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Battling Violent Demons in Perth; Victory is Mine Saith the Lord!

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014


Dear Friends of Jesus,

Before embarking on this mission to Australia. The Lord God Almighty spoke to me. He made it clear to me: Victory is Mine Saith the Lord! I do not care what demon we face; VICTORY is Mine Saith the Lord! 


I feel like I am the most blessed man on the planet. I am in a beautiful nation–Australia. During winter; which I enjoy. Ah; cooler temperatures. I get to do what I love –preach the gospel and minister deliverance. I have a beautiful and healthy family. I have encouraging mission partners located throughout the earth that love me, pray for me and support me. You know me; if I could, I would give each of you a big hug to say thanks. Every day is a spiritual adventure. Today was no different as I was scheduled for another ministry meeting. This time with a large family (11 children total; though only a handful came with their parents today). Led in Holy Communion, drove out demons and healed some heart parts. Then back home with the family. Went to have a late delicious lunch; to the arcade with the kids; then journeyed to the local San Churros Chocolateria. Can it get any better? 


In the past 10 days, here in Perth, I have ministered on 9 of those days. Today’s ministry session was powerful as a young lady was dramatically set free from evil spirits in the name of Jesus. I would like to share the victory report with you. However, before doing so I want to take some time to share a testimony I received yesterday from a disciple in Melbourne who I was honored to minister to 3 years ago. I recall the meeting. I recall knowing in my heart that this would just be a beginning for this believer; knowing he would do mighty works for God after his deliverance. Allow me to share his testimony with everyone:

“Hi Jay, Today is August 10, 2014 and August 10, 2011 was when you came to my house and spent some time setting me free. I wanted to again thank you so much.  That was the point my whole life changed, from being a bitter, addicted, fearful nominal Christian to being a lover and follower of Jesus.

Ever since that day the cry of my heart has been for Jesus only – to know Him more and more and more and to bring Him in fullness to the world with power as He promised.  My marriage and family has been transformed as they have me back.  Anger, tension and distance used to reign in our family and now it doesn’t, thanks to God.

Since then I have prayed for and seen hundreds of people supernaturally healed and delivered and over 100 people have come to Christ.  I have seen blind eyes see, seen a leg grow in front of my eyes, pulled several people out of wheelchairs to have them walking, trained and released others in operating in the supernatural, brought supernatural healing and deliverance into schools, seen supernatural provision time and again, operated in word of knowledge and prophecy like I have never experienced before, even had a number of people healed while I was preaching or even in the same room, without prayer specifically for them. Thank you. This wouldn’t have been like this if it wasn’t for you spending a few hours with me 3 years ago.”

Our global mission launches out ministries and churches all the time! Just a few days ago, I was honored to ordain and empower 3 ministers of the gospel (2 pastors and an evangelist). This is an honor and privilege of mine that I take very seriously as an apostle of the Lord Jesus. Not only was this disciple freed, he now ministers deliverance and healing to many others –hundreds have already been healed! He also shared with me in the email that he is now embarking on starting some churches. Isn’t this amazing! Love it! To think we had some part in this, by God’s grace, is humbling. 

We are here to serve YOU! Just in a few days we will be back in Melbourne to meet YOU! Please invite friends, family, non-believers, anyone! I’m believing for mighty miracles in Jesus name! Moreover, we will be having an extensive training session; so that you might be equipped to carry on the works of Jesus. 

As I mentioned at the beginning of this email update; we ministered to a family desperate for deliverance and healing. The first one we ministered to was a young lady of 20 years of age whom I’ll refer to as Julie. As soon as I began to pray over her, violent demons surfaced and shook her head and body violently. Her body convulsed. They threw her down to the ground and twisted her body. They spoke to me.

“We are not leaving. We are staying. We hold her gifts of prophesy and dance. We must not leave,” the demons of Jezebel, death and hopelessness defiantly told me. 

It was true. Julie had been hindered. She was not able to effectively serve the Lord because of these demons restraining her many spiritual gifts. Moreover, Jezebel had married her and placed rings upon her with the hopes of seducing her, long term, to keep her from getting married and having children. Filthy spirits. This is what Jezebel does my friends. I recount thousands of exorcisms like this. Jezebel, in many cases, is the one behind your difficulties with marriage, child-bearing, and relationships. You must fight Jezebel in Jesus name. Do not back down! Fight in Jesus name! 

These invading demonic spirits fought me fiercely. Not wanting to give her up. There were multitude of these demons within her; binding her. They had placed all kinds of bondages and spiritual chains around her. I had the spirits remove their bondages and chains; resulting in great release. 

It was wonderful to have the holy mighty angels with us on this day as we ministered to this lady. I called them forth and they came to assist us. They restrained the demons, they picked her up off the ground, they warred against the invading forces of evil and ministered to Julie. The spirits shrieked loudly when we applied the blood of Jesus Christ and the fire of the Holy Spirit upon them. 

Guess who was assisting me during this intense exorcism? A group of young Godly men with great strength? Nope. A 74 year old widow; she was actually in the thick of the physical battle with me! I’m serious. 

A 74 year old widow, by the name of Pastor Joan Smale, who serves as our Australian Mission Coordinator, has been assisting me all week in many exorcisms. She pastors a small fellowship, associated with the Church of the Cross, that meets weekly at the local Lutheran Church. Joan has the strength of a 40 year old woman; I’m believing for another 20 strong years for this precious lady. It’s remarkable, actually. Holy Spirit power upon this widow.

We the Body of Christ have the responsibility to care for widows; would you consider supporting this precious saint? She DID NOT ask me to do this. She might not even like me asking, actually. But, we need to help this Godly woman who conducts exorcisms! How many 74 year old widowed ladies do you know; that drives out demons weekly? 

Joan and I (and with the family in prayer support) drove out all of these demonic spirits and sent them directly to the pit in Jesus name! Moreover, we were able reach a number of little broken heart parts that had been enslaved by demons all of these years (since she was a little girl). They were released and comforted by Jesus! They were rejoined to her heart by the love of Jesus! Julie was so happy, relieved and released. 

Deliverance is Mine Saith the Lord; Victory is Mine Saith the Lord! Amen!

Hundreds of Holy Angels Visited Us; Legions of the Nephilim Cast Out!

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Words will fail in describing what we experienced this afternoon at Concordia Lutheran Church here in Western Australia. A very humble man, perhaps in his late 50’s, named Michael, who sat with his precious wife, in the very back of the sanctuary, was mightily used of the Lord, like I have rarely witnessed before in nearly 30 years of knowing Jesus! The Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me to bring Michael up to the front of the sanctuary and to lead us in worship. Almost immediately the Holy Spirit fell upon all of us and humbled everyone in the meeting hall. I was immediately driven to the floor and cried like a little baby in worship of King Jesus. I wasn’t alone. Many others were bowing before and worshipping Jesus in deep repentance. 

My friends, the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit was extremely powerful; like I have rarely experienced before. Without any aid of any musical instrument or any pre-planned canned song, he sang a Holy Spirit inspired song. The constant themes, of these heavenly songs (many of which were sung in the heavenly tongues), were the glorification of Jesus, the need for God’s people to be prepared by the WORD for warfare and the need to conduct spiritual warfare on the front lines. 

