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In the Midst of Gospel Resistance Souls Experienced the Miracles of the Kingdom of God!

Monday, March 28th, 2011

One of the most gospel resistant groups, in our modern day, among the Animists, Muslims, and Hindus of the world, is the young university student in the Western world, who has embraced materialism, rationalism, and atheistic attitudes. These satanic elements have enslaved these precious souls to the enemy. Yet, in the midst of this gospel resistant group, the Holy Spirit is powerfully at work, drawing these dear young people to our loving Jesus Christ! I know, as I saw it first hand on this most recent ministry trip to Austin, Texas, which has one of the largest universities in the world in it’s city–the University of Texas.

I was scheduled to travel to Belize this week, however, I arrived at the airport forgetting my passport, thus leaving me in a position having to reschedule the open air gospel meetings in Belize City to next week! Yes, I was frustrated and disappointed as I have been hindered from getting into Belize recently but God reminded me that He would make a way and mighty miracles will take place in Belize when we are finally given the opportunity to enter the land. So, obviously that excites me and am ready to serve the Lord!

Since the mission to Belize was postponed God directed pastor James Beason and I to Austin, the Capitol city of Texas, which desperately needs the gospel power with signs and wonders following to confirm the preaching of the Word! For many hours the gospel was proclaimed with supernatural force and miracles took place! Literally tens of thousands of young people jammed together within a few streets of the city to participate in the nightlife of the city! In the midst of these massive crowds we preached the good news of Jesus, distributed New Testaments, gospel literature, prayed for the sick and drove out demons in Jesus name! The crowds were largely resistant and in some cases hostile to the message of the cross of Christ! We confronted homosexuals, Satanists, prostitutes, and others from the underworld. We loved them, blessed them and shared the compassion of Jesus with them. At one point we could feel the violence about to spill over from those in the crowd. All of this would not deter us though as God was faithful to encourage us with his mighty works in our midst and divine protection. Here’s just a sample of the miracles that took place ~

  • A young man in his 20’s, who is a professional athlete, originally from the United Kingdom and preparing to go back to a the British Isles on Tuesday enthusiastically received Christ as Savior as we shared the gospel with him. God had brought him all the way from the UK to Austin so that he could know Jesus as Lord! Amen! He had never heard the gospel presented clearly to him so he was very much ready to respond to the call of surrender! We were encouraged! This young man also received a New Testament!
  • A brother in Christ, in his late 20’s, requested prayers of deliverance as he had been struggling with pornography and lust! He knew demons of lust and pornography had gripped his heart and he wanted to be liberated from these powerful dark forces of Satan that had bound him for so long! I began to battle the demons within him and this young man could feel the evil spirits exiting his body upon command for them to leave in Jesus name! At the end of the public exorcism, he was laughing and so joyful in this new found strength found in the releasing power of Jesus! When James and I first met up with him he was under a cloud of spiritual darkness but after this public deliverance, his entire facial disposition had dramatically transformed into one of light of Jesus, relief, and peace! What was truly beautiful about this was this was done in public for many to witness, for the public to see that God’s power is greater then that of the devil!
  • A dear man, in his 40’s, who had been tormented by Satan for “years,” as he testified, had been experiencing years of horrific visions, that he was not even comfortable in revealing their content, was loosed from his satanic bondage and freed by the power of God! Again this occurred in the midst of many thousands. The watching world was exposed to the power of Jesus and many looked on in great interest!
  • A dear lady, stricken with liver cancer, given a short time to live by doctors, was led to Jesus then requested healing prayer and immediately upon prayer felt much better and ready to serve Jesus! She loudly declared she felt released and was so happy! Then her and her boyfriend desired for me to marry them, as it was revealed that just prior to our ministry session, her boyfriend had proposed to her, so upon my return to Austin I’ll be performing their marriage! (It’s interesting to see that one of the functions God has us performing constantly is conducting marriage ceremonies, ordination ceremonies, and we are gladly here to serve the dear people).

Many other beautiful acts of the Holy Spirit took place and we praise God for His goodness! Many others turned their lives over to God. Many received an encouraging word. We were honored to serve these dear souls! 

More Miracles: A Minister of the Gospel FREED from an Apollyon Demon!

