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Freedom Fighter Miraculously Healed & Freed of Insanity, Ordination Next!

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,

We often refer to those broken in heart and how Jesus healed those with dissociation. That is true and wonderful! However, one’s mind can be fractured too. Jesus not only heals the brokenhearted but he also restores and repairs minds.

We see Jesus carrying out this very important work throughout His earthly ministry.

In Matthew 4:24 (KJV) we Jesus healing those afflicted in mind (those suffering from lunacy; with madness), “And his fame went throughout all Syria: and they brought unto him all sick people that were taken with divers diseases and torments, and those which were possessed with devils, and those which were lunatick, and those that had the palsy; and he healed them.”

In Matthew 17 we see Jesus healing a young boy who suffered from lunacy. In Mark 5 we see Jesus bringing deliverance to a man which resulted in him being “clothed, and in his right mind.

I have seen thousands with various kinds of mental illness and afflictions healed. Many whom the world would say there is no hope for, I have seen transformed by the Holy Spirit. One vivid example occurred while walking towards a open air preaching engagement in the capital city of Georgetown, in the small South American nation of Guyana, a few years ago. I recall the day well. I was walking past a very large church, in the city, and noticing a man vexed with madness standing outside the doors of the building. Hardly any clothes on. Talking nonsense. Eyes filled with insanity. Unclean. Dirty. Crazy.

The Holy Spirit told me to stop. I obeyed and I’m glad I did. I asked this crazed and wild man if I could pray for his deliverance. He consented. I immediately rebuked his insanity and within seconds he looked surprised. Shocked. He sat down and placed his hands around his head and exclaimed, “My mind is clear!” He said his mind felt right. God instantly healed from insanity. He was calm, collected and whole. Jesus set this man free! I went on to preach to hundreds of souls in the capital delighting in this man’s miraculous healing and deliverance.

Over the years, I have witnessed these kinds of miracles of the healing of the mind. I have great faith in this area. Not everyone I meet up with who is insane is healed, however many –into the thousands ARE! I have seen them go on to serve King Jesus effectively.

In my many missions to Australia, for example, I have encountered many who were vexed with the spirits of insanity. I have seen many of them healed. Including a young man whom I’ll refer to as Max. This young man was not only set free from violent spirits of insanity, in one of our public missions, but he took his freedom a step further; he enrolled in our Freedom Fighter International Training Center and completely finished all of the course work –all the way up to the Premier Levels. Not a easy task at all. If I remember correctly he even graduated with a perfect score –the masters and doctorate levels.

He emailed me a few days ago and shared with me what God was doing in his life. He writes (the bold is mine)-

“It’s Max here, one of the guys you delivered, from a spirit of insanity in Perth, Western Australia. God wants me to start up my own ministry and I was wondering how to go about ordination as a minister as it will help give me credibility with the church. I was blessed by you with access to the Freedom Fighter Training Centre and passed at the level of doctorate. Thank you for all your help brother Jay it’s great having a sound mind. Love you guys and God bless.”


Can anything else be added? This is a fantastic report. Yes, Max, I WILL ordain you into the gospel ministry (I have been sensing this myself) and look forward to my next mission to Perth to see this take place in Jesus name! I LOVE IT!

Ancestral Dissociative Identities Healed in Houston & Southern California

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Last week, on Thursday evening, I conducted a powerful deliverance service in Houston, Texas, where souls encountered the miraculous. Millions upon millions of evil spirits were sent to the pit in Jesus name! Truth be told while I was ministering I wasn’t feeling the best physically. I pressed onward in Jesus name. That night’s intense exorcism took a toll on me.

The following morning, I just knew I needed some additional rest. So, I quickly arranged a flight back to the coastal city of Hermosa Beach, California, to get near the Pacific Ocean so I could recover from a sinus affliction I was suffering from (didn’t have a problem in wintery Australia; until I got back to humid America). While traveling to the airport, I contacted a friend of mine who I have been equipping –Rey Sanchez.


Last year, Rey and his precious wife Lucinda started attending some of our services in the Houston area. They were astonished with some of the miracles that were taking place in our public meeting and was equally impressed that our meetings were filled with the solid teaching from the Word of God. They both appreciated the balance —the WORD and the demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit. They kept on attending.


The Holy Spirit gradually spoke to my heart to see this couple both raised up to minister alongside me. They quickly became our worship and praise leaders and ordained them earlier this year into the gospel ministry. Though both had known Jesus for a long time they just didn’t have the awareness or understand the deeper mysteries of the deliverance ministry –such as healing ancestral dissociative identities and removing human interjects (both subjects I discuss in our NEW Freedom Fighter International Training Center).


