Hindu Demon-Goddess Kali Sent to the Pit; Norse Demon-God Odin Defeated

Dear Friends of Jesus ~

Tonight another powerful public deliverance meeting! We witnessed numerous souls finding supernatural physical and emotional healing. Numerous heart parts were healed by Jesus. Even one lady we ministered to was healed of a spirit of blindness that was causing her sight to be blurry. It was removed on this night and she could testify of being able to see clearly. Again, no need for glasses!

As I reported the other night, we witnessed a young lady dramatically healed of blindness. Well, she shows up tonight, SMILING and still NO GLASSES! She again testifies of God’s healing power with her eyesight; reporting it to be perfect! She even shared how she was even given an opportunity to share her miracle with a Hindu friend of hers. The miracle story clearly touched him and is open now to hearing more about this Jesus we preach! Amen! 

Though at first it was somewhat difficult to start off the service it gradually became another miracle meeting with souls being set free from demonic bondage and illnesses.


As I mentioned it was yet another victorious night for the Lord Jesus Christ here in Australia as we continue marching forward with the power of the Holy Spirit! These past few nights, we met for more public deliverance services at the beautiful Concordia Lutheran Church here in the city of Perth. TheThursday meeting started off with heavy spiritual oppression as the spirits of fatigue, slumber and heaviness was weighing the people of God down. Many were sleepy and tired. As we continued on, the spiritual heaviness lifted off and great victories took place. 

One of the first ladies I ministered to was a young lady who had been invaded by a spirit of witchcraft. Reason? She had participated in card-reading (a form of divination). It goes deeper. Her mother also participated in this same practice. All of this allowed these wicked spirits to invade the bloodline and this precious woman’s body. As this woman renounced the divination; the demons were defeated within her life and were expelled. With loud cries they departed.

Many others were manifesting demonic spirits. As we were leading everyone in deliverance prayers; some were experiencing freedom from the powers of darkness. This has been happening the past several nights of ministry where believers were obtaining liberation just being present and participating in the ministry. This is why we conduct public deliverance ministry as we fully understand that many souls can be impacted and the Lord Jesus is glorified above all else.

One lady manifested spirits was convulsing badly. In fact the spirits made her fall down a number of times to the ground withering as it was being defeated by the power of the cross. I called upon the holy angels of God and they arrived assisting me in the ministry. The demons within this woman spoke out of her and revealed much.

“Because she is wanting to impress her father, we came in. Her greed allowed us in. We are not alone. There’s many of us. We cause sickness and pains. There’s me (the spirit of death), Jezebel, Baal and witchcraft.”

AH! Again more spirits of witchcraft, death, Baal and Jezebel. These are becoming so common. 

“We are in her son too,” the evil spirits revealed. 

So, immediately I conducted a long distance deliverance prayer and command. The demons within this woman were utterly dismayed.

“The demons left him as soon as you commanded our kind to leave him.” 

Not only would this woman be set free from demons but also her 14 year old son. 

Numerous evil spirits were expelled on this night from this precious woman. It was exciting to see Jesus heal and deliver. Moreover, it was beautiful to see this woman truly set free from satanic bondage. The smile on her face and the peace spoke volumes.

We also ministered to her friend, whom was sitting right next to her. Within seconds, a powerful Hindu spirit named Kali surfaced. This well known demon goddess within Hinduism warred against me. I called forth fire from heaven and the fire descended and consumed these Kali spirits –they were screaming out as they faced the wrath of God! There were untold numbers. They boasted how they brought numerous pains and afflictions into her. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, all of them were cast out to the pit! 

It’s been difficult to recall the numerous miracles however we have seen the hand of God upon these meetings. Last night, was another amazing night. It started off with some disruptions. As I was teaching a man in the middle of the sanctuary wanted to argue with me about some petty items and was so furious with me that he abruptly got up from his seat and ran off in rage. We simply prayed for him and blessed him. Within a few minutes, he was back. Again he argued and left in a fury. As you can imagine, this brought up some internal disruption and concerned many as you could tell violence was wanting to surface from within him. Some of the ladies in the sanctuary quickly scattered to other seats. 

We continued to love him and presented him with spiritual truth. A minister friend of mine whom I had the honor ordaining a few nights ago, Pastor Richard and his wife, began to minister to him and drove out many demons from him. He was significantly freed and looked like a totally different man and was no longer arguing with me. He sat down in peace; reading his Bible. This was beautiful. 

Our meetings are like this…unique. Expect the unexpected. 

We also ministered to many other bound souls as the hours went by including a man perhaps in his 50’s that had been invaded by the ancient norse Germanic gods such as Odin. I spoke to Odin. There were many thousands of these demonic spirits within him. They were chocking him terribly; desirous of killing him. 

“We have been here for many years; we are not leaving him. His ancestors killed, participated in blood sacrifices.”

There were many other Norse gods within this man. I bound them up in Jesus name. At times they would cause him to fall out onto the ground. Some were vomiting out of him. There was also blood. With loud cries and screams, these Norse gods were defeated and were removed in Jesus name and sent directly to the pit! This man was freed and feeling much better. Relieved and released. Healed. Peace. Amen!

Also some were set free from powerful Masonic death curses. As I led everyone in Masonic curse breaking; numerous evil spirits surfaced and caused some to fall down onto the ground. Jesus delivered. Other souls through the night were liberated as we continued on with the ministry. Moreover, many heart parts were healed by Jesus.

I’m about to head out to another public seminar here in Perth, Australia and request your holy prayers. God is moving powerfully in our midst.

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