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Cancer Defeated by Jesus

Wednesday, December 31st, 2014

I just received a powerful and amazing testimony of a woman I prayed for who is encountering a healing touch of Jesus. Read and rejoice in the power and love of Jesus.

“I have a praise report for Jay! I wrote in before Christmas and asked you to pray for my mom Betty who has (had) Breast cancer and you wrote me back that you felt like a spirit of death was trying to take her out prematurely. So you prayed and I prayed to break that spirit off her and today she got a GOOD report from the doctor! Her chemo is working and the cancer has shrunk! They said she looked so good compared to 2 weeks ago! Thank you so much for your discernment to pray against the spirit of death! I know breaking that saved her life and now JESUS is healing her!!!”

This is a beautiful testimony. Jesus is curing this precious woman. In 2014, God granted me unusual amount of words of knowledge in relation to the physical and emotional healing of many hundreds. So many have been miraculously healed. Some, while, praying from a distance and rebuking death like in this case above. I have seen so many raised back to wholeness and divine health. Please don’t get me wrong; not everyone we minister to is healed or delivered but many thousands are. I’m believing for a mighty wave of miraculous healing and deliverance to the earth in 2015! Jesus is a God who cures demon possession and diseases! Amen!