As they ministered alongside me, over these many months, they both discovered these other spiritual realities for themselves. They quickly learned how to minister in these areas. Some months ago, they traveled with me to California to assist me in some meetings I was conducting. In fact, in one meeting, in Ontario, I gave Rey an opportunity to lead a mission –resulting in a powerful exorcism of a young lady. God was training Rey quickly.


Fast forward, to last Friday. I was on the plane to recuperate in Southern California (the ocean does me wonders, to my physical body) and Rey was in Houston filling in for me. The Holy Spirit used Rey powerfully resulting in the miracles of salvation, healing and deliverance. One lady that he ended up ministering to was the young lady pictured above.


Not only did she have evil spirits, which Rey drove out in Jesus name, she also had ancestral dissociation –her very own grandmother! Because of the training Rey received through this mission, he was able to locate the ancestral dissociative identity and guide the hurting part to Jesus! This is phenomenal and exciting to witness. I’m so proud of him.


Rey isn’t alone. I have ministry partners throughout the world carrying on this unique work throughout the earth. To name a few.


Carl is our international mission coordinator and is located in a restricted nation in the Middle East. He ministers to those with ancestral dissociation. Steve is one of my best friends and was ordained at a church we oversee in Guatemala, he ministers in China and sees, on a regular basis, those with ancestral dissociation and human interjects healed in Jesus name. Troy, one of our mission coordinators in North America, sends out weekly reports of the many people he sees that are being delivered from demons and healed of dissociation.


I could go on and on and share the many ministers who are connected to us in some manner carrying on this unique work throughout the world. We have been able to impact millions in more then 150+ nations of the world through our many ministry extensions. We need your prayers and support.


I’m thankful for all of my ministry partners and friends. Much love to all of you! Thanks to Rey I was able to rest and recover so I was able to lead the Californian mission that led to many souls receiving deliverance and healing; including a number of souls being healed of dissociation and ancestral dissociation.

Jammed Packed Hall Witness Jesus Power in Pasadena!

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


We have been conducting some incredibly powerful missions in Pasadena, California, in recent weeks. Our attendance has increased and tonight we couldn’t fit anymore people into the hall. There were that many souls gathering to hear from God’s Word and to encounter the supernatural power of Jesus! Many thanks to my Californian mission partners, pictured with me above, having a post deliverance meeting victory fellowship, for standing with me in Jesus name!


Because of the staggering interest in the teaching and ministry, we already planning on returning, by God’s grace, in January 2016 for a series of public seminars. The people of God are hungering for solid biblical information on spiritual warfare and we are providing it. In fact, a few of the attendees of tonight’s seminar shared they had been applying the principles we have been sharing on how to cast out demons and they are now seeing demons driven out of those they are coming in contact with in ministry sessions.


This is very encouraging to me to hear. Not only do I want people to be freed from evil spirits but I also want to see disciples equipped to carry on the work of Jesus. This is why we developed the Freedom Fighter International Training Center –to inspire and equip thousands of disciples to preach the gospel, to drive out demons and to heal the afflicted. What an honor to see God’s people rise up and performing the works of Jesus.


My heart is happy tonight. I had tremendous freedom to teach and to minister. At the Temple of Salvation, the previous night, in Los Angeles, I experienced intense spiritual opposition. Despite the hindrances, Jesus still delivered souls, including one lady from numerous demonic pains and afflictions.


In Pasadena, it was different. Everyone could feel it. Massive deliverance took place among God’s people. One of the first individuals I ministered to was a young man who had thousands of demons named Lucifer. I could tell this young man named Justin was coming under great attack, his head flung backwards and he was experiencing some convulsions. I rebuked the demons and commanded the holy angels to carry his demonized body to the front of the meeting hall. They carried him to the front and was able to minister to him.


“We have been here a very long time,” the spirits of witchcraft and Lucifer revealed to me, “We bring into him self-hatred, torment, fear, heartache, and addictions. We have been sent to carry out a destructive assignment –to DESTROY!”


AH! Demonic assignments are very real. Demons are targeting you for specific purposes and areas of your life. In Justin’s case, they could see he has a powerful call upon his life and they were determined to try to hinder and stop him.


They cried out and screamed at me. They boasted how they held him in captivity. They also revealed they were enslaving numerous ancestral and broken heart parts of Justin. I commanded the heart parts to be released and guided many of them to Jesus for supernatural healing. It was beautiful to behold Jesus rescuing this precious soul from satanic bondage.