I recall a dear brother of mine, in China, whose wife was completely taken over and compelled by the Holy Spirit to speak on three, of the same, essentially, basic themes. God is very concerned about these three elements taking place:

~Glorification of His Son!

~Absolute necessity of being trained by His WORD

~The carrying out of the mandate of the Great Commission to preach the gospel, heal the sick, to cast out demons and to heal those broken in heart.

The apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 12 spoke of being caught up into paradise and hearing “inexpressible words.” This is what we all experienced in this service, during our praise and worship. At some point in the middle of one of the songs, as we all laid before Jesus, one could hear perhaps hundreds of angelic beings singing along with us. HUNDREDS! In this advanced training seminar, for select disciples wanting to go deeper with the ministry, there were perhaps 50 of us. Where did the other hundred or so other voices come from? The perfect harmony of their singing was out of this world, literally. I have NEVER heard anything like this before –inexpressible! Stunning. Divinely epic! I was shaking to my core in AWE of our great GOD. I cannot even imagine what I will feel like when I am in His presence for all eternity –the absolute beauty of the praise was perfect! There was no pollution to it. It was pure, holy, and right. Just writing about this angelic experience makes my heart shiver with a Godly awe. I am shaken to the core speaking of this. 

To think God was pleased with us to visit us in this manner is something I have been thinking of. Most of our public meetings our visited by holy angels as they assist me, all the time, in ministering to those afflicted by evil spirits. They have been conducting some amazing deeds these past few nights in our public services. Stunning acts of the supernatural. I simply marvel. I am blessed with the angelic hosts always traveling with me in the meetings and carrying out miraculous works. However, to hear them sing was staggering. I cannot seem to grasp of the significance of tonight’s events. 

After worship; I led everyone in Holy Communion and I taught from the WORD for nearly 4 hours. Then we began to minister to those tormented by evil spirits. The first lady I ministered to was a 70 year old woman who felt like there was a 26 year old part of her broken heart being held captive by the enemy. Well, there was. Allow me to explain. At the age of 26 she was sodomized. The sickening sexual act opened her life to demons. Moreover, it brought upon dissociation. Her heart broke due to the sodomy. 

As I prayed over her, a evil spirit named, “Sodomy,” surfaced and spoke back to me. 

“We have been here for many, many years. Her ancestors sodomized,” the spirits revealed, “But there’s more. There’s a secret. I’m not leaving. I will fight you.”

So, since that is the case. I threw upon the demons the holy fire of the Spirit of God. The spirits shrieked in pain and jolted her body. The presence of the Holy Spirit was too powerful for these demons. They bowed and confessed Jesus is Lord! 

Now I turned my attention to this “secret,” they were referring to. The demons responded.

“We have been around a very, very long time; before the Flood!” the spirits revealed.

Ah. These were the ancient spiritual giants of thousands years of ago referred to in Genesis 6 as the Nephilim –“violent ones,” or the “giants.” These were the evil ones that seduced woman prior to the global Flood that brought God’s judgement. Their offspring were destroyed as a result of the Flood and many of these ancient brings were sent to gloomy dungeons that the Word speaks. Though, it appears, some were still free to roam in some manner and thus continued their work through the history of man. 


They admitted to being the Nephilim spirits. They had married this woman. I had them take off all of their spiritual rings and bondages they laid upon her. They obeyed in Jesus name. I also drove out all of these vile spirits –the sodomy and the Nephilim (there were legions of them); sending them to the pit. They swiftly departed and the part was healed by Jesus. Moreover, many ancestral dissociative identities were released and sent to Jesus. The woman testified of being delivered, Lighter. Peaceful. 

Even well after the meeting concluded; guess who walks in? One of my ministry coordinators for Southern Africa, Kobus Strachan, with two men who he just met at a train station –two Mormon missionaries. So, for a good 30 minutes or so, I challenged my Mormon friends, on the Scriptural evidence of the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. One wanted to debate; the other seemed to be under conviction. Just when the one was interested in praying with me; the other one pulled him away. Furthermore, just when I was trying to break the ties that allowed them to gain spiritual strength from each other. They quickly walked out of the room, without saying a word. The spiritual pressure was too much for them to bear. The truth was presented and trust God to speak to their hearts.

Wow! What a night of ministry we were honored to participate in! Glory to Jesus the King!

Hindu Demon-Goddess Kali Sent to the Pit; Norse Demon-God Odin Defeated

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

Tonight another powerful public deliverance meeting! We witnessed numerous souls finding supernatural physical and emotional healing. Numerous heart parts were healed by Jesus. Even one lady we ministered to was healed of a spirit of blindness that was causing her sight to be blurry. It was removed on this night and she could testify of being able to see clearly. Again, no need for glasses!

As I reported the other night, we witnessed a young lady dramatically healed of blindness. Well, she shows up tonight, SMILING and still NO GLASSES! She again testifies of God’s healing power with her eyesight; reporting it to be perfect! She even shared how she was even given an opportunity to share her miracle with a Hindu friend of hers. The miracle story clearly touched him and is open now to hearing more about this Jesus we preach! Amen! 

Though at first it was somewhat difficult to start off the service it gradually became another miracle meeting with souls being set free from demonic bondage and illnesses.


As I mentioned it was yet another victorious night for the Lord Jesus Christ here in Australia as we continue marching forward with the power of the Holy Spirit! These past few nights, we met for more public deliverance services at the beautiful Concordia Lutheran Church here in the city of Perth. TheThursday meeting started off with heavy spiritual oppression as the spirits of fatigue, slumber and heaviness was weighing the people of God down. Many were sleepy and tired. As we continued on, the spiritual heaviness lifted off and great victories took place. 

One of the first ladies I ministered to was a young lady who had been invaded by a spirit of witchcraft. Reason? She had participated in card-reading (a form of divination). It goes deeper. Her mother also participated in this same practice. All of this allowed these wicked spirits to invade the bloodline and this precious woman’s body. As this woman renounced the divination; the demons were defeated within her life and were expelled. With loud cries they departed.

Many others were manifesting demonic spirits. As we were leading everyone in deliverance prayers; some were experiencing freedom from the powers of darkness. This has been happening the past several nights of ministry where believers were obtaining liberation just being present and participating in the ministry. This is why we conduct public deliverance ministry as we fully understand that many souls can be impacted and the Lord Jesus is glorified above all else.

One lady manifested spirits was convulsing badly. In fact the spirits made her fall down a number of times to the ground withering as it was being defeated by the power of the cross. I called upon the holy angels of God and they arrived assisting me in the ministry. The demons within this woman spoke out of her and revealed much.

“Because she is wanting to impress her father, we came in. Her greed allowed us in. We are not alone. There’s many of us. We cause sickness and pains. There’s me (the spirit of death), Jezebel, Baal and witchcraft.”

AH! Again more spirits of witchcraft, death, Baal and Jezebel. These are becoming so common. 

“We are in her son too,” the evil spirits revealed. 

So, immediately I conducted a long distance deliverance prayer and command. The demons within this woman were utterly dismayed.

“The demons left him as soon as you commanded our kind to leave him.” 

Not only would this woman be set free from demons but also her 14 year old son. 

Numerous evil spirits were expelled on this night from this precious woman. It was exciting to see Jesus heal and deliver. Moreover, it was beautiful to see this woman truly set free from satanic bondage. The smile on her face and the peace spoke volumes.