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

I have arrived back in Dallas after a ministry trip that landed me in Maryland, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee. In fact there was a period where I was up for more then 32 hours, without any sleep, as I was busy traveling and ministering to those in need of liberation. God supernaturally sustained me for that length of time so I could assist those in need of deliverance and healing. Though I was not able to meet everyone that needed ministry I am grateful for the opportunity to meet many of you and see the wonderful miracles of God! Thank you dear ones for interceding for me as precious souls, loved by God, were delivered, healed, and encouraged! God was faithful!

While in Georgia, I met up with a dear family that desired spiritual freedom. The husband has been called by God and we will be ordaining him into the gospel ministry very soon. Since this dear saint has been called by the Lord Jesus the enemy has been viciously attacking him. Over a year ago, this dear brother met up with Bob Larson, a dear brother in Christ of mine, for prayer, demons were expelled. Then he met with me, more evil spirits were driven out, then he met with Bob again, more demonic spirits were cast out. There was one demon that had been unusually stubborn that brother Bob and I have been battling for some time, within him, well, this time around this defeated spirit named Apollyon, was driven out in Jesus name! Allow me to share what transpired.

This dear family and I met in Augusta, Georgia and had a supernaturally charged time as I led everyone in Holy Communion. I immediately sensed that the Holy Spirit was allowing great liberty to minister so the ministry session started off quickly. We had partaken of the body of the Lord and was about to partake of the holy blood of Jesus when suddenly this unholy spirit surfaced within him and stared at me and gave away some nervous laughter. While this brother held unto the Communion cup I began to deal with this weakened spirit (he was literally being weakened just holding unto the Communion cup).

Appollyon even confessed that he no longer had any rights to him so we simply had him confess his defeat and sent him to the pit in Jesus name! Appollyon was driven out!

(A interesting note–this dear brother, a minister of the gospel, experienced this freedom after he had preached in a church earlier that day! What a wonderful way to end a day with the victory of Jesus!)

Then there was a spirit named “Fear” that manifested within him. I encouraged this dear brother’s wife to confront these spirits and she did and expelled them out of her husband in Jesus name!

In Baltimore where people are miraculously being cured of demonic affliction and diseases!

Tuesday, March 22nd, 2011

It is nearly 2am here but truly joyful in the Lord as I am in Baltimore and have seen miracles occurring, as dear people are being cured of demonic affliction and diseases! Just before arriving to Maryland I was again sent a threatening and disturbing email from an evil spirit, within a lady in Western Europe, that wondered if I wanted to be “burned alive.” I am facing some very vicious enemies however I stay close to Jesus who is my strong tower! The enemy is attempting to instill fear and hinder me but we press onward and God is providing some powerful miracles in our midst.As soon as I arrived in Baltimore, my shuttle driver to the hotel, was a dear Jamaican brother who was jamming to some gospel music, from his church back in Jamaica, that blared out loudly, “Satan is defeated, Jesus is Lord, Satan is defeated, Jesus is Lord.” It was wonderful to hear and was thrilled to see Jesus conquer the evil ones in my mission to Maryland!

In our 14 hour deliverance meeting today we battled many demons and God was faithful to deliver and heal! In one ministry session a dear lady had arrived with her husband and upon entering the meeting room she began to tear up as she had shared God was dealing with her so without wasting time we immediately began to minister to her. Four evil spirits surfaced pretty quickly: Diabetes, Crones Disease, Sleep Apnea, and Pain!

~Diabetes spirit spoke to me and revealed he was a generational spirit that had initially entered her great grandmother as a result of her sin of anger “towards children.” He was cast out in Jesus name!

~Crones Disease spirit had confessed he had entered her at the age of 38 because she had gotten considerably weaker in “soul and body,” thus he brought a host of demonic afflictions including: fatigue, anxious feelings, panic attacks, causing her to question her faith, causing her to be frustrated, extreme pain in the stomach, colon, and bowels. This particular spirit had broken her heart and boasted of this and revealed he held on two parts of her broken heart to hinder her from experiencing inner healing that she so desperately needed! I spoke with these two parts and they were freed, healed and rejoined to the core (The Lord heals the Brokenhearted so says Psalm 147:3). This demonic spirit was driven out in Jesus name!

~Sleep Apnea demonic spirit confessed he had also entered her at age 38 due to extreme exhaustion as a result of a divorce she was enduring. This unholy spirit was expelled in Jesus name!