At one point the demons named Lucifer challenged me. They were determined to battle me to keep within Justin. Since that was the case, I brought out my sacred cross and anointed it with the holy oil of fire.


The demons looked at the cross with DREAD and were petrified looking at it. So, I commanded the holy angels to pick up his arms so that they invading demons could feel it’s power. The demons resisted and tried to hold back his clenched hands. The holy angels gradually brought the arms up and opened up his clenched fists. The holy angels ensured, without any human aid, that the demons would embrace my cross.


When the demons grasped the holy cross. They were berserk. The POWER of JESUS was simply too GREAT for them. They were utterly destroyed! They threw Justin onto the ground in utter defeat. I then proceeded to command the many thousands of these demons into the pit. They flew into the abyss where they remain on this night. In spiritual prison. This is good.


Justin was so happy and relieved after his powerful exorcism. He FELT FREEDOM and peace of God. He was rejoicing in the mercy and grace of God. He was all smiles on this night –Jesus set him free! The jammed packed audience were really involved and assisting me in prayers. Many were standing up, greatly excited about the work of Jesus in Justin’s life.


There were many other miracles and wonders that took place. Many were set free from demonic powers and healed of various ailments and afflictions –some instantaneous deliverance and healing too!

Undercover Missionary to the Islamic World Freed from Millions of Demons!

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


My friends our Houston missions have been extraordinary. Souls are being won to Jesus, millions of demons cast out, bodies are being miraculously healed and broken hearts supernaturally mended. Some of my ministry partners wondered why I was holding so many meetings in Houston this week. To be honest, at the time of planning, I didn’t know why I scheduled so many but now I know. I clearly see why.


The Holy Spirit wanted us here for these many meetings. Last night, proved it. We held another powerful service and various families and individuals showed up for healing and teaching. One small group of individuals that arrived came in from Malaysia and the UK. The Malaysian lady just arrived a few days ago.


She had been following my ministry for years. In fact, she had friends who attended some of our European missions over the years and reported back the amazing signs and wonders that took place in our services. This Malaysian lady whom I’ll refer to as Michelle wanted to attend one of our miracle services too.


Over time, she lost contact of our gospel work until last night. At 6:15pm she got on her computer and googled some Scripture. My name suddenly appears on the search and she realizes I’m in Houston about to conduct a meeting at 7pm! She tells her friends and hurries to the service. Mind you, she had been wanting to attending one of my meetings somewhere in the world.


They did come to our service. They were quite reserved at first but they were glad to be there. Truth to be told, I thought about canceling my appearance at the very last minute as I haven’t been feeling the best as of lately but I pressed into Jesus for the strength and was able to get through the teaching.


After teaching on the subjects of dissociation, ancestral dissociation and human interjects I began to lead everyone in prayer when suddenly the Holy Spirit told me to go to Michelle. I didn’t know why exactly as I found her to be a strong disciple of the Lord. Unknown to me, Michelle and her friends prayed before the meeting that if the Holy Spirit directed me to her, first, then she would KNOW it was time for her deliverance and healing.


As I approached her, Michelle began to sob profusely. She cried and cried. Little heart parts surfaced, little girls so damaged, so hurt. I began to guide them to Jesus for healing.


I then eventually led her to the front of the meeting hall where I began to minister to her. Numerous demons surfaced. In fact, millions of them. I discover that Michelle is a first generation disciple of the Lord Jesus Christ. Furthermore, I discover much more.


Her friends that came to the meeting with her were missionaries and lead a global missionary organization. One of the pastors stood up and said that Michelle was working with this organization as a undercover spiritual agent to the bring the gospel into the Islamic world. They shared that just in the past few months they have traveled into more than 8 different Middle Eastern nations. This pastor revealed that Michelle had been seeking deliverance and healing but didn’t know where to turn to.


“Jay, we are pastors and evangelists. There’s not many places we can turn to for help. We need help and healing. God brought us to you!”


I was deeply humbled by these words and was determined to help these missionaries in Jesus name. I found out more about Michelle and their missionary work.


“I might also add, Jay, God is doing a beautiful work in Michelle’s life and ministry,” this pastor added, “She has a heart for Jesus and is working with Muslim women groups and bringing the gospel to them.”


But there was more. Turns out these missionaries, perhaps in their 40’s and 50’s, have had powerful opportunities to preach the gospel even to the royal families of the Middle East. They have been invited into their palaces and to their banquets thus they have been able to share Jesus with them. No wonder the fierce attacks upon Michelle in recent years.


