yourself. To make a long story short, the spirit of Anger and Fear and their right to inhabit was identified. Both were casted-out. Both spirits were directly related to her issues!

The next morning I did a follow-up phone call because I had to catch my flight back home. The sister who initiated the request for prayer told me that she had the best sleep she ever had in months!

Last night, I received another e-mail saying that she has not gotten a single headache ever since that Sat. Praise God! I was also told in the e-mail she is praising God for everything!


This afternoon, I had lunch with her and the intercessor who arranged the initial ministry session. I asked her how she’s doing (it’s been over a month now)? She said she hasn’t had a single migraine or headache ever since her deliverance. She also said, ” I sleep so good now!”

The intercessor (her friend) said she comes to church regularly and just loves the Lord!

I told the intercessor to ensure she continues to receive counseling and mentoring. As I’ve mentioned in the past, deliverance is only part of the package! Praise the Lord for his love and mercy!

All I can say is, let Jesus be praised!!!

Robert L.