We also ministered to her friend, whom was sitting right next to her. Within seconds, a powerful Hindu spirit named Kali surfaced. This well known demon goddess within Hinduism warred against me. I called forth fire from heaven and the fire descended and consumed these Kali spirits –they were screaming out as they faced the wrath of God! There were untold numbers. They boasted how they brought numerous pains and afflictions into her. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, all of them were cast out to the pit! 

It’s been difficult to recall the numerous miracles however we have seen the hand of God upon these meetings. Last night, was another amazing night. It started off with some disruptions. As I was teaching a man in the middle of the sanctuary wanted to argue with me about some petty items and was so furious with me that he abruptly got up from his seat and ran off in rage. We simply prayed for him and blessed him. Within a few minutes, he was back. Again he argued and left in a fury. As you can imagine, this brought up some internal disruption and concerned many as you could tell violence was wanting to surface from within him. Some of the ladies in the sanctuary quickly scattered to other seats. 

We continued to love him and presented him with spiritual truth. A minister friend of mine whom I had the honor ordaining a few nights ago, Pastor Richard and his wife, began to minister to him and drove out many demons from him. He was significantly freed and looked like a totally different man and was no longer arguing with me. He sat down in peace; reading his Bible. This was beautiful. 

Our meetings are like this…unique. Expect the unexpected. 

We also ministered to many other bound souls as the hours went by including a man perhaps in his 50’s that had been invaded by the ancient norse Germanic gods such as Odin. I spoke to Odin. There were many thousands of these demonic spirits within him. They were chocking him terribly; desirous of killing him. 

“We have been here for many years; we are not leaving him. His ancestors killed, participated in blood sacrifices.”

There were many other Norse gods within this man. I bound them up in Jesus name. At times they would cause him to fall out onto the ground. Some were vomiting out of him. There was also blood. With loud cries and screams, these Norse gods were defeated and were removed in Jesus name and sent directly to the pit! This man was freed and feeling much better. Relieved and released. Healed. Peace. Amen!

Also some were set free from powerful Masonic death curses. As I led everyone in Masonic curse breaking; numerous evil spirits surfaced and caused some to fall down onto the ground. Jesus delivered. Other souls through the night were liberated as we continued on with the ministry. Moreover, many heart parts were healed by Jesus.

I’m about to head out to another public seminar here in Perth, Australia and request your holy prayers. God is moving powerfully in our midst.

Extraordinary Power Encounters in Australia; Jesus Healed Blindness & Afflictions

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Amazing night of night here in Perth, Australia. Actually quite remarkable on multiple levels; as Jesus rescued, healed, restored and freed souls bound by sins, bondages and demons. Thus far this Australian mission has been a spiritual success. Every day I have ministered in various kinds of meetings resulting in souls finding liberation from darkness –so many demons expelled and sent to the pit! Speaking of ministry meetings, I really sense the Holy Spirit moving on my heart to be open to extending the mission in Melbourne as I sense a great need in Victoria. If you are interested in private meetings, in the Melbourne area, please contact my Australian mission coordinator Pastor Joan Smale at +61415114385 or (note: for private encounters; a donation will be required to cover operational costs) and we will begin to pray about the need to extend the Melbourne mission. 

Last night, at the Concordia Lutheran Church, a woman’s only meeting, we experienced incredible ministry. One of the first ladies we ministered to, who was experiencing some convulsions, had been invaded by powerful spirits of death. These were commanded out of her in Jesus name. As we ministered to her, another few women up in the front of the sanctuary began to convulse. I inquired why she was shaking.

“Jay, as you were praying, I saw a vision of a Freemasonry symbol drenched with blood.”

Wow! Here we go again, another Masonic spirit. By the way, I believe in nearly every ministry session we have conducted here in Australia have included confrontations with the spirits of Freemasonry. It seems to me, from my global ministry perspective, that the Freemasonry spirits are strongest here in and in America. Freemasonry is rooted in the Illuminati and is some of the most destructive spiritual forces that exist in our day. I was liberated from Freemasonry nearly 30 years ago. I know of the strong demonic powers that are rooted with Masonry. 

(As I have been sharing with everyone, in our email updates, our victory reports over Freemasonry, I have received a number of emails from individuals, including some high ranking Masons, who are angry about me speaking out against Freemasonry. There were even some indirect threats concerning this. I’m here to tell you –Freemasonry is SATANIC and you will find yourself enslaved if you do not repent and seek deliverance from the ancestral curses.)

The violent Masonic spirits rose up against me in public and battled me. They used spiritual weapons; they fired spiritual darts in my direction. It failed to deter. With claw-like hands, within the lady I was ministering to, it approached me in an attempt to injure me. I called upon the holy angels of God and they quickly assisted me in restraining the violence of the demonic spirits. They struck the demons with their swords and spears; greatly weakening the demons. I sprinkled the holy oil (the fire of the Holy Spirit) and they cowered in utter defeat. At first, they stood face to face with me with rage and murder. I made sure this Jesus power encounter was front and center so that the church could see clearly that our Lord is greater and He conquers His foes. At the end, these spiritual enemies, were submitting to Jesus as Lord! 


“We have been here for many generations, hundreds of years because of Freemasonry rituals and ceremonies,” the Masonic spirits revealed, “We afflict with all kinds of sicknesses and pains.”

In the name of Jesus, I had these vile spirits remove numerous fiery darts from her body; instantly the pain left. We also discovered many other spirits within her body including spirits of death and Jezebel. We also found a human interject within her –her very own father who was a Mason. 

“I’m here to control my daughter; I want her involved in Freemasonry,” this human interject, her father, revealed to me. 

This is another aspect of the ministry that must be addressed and spiritually investigated as many souls are being controlled or tormented by these human invaders. Our NEW Freedom Fighter International Training Center spends considerable amount of time exploring this complex subject and offers practical tips on how to minister to those with human interjects. 

Think about it…how many ministries are conducting this kind of work in the field of the gospel? Not many; I assure you. We are. This is a very good reason to support; to invest into our global work so that many more souls might find freedom in Jesus name.

I spoke to the human interject that surfaced and commanded him to depart. He left. I then dealt with the spirits with him; the spirits of witchcraft and sorcery. All of them were forced out in the name of Jesus and directly sent to the pit; they screamed out of her. Immediately her facial disposition was stunning; she was filled with light. She looked totally different. What an amazing transformation as a result of the love of Jesus being poured out on her life.

This was only the beginning of the meeting; more Jesus power encounters took place. One was quite dramatic. A young lady to the right of me had been afflicted by demons all night long. I began to pray for her and powerful demons of death surfaced and battled me. They wouldn’t allow her to get off her chair. So, I asked the holy angels to lift her off. It was difficult to get the angels to pick her up off the chair. They finally forced her up without human aid and led her to the front of the sanctuary. I had the holy angels strike the invading demons. What a powerful public demonstration of God’s power! 

Among the many afflictions they placed upon her life; they had her eyes and fought for her eyes. I kept on fighting and pouring the blood of Christ upon her eyes. Finally the demons released her eyes and as this woman came out of demonized state (during the deliverance I had taken off her glasses) she could see clearly. Remarkable! We are seeing so many dozens supernaturally and miraculously healed of varying degrees of blindness; amazing Jesus! I really feel empowered by the Holy Spirit in healing the blind. Not all are healed; but many are indeed healed of blindness. I had one of our ministry partners stand in the back of the room and tested her healing. He raised his hand and she could easily tell how many fingers were raised; where before she could not, without the aid of her glasses. 