As I continued ministering to Michelle we discovered there was Jezebel, witchcraft and strong spirits of Lucifer within her body. They contorted her body and her hands became claw-like. They shouted out at me and screamed very loudly.


“We have been here for thousands of years, in all of her ancestors,” the Lucifer demons revealed to me, “She’s the first Christian! We must stop her. Her ancestors participated in animal and human sacrifices and practiced ancestral worship.”


Didn’t surprise me of the intensity of the demons due to this woman’s unique call to preach the gospel into the Islamic world and being a first-generation disciple of Jesus. Not only were there millions of these witchcraft, Jezebel, and Lucifer demons within her, there were also millions of broken heart parts —ancestral and otherwise. Didn’t surprise me also. These ancestral heart parts had been there because NOBODY in her bloodline ever received healing or salvation thus the demons ensured the parts they were attached to were dumped into Michelle’s life due to her powerful calling from the Holy Spirit. They hoped to stop her. They failed on this night.


I called forth the holy angels of God as Lucifer warned me he would fight to stay within her. The mighty angels arrived and were utilized to strike the invading demons with their powerful swords. The demons begged me stop!


“Stop, please stop,” the demons begged me, “We bring into her breast cancer, pains, and blindness (note: we took off her glasses during the exorcism). There’s millions of us! There’s so many of us.”


I continued to torture the legions upon legions of these demons. I brought out the holy oil of the Holy Spirit. They demons shrieked upon seeing the presence of the Holy Spirit on my hands. The fire was directed to the demons and millions of them shrieked loudly in defeat. I also brought out my sacred cross and had the angels hold the cross of Jesus. They convulsed her body greatly and could barely hold onto the cross as it burned them. They were utterly defeated by the might of Jesus!


At one point, I breathed on them. They screamed.


“Stop it! That’s the breathe of God!”


To know God is within me and working so powerfully within my life encourages me greatly. Jesus is blessing our efforts and I worship Him!


I spoke to millions of these ancestral dissociative identities and heart parts as a group and quickly guided them to rest in Jesus. I spoke to some of them individually and they were hurting so much. They were able to enter into His peace. To think of this is monumental. First Christian in her Chinese bloodline and first to ever receive deliverance and healing from all of the ancestor’s evil spirits. They had rested upon her, no doubt, because of her fiery call to be an evangelist. They were determined to stop her. They failed.


Millions upon millions of these evil spirits were commanded into the pit in the name of Jesus. They flew out of her and entered the abyss. She slumped over and was powerfully freed!


“Jay, I feel fantastic!,” Michelle testified, “I can also see better without my glasses (remember we took off her glasses during the exorcism).”


I prayed for her heart to be supernaturally healed and to be cured. All of the parts were merged and she was beautifully healed by Jesus. Furthermore, Michelle, testified of feeling no more pain in her body.


My friends, this was an extraordinary exorcism that involved warring against millions upon millions of demons. Also, to see millions of heart parts healed was incredible too. But there was more…


During the exorcism, I also encountered a human interject within her –a lady that seduced her husband years ago. She surfaced and spoke to me.


“I’m a Muslim. I must destroy Michelle!,” she boastfully told me, “I will do this by controlling her husband.”


Wicked. Horrible. Satanic. I forced this human interject out too. Powerful ministry. Michelle was so happy afterwards. Imagine how she will be used of the Lord to minister now –freed from millions of demons in Jesus name!

Muslim Attends Meeting & Encounters the Love & Power of Jesus!

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


As I have been reporting we are seeing some phenomenal miracles taking place in our public missions. Tonight, here in Houston, Texas, we witnessed yet another act of the Holy Spirit! I was just honored to lead a Muslim man, perhaps in his 60’s, to salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ! It was AFTER this Muslim man witnessed the power of Jesus performing miracles of deliverance and healing.


I am a firm believer in the need for the church to demonstrate the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit to the watching world so they can SEE the superior power of Christ! The Kingdom of God is not about mere talk but of POWER!


I LOVE Muslims. The secular media wants one to believe they are evil. Muslims are precious souls whom Christ died for. They need the love of Jesus. You want to see the Islamic world transformed then introduce them to the miraculous powers of Jesus! Yes, I am fully aware of the demonic violent elements of Islam but that doesn’t change the fact that God loves Muslims and desires to save them.


We were small in number but mighty miracles took place tonight, here in Houston, we held another service. After teaching from the Holy Scriptures and leading everyone in Holy Communion, I began to pray for those afflicted with demons. One of the first ladies I ministered to was a young lady who had attended a meeting some months ago and was eager to come back for deliverance and healing. I’m glad she did.


