Healing Hearts: The Ministry of Inner Healing & Deliverance

The ministries of Inner Healing & Deliverance have caused much debate in the charismatic church often called pseudo-psychology, doctrine of demons, and worse. As an Inner Healing & Deliverance minister I probably should be upset by the accusations hurled at my calling. I am not. I have no more ‘right’ to take offense than my Lord Jesus had when he was reviled for my sake.

The Facts are these: Hurting people hurt people, wounded spirits seek out wounded spirits to fulill judgments made and Jesus IS the same yesterday, today and forever. It was Jesus who first ministered to wounded hearts. It was Jesus who first cast out demons.

Why then would spirit filled, born again, believers mock and ridicule the same ministry today? Did he NOT give us authority over unclean spirits? Did he NOT call us to greater works than his own? Did he NOT call us to heal the sick (not just physically but emotionally as well), cast out demons, and to preach the good news of Jesus Christ.

Inner Healing is the evangelism of unbelieving areas of our heart. Deliverance is the casting away of demonic influences that sabotage our lives.

Why wouldn’t everyone want these?

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