This is only but one miracle that took place as for many hours we ministered to the sick and those tormented by demons. This same precious young lady, also, during the meeting, surfaced a powerful demon that made her run out of the meeting hall. Literally, she ran out of the sanctuary under a demonic trance and ended up outside in some bushes, in the middle of the night. No doubt the demons wanted her to leave and not submit to this kind of spiritual Jesus power. Eventually the holy angels captured her and without any direct human aid; the angels made sure they returned to the sanctuary. As she was being carried supernaturally by the angels back into the building; the demons glanced over at me. They were furious. Another powerful demonstration of the powers of Jesus. 

As she was brought into the meeting hall; I was able to effectively minister to this lady and drive out all of the tormenting spirits and they directly sent to the pit. As I was casting out demons from this woman; I began to minister to another woman in the middle of the sanctuary that was manifesting spirits all night long. I called upon the fire of the Holy Spirit. Immediately it descended and caused the woman to twist in an most unusual position as the demons were reacting to the judgement of the living God. The Holy Spirit was forcing out many sicknesses from this woman, including some kind of Lupus affliction. She was powerfully healed and freed from demons on this night. It was extraordinary night!

Not only were many demons expelled but also many infirmities and afflictions. Moreover, many little heart parts (dissociative identities) ranging from little ones to  older ones; each were brought to the Savior for deep healing. Mass number of little heart parts have been healed by Jesus. Many were refreshed by the teachings offered from God’s Word and I as really encouraged to see even some disciples from Singapore, who have been following our mission for awhile, travel to these meetings. 

Looking forward to this evening’s meetings; believing for many to be freed from demonic bondage and healed from a broken heart. Thank you for praying for us.

In Australia: Invasion of Thousands of Human Interjects; Freemasonry Demons Defeated!

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Yesterday, a stunning day of ministry here in Perth, Australia, where we have been conducting public and private meetings for the past several days. My family has arrived from Sydney so it’s been refreshing to have them here with me. This morning we gathered for a time of Scripture reading and family prayer; it is wonderful to have the family unified under the blood of Jesus! Amen! 

Yesterday afternoon, at Concordia Lutheran Church, Pastor Joan Smale (our Australia Mission coordinator) and a few other believers conducted a extensive exorcism with a young man that traveled from an island not too far from Papua New Guinea. As you can imagine he traveled a great distance to be present, for an exorcism. I’m thankful he made the effort as God freed this young man whom I’ll refer to as Todd. What made this really special is that Todd has enrolled in our Freedom Fighter International Training Centerand is currently underway in the studies. Moreover, he has used some of the the information to conduct some self-deliverance, with some success, however there were deeply rooted demons that remained. 

Though Todd had been a disciple of the Lord; he fell into a number of unholy sexual unions, over the years, that opened his life to demonic spirits and to some other spiritual realities that I will discuss in a moment. Todd was repentant and was willing to surrender to the Lord Jesus. Almost immediately demons surfaced from within him and battled me. There were spirits of Jezebel, death, unbelief, lust, perversion, fornication, witchcraft and many others. Also there were a number of mind-controlling spirits including a intelligent spirit named Octopus whose tentacles were extended throughout his soul nature that caused great havoc as it bound him to addictions and sexual compulsions. Most of the demons had been present within the ancestral bloodline for more than 400+ years; some even further back. Sins? Fornication, lust, perversions and Freemasonry (more on this in a moment). Some of the demons entered as a result of Todd’s sins including his struggles with lust, impurity and adultery. As we often discover, many of the spirits revealed they had never been exposed before or confronted by a disciple of the Lord!

The invading demons, at times, aggressively shook Todd’s head back and forth and disfigured his facial disposition. Disgusting spirit. These demons growled and moaned. They submitted to King Jesus. As we continued our ministry session with Todd we discovered some fascinating spiritual aspects to this exorcism worthy to note:

  • There were many thousands of human interjects that were present within him.* (foreign soul parts of prostitutes; he had visited that entered his life as a result of unholy sexual unions). These were all forced out in Jesus name; along with the demons attached to them. Think about the implications of this. *I don’t think I have ever come across that many human interjects before in a person. I have encountered millions of dissociative identities within an individual before but not human interjects. Fascinating. 
  • Encountered numerous broken heart parts; they were guided to Jesus for healing.
  • Among the human interjects I spoke to were: a witchdoctor (attempting to bind him in lust; actually sent him lust curses), a Hindu prostitute (that accessed his life through unholy unions; resulting in New Age/Hindu demonic spirits invading his body and mind). These were forced to leave in Jesus name along with their demons. 
  • Removed a number of mind controlling mechanisms, fiery darts (such as the ones described in Ephesians 6 by the apostle Paul) and Freemasonry curses that were rooted in his ancestral bloodline. 
  • Numerous evil spirits; including some strong Freemasonry spirits of death that were rooted in ancestral participation in secret societies. 
  • Numerous physical and mental afflictions. 

Speaking of Freemasonry. This is a very serious spiritual curse that needs to be addressed. I do not think the Body of Christ truly understands the implications of ancestral Masonic curses that often remain unbroken in many lives. These are powerful demons that, often, enslave dissociative identities (in Todd’s case, there were a number being held by the Masonic spirits). Which by the way, is a KEY element that most Christian books on the subject of Freemasonry rarely discuss and/or investigates –the reality of dissociative identities being created or held in captivity by Masonic spirits. We were able to free Todd from these spirits and the parts of his broken heart were sent to Jesus for healing. 

Todd, had gone through some extensive curse breaking, as a result of reading a book on the subject of the curses of Masonry however even then there still remained a death spirit that was rooted in the Masonic death curses that were spoken by his ancestors in Masonic ceremonies. This is why we encourage everyone to go through a deliverance as you never know what might be lurking deep within your body and soul that escaped your self deliverance efforts.

Not only were there Masonic spirits there were many spirits of lust, generational lust, fornication, generational fornication, serpentine spirits (rooted in Hinduism as a result of a unholy soul tie with a Hindu girl), spirits of Baal and so many others that sought to bind him and torment him. It was interesting to note that many of the demons revealed that Todd was in fact a warrior for Jesus and their need to stop him by binding him up in various kinds of sins. You might be a warrior for Jesus; these demons know they can only do so much, but one thing they will do is attempt to bind you in some kind of besetting sin to hinder your effectiveness. We need to be on guard; be prudent in Jesus name!

In the power of the Lord Jesus Christ –Todd was wonderfully set free from many demonic spirits, Masonic curses, invading human interjects and the fiery darts of the enemy. Furthermore, he was supernaturally healed of a broken heart. He will need our prayers.

From Witchcraft to Jesus Freedom; Delivered from Hundreds of Thousands of Jezebel Demons!