As I ministered to her an ancestral dissociative identity surfaced –a Roman solider. He had been there for thousands of years in her generational bloodline. He spoke and mentioned he had been killed. He also stated he was ready to go to heaven. While guiding him to Jesus, that wicked witch Jezebel try to intervene and hinder the ancestral part from going to heaven to meet the Lord. Jezebel had been holding this part captive for centuries and wasn’t willing to see that part receive healing.


There was more. This young woman also possessed numerous dissociative identities that were being held in captivity by demonic forces. I was able to speak to a very bruised 18 year old heart part. She was released along with many other hurting heart parts. They entered into the presence of Jesus and were supernaturally healed.


After ensuring the little heart parts were released and safe with Jesus I proceeded to drive out the many thousands of demons including Jezebel from within this woman. She was set free and experienced a powerful healing. She testified of feeling no more physical pain. She was so happy afterwards.

Extraordinary Miracles are Happening on American Soil!

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


Numerous people have come up to me recently,  after  our services, commenting that they had never seen the kind of miracles that are being displayed in our public meetings. One lady, during a recent Southern California mission, commented that in her 30 years of serving Jesus and attending churches, she had never seen such dramatic acts of the supernatural. 

These acts of the supernatural are not unique to us. We see them all the time in our meetings. I hear many Western disciples speak of traveling to remote regions of the world, on exotic mission trips and seeing miracles, as if the miracles only occur in these far flung places. Far from it. I see miracles ALL THE TIME in Western societies and here in America. In fact, I see many developed nations of the world as mission fields. America, for example, is in a post-Christian era, thus the urgent need to demonstrate the power of God in public. Same could be said about Canada, Australia and a host of European nations. 

Right here in the United States, we are conducting miracle missions. Just like this past weekend, in Houston, Los Angeles, and Pasadena. In all three cities we encountered the power of Jesus conquering the power of evil. We witnessed a very dramatic example of this in one of our Houston meetings where a young lady, pictured with me above, was freed from thousands of evil spirits.

She was one of the first ones I prayed over. The demons surfaced with an vengeance. They were furious with me. They screamed out of her and took control of her body. Immediately, I called upon the holy angels of God to carry her to the front of the meeting hall. They did.

“We have been here for 7 generations because her ancestors participated in blood sacrifices,” the spirits revealed to me, “We bring torment, pains and hold captive her gifts, dreams, and destiny.”

Another example where a disciple and their gifts were being held in captivity by Satan. Not only were the demons holding her gifts but also her body. They placed numerous fiery darts within her body. I commanded them to take the darts out of her. They obeyed. 

Strong demons of Lucifer, witchcraft, torment and divination were forced out of her in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. They left her body and mind and she was powerfully set free and healed by Jesus. Then immediately, she was lifted up to the heavens where Jesus appeared to her. All of us in the meeting hall witnessed this dramatic heavenly experience. 

She literally had a conversation with Jesus and we heard it. It was beautiful to behold. She giggled, she spoke to Jesus tenderly and He spoke back to her. Amazing! 

What really touched my heart was what took place later on in the service. After her deliverance, unknown to me, while sitting in her chair, the Lord Jesus spoke to her, to give me a word. She began to write it down. It was at 11:41pm when God spoke to her; she wrote it down. After the service she handed the word from God to me. It read:

“Jay you and your seed are being rewarded for all you are doing to bring my children out!” –GOD

Amen and  amen! God is pleased that my family and this mission is carrying out the deliverance and healing ministry. It truly confirmed to me once again, we are heading in the right direction. Jesus is blessing our work with souls. 

Miraculous Salvations thru our Radio Outreach! Non-Believer Attends Seminar Gets Delivered, then Saved!

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


So many people are receiving Jesus Christ through our global missionand I’m really humbled by God that He is using us in such a powerful manner. We have seen many tens of thousands of souls surrender to the Lord Jesus Christ through our many deliverance meetings, open air preaching events, television appearances, YouTube videos, our evangelistic initiatives and our many radio presentations.

