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Liberated from Mormon Baptism

Wednesday, July 29th, 2009

Not too long we were involved in a late night exorcism involving a young man who had been involved in the Mormon Church that opened his life to numerous evil spirits. He revealed that at one point, early on in his life, he had been persuaded to be water baptized, in the Church of the Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS), commonly known as the Mormons. The Mormon Church denies basic essential Christian doctrine thus allowing satanic spirits to enter the religious organization and enslaving millions to the cult. Though, this man had been involved in the Mormon Church, he had come to know the biblical Jesus and was seeking freedom from the controlling cult.

After partaking of the Holy Communion, we conducted an exorcism and it was then when we discovered there were over 160,000 demonic entities within this man and they had entered him when he passed through the unholy waters of Mormon baptism. When the spirits surfaced, we commanded the demons to leave him in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, who is God in the flesh. Over one hundred sixty thousand demonic spirits battled us but soon departed via his mouth. It was a true spiritual war as the demons caused him to vomit blood but this young man was liberated from the demons of Mormon Baptism. Soon thereafter, the young man was water baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Submitted by Jay

Evil Spirit Spoke to Him: Get Out of Here!

Friday, July 17th, 2009

Tonight while preaching the gospel at a chapel service I noticed a few individuals that were demonized as their demons were looking straight at me! I proclaimed the good news and a handful surrendered to Jesus, then after partaking of the Holy Communion I invited those needing deliverance to come forward–two men pressed forward with a desire to be liberated in Jesus name! In front of all we ministered to both men.The one man shared how the demons were speaking to him while I preached.

“Get out of here, leave NOW,” the demons told him.

But he didn’t leave and wanted prayer!

So, I told the demons to leave in Jesus name and they left. Everone could tell this man was FREE as immediately he felt relieved and a joy of Jesus was seen in his face!

I asked him how he was feeling.

“I’m feeling good, in fact, very good!”

He shared how he felt the evil spirits leave!

We prayed for the other man and commanded the demonic spirits to go and they left!

I have been dealing with so many severe cases of demonic affliction recently that it was relieving to see these hurting individuals find freedom so quickly!

God to be praised!

Submitted by Jay

Infirmities Healed, Demons Expelled

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Over the weekend, we ministered to a precious believer, who was heading to the hospital later in the day due to a fever and a concerning infection. She came for prayer and thirteen demons named, “Vinro,” were confronted in the bold name of Jesus.

“What rights do you have to this precious child of God?” “I came in through the birth mother because of her physical afflictions and sickness,” the demon replied. “There’s thirteen of us and we are not leaving.”

“Oh, yes you are Vinro,” I reminded the thirteen defeated spirits.

The young lady renounced Vinro and the generational sickness curses from the birth mother and they were broken and Vinro demons left the body!

Well, the young lady went to the hospital and texted messaged me later.

“I’m at the hospital and there is no infection and no fever. Jesus is good.”

Jesus loves to heal fevers and infections (Psalm 103 tells us God heals us of all of our diseases).

Submitted by Jay