Wednesday, August 13th, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Over the years I have discovered that it’s difficult, many times, to ministry in institutional churches than in home churches. In the institutional church there are so many obstacles to the work of the Holy Spirit that hinder the ability to effectively minister to those who are hurting and needing deep ministry. This is why I absolutely love visiting and ministering in home churches around the world. As these house churches seem, generally speaking, much more open to the work of the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, it seems the presence of the Holy Spirit is much more tangible in these environment; this is what my heart desires.
I’m feeling revived and strengthened by the events that transpired last night as I ministered in a home church here in Western Australia. The Holy Spirit truly visited us in His holy power and was honored to be present. I was invited to lead the people of God in Holy Communion and in the ministry of healing and deliverance. This beautiful home church, here in Perth, was jammed packed with precious disciples who desired to serve King Jesus. The worship and the fellowship was sweet. The meals were incredibly tasty and fulfilling and the ministry was satisfying to the spirit, soul and body. What more could a disciple ask for?
Interestingly, the Holy Spirit directed me to formally ordain, with the agreement of the people of God that had assembled, the leader of the fellowship. He was to become the pastor of this house church and his assistant; an evangelist. What an absolute joy to lead the people of God in Holy Communion and into an ordination service where we laid hands upon these pastors and dedicated them onto the Lord. It was a powerful time of the Holy Spirit. The energy of the Spirit of God in the room was tangible and mighty. There were several of us who saw heavenly visions. God was truly in our midst.
After the ordination service, I began to minister to a 38 year old mother of three, by the name of Julie, who had been involved in witchcraft and the occult. She actually participated in satanic ceremonies and rituals. As a young girl she had been sexually abused and traumatized. As a preteen she was forced to participate in lesbianism, orgies and perversions of all sorts by a witch. By sixteen years of age she was already involved in prostitution. This precious lady had encountered deep pain and hurt. However, Jesus intervened and rescued her. Though she was saved; she was still needing some assistance in expelling the demonic forces that had invaded her.
I am thankful I was there to help and to intervene in Julie’s life. Almost immediately, the demons surfaced and battled. Many of the demons claimed to have brought into her body various kinds of cancers, kidney problems, diabetes, blindness and a host of physical and emotional afflictions. Moreover, they had even implanted a number of fiery darts within her body to bring forth great pain.
“We have been here for thousands of years; we are staying here!” the demons informed me, “Her ancestors killed, participated in idol-worship and pagan sacrifices.”
No wonder Julie had so many spiritual problems. Ancient death curses had been placed upon her life as a result of her ancestors involvement in sorcery and participation in killing in demonic sacrificial rites. For many generations, no-one, sadly, broke off the satanic curses thus the demons flowed freely. On this night, however, things would be different. The evil curses were broken, the fiery darts removed, and spiritual rights were renounced in Jesus name!
At one point, the demons of murder, death, Moloch, Baal, Jezebel witchcraft, perversions, lesbianism attempted to fight. I called forth the mighty angels of God and they arrived in power. I asked them to strike the demons; they did. The demons groaned in agony. I also directed the Holy Spirit fire to fall upon the spirits; the fire fell. The demons greatly weakened. These invading evil spirits had no chance. God’s power was too great.
As the spirits of lesbianism departed, a great amount of vomiting occurred. The others shortly left thereafter. Some of the demons such as Moloch and Baal held captive a number of ancestral dissociative identities and a few human interjects by the name of Sasha and Jenny. Sasha was only a pre-teen but was able to access this mother because of her forced participation in lesbianism as a young girl. This soul part was removed as was the demon attached to this human interject. Moreover, Jenny was able to access Julie because of a soul tie that been created years earlier. Jenny was a witch (that lived in the neighborhood) and forcefully reached out to Julie to recruit her into the occult and witchcraft. She was successful and thus was able to invade Julie’s soul nature in attempt to control her.
In summary, Julie, was battling a number of fronts:

  • A handful of ancestral dissociative identities, including one born in Scotland in 1820 who witnessed a murder in her front yard as a young girl thus creating soul fragmentation. I spoke to this little one. Deep pain; grief, and hurt. I guided this little one to Jesus for healing. 
  • A handful of dissociative identities that were present to carry the bad memories and pain as a result of early childhood sexual abuse. All of these were guided to Jesus for deep healing.
  • A handful of pre-natal dissociative parts. One little pre-natal part spoke to me and said she recalled hearing daddy say mean things. This brought deep pain and hurt. These little ones were sent to Jesus for comfort and healing.
  • A few human interjects. One from a young Russian girl whom she was forced to participate in lesbianism with. This young Russian girl soul part was sent to Jesus. Another interject was present due to a forced soul tie that was created by Jenny, the neighborhood witch. I spoke with Jenny and forced her out of Julie in Jesus name!
  • Hundreds of thousands of spirits of Jezebel.
  • Thousands of Moloch, Baal, and witchcraft spirits.
  • Ancient death curses.
  • Numerous implanted fiery darts sent by demons.
  • Numerous kinds of cancers; waiting to be activated by the demons. The spirits revealed: “We are waiting for fear be held onto by Julie. All cancers stem from fear!” Very interesting statement. Fear involves torment; cancer is a torment. Think about that for a moment. Perfect love (which is Jesus) casts out fear. This is the answer to cancer –the Lord Jesus!

As you can see, there were many spiritual wars needing to be fought. We fought them. Jesus was victorious. Many hundreds of thousands of demonic spirits (along with all of their devices, curses, afflictions, etc) were swiftly expelled in Jesus name and directly sent to the pit! This woman experienced a mighty deliverance, inner healing, and physical healing! Her face shined before all and testified of feeling so much better and lighter. Peace, joy, and love!
What a beautiful night of ministry where Jesus brought freedom to a family. I look forward to more meetings this week here in Western Australia. Hope you join us for one of the meetings.

At a Lutheran Church in Perth: Casting Jezebel Demons Out!

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014


I’m currently in Western Australia in the beautiful city of Perth where I have been invited to conduct a series of public seminars and meetings at a local Lutheran Church that is quite open to the healing and deliverance ministry. For more than 4.5 hours I taught from the Scriptures in a Basic Training Seminar on how to cast out demons in Jesus name. Prior to the ministry session it was encouraging to hear a young woman share how, as a result of her salvation, from a previous meeting in Perth, earlier this year, she has now been leading others to salvation in Jesus Christ! This is the fruit of the mission. Souls being won to Jesus; then those souls reaching out and winning others to Christ. Very encouraging. Spiritual multiplication. After the training I began to minister to those tormented by evil spirits and immediately demons surfaced and battled me. 


One of the first ladies we ministered to was a precious Indian disciple who had been invaded by a number of Jezebel, Kali, Krishna and other Hindu spirits. They had been giving this precious woman a host of physical and emotional problems. While ministering to her we also discovered there were a number of a dissociative identities that had been held captive by Satan. They were forced to be released and were guided to Jesus for supernatural healing. The demons were expelled and sent directly to the pit; including some spirits of blindness that held her eyes. As the demons departed this precious woman actually testified of being able to see much clearer without the aid of her glasses. Moreover, she also testified of feeling zero back pain. A area where she had been experiencing some pain issues and problems. God truly set this woman free, healed her heart and released her from a lot of physical pain and afflictions. 


Yet, another woman, we prayed with also surfaced a number of Jezebel demons that sought to torment her with respiratory problems, allergies and joint pain. These spirits were forced out, actually screamed out of her, in Jesus name. Along with the demons being driven out; we also ministered to a small number of broken heart parts that surfaced while ministering deliverance to this woman. They were guided to Jesus healing. All night long, while ministering in the Lutheran Church, we encountered many little heart parts –ranging from a few years of age to pre-teens. Many of them carrying a great amount of anguish and deep hurt. Jesus healed so many broken heart parts on this night. I was honored to see hearts come together as one and restored by God.