I’m sitting in front of my computer in AWE! There’s a holy awe I’m experiencing. I couldn’t sleep. I had to get up and I’m glad I did. I was checking my email early, early this morning and saw this email testimony come in from  someone  who lives in New York.
“Jay, I listened to your podcast on Ancient Demons Haunting Your Bloodline and said the prayer asking Jesus to be my Lord and Savior. A New Testament would be a benefit to me because I am new to Christianity and I don’t have one now. I have family and friends that are Christians and I wish I listened to them sooner. Better late than never I guess but I now realize I need help. It really seems sometimes like I am cursed or something. I would like to help people heal in the name of Jesus. It’s something I wanted to do since I was about 10 or so. I was told by my parents and others that it’s fake and not possible. I was pretty much discouraged and didn’t believe in anything for a long time. All along I kept thinking it’s something I want to do but I would be giving up all the time. I dabbled in energy healing and seen it work for others but not me. Loved the show and will listen to more. Thank you.”

This is a really special email to me. I just LOVE hearing how God uses our various  extensions (You can listen to our radio presentations by clicking here; some new presentations this week to reach souls for Jesus! We have seen a multitude of Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, voodoo practitioners, New Agers, sorcerers, and non-believers of all sorts find salvation in Jesus! Here’s another example. Jay Bartlett Missions, is a miracle mission. We were birthed by  the Holy Spirit, nearly 30 years ago, to preach Jesus! Nothing has changed. We continue to proclaim Jesus and demonstrate His power.

For example, this past  weekend , in Pasadena, California, during one of our seminars, a young non-believing Asian lady attended our meeting with a friend. She came not knowing what to expect. She had NEVER attended such a Christian service before. While sitting in the hall, she was experiencing deliverance! Demons are exiting out of her body. She was STUNNED! God was showing His love to this non-believer. She couldn’t believe what was happening. She could see the power of God was at work. She opened her heart to Jesus as a result and was saved by Him! LOVE IT!

We do not believe this mission is merely for believers. It’s for the non-believer too. Deliverance from demons is for the child of God and those whom will be! HA! Remember deliverance ministry is a labor of love –FOR ALL PEOPLE!
During our Pasadena seminar we also ministered to a young lady and her mother, pictured with me above, who were experiencing some demonic attacks. As I began to pray over her –numerous demons surfaced including Jezebel.
“I’m here to ensure she doesn’t reach her full potential!,” the wicked spirits revealed to me, “We hold her gifts of pureness, joy, intuition, and happiness.”
WOW! How many of you reading this email find yourself in a similar position? How many of you are being held back?
While battling Jezebel I discovered there were a few dissociative identities within her –ages of 2 and 3. They were fearful and hurting. I guided them to Jesus for healing. Moreover, removed the demonic spirits of torment, fear and Jezebel from this young lady. By the way, while commanding the demons out of her, I was also casting the demons of fear and torment out of her mother too! Both were SET FREE BY JESUS!

In Pasadena: Ancient Demons of Alazareth & Aganos Crushed by Jesus!

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I’m currently in Southern California where we have been conducting a series of public missions. I traveled into Los Angeles from our most recent mission in Houston with a heart full of hope, faith and love. That remains within me today. It’s been satisfying to walk in this peace.
Last night, in Pasadena, I was pleasantly surprised to see that many people showed up to receive from the Holy Spirit. We had a jammed packed meeting hall. The people of God were attentive and desirous of deliverance and healing including this mother, pictured with me above.
This woman has been called of God and is gifted in discernment. In fact, she was able to share with a few people, whom she never met before, at the meeting, some of the detailed struggles they were experiencing from within. Because of her call this young mother named Gerte became a target.
After teaching from the WORD and leading everyone in Holy Communion I began to pray over the group. Many were being delivered from demons by simply being present in the meeting hall. We have been seeing many hundreds this year delivered in our public missions as a result of participating in the prayers we are offering. Thus our recommendation for everyone to participate in our mass deliverance services.
The Holy Spirit led me to Gerte immediately and I began to rebuke the vicious spirits within her. They surfaced but were being stubborn at first. So, I called forth the holy angels of God and they assisted me in moving this demonized woman from the back of the hall to the front of the hall so I could minister to her.
Her body convulsed, was rigid and twisted. They screamed and begged me to leave them alone. They spoke to me and revealed much.
“We were sent to her. We have plans on killing her. We must kill her because of her call. She has a powerful call upon her life!” the demonic spirits revealed, “We bring her pain, arthritis, fatigue, anger, and sickness.”
Turns out there there were many demons within this woman. There were 10 witchcraft demons, 16 ancient spirits named Aganos, 23 demonic forces named Alazareth and 5 evil spirits named Lucifer. There were others like Jezebel and a spirit husband. Moreover, there were 3 human interjects —witchdoctors within her. They were determined to destroy this woman.
“We were able to get into her because she participated in the occult,” the spirits revealed, “Her ancestors, on her mother’s side, from the beginning of time, participated in witchcraft. They sacrificed animals and humans to Satan!”
It was disgusting to hear that the ancient demons named Aganos actually confessed to having married her and her little baby within her womb. I was angry, with a righteous anger and began to torture the invading demons for what they had done to her.
I utilized the sacred anointing oil —this burned the demons. I utilized the cross –this caused the demons to beg for relief. I utilized the blood of Christ –this caused the demons to bow before King Jesus. The holy angels in the meeting hall assisted me in battling the demons and they brought out their holy mighty swords and struck the demons. They screamed in agony. The forces of darkness had been defeated.
During the exorcism, this mother, was wearing glasses. I took them off and believed she would be healed. After the many demons were commanded out of her body and mind. Grete surfaced and was SHOCKED!
“Thank you JESUS for healing me,” she joyfully cried out, “Jay, I can see without my glasses, I can see everyone’s face clearly.”
Jesus healed her! Another powerful miraculous healing of the eyes. We have seen so many of these miracles, especially in the past several years. I have great faith in this area. Not everyone we pray for is healed but many are. Jesus is able.
The demons were driven out, the evil witchdoctors were commanded out, dissociative identities healed and pains vanished! After her deliverance, Gerte testified that for a long time she had been suffering from pain but she no longer could feel the pains. She was supernaturally cured by Jesus!
So many miracles on this night –including a young woman, a non-believer who had never been to a service before. Even before coming to salvation in Jesus Christ, she began to experience deliverance from demons. She was utterly shocked by the power of God. This ministry is for non-believer and believer alike. This is a mission of love.

