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Victory in Vancouver: Packed Hall Witness Lucifer Bow to Jesus!

Tuesday, February 5th, 2019

I’m currently here in Vancouver, British Columbia reflecting upon the many Jesus victories we bore witness of, last night, in downtown Vancouver. Before another jammed packed meeting hall, the Jesus Church, gathered to worship, hear the WORD and to see it’s power demonstrated. God did not disappoint, as all night long, we watched on, as Jesus destroyed the demonic spirits and comforted the broken and shattered. 

Our meetings have consistently been jammed packed these past few weeks and we believe even more souls gathering in the days to come as we continue to witness the spectacular signs and wonders of the Holy Spirit in our midst. We are even planning, as God leads, a second service during the week to accommodate the spiritual needs of those needing spiritual intervention.

It was also refreshing to participate in the leading of many souls to salvation in the Lord Jesus Christ, last night.As the WORD was preached, the power of the Holy Spirit touched many hearts and many surrendered to Christ and were saved. Moreover, the young man, who just found out about the meeting a few days ago, was also powerfully saved by Jesus –his story was astounding to hear.

“My roommate at the local hostel told me about you a few days ago,” he shared with everyone, “He said you perform exorcisms. I knew I had evil things in my life so I wanted to come and get cleansed.”

Not only does he gets cleansed by the holy blood of Jesus, he also obtains freedom from evil spirits and even some soul invaders –including a inner witch who had been casting spells upon him in an attempt to destroy him. Furthermore, his shattered heart is restored and supernaturally healed. Astounding miracles took place but it was an intense war to reach this young man for Jesus.

The demons rose up in anger. 

“How did you find us,” the demons inquired, “How did you find us? We hate you!”

The demons lunged at me and hoped to attack me. They were greatly weakened by the cross and holy oil. Moreover, many holy angels were in the meeting hall – -they struck the demons with their swords and caused the demons, including the spirits of Lucifer, to bow to Jesus Christ. It was a very dramatic demonstration of the superior powers of Jesus over the dark forces of Satan!

Even the inner warlock confessed out loud as he held, firmly, the cross, that his occult powers were inferior to the powers of Jesus that he could tangibly feel upon the cross. He was astonished by it’s inherent powers.

“I’m surprised at what I feel,” the warlock confessed to me, “It hurts me, by holding it. I would like to break it but can’t.”

The power of the cross of Jesus can not be broken or stopped. The holy powers of the cross of Jesus Christ IS superior to all other powers in the world. All night long we witnessed these holy powers prevailing over the spiritual enemies. 

The demons and inner witches bowed to Jesus! Everyone in the crowded hall were deeply encouraged as the evil spirits were commanded into the abyss and lives were set free by the power of God. Perhaps one of the highlights of his spectacular exorcism was reaching his fragmented heart and seeing his heart travel upwards to the Third Heaven where he was able to meet the Savior –the Lord Jesus. His heart was healed and restored. During this miraculous healing, he fell to the ground and was under the power of the Holy Spirit as we worshipped and gave thanks to God for what He has done!