Another woman we ministered to, perhaps in her late 50’s, surfaced a little heart part that held on a traumatic memory of when she was 7 years of age  and being yelled at by a teacher. As I often share to the various audiences I speak before that it doesn’t take much to break a heart of a little child and that trauma can have lifetime implications. In this case for 40+ years this little heart part was held captive by evil spirits and this precious woman has not been able to live a life without deep pain due to the fact that this little part had not been reached and healed. I was able to reach out to the little one and guide the little heart part to Jesus for healing. 


In nearly every case, during our evening service, we encountered the demon of Jezebel. I was sharing with some of my ministry partners last night, it seems that it’s almost reached the point to where the first spiritual issue I investigate with ladies is the Jezebel problem. She is constantly surfacing and this night was no different. Why? Answer: because for generations the church has not provided a spiritual barrier to these kinds of Jezebel spirits. She has flowed from generation to generation without any difficulty. The church has, generally, failed, to provide opportunities (due to unbelief, fear, lack of knowledge, etc) for the people of God to be delivered from these spirits and to renounce the curses that provide her spiritual openings. Thus her being rampant within the Body of Christ. 


By God’s grace we are determined to do our part to stop this spirit from advancing in lives. Interestingly, in every case last night, it was also discovered that this spirit had not been confronted at all through all of these generations by one single disciple of the Lord. In one case last night a spirit revealed he had been flowing through the generations for nearly 500 years without being hindered. We also encountered many spirits of death, murder, Baal too. These were driven out in Jesus name and sent to the pit! Several people were ministered to experienced physical healing also.


I am thankful for the opportunity to extend this mission into Australia. For a number of years now we traveled, on an average, a couple times a year, to this continent and trust our efforts will be blessed for generations to come; impacting precious families with the salvation, deliverance and healing message of Jesus! Continue to pray for me; for divine strength and health. It is deeply appreciative. 

In British Columbia: Evangelistic Efforts into the World of Alternative Spiritual Movements!

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

For more than a quarter of a century we have focused our efforts on global evangelistic endeavors. I was only 16 years of age when I embarked on my first international evangelistic mission in the West Indies. Though only a teenager; I was filled with the Holy Spirit and empowered to proclaim the gospel in open air meetings. Over the years, as I continued serving Jesus throughout the earth, I was led to many precious souls from various spiritual backgrounds —Buddhists, Hindus, Animists, Muslims and adherents of various alternative spiritual movements that exist in our day. God blessed me with the unique opportunity to effectively minister to those enslaved to these movements and have brought thousands of them to salvation in Jesus Christ. 

Last night, was no different, I was once again given an opportunity to lead, in this case, a Sikh, to peace with Christ! More on this remarkable miracle and how it played out in our public meeting here in the beautiful city of Vancouver, British Columbia, in a moment. However, prior to arriving into Vancouver, we held another public meeting at the Temple of Salvation in Hollywood where for many hours we drove out numerous demons in the name of Jesus. It has been a special time for me in Southern California these past few months as I have traveled throughout the Western region of North America ministering to those held captive by Satan. Many hundreds have been deeply touched by the Lord Jesus in our many public and private meetings resulting in souls being saved, cured from sicknesses, healed from brokenness and freed from evil spirits. 

Before beginning the public ministry, I was encouraged, once again, to hear of the many disciples who testified of being freed from demons as a result of our efforts. Many hundreds are now equipped to go forward to minister in the authority of Jesus Christ! I’m believing as a result of these meetings many thousands of souls will be delivered by these newly equipped saints. I have been astonished, to be honest with you, by the participation and interest of those in the greater Los Angeles area. 

As I began to pray for those bound by demons, many evil spirits surfaced and battled me, including some very strong spirits of Santeria within a lady, perhaps in her 30’s, that was seated in the very back of the jammed packed sanctuary, with her husband. The demons shook this woman violently and growled like a wild beast. It gnashed her teeth and started speaking in aggressive demonic tongues –it was cursing me. Moreover, it was lifting up her hands and attempted to send fiery darts to me. It was furious in that it was exposed to the light of Jesus! 

For many minutes these spirits went on speaking in ancient demonic tongues with violence of speech. Some in the sanctuary were shocked by this demonic display of fury. It took some time to get the demons to cooperate but once they did, the holy angels assisted me in bringing this woman’s demonized body up the front of the meeting hall. We discovered these were demons rooted in Santeria. Furthermore, we also discovered, that these demons had been in the family bloodline for more than 5,000 years as a result of ancient pagan rituals of this lady’s ancestors. No wonder their supernatural strength and powers. 

At one point these destructive unholy beings chomped on my Bible with their teeth. I learned a lesson, to not place my fingers near the mouth of those controlled by murderous spirits. So, I simply used the Scriptures and it drove the spirits insane whom sought to cannibalize me. They resisted and strongly opposed me. I asked the holy angels to carry this demonized woman’s body up to the front of the meeting hall; which they did so I could minister effectively to her.

It was a stunning display, demonstration in the sanctuary. The demons of Santeria battled me openly, a servant of God. I used spiritual weapons; they did also. I employed the holy oil of fire; the enemy utilized curses. The spirits were seen attempting to utilize their own spiritual weapons; I resisted using the weapons of God. It was epic spiritual battle between the forces of evil and forces of good. Eventually, the Santeria spirits succumbed to the prevailing power of Jesus and all of them were sent directly to the abyss. As you can imagine, this precious saint was really happy; relieved. Many others experienced deliverance from demons and received healing of body and soul as we continued ministering deep into the night.

After concluding the evening meeting I rushed back to the hotel for a few hours of sleep and then traveled back to the airport for another flight into British Columbia where we held a evening public meeting at the Empire Landing Hotel in downtown Vancouver. We were meeting in one of the small conference halls nevertheless nearly every seat was occupied with those desperate for spiritual intervention. One man, perhaps in his 50’s, shared with the crowd that he literally wept when he discovered I had cancelled a earlier public service in Vancouver back at the beginning of the year due to some severe winter travel difficulties. He came back when I was in the city a few months ago but didn’t have the opportunity to minister to him; this time it would be different. Before sharing his miraculous deliverance; allow me to share with you the beautiful conversion of a woman, perhaps in her late 20’s, who was a Sikh (5th largest alternative spiritual movement/religion on earth). 

Prior to the ministry; I inquired if anyone needed to be born-again as Jesus required from John 3. One young Asian man testified of needing to be born-again; I led him to Jesus, before the small crowd. Then this lady, a Sikh, inquired about this spiritual experience. I briefly shared the gospel; she resisted and opposed me. However, I learned long ago, not to engage in a debate but to pour out love on those needing salvation; which I did. The love of God was melting her heart. At some point in the meeting she leaves angrily. But something supernatural happens as the night continues on….

As the evening went on we prayed for those afflicted with demon powers. One man, perhaps in his 50’s, the man who wept when it was discovered I had cancelled a meeting earlier in the year, manifested strong spirits that shook him violently and caused him to fall down on to the ground withering. His body was being twisted by these evil forces. Calvin, it was discovered, was employed at a local psychiatric hospital as a janitor, thus submitting himself to various kinds of strange spirits such as insanity and madness. These kinds of demons surfaced as I prayed. These invading demons were not alone there were many others such as Baal, Jezebel and Death. 