Numerous Jesus Appearances in Houston & LA!

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m still amazed and astounded as I ponder the miraculous events that transpired in our last meeting in Houston. Precious saints were honored to ascend into the heavenly realms and experience the glories and joys of Jesus. They conversed and communed with King Jesus. We witnessed this. We heard the conversations and witnessed the souls experience the fullness of joy as a result.

I’m currently in Los Angeles, California, where last night we held another service at the Temple of Salvation. It was a difficult night. There was much spiritual opposition and many hindrances. However, I pressed onward in Jesus name. I was shocked to see how many people showed up. We started the service with only a handful of people then gradually the sanctuary filled up with souls wanting to experience the supernatural.

One lady we ministered to has been going through a process of deliverance whereby many evil spirits are being driven out of her in Jesus name. During last night’s exorcism, many evil spirits surfaced within her including Jezebel, witchcraft and death. There were a number of spirits named “Destruction,” that entered her body as a result of a witchdoctor casting spells upon her. The spells were sent to her to destroy her. These were destroyed in Jesus name. But it was difficult to war against these demons of sorcery as they were so deeply entrenched into her life.

I called upon the mighty holy angels and they arrived in power. They assisted me in battling the many demons within this woman. They struck the invading demons and they greatly weakened. Moreover, the holy angels helped me remove the spiritual rings the demons had placed upon her fingers in an attempt to marry her. The rings were dramatically ripped off her fingers.

It was beautiful to see that Jesus and His holy light manifested in the sanctuary which caused the invading demons to look away from the presence of God. They were disgusted with the spiritually bright light that was being manifested in the sanctuary. This has taken place two services in a row at the Temple of Salvation. Jesus is present with us.

The demons were commanded into the pit and the woman experienced another measure of freedom. More needs to take place but victory is being achieved. She is fighting and we are proud of her.

This powerful deliverance here in LA made me recall of another powerful exorcism that took place in Houston a few days ago. It involved a young Nigerian lady, pictured with me above. She just found out about our meetings and planned on attending. She arrived hopeful.

As I began to pray for the people of God in the meeting hall, demons surfaced from within this woman. They were aggressive. They rushed her up to me as I stood in front of the meeting hall. We are talking about face to face-eye to eye. The demons boastfully revealed much:

“NO! We are not leaving her. We have been here a very long time. Her ancestors participated in human and animal sacrifices. WE HAVE A PLAN TO KILL HER!” the powerful demonic forces told me, “We will kill her through the cancer we have brought into her body and blindness.”

It was true this young lady had been experiencing some sicknesses and some element of blindness –her eyesight was gradually becoming blurred. As we battled the demons I also met up with many dissociative identities that were within her. Some as a result of the trauma she experienced as a little girl. Other heart parts surfaced that were of her ancestors. There were many of these. In fact, one ancestral part told me the number could not be calculated–there were THAT MANY!

