Hundreds of Holy Angels Visited Us; Legions of the Nephilim Cast Out!

Dear Friends of Jesus,

Words will fail in describing what we experienced this afternoon at Concordia Lutheran Church here in Western Australia. A very humble man, perhaps in his late 50’s, named Michael, who sat with his precious wife, in the very back of the sanctuary, was mightily used of the Lord, like I have rarely witnessed before in nearly 30 years of knowing Jesus! The Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me to bring Michael up to the front of the sanctuary and to lead us in worship. Almost immediately the Holy Spirit fell upon all of us and humbled everyone in the meeting hall. I was immediately driven to the floor and cried like a little baby in worship of King Jesus. I wasn’t alone. Many others were bowing before and worshipping Jesus in deep repentance. 

My friends, the tangible presence of the Holy Spirit was extremely powerful; like I have rarely experienced before. Without any aid of any musical instrument or any pre-planned canned song, he sang a Holy Spirit inspired song. The constant themes, of these heavenly songs (many of which were sung in the heavenly tongues), were the glorification of Jesus, the need for God’s people to be prepared by the WORD for warfare and the need to conduct spiritual warfare on the front lines. 

I recall a dear brother of mine, in China, whose wife was completely taken over and compelled by the Holy Spirit to speak on three, of the same, essentially, basic themes. God is very concerned about these three elements taking place:

~Glorification of His Son!

~Absolute necessity of being trained by His WORD

~The carrying out of the mandate of the Great Commission to preach the gospel, heal the sick, to cast out demons and to heal those broken in heart.

The apostle Paul in 2 Corinthians 12 spoke of being caught up into paradise and hearing “inexpressible words.” This is what we all experienced in this service, during our praise and worship. At some point in the middle of one of the songs, as we all laid before Jesus, one could hear perhaps hundreds of angelic beings singing along with us. HUNDREDS! In this advanced training seminar, for select disciples wanting to go deeper with the ministry, there were perhaps 50 of us. Where did the other hundred or so other voices come from? The perfect harmony of their singing was out of this world, literally. I have NEVER heard anything like this before –inexpressible! Stunning. Divinely epic! I was shaking to my core in AWE of our great GOD. I cannot even imagine what I will feel like when I am in His presence for all eternity –the absolute beauty of the praise was perfect! There was no pollution to it. It was pure, holy, and right. Just writing about this angelic experience makes my heart shiver with a Godly awe. I am shaken to the core speaking of this. 

To think God was pleased with us to visit us in this manner is something I have been thinking of. Most of our public meetings our visited by holy angels as they assist me, all the time, in ministering to those afflicted by evil spirits. They have been conducting some amazing deeds these past few nights in our public services. Stunning acts of the supernatural. I simply marvel. I am blessed with the angelic hosts always traveling with me in the meetings and carrying out miraculous works. However, to hear them sing was staggering. I cannot seem to grasp of the significance of tonight’s events. 

After worship; I led everyone in Holy Communion and I taught from the WORD for nearly 4 hours. Then we began to minister to those tormented by evil spirits. The first lady I ministered to was a 70 year old woman who felt like there was a 26 year old part of her broken heart being held captive by the enemy. Well, there was. Allow me to explain. At the age of 26 she was sodomized. The sickening sexual act opened her life to demons. Moreover, it brought upon dissociation. Her heart broke due to the sodomy. 

As I prayed over her, a evil spirit named, “Sodomy,” surfaced and spoke back to me. 

“We have been here for many, many years. Her ancestors sodomized,” the spirits revealed, “But there’s more. There’s a secret. I’m not leaving. I will fight you.”

So, since that is the case. I threw upon the demons the holy fire of the Spirit of God. The spirits shrieked in pain and jolted her body. The presence of the Holy Spirit was too powerful for these demons. They bowed and confessed Jesus is Lord! 

Now I turned my attention to this “secret,” they were referring to. The demons responded.

“We have been around a very, very long time; before the Flood!” the spirits revealed.

Ah. These were the ancient spiritual giants of thousands years of ago referred to in Genesis 6 as the Nephilim –“violent ones,” or the “giants.” These were the evil ones that seduced woman prior to the global Flood that brought God’s judgement. Their offspring were destroyed as a result of the Flood and many of these ancient brings were sent to gloomy dungeons that the Word speaks. Though, it appears, some were still free to roam in some manner and thus continued their work through the history of man. 


They admitted to being the Nephilim spirits. They had married this woman. I had them take off all of their spiritual rings and bondages they laid upon her. They obeyed in Jesus name. I also drove out all of these vile spirits –the sodomy and the Nephilim (there were legions of them); sending them to the pit. They swiftly departed and the part was healed by Jesus. Moreover, many ancestral dissociative identities were released and sent to Jesus. The woman testified of being delivered, Lighter. Peaceful. 

Even well after the meeting concluded; guess who walks in? One of my ministry coordinators for Southern Africa, Kobus Strachan, with two men who he just met at a train station –two Mormon missionaries. So, for a good 30 minutes or so, I challenged my Mormon friends, on the Scriptural evidence of the Deity of the Lord Jesus Christ. One wanted to debate; the other seemed to be under conviction. Just when the one was interested in praying with me; the other one pulled him away. Furthermore, just when I was trying to break the ties that allowed them to gain spiritual strength from each other. They quickly walked out of the room, without saying a word. The spiritual pressure was too much for them to bear. The truth was presented and trust God to speak to their hearts.

Wow! What a night of ministry we were honored to participate in! Glory to Jesus the King!

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