~Pain spirit announced to all of us he had been in her family for “many generations, because her ancestors were cruel to others, including children and grandchildren.” There are many Scriptural edicts that encourage saints to be kind to one another as love is kind! This vicious pain spirit had brought into the family for many generations a variety of afflictions including: strokes, cancer, chronic pain, dementia, anxiety, insecurity, and caused many family members the inability to surrender to the gospel call–to come to Jesus Christ! This vile spirit was driven out in Jesus name!

All of these demonic entities were cast out and immediately this dear lady, in her astonishment, cried out, “I AM HEALED, I DON’T FEEL THE PAIN ANYMORE.” She testified she could no longer feel any pain and she was completely amazed! For many many years this woman has suffered from a host of painful of afflictions, from childhood even. This lady’s face said it all! She was so happy, she no longer felt the pain! Jesus miraculously healed her!

She agreed to be videotaped to testify to God’s delivering and healing power so I’ll be posting her testimony on YouTube when I arrive back!

Here were some of the highlights of the meeting:

  • A Dominican Republic young lady who had traveled hundreds of miles to be present at our meeting was delivered from a host of demonic spirits and satanic objects that had been placed in her body. At the beginning of the deliverance session, the spirits twisted her body and jerked her around violently, these were driven out in Jesus name. Spirits behind crystals, palmistry, the satanic sect of the “Order of the White Star,” astrology, angel worship, horoscopes, Santeria, Voodoo, Voodoo rituals, satanic baths, Incubus and Succubus encounters, were all driven out in Jesus name! Some of the demons came out through her feet and from the top of her head! This dear lady had even participated in a number of Santeria sacrifices to Saint Barbara where she had offered coins and candy to this demon god. These sacrifices were renounced and she was free from these demonic practices. Since we literally ran out of time with her, as she needed to catch her train, there were a few other things that needed to be addressed however this dear lady experienced some powerful liberation from a host of demons that tormented her for years!
  • A gentleman in his late 40’s was delivered from evil spirits that had brought arthritis, doubt, and pain into his life. All three evil spirits were expelled and immediately he exclaimed, “I feel no pain whatsoever, praise God.” The demons had boasted that had broken his heart but his broken heart was healed by the Lord Jesus and we were pleased to see this dear brother experience this victory over the powers of the devil that held him captive for so long!
  • A dear lady, originally from Poland, who I had discerned had a spirit of heaviness, hovering around her, was released from this spiritual oppressive spirit after an intense prayer in conjunction with her husband. She testified feeling the overcoming power of God coming over her and freeing her. I could see such spiritual brightness come off her that I had not seen before on her face. The light of Jesus had made things better!

Little 1 Year Old Girl Healed of Fever and So Much More!

Tuesday, March 15th, 2011

We are rejoicing in what God has done in Guatemala with precious people entering into the Kingdom of God for the very first time, bodies healed, and souls delivered from evil spirits in the name of Jesus. There is no doubt in my mind that God has started something quite beautiful here in Guatemala City (this will only be multiplied throughout the world as we further the call of God). Our morning service was packed with people who were hungering for Bible teaching and loving fellowship. I taught these precious people from Romans 12 and the people enthusiastically received the teaching, in fact during the teaching the Holy Spirit stopped me during the portion where the apostle Paul writes, “Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse. Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.” I immediately sensed there were those present who were in a state of mourning, with heavy hearts, and deeply wounded spirits that needed compassion and love. We prayed for a release of the healing of God upon broken hearts and many hearts were healed. It was fantastic to experience the sweet comforting presence of God in our midst!

Towards the end of the service, after the partaking of the Holy Communion, a young mother with her little one year girl in her arms, came requesting prayer for the healing of her little one that had a fever and was feeling very sick! The little girl avoided me and did not want anything to do with me but after commanding this fever to leave, the little one was healed immediately and then wanted to play peek-a-boo with me! For the rest of the morning the little girl wanted to play with me and at the very end ran to me wanting to be picked up. So, I picked her up and we danced and she just smiled so brightly. Little ones need prayers of healing and deliverance! I know with my little ones I pray for their protection and healing constantly! Jesus adores little babies and children, they are precious to Him!

After a fellowship meal where we were able to provide many meals for those hungry who were members of this little church we travelled down the road to participate in the National Peace Conference, sponsored by some of the largest churches in Guatemala. More then 7,000 came, to the Central Square, exceeding the expectation of the 3,000 that they thought would attend! I was honored to be among a handful (there were perhaps 12 of us) of pastors, evangelists, teachers, those with apostolic oversight, and other leaders on the platform to pray for the peace of Guatemala. The leader of the Conference introduced me and shared about the new church we planted. This was also televised throughout Latin America so many were able to hear of the ministry we have started in this nation! Though I was not able to speak I was honoured nevertheless to be a part of the leaders of the church in Guatemala. It is amazing to think about it…I just arrived to this country a few weeks ago, watched as the Holy Spirit birthed a church, and was then invited by the leaders of the church of the entire nation to join them for the prayers of the nation. Amen!

We have scheduled a special Easter weekend evangelistic crusade, next month, at the amphitheater located at the Central Square, to preach the gospel, to deliver those bound by demons, and to pray for the sick. God has been gracious to provide the funds to rent out this amphitheater and we are grateful to God! Please pray for this outreach for Jesus!

On a personal note, I have been feeling strong in spirit and body by Gods grace. I have battled numerous afflictions the past few months and it has been distressing but our God is a Living God and He provided His healing to me His servant!

Words cannot describe how thankful I am to YOU, you are important to us as you provide the prayers and love that under-grid this ministry of evangelism, deliverance, and healing!

Death Threat from Europe but Miracles in Guatemala Continued On!

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

I am simply in awe of Gods beautiful grace, mercy, goodness and love! I would not be writing to today if it were not for His grace in my own life! I am humbled to serve Jesus and YOU!

Late last night after writing to all of you I checked the rest of my emails and came across an email from a lady who lives in Europe who is horribly demon afflicted. In fact, these evil spirits within her are able to take control of her body and write me threatening emails. Some of the emails are vile, perverted, and downright evil! I received another one.


I take these threats very seriously as some of these threats have actual been carried out, so I walk in prudence and prayer trusting the blood of Jesus to protect! It is worthy to note that participating in this kind work of the gospel will bring forth all kinds of enemies you did not even think you had. Even those in the church (wolves in sheep clothing), so we must be on guard as Jesus warned us!

The enemy threatened but despite that God continued on with the miracles in Guatemala!

Neighbor Delivered from Powerful Demons in Jesus Name!

I spent the morning conducting church business and I am thankful to report we were able to obtain chairs for the church, more then 10,000 Spanish gospel tracts and 36 Spanish hardbound Bibles (many Guatemalans do not even possess a New Testament let alone a Bible. Case in point my dear evangelists wife did not even have a Bible, she was so grateful to finally possess one!) and other gospel literature! This will ensure we will blanket Guatemala City with the gospel in the months to come!

(I was also given the opportunity to place my books, which will be translated into Spanish, at the bookstore for those in the city to purchase. Amen!)

Then upon our return, while praying, a neighbor heard me and inquired if I could come next door and pray for her son who had been sick for days! We went next door and this 36 year old son just laid there on his sick bed depressed! He said he was willing to forsake the sin that had been entangling him. Within seconds of praying for him a demonic spirit surfaced and started to choke him. I commanded the demon to let go of him and to leave him in the name of Jesus. Moments later the chocking ceased and he was delivered from these evil spirits. He then stood up off his sick bed testifying to the release he experienced and described how he felt the demons exit through his mouth! He was so happy to be free!

Unreached Indigenous Peoples of the Mountains Reached with the Gospel

Evangelist Adolfo Fong Luna, his wife and I then travelled deep into the mountain region of Guatemala and preached in some villages! It was intense traversing the mountains but God was gracious and landed us in a remote village where we went door to door and shared the gospel! The very first family we spoke with was welcoming to the gospel message and allowed us in their home. There were 9 family members in the small home and only one was a believer (the lady of the home who is widow, we are going to do what we can to assist her). We had the wonderful opportunity to lead them to Jesus and then I had the beautiful opportunity to marry the mothers daughter and her boyfriend. They had been living together and recently gave birth to a most beautiful baby boy but needed to get married so we held a impromptu marriage ceremony in their home and Jesus visited us powerfully-many of us were in tears and relief was shown upon their faces as Jesus was honored! Then after the marriage ceremony the young man was delivered from demons and the young lady was healed of a broken heart-more tears were shed!

We were also able, while in this small village, to reach some of the Indigenous people of Guatemala whom had never heard the gospel clearly presented. Two of them were brought into the Kingdom of God, including a 9 year old girl who was very hungry for the gospel. God spoke to me and gave me some words to share with her!

“God is happy with you and He will never leave you. He loves you,” was the words our loving Lord gave me and it clearly touched her and her family! That little girl, in a remote village of Central America, will do great things for God! This I know!

A few others came to Jesus and one lady was delivered from a demon called insomnia! She should sleep good tonight!

Church that Casts Out Demons Birthed in Guatemala!

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

I am currently at my hotel in beautiful Guatemala thanking God for all that HE has done in our midst! I am deeply humbled that He would allow me to participate with Him in the Kingdom work in this nation. I stand in awe of His amazing grace and love!

This morning I had the wonderful opportunity to stand before a small group of saints, in evangelist Adolfo Fong Lunas home, to lead a new church, birthed by the Holy Spirit, in Guatemala City. I led my brothers and sisters in Holy Communion and we worshipped Jesus. On my next visit to Guatemala I will formally ordain this evangelist friend to the gospel ministry whereby he will be allowed to perform marriages along with other duties of the church! Moreover, I will bring along with me hundreds of Spanish gospel tracts and Bibles for this new church. Pray that this precious little church would be protected and unified under the holy blood of Jesus! It is a very small house church in a one room home but this was the work of God whereby we will be able to disciple new converts in the faith!

After our church service we held a powerful outdoor gospel meeting in a nearby park, a different venue from the areas where we had been proclaiming the good news of Jesus. Perhaps 100 or so were gathered and we proclaimed the victory of the gospel with great liberty! During the ministry time a father with his little boy, perhaps 8 or 9 years of age, needed prayer as his little son was deaf and mute. I commanded the deafness to leave in Jesus name and immediately the little one was able to hear! His father was so grateful to the Lord for this miracle. We did face some serious demonic resistance when commanding the muteness to go. For one reason or another, the muteness was resistant. We trust the Lord to complete the work He has begun! Then a young man perhaps in his late 20s was present who needed relief from a persistent back and spinal pain that he had been suffering for many years as a result of a work injury! We took authority over the afflictions and he was healed in Jesus name! A few others were also healed in the outdoor meeting!

As we concluded our gospel meeting and was down the street, a man in his 40s, chased us down and inquired, if we were the ones in the park praying for the sick. We responded we were and we would like to help in any way we can! This dear saint had also been afflicted with immense spinal pain and distress and had blood issues that he wanted to be healed of! Within a few minutes of prayer he could be seen with a beautiful smile and testified of being touched by Jesus and healed of the affliction! Amen! See what happens when you chase down Jesus, He answers. We are merely servants of God, only Jesus heals and we point people to Him!

For the next 5 hours we traveled about the city and held various open air gospel meetings, one meeting in Central Park in front of the immensely beautiful Guatemala Catholic Cathedral, we held a large gathering where, perhaps, a thousand souls, was able to hear the gospel proclaimed! The gathering was attentive and glad to hear the encouraging word of the Lord Jesus! After this meeting we held a very small meeting, with only a handful of people but God healed 4 people! Two sisters with arthritis, one lady with a eye affliction, and a dear lady with a severe broken heart. This was after our little meeting and we noticed this very sad young lady sitting nearby who looked like she was carrying the burdens of the world…I inquired if she was sad and she she was….within seconds of praying over her, she began to cry, as Jesus comforted her and healed her sad heart and Jesus gave her joy and strength that she previously did not have. Jesus came to heal the broken hearted! This is an aspect of the ministry of the gospel that is often ignored. We hear of people being healed of physical afflictions however, God desires to even provided a soothing touch for hurting & broken souls. So many in our day, throughout the world, suffering internally, they carry deep heart pain, they are sad, hurt because their hearts have been wounded and we ought to bring the tender healing of God to these wounded hearts so that they may be liberated from their inner pain.

Jesus, He is a beautiful Savior, who adores YOU! He is thinking of YOU at this very hour. He has your very best interests at heart. He is able to bring about your salvation, healing, and deliverance. Jesus saved, healed, and delivered those with evil spirits during our time here in Guatemala City. He is to be praised!

Victory in Guatemala ~ Deaf Spirit Driven Out!

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

I am so very happy to report the wonderful miracles that have taken place in Guatemala, Central America! The deaf now hear, demons have been cast out, and many people with sickness and afflictions healed in Jesus holy name! All of this for the watching world to see so that they can know our loving God desires to do these things in their lives also.

God has poured out His amazing miracles and more meetings are to take place tomorrow morning and night in Guatemala City, Guatemala. Many thousands have heard the good news of Jesus thus far in our open air meetings in the capital city and we have just started! Many more have heard in our other 10 evangelistic missions throughout the city and surrounding areas.

My flight to Guatemala was beautiful and experienced no problems. Praise God for His wonderful grace and mercy!

As soon as I arrived I distributed many Spanish gospel tracts in some rougher areas of the city with gunshots being heard in the background, who knows what was going on but it did not deter me and the beautiful people were receptive to the gospel. Guatemala City has quickly become one of my favorite cities in all of the world, the climate is perfect, the people are kind, the city is appealing, the culture very vibrant and the city is open to the miracles of God.

Prior to sending this email I just sent a quick email to my wife and shared how God once again provided a translator whom God told me several weeks He would provide for. This was something I shared with my wife and pastor friend James Beason. I had asked God if he would be a pastor, He said no but rather an evangelist. Well, Adolfo Fong Luna is a 50 year old evangelist. His story is an interesting one. His grandparents originally from China, escaped during the Revolution and landed in all places, in Guatemala. The family has been established here ever since. He is a consistent evangelist who preaches three times a week passing out hundreds of tracts. His wife, Faby de Fong, 43 years of age, is his partner but have not been able to bear children. God quickened my heart and told me she would bear her husband a child after prayer!

So how did I meet this servant of the Lord…well…I had run out of tracts and was simply proclaiming what little I did know of Spanish…which is not much…and Adolfo approached me with perfect English and introduced himself. Amazing provision of the Lord! He did it El Salvador, in Mexico and He did it once again in Guatemala.

As soon as I walked in their one room home I immediately was overpowered by the Holy Spirit as we were all. We fell onto our knees and I began to pray for this dear lady and her ability to have children. The power of God fell upon the woman and she testified, with many tears in her eyes, of feeling heat of the Holy Spirit fire fall upon her and her womb and they are NOW believing for children! God opened up her womb! Amen! I have a video clip of their very touching testimony that I will share upon my return!

With this dear evangelist and his wife we ministered in a half dozen open air gospel meetings throughout the capital, including three open meetings in the public square in front of the National Palace. Some of the highlights include

*seeing a man, in his 30s, immediately healed of a intense stomach pain that he had been suffering from for a very long time, he was so touched by the power of God that he came back 30 minutes later to thank me for praying for him.

*witnessing a man, in his 50s, being healed by God of intense spinal pain. He testified before many in the meeting of being pain FREE! His testimony alone opened up many others to being healed!

*seeing a young man in his early 20s, being immediately delivered of evil spirits that had been plaguing him for many years. He testified of feeling them leave as I commanded them to go! He also prayed to receive Christ in front of all! Even while some were mocking me as I prayed and proclaimed the gospel!

*in our last meeting of the night, seeing a precious little 6 year old girl, who was afflicted with deafness, healed immediately! She was so happy as she could hear me. Her mother and grandmother was present and both gave me BIG HUGS!

Many other deliverances and healings took place!

The power of the Holy Spirit was evident in these meetings! I have discovered that in our public gospel meetings like these, God is pleased to bestow quick miracles so that the watching world can SEE with their very own eyes that His love and power is REAL! These miraculous acts confirm the preaching of the gospel!

Jesus is the Deliverer Proclaimed in El Salvador

Tuesday, March 8th, 2011

May our loving God’s grace, peace, and His ever present help be present with YOU on this day!

I would like to report to you the wonderful blessings God bestowed upon us in our most recent mission to Central America. We held more then 10 ministry events. We proclaimed the good news of Jesus to many thousands in three open air meetings in one of the Capitol’s largest courtyards, conducted seven evangelistic outreaches in four slum villages, two downtown missions, and one outreach in the Zona Rosa area of San Salvador distributing Spanish gospel literature and praying for the sick. In our open air meetings, in San Salvador, over 3000 heard the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and many could be heard calling upon Jesus for salvation during the time of invitation!

The trip, however, started off with all kinds of opposition. Allow me to explain from the beginning.

God spoke to my heart very clearly I was to travel to El Salvador to preach the gospel several weeks or so ago. I recall the night well. I was in front of a office building in Dallas one cold evening and I was just given the beautiful opportunity, by a dear family in Asia, to serve Jesus on a full time basis. A few days later, God told me to go to El Salvador. Mind you I didn’t know anyone there and had never traveled to this Central American nation of 6 million. I did come to find out this information from the US State Department though, “The State Department considers El Salvador a critical-crime-threat country. El Salvador has one of the highest homicide rates in the world; violent crimes, as well as petty crimes are prevalent throughout El Salvador, and U.S. citizens have been among the victims.”

Satanic Opposition from the Beginning

God loves the dear people of El Salvador and that is why He sent me despite the fact that violence is so prevalent in this beautiful nation. The gospel is the answer to the social ills that pain this land and that is why I was sent~to proclaim that Jesus is able to liberate those held captive by sin and the devil. At the onset of the trip, however, I thought, perhaps I made a mistake by traveling to El Salvador or didn’t clearly hear from the Lord about this mission. My first phase of the trip was plagued with difficulties. My first flight was delayed significantly thereby causing me to miss my second flight to El Salvador. That first night I had a very fitful and sleepless night.  I might have gotten 3 or 4 hours a sleep, maybe! So, I used the time to pray during the night and read the Scriptures. The Lord led me Proverbs 25 and 26, specifically the Holy Spirit directed me to this in Proverbs 27:12: “The prudent see danger and take refuge…” I’ll explain in a moment how God used this passage to rescue me from certain danger!

The next morning I was able to catch a flight to San Salvador, El Salvador but more problems persisted! My luggage with all my Bibles, Spanish gospel literature, and audio equipment for the open air meetings didn’t arrive with me to San Salvador causing great distress. Moreover, I was beginning to feel ill on top of everything. So, I arrived in my room distraught and discouraged. I knew Satan was hindering me from reaching these precious people. Then the enemy would whisper, “You should have never come, it’s a failed trip!” or “You didn’t hear from God!” and such lies! I was tired from the lack of sleep, the lies were wearing me down, the physical afflictions were painful, the travel delays/cancellations were discouraging, and not having my luggage were furthering my already depressive mood (it takes a lot to bring me down as God has blessed me with a joyful disposition but these unforeseeable circumstances were having a toll on me).

Then an act of betrayal even furthered my pain. During the day I was visiting one of the slum villages located within San Salvador and fellowshiping with my translator Alvin (FYI–to my surprise I was informed that less then 5% of the population spoke any English whatsoever so I was extremely grateful of Alvin) in a very small church located in the midst of the slum (you will be able to view the video of the time I had with this church, it’s pastor and of Alvin). While in the church God quietly told me I was being set up by the gangs within the particular slum I was visiting and I needed to be prudent (that passage from Proverbs I had read in the hotel: The prudent see danger and take refuge…” came to mind!) The feeling of danger only increased as I visited with those in the church. It was unusually strong as if the Spirit of God was warning me…He was!

Just prior to one of the church services Alvin approached me and immediately a demon surfaced within him (you could “see” the evil spirit looking directly at me) and with the demon’s aid he told me he couldn’t serve as my translator and he had to leave. Even one of the elders of the small church was utterly shocked as he knew Alvin was there to assist me, as it was so difficult to communicate without the aid of the translator. The demon, then speaking through Alvin said, “You need to watch yourself,” I immediately asked Alvin if I could pray for him and he said, “NO!” and moved away from me. When someone says they don’t need any prayers that just simply translates spiritually: YES, I DO NEED PRAYER!

I rebuked the demons in Jesus name and the demons compelled him to depart quickly, never to be seen again on this trip! This betrayal was hurtful but I knew my battle was not against flesh and blood but rather against real spiritual evil forces that sought to stop me from proclaiming the good news of Jesus. Satan failed though! I stayed for the service but the darkness around me descended and Lord peacefully told me I needed to leave NOW! I was in danger! I got up and left and God sustained me! Amen!