We continued ministering to Calvin. Many of the demons quickly flew out of his body and were sent to the pit in Jesus name. Some of the demons fought back but were defeated by Jesus. With loud cries and much vomiting the demons departed. His smile and peaceful disposition spoke volumes. This man was finally experiencing peace with God; the torment had left. Calvin even sent me a email yesterday; thanking me for the deliverance and shared how he slept peacefully for the first time in awhile. 

Interestingly, in the middle of our public meeting more than a dozen people shared they had been spiritually hit with head pain by demons. Very strange that this many people would be feeling this kind of pain all at once. I had them stand up and I commanded the pains to depart –immediately 10 of them were healed and set free from the demonic pains. The other two took some time to remove the pains. Moreover, during the meeting many dissociative identities were surfacing  –little boys and girls who were carrying deep pain and hurt. They were quickly guided to Jesus for healing and peace. Many heart parts were being healed by Jesus. Furthermore, several people with various kinds of afflictions were quickly supernaturally healed by Jesus. 

For more than 10 hours I ministered –5-6 hours of public ministry and another 4+ hours of private ministry. Even well after the meeting concluded I was ministering deep into the night. One man stayed after the service inquiring of spiritual assistance. He shared how his wife had drove out 2 demons from him but had difficulty driving out the others. She encouraged him to attend our public meeting. As I prayed many spirits surfaced including a spirit named Viper. It was a snake spirit hell bent on destroying this man’s family and marriage. With the holy angels assisting me; we drove out many of these Viper spirits out of his body in Jesus name. He was so happy after his deliverance from these wicked spirits. 

Guess who walks in after this deliverance? The argumentative Sikh who wanted to debate during the public service. She walks in convulsing badly. The Sikh spirits did not want her to approach me. Guess what I did? Did I engage in a debate and eloquently defended the faith with my knowledge of apologetics in the field of world religions. Nope (though there are times defending the faith is necessary). Didn’t need to. She was hurt and needed love and compassion. So I gave her a big bear hug and allowed the love of Jesus to channel through me to her broken heart. The love melted her heart and all of the desire to engage in a debate with me drained out of her. 

Much can be said about this. I think apologetics is necessary at times, however, I believe a more effective spiritual weapon is the weapon of love. Souls, trapped in world religions and metaphysical sects are hungering for love. They are not necessarily interested in hearing a carefully crafted defense of the Christian faith. I have seen this throughout my international travels; ministering to those in Buddhism, Hinduism, and Islam. 

As this precious lady experienced the love; her body crumpled and her rigid body gave away to acceptance to this love; her heart opened up and she readily agreed to pray with me to confess Jesus as her only God and Lord! Amen! What a beautiful conversion. Many of our meetings are filled with those from other faiths and we are reaching many of them with the gospel. Did you know a few years ago while in the Islamic-dominated Pakistan I was honored to lead ENTIRE crowds, in our meetings, which consisted of many Muslims to Jesus. I can recount many experiences where I have seen this take place –Jesus saving those enslaved to alternative religions. All because of God’s love being extended. 

Even after the public meeting we ministered deep into the night. One family came to our meeting from the Middle East for deliverance and training. I was honored to visit this family in Oman (south of Saudi Arabia) a year or so ago and ministered deliverance to the captives. We were up until 2 or 3 in the morning. 

I am in awe of God’s mercy, grace, and love being extended to so many hundreds on this most recent North American mission.

Demonstrating the Power of God Over Islamic & Santeria Spirits in LA!

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

Last night, here in Los Angeles, we demonstrated the power of God over the evil one. In 1 Corinthians 2:4-5 the apostle Paul speaks of his preaching not being merely good preaching but of the “demonstration of the Spirit of power.” Which by the way is lacking. There’s a lot of teaching and preaching (which is good obviously) but void of any genuine power to deliver souls from demonic enslavement. After the service last night this was issue was brought up to me by a pastor friend of mine. In two decades of ministry he stated that, in his own observation, he rarely witnessed the power of God being demonstrated –a lot of prophetic ministry and teaching but that’s it!We need to bring back the genuine ministry of miracles into the Body of Christ so the watching world can see our God is alive in an tangible manner. 

The Temple of Salvation, again, last night, was jammed packed with precious souls hungering for deliverance from demons. One of the first ladies we ministered to was a Asian woman who was once a Master Teacher within Sufism (the metaphysical element of Islam). In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ many Islamic spirits were confronted and were driven out of this dear woman. Another woman manifested spirits nearby named Death and Suicide, with loud cries, this woman was set free. A man up front of the meeting hall was delivered from powerful spiritual darts that had been sent to him by a homosexual boss of his. Many demonic spirits departed from him. Another man was set free from Masonic head pains instantly utilizing a Bible. A another young woman was set from spirit named control and torment. This woman’s brother, who present nearby, was also instantly delivered from demons too. 

As you can see many were being set from demons on this night. In the midst of these miracles a woman towards back of the sanctuary manifested strong Santeria (an element of witchcraft) spirits that were rooted within her Cuban ancestry. These were driven out in the name of the Lord Jesus along with many spiritual daggers that had been sent to her by family members. It was remarkable to witness as I had the demons remove the many fiery darts from her body that were implanted within her. 

As I warred against these demons I called upon the holy angels of God and they presented themselves and assisted me in the deliverance of many souls. They brought out their holy swords and spears; battled the demons aggressively and struck the demons to weaken them. 

“Ok, ok, ok, we will submit to King Jesus,” said one Santeria demonic spirit that referred to itself as King! 

We demonstrated once again that the power of Jesus is greater then the powers of Santeria! 

All of these Santeria demons were driven out in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and were directly sent to the pit including many spirit husbands that had married her. She was extremely grateful, after her deliverance, of her newfound freedom. In fact, we also prayed for her eyes (she wore glasses) and within a minute her eyesight improved (she could see clearly without the aid of her glasses). Then just moments ago I received this beautiful testimony:

“I was surprised to discover that there were 3 Santeria demons and the demon of death. I did not know that one had married me, which explains, why no boyfriends, nevermind a husband or children. I did not know that my aunt and cousin had daggered me. You are the real deal, Jay. You have laid down your life to do God’s work unlike anyone I have ever known. I know what I had been dealing with, so I know how difficult the work is. On top of that you are warm and invitingI wanted to write today to express my gratitude for what you did for me. Jesus, through you, rid me of a lifetime of suffering.  I lost all my faith in Jesus when the Catholic church treated me like a crazy person, but you restored my faith last night.”


This was a very encouraging email. It blessed me. This is why we do what we do! Lives are bound and we want to see them unbound in Jesus! A lifetime of suffering stopped! This is a good enough reason to help us continue this global mission with your financial support (consider investing into this mission today by clicking here). We are demonstrating the power of God over the evil ones. Help us to further this international mission that is reaching millions.

In the midst of casting the Santeria demons out of this precious lady; some powerful spirits of insanity and anti-Christ surfaced within a woman towards the very back of the meeting hall. It screamed as I approached. It cowered down. 

“I make her feel like she is going insane; she is mentally ill,” the spirits yelled at me.