One ancestral part that surfaced lived centuries ago and was still experiencing the horrific memory of having been killed in a fire. All of these parts were guided to Jesus for healing. We also encountered a human interject within this woman –named Jennifer. Turns out she’s the sister of this woman! I wondered why she was interested in invading her younger sister?

“Well, I want to control her!” she angrily told me, “I’m so made at my sister. I want what she has!

Her insecurity was the motive to drive her to invade her sister spiritually with the aid of the demon named Jezebel. This human interject was sent out in Jesus name.

For a long time, I battled numerous demonic spirits within this woman. I called forth the holy angels of God and utilized my sacred cross. The demons greatly weakened and were defeated. In fact, there were many demonic spirits named, “Voodoo,” within her. The spirits fought me fiercely at first but the Holy Spirit fire, the blood of Christ, the power of the cross and the holy angels were too much for the demons.

They bowed to King Jesus and declared that Jesus was indeed LORD! This woman was set free and immediately were eyesight was beginning to clear up. Another example of someone experiencing freedom from a spirit of blindness (there was another woman we ministered to that experienced some healing in her eyes during the meeting). Cancer gone, blindness being cleared up and demons driven out in Jesus name! Moreover, her terribly broken heart was healed by Jesus.

It was beautiful to see that this woman after her deliverance entered into the heavens and witnessed Jesus! The loving Jesus tangibly appeared to her and conversed with her. She actually SAW JESUS! We were fortunate to hear the conversation this woman had with Jesus.

My friends, this mission has been blessed. Jesus Himself is tangibly appearing to many in our many services. People are seeing Jesus! What an honor this is.

Awesome Demonstration of God’s Power in Houston!

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

Dear Friends of Jesus,

I’m still in awe. We have held thousands of missions around the world and what we encountered as a group last night was very special. Our evening services are always  accompanied with signs and wonders of the Holy Spirit. We have witnessed tens of thousands of wonderful miracles of salvation, healing and deliverance in our many meetings. However, what we witnessed last night was epic, spectacular and beautiful.

As I have reported on in the past, we often receive reports of souls actually witnessing Jesus tangibly appearing to them in various ways (note: we know Jesus is omnipresent as God in the flesh). Last night, everyone we, basically, ministered to SAW the RISEN Jesus! Can it get any better? What an unique mission last night.

Jesus powerfully spoke comforting words to many in the meeting hall, in Houston last night, during our public deliverance meeting. In fact, I was even a recipient of a soothing word from Jesus (which I look forward to sharing with everyone very soon). I’m receiving some amazing reports from last night.

One disciple of the Lord wrote to me earlier today and said, “Jay, it was an awesome demonstration of God’s power last night! Had to be up early today or I would not have left. Exceptional, excellent learning experience.”

God did in fact demonstrate His power over evil and death! For many hours, we witnessed the following awe-inspiring supernatural events:

-Hours of angelic activity. God’s holy angels visibly warred against those with demonic afflictions.

-Hours of driving out of thousands of demons and afflictions from those tormented by evil.

-Hours of ministering to those broken in heart. We healed dissociative identities and ancestral dissociative identities. We commanded out even a human interject in Jesus name.

-Some were honored to ascend into the heavens and see Jesus in our meeting hall.

Glance at that above picture again. This young lady in the midst of a intense exorcism, surfaced a group of little dissociative identities that had been terribly hurt. As they surfaced, the Holy Spirit lifted them up into the heavenly realms and they were able to communicate to Jesus.

It was so beautiful to see the little ones even wave to Jesus and say, “Hi.” They giggled, received such joy, compassion and healing. Jesus spoke to them and said much:

“It’s ok to cry, you are my daughter. Do not grow weary. Keep caring, stay humble, you may be small but your appearance and mind is strong. I love you. Be my little fighter on earth!”

Yes, this young lady was little in stature but has been raised up to be mighty in Jesus! This all started when I noticed her in the very back of the meeting hall. She was being attacked by demons. This, obviously, grabbed my interest during the meeting and I proceeded to the back of the meeting hall.

When I did, many demonic spirits from within her including, Jezebel, surfaced. The demon was fierce and angry at me for exposing it to the light of Jesus. I asked for the holy angels of God to carry her to the front which they did. As the angels brought her contorted body to the front, the demons groaned and moaned. We weakened the demons with the power and fire of the Holy Spirit and with the cross of Jesus. The demons eventually bowed and were commanded into the pit in Jesus name.

As I mentioned earlier, in the midst of the deliverance, Jesus appeared to her and ministered to her in His love. Now, she is healed and FREE. Take a look at this picture of her post deliverance!