Got back to my room realizing now I had no translator, no luggage, no Bibles, no relief from the physical pain, betrayed, and deserted (the apostle Paul wrote: “At my first defense, no one came to my support, but everyone deserted me. May it not be held against them. But the Lord stood at my side and gave me strength, so that through me the message might be fully proclaimed and all the Gentiles might hear it. And I was delivered from the lion’s mouth. The Lord will rescue me from every evil attack and will bring me safely to his heavenly kingdom. To him be glory for ever and ever. Amen”).

I wondered out loud, “Why did I come here!”

I then cried out, “Lord release my luggage!” 

Literally moments later, I get a call and my luggage arrived! Isn’t that an amazing provision and answer to prayer!

Gospel was PREACHED with POWER!

Armed with thousands of Spanish gospel tracts I headed out to the streets of San Salvador, the capital city, in the midst of the nightclubs, bars, and the party scene. Many gospel tracts were distributed and the Lord was faithful to use the tracts! Not one individual denied a tract (in American and Western Europe you get the rejection often but not in the Third World). Then later that night I held 3 open air gospel meetings. However prior to those open air meetings I had the wonderful opportunity to hand out gospel tracts to more then 400 or so young people whom had gathered at the courtyard in front of the convention center. The scene was bordering on being extremely violent–drug usage was rampant–kids stoned out of their minds, alcohol abuse everywhere, fights breaking out, the spirit of death hovering around the entire vast courtyard, littered with general filth and stench! What a perfect place for an evangelist to be in! I was able to hand a gospel tract to each and every young person in the entire courtyard prior to my open air meetings, it was an amazing sight to behold as I stood as a beacon of light and the darkness was restrained during the time I ministered! Every single precious soul received the tract with a willing heart–refreshing to see!

3000+ Attended to the Open Air Gospel Meetings

After midnight, in this vast courtyard, with my audio equipment and with the San Salvadorian Police in support (and God provided a new translator by the name of Hyman who was a young believer attending the local University), I held 3 open air meetings. In our first meeting perhaps 400-500 listened in, our second meeting God blessed us with over a 1000 souls who listened in to the message of the gospel, then in our final open air meeting of the night which went deep into the early morning hours nearly 1700 souls hearing the message of the cross and resurrection of Jesus!

I also included a time during the public meetings to command various afflictions, sicknesses and demons out of bodies in Jesus name. As you can imagine in a very uncontrolled setting such as this it was difficult to see what was occurring in the crowd of people but from what I can tell people were being touched by the love of Jesus and heaven will reveal the amount of people whom were healed and delivered on this night!

Street vendors, taxi cab drivers, bystanders, young people of various ages listened in as I proclaimed Jesus! In the conclusion of my messages I would invite people to join me in a prayer of salvation–one could hear many calling upon Jesus out loud–throughout the vast courtyard–it was mighty to witness this move of God! In our last meeting, we really caused a stir as a group of young people began to hurl insults, blasphemy, and profanity while I proclaimed the gospel. It didn’t phase me a bit! I was just exciting to see that the gospel was making an impact to the point where the enemy had to raise his ugly defeated head in an attempt to deter–the devil failed–Jesus prevailed! Amen! I finally got back my room around 2:30am or so rejoicing in the mercy of God!

Reaching the Slum Villages with Christ

It was quite nice in the evenings with the refreshing cool breeze blowing through my room so I left the windows opened. Big mistake! After only a few hours of lying down (traveling evangelists do not get much sleep 🙂 ). I was awakened by the loud thumping music coming from the local disco bar downstairs. For hours the music played early in the morning. I wondered if anyone else was unnerved by such loud music first thing in the morning (though I have to admit some of the music was catchy). Well, I thought, this must be my wake up call to get up and preach the gospel in the slum villages that were peppered throughout the city. After taking upon Holy Communion (which by the way released me from my physical afflictions I had been battling at that moment) and spending time in worship I set out to preach the gospel in the worst of areas (Did not our Lord preached to the poor?) Not knowing anything about the slum villages, I was led by the Spirit of God and I entered a few of them in the morning and distributed the gospel tracts and everyone was very receptive! The children of the slums really loved me and followed me around. I was able to capture some video of the slums that I will share with you in the coming days! God was merciful and gracious to sustain me and provided great victories despite the various testing and oppositions from the enemy. Jesus is LORD!