Obviously, this lady, a graduate of a prestigious university, was not insane but rather terribly vexed by demons of insanity and many others. 

“We have been here a very long time and we are staying!”

Again, obviously, this demon wasn’t going to stay; he would be forced out and he was in Jesus name!

For a good portion of the evening I battled many strong spirits named Anti-Christ and Insanity with the assistance of God’s holy angels; utilizing my sacred cross, the fire of the Holy Spirit and other spiritual weapons at my disposal. They cowered and departed for the pit!

It’s been very difficult to chronicle all of the miracles we are witnessing. Every service is filled with the supernatural and we look forward to this evening’s service at the Temple of Salvation, be sure to join us.

We are also receiving many testimonies from around the globe; many are being blessed by our other extensions of the mission. As many of you know we are not only conducting public missions but we also carry out a popular global radio broadcast (and have written many publications) that is reaching a multitude of souls. We have seen quite a few people free from demons as a result of these presentations and publications. Read these testimonies; one from Africa and another from North America.

“Jay–thank you. I listened to several of your podcasts yesterday and prayed the prayers. I did feel much lighter and slept much much better for the first time in some time. I also had it settle in my heart the reality of this and how it is a terribly neglected part of healing ministries. Thank you  I am so glad God has made you bold in His truth.”

“Greetings, Jay, in Jesus Name –I am real thankful to the Lord for having connected me to your ministry of deliverance publications; I admit that they have been very resourceful to me and family and am trusting to receive more freedom of myself and my family and others as I practice whatever truth I have learnt from your publications.”


What else can I say? Victory is Mine Saith the Lord!

Kansas City: Hours of Obstacles then Miracles; Blindness Healed

Sunday, August 3rd, 2014

Dear Friends of Jesus,


I just arrived into downtown Kansas City, Missouri, where I am scheduled to conduct another public deliverance mission. Earlier this morning; around3:30am we concluded our service in Omaha where I ministered at a jammed packed house church where precious souls came in from all over the region for prayer and ministry. Many also came to be equipped. 


For more than 4 hours I taught from the Scriptures and trained the saints. That is correct. 4 hours of teaching. Not one single break either and not one single soul left. The Body of Christ is hungering for the ministry of miracles. After more than 4 hours of teaching; I led everyone in Holy Communion and soon thereafter demons began to manifest. 


To the right of me a lady, perhaps, in her late 50’s, began to vomit out many demons. This went on for some time. Afterwards she testified of feeling much better and lighter! 


 As I stood before the small crowd gathered, in this home, I noticed many other demons surfacing and glaring at me with hatred and torment. I continued on praying for healing and deliverance and a lady on the second floor of the house that overlooked the living room where we were meeting; began to manifest evil spirits also and started to vomit. I went upstairs and began to pray for her. Demons surfaced.


 “I’m Jezebel and we are here to destroy her,” Jezebel boasted to me.


 Ah, Jezebel once again. This wicked spirit is conducting her nefarious deeds everywhere on earth. I brought this woman up to the front of the crowd and began to demonstrate the power of God over the evil one.


 “We have been making her sick and her kids!”


 I commanded the demons to take upon the many infirmities they had brought to this woman’s body and soul. I also brought forward her two sons (ages 13 and 20, I believe) to the front. The demons revealed the unholy spirits within the both of them and I quickly commanded the demons to leave both of these young men. The demons departed swiftly and both testified of feeling free and healed. Amazing Jesus! 


The oldest son was really being touched of the Lord and just sat in a chair allowing the peace and love of Christ to overflow his being. This global mission is marked by it’s love! We are dedicated to extending the love and the compassion of Jesus to those suffering around the world. Hurting souls need love, need compassion and mercy. Yes, we preach repentance and seriousness to the things of God however we focus on God’s love as He is love! 


 As we minister throughout the earth, God is flowing His unfailing love through me to many tens of thousands of souls that I personally minister to. Many testify of feeling the supernatural love of God deeply ministering to their hearts as I embrace them with God’s compassion. It’s this love that rescues souls. 


 Jezebel had no chance tonight. She was easily defeated along with the spirits of death and others. All of them were commanded to the pit in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. As the demons departed, little heart parts surfaced and spoke to me. They were guided to the Healer Jesus. It was beautiful to witness. Then this precious woman testified of feeling so relieved and healed after so many years of satanic bondage. 


 While driving from Omaha to Kansas City this precious woman of God sent me a email. I would like to share a portion with you:


 “Hi Jay this is Jennifer and I am writing you to tell you thank you and thank you again for helping me with deliverance last night or this morning rather in Omaha, Nebraska; for me and my children. Words cannot express how much I love you right now brother for what you did from me and my family and how grateful we are all of this. This was an answered prayer for us; you are such a gifted man and I cannot wait to see what the Father does with your ministry and where he takes you next. I have experienced the best rest. It’s been such a long time. I woke up with a clear mind and I could do anything but get up and then praise God in bless the Lord at all day. I’ve been crying and and praising God and just thanking him for the deliverance I received last night. I am serious about learning more about the deliverance ministry. I believe in my heart that’s where I supposed to be. I have to wait and see what God says about that but that’s what I believe and as you know it had to be his will and His will only. Please be safe you and your family will always be in our prayers, your ministry will always be in my prayers. God’s blessings; thank you again. I love you brother.”


When I read this my eyes teared up. Our God is gracious. He restores. I’m telling you my friends, people respond to love. If you love people, their hearts will open to the ministry you offer. If you are void of love then you will never be able to connect with hurting hearts. I have some minister friends that have difficulty ministering because they lack the expression of love to hurting souls. Sure, they are great teachers and evangelists but Bible knowledge will only take you so far in ministering to bruised souls. We need to love people.


 This mission receives testimonies like this every week from around the earth. People being saved, healed and freed from evil spirits and are now wanting to serve Jesus in ministry. Is this not what ministry should involve? I look forward to being a conduit of God’s love to reach your hurts in Jesus name!


 Jennifer’s deliverance was only the beginning of ministry. All night long we broke generational curses and drove out demons. Another precious saint we ministered to was to the left of me. He had the “look;” the look of torment. Immediately I forced the spirit of torment up and he spoke to me. He growled and battled me. I fought back in Jesus name. I called upon the fire of the Holy Spirit and directed the fire upon the invading demons; this man’s suddenly jolted and the demons moaned in pain as they suffered from being burned by God. 


 “I will fight you as we are not leaving him,” the demons revealed to me.


 So I began to use other weapons and had two powerful holy angels draw out their swords and strike the invading demons. The demons shrieked with great pain. They began to beg me to stop as the suffering was too great but still wanted to battle me. I brought out my holy cross and used it also. It burned the demons and again they begged me to stop.


 “But we will still fight you! We’ll ram that cross of yours into your head,” the demons warned. 


 I could see that these demons were quite serious and were desirous of murdering me. So, I continued using the spiritual weapons we possess and finally the demons gave up and released this man from the torment, the OCD and all of the bondages they had brought into his life. He was delivered and was shocked to see the difference. He was lighter and peaceful! Jesus truly healed him!


 We continued on the ministry of healing and deliverance and came across some very stubborn Jezebel spirits. Despite the opposition God still delivered and healed precious souls and so many were refreshed and encouraged. I believe it was around 3-3:30am we finally concluded the ministry –more than 8